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词根af 加强 + flu 流动 + ent 具有…性质 …………
谐音记忆a一个f富得流fluent油的地方 → 富裕的
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affluent a 流入的,富裕的(af一再+flu+ent =一再流入=富裕的)
fluid n 流体,液体a. 流动的(flu+id)
fluidity n 流动性(fluid+ity)
flush v 奔流 …………
mass affluent class 大众富裕阶层
He lives an affluent life.
This land is affluent in natural resources
He was born to an affluent family.
"Due to COVID-19, affluent consumers on the Chinese mainland are shifting their luxury spending back home.
It will unfold by building up a presence across relatively affluent first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai before penetrating second or third-tier cities at the right time.
She found that many affluent counties and villages in eastern provinces, in particular Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, have a growing preference for adopting low-carbon lifestyles and advanced water treatment services.
Membership stores that have targeted affluent urban consumers have kept their expansion plans this year as demand is on the surge for affordable and quality merchandise.
The strategy would unfold by building up presence across relatively affluent first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai before penetrating into tier-two cities.
"Unlike most other cruises that focus on the consumer group mainly composed of families with kids, our target guests are mature, affluent, well-traveled Chinese intellectuals with discerning tastes," Tansey said.
Metro Plus, which also operates 20 membership stores in the country, targets both traders and affluent consumers.
Nearly 80 percent of Ximalaya users are under the age of 40, whereas more than half of them reside in China's relatively affluent first- and second-tier cities, the company said.
While the attraction of the Chinese market used to be largely generated from affluent local customers, now it is also becoming increasingly sought after due to its ability to innovate businesses.
US-based fresh berry grower and seller Driscoll's is planning to triple its business in China over the next five years, as a growing number of affluent families in the country are pursuing nutritious and healthy dining habits, a senior company executive said.
The company has also been able to tap the 210 million customers of Ping An, a large number of whom are small business owners, middle-income people and affluent investors.
Unlike Jingdong Digits and Ant Group that specialize in network traffic, scenarios and technology application, Lufax focuses on middle income and affluent investors, providing larger-value credit and wealth management services.
In the past few years, such companies have seen most of their sales coming from China where the purchasing power of China's affluent upper-and middle-income segments of the population has been growing.
"Imagine that for a cards manager of a bank, when she comes in the morning, instead of her logging in and running analytics, she gets a message on her device that says, 'Looking at the data from last week, we believe you have an untapped opportunity in the mass affluent segment.
Since 2014, more than 20 hospitals partnering with foreign or wholly foreign-funded medical institutions have been awaiting approvals to enter Shanghai to provide services to the affluent Yangtze River Delta region, according to a report by China National Radio.
This is another factor that supports our strategy to focus on the affluent and upper middle-income people in China," Yang said.
"With more affluent consumers willing to pay for unique food and vegetable experience, we are confident of more growth in the Chinese market next year," he added.
Meituan Dianping, the country's leading on-demand service platform, has unveiled a dedicated charity program by soliciting food and restaurant merchants to source raw materials from less affluent areas and roll out especially designed menus using those ingredients.
Under an initiative dubbed "Food for Good", the company aims to help farmers in less affluent and mountainous areas by enabling them to secure procurement orders from restaurant chains.
Cainiao data showed that the relatively affluent region, which includes Shanghai and Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, accounts for nearly one-third of all parcels dispatched nationwide per year.
Chinese liquor firms outpaced companies in the United States in terms of brand value, as the country's liquor makers are tapping into increasingly affluent consumers here, a recent industry report said.
Among them, sales in Northeast China - a relatively less affluent region encompassing Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces - jumped 5.5 times compared with a year ago, recording the fastest growth.
Shanghai's advantage also lies in its function as a core city in the affluent Yangtze River Delta region and that a rising number of its younger generation who once studied or lived abroad would like to have the kind of healthcare services that they experienced overseas, Loo said.
The new store, located at the center of the more affluent residential community in Shunyi district, was build with interactive experiences including Sam's kitchen, allowing chefs to showcase the cooking process based on food products available in store.
Made in Italy stands for high-quality products for Chinese consumers, with brands in fashion, design, lifestyle and fast-moving consumer goods fully meeting the tastes of a highly growing segment of affluent local consumers, said Zhang.
Huang Zheng, founder of online discounter Pinduoduo, which was established in 2015, was the most affluent newcomer with a personal wealth of $14.9 billion.
Baidu said it will ramp up efforts to gain an upper hand in the upgrading of content consumption by depending on its affluent content resources in graphics and text information, short video, music and reading.
Founded in 2014, the company is mainly focused on serving China's underserved prime borrowers and mass affluent investors.
She had the opportunity to travel to less affluent places, to help to find solutions for rural business owners and to talk about opportunities derived from e-commerce.
We regard it as our mission to satisfy patients' need of being healthy, happy and affluent.
"He said the firm is targeting affluent seniors who enjoy a high-quality lifestyle with the benefits of living among like-minded people in a community.
Wall Street English, a global English language training network for adults, plans to expand its product lines and open 40 new learning centers in the next four years in China as it moves into second- and third-tier cities, boosted by an affluent middle-income group.
It plans to introduce more tailor-made services and high-quality products to attract affluent Chinese consumers.
com Inc said subscribers to its Prime service in China, the first-ever free cross-border shipping membership program, increased more than threefold in 2017 year-on-year, and it plans to introduce more tailor-made services and high-quality products to attract affluent Chinese consumers.
"Stephen Shih, a partner of Bain & Company's Shanghai office, said, "Sixty-nine percent of the companies in consumption area from the US and doing business in China think the growth in domestic consumption, rise of an increasingly sizable and affluent middle-earning class are important opportunities in China business.
The company saw huge market potential as increasingly affluent Chinese wanted to wear better, more stylish clothing.
And part of the growth is expected to come from the Chinese market, its largest overseas market, as affluent Chinese consumers have increasingly strong demand for healthier lives and a better environment.
Ermotti said UBS has good reason to stay in China as the bank expects China's affluent segment to grow around 13 percent annually over the next 5 years as the middle class grows and becomes wealthier.
"While continuing to focus on infant and baby formula milk powder, Feihe is ready to explore the health and nutrition market in China, which has great potential and it has answers to the dynamic demands of affluent Chinese consumers," Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe International, told China Daily.
"While continuing to focus on infant and baby formula milk, Feihe is ready to explore the health and nutrition market in China, which has great potential and has answered to the dynamic demands from affluent Chinese consumers," Leng Youbin, chairman of Feihe International, told China Daily.
"Over time as they become more affluent and intellectual property becomes better protected, it will change," Stine said.
New Roastery key element of firm's efforts to tap more affluent customersStarbucks, the world's largest coffee chain, plans to further innovate its beverage and store designs as well as digital offerings to attract more diversified and technology-savvy customers in China after it opened its biggest cafe in the world in Shanghai on Wednesday.
With an expanding base of younger, more affluent drinkers in China, a taste for premium craft beers has developed, alongside the popularity of mass-produced lagers.
Now, China has the opportunity to leapfrog others and set an example for the world in providing its people with a decent and affluent life while protecting the environment.
[Photo provided to China Daily]As the middle class goes affluent, Irene Lau sharpens Lane Crawford's focus on luxury retail in ChinaLane Crawford, one of the world's established department stores, is the latest among the brands and chains to be lured by China's growing young middle class.
"As a market leader in wealth management and inclusive finance, CreditEase will help improve financial health for the mass affluent middle class in China and abroad," said Tang Ning, also CEO of CreditEase.
For example, he said, Legend Holdings Corp's successful transformation from a Chinese Academy of Sciences-invested enterprise into a privately owned listed Fortune 500 company, Global Logistic Properties' affluent logistics resources and China Deppon Logistics' expertise in transportation all can be of great help in the transformation of Eastern Air Logistics.
It is aimed at exploiting the trend among newly affluent middle-class consumers, particularly the millennials, or those born during the 1980s and 1990s, to upgrade to better products.
They live in first- and second-tier cities, are well educated, and are relatively affluent.
"The Galeries Lafayette in Paris is truly a landmark shopping destination for global tourists, and its affluent offerings and fine shopping environment attract travelers .
This was done to meet the expectations of affluent Chinese travelers who are willing to pay more for comfort and quality service during long flights.
[Photo/VCG]In the wake of two consecutive years of profits, French leisure group Club Med said it is launching a new line of resorts in China-targeting business generated by the increasing sophistication of consumers and higher demand for traveling from affluent Chinese families.
Erdos 1980 is tailored toward the more affluent, mature customer with classic designs.
"Affluent consumer groups in China are emerging, and they demand top cashmere products.
Our main consumers are young and affluent, have independent tastes, and pursue a high-quality life," she said.
American Express Co, the largest credit-card issuer based on purchases, is seeking to extend its services to young affluent consumers in China, hoping to tap into their purchasing potential in outbound tourism and international online shopping.
This rise in affluent consumers will undoubtedly fuel consumption across various sectors, from luxury goods to high-end services, reshaping the market dynamics and creating new opportunities for businesses.
Colm Rafferty, chairman of AmCham China, said that China remains an important and vibrant market for US companies, given its size as the world's second-largest economy, with domestic consumption increasingly driven by the sizable and affluent middle-income group.
Colm Rafferty, chairman of the Beijing-based American Chamber of Commerce in China, said that China remains an important and vibrant market for US companies, given its size as the world's second-largest economy, with domestic consumption driven by increasingly sizable and affluent middle-income groups.
There is a very warm welcome for foreign investment, as there are very affluent markets," she added.
China's rapid economic expansion and its growing number of affluent consumers have demonstrated that the country is still an attractive investment destination and a strategic market for global and Australian businesses, said Natalie Lowe, CEO and founding partner of The Orangeblowfish, a creative agency with teams across China, Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.
The Chinese people became more affluent in 2022, with per capita disposable income reaching 36,883 yuan ($5,463), up 5 percent year-on-year in nominal terms.
The number of affluent Chinese individuals is down 11 percent from last year.
Nakao said China still has clear advantages in fostering innovation-driven growth over the long run in terms of affluent researchers, universities and funding resources, saying more efforts should be made to promote the private sector's incentives.
Supported by rapid growth, Chinese people have become more affluent.
The total wealth of affluent families in China reached 160 trillion yuan ($25.12 trillion), growing 9.6 percent from previous year, which is much faster than GDP, according to the Yi Tsai · Hurun China Wealth Report 2021 released on Thursday.
The report showed that the number of affluent families with at least six million yuan of wealth saw an increase by 1.3 percent to 5.1 million, while the size of high net worth families with 10 million yuan saw an increase up 2 percent to 2.1 million and that of ultra high net worth families with 100 million yuan raising 2.5 percent to 133,000.
Over the next 10 years, these affluent families will pass on a wealth of 18 trillion yuan to the next generation, 49 trillion yuan over 20 years, and 92 trillion yuan over 30 years, according to the wealth report.
These affluent families owned 49 trillion yuan of investable wealth, accounting for 30 percent of the total, the report revealed.
"China's per-capita GDP has surpassed $10,000, and the country boasts a large affluent population, such as enterprise owners who have a demand for wealth management and succession," he said.
The rural household contract responsibility system in 1978 liberated rural productivity and transformed China from a shortage economy to an affluent economy.
Driven by urbanization and changes in lifestyle of a more affluent population, the domestic market will continue to progress with continued demand for foreign goods, she said.
But, the much more important driver is that China's economy now has the technology production and research capability and the affluent consumers needed for scientific and technological advancement.
The event is beneficial for buyers and sellers, especially those in less affluent areas.
"Small-town youth, an internet term referring to the younger generation in less affluent cities and towns, are shaping up as the backbone of the buying revival.
"Yang is just one of an increasing number of young and affluent pet owners willing to pay a premium for high-quality images of their furry friends.
In rising China, there were hundreds of millions of takers for such programs among the upwardly mobile, increasingly affluent middle-income group.
For instance, with 489 tea houses in 66 Chinese cities, Nayuki crafted a list of classic and seasonal tea drinks, comprising three major product categories in fruit teas, milk teas and pure teas, according to its prospectus, in a bid to attract what it called "a rising affluent urban population with a wider age group".
Meanwhile, as affluent tourists chose to travel within the country rather than abroad last year, the quality of domestic tourism saw significant enhancement.
Tencent, China's biggest video games and social media company, also saw the game as a perfect conduit to develop the now highly popular esports in China, as more and more young and affluent Chinese are willing to spend money on video games.
Affluent Chinese tourists chose to travel within the country, rather than abroad, during the eight-day National Day holiday, with customized travel packages and personalized services being the most preferred options, experts said.
Demand from affluent travelers has also attracted the attention of travel agencies and related businesses, who have started rolling out more high-end plans and services.
It has also met the demand for high-quality imported and private branded merchandise from affluent individual consumers," said Yu.
By the end of last year, that dream not only became a reality but is continuing to have a positive knock-on effect on tourism, construction, transport, and other industries, generating thousands of new jobs, helping bolster economic growth and reinforcing general consumption upgrade nationwide-proof of the rising discretionary spending among the newly affluent middle-income Chinese.
More affluent millennials, including those born after 1995 and 2000, spend most of their leisure time skiing and snowboarding, said a report by Qunar, one of the largest online travel agencies in China.
Xu said products with high unit price and low purchasing frequency, like luxury goods, are most attractive in lower-tier markets, driven by the affluent and the growing middle-income group.
"China is expanding imports to meet the growing demand for seafood among its increasingly affluent population.
And the number of more affluent users is becoming bigger," Mueller added.
Products offer interactive scenarios, enhance integration with mobile phones, and connect with various home devicesIncreasingly affluent Chinese consumers are giving a powerful boost to smart TVs in their pursuit of a high-end lifestyle.
Strong revenue growth witnessed in non-aviation sectors at major centersLarge-scale airports posted more sales revenue from their non-aviation business, especially in duty-free retail stores catering to affluent international travelers, helping to offset slower passenger throughput growth at major hubs in the country.
The report, namely the guide on asset allocation strategies for the mass affluent, was compiled by Yiren Wealth, the digital wealth management platform under Yiren Digital.
According to the report, the total number of the mass affluent in China has exceeded 30 million.
Meanwhile, with rising uncertainties in the macro environment, the difficulty of wealth management has been increasing, which, together with lack of knowledge on wealth management among the mass affluent, has led to some difficulties in long-term asset allocation.
In this context, Yiren Wealth will make more efforts to produce tailor-made wealth management for the mass affluent, with a combination of long-term and short-term targets and different types of investments, ranging from cash and fixed-income assets, to funds and insurance.
China is expected to become the world's largest market for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions in the next two or three years as increasing numbers of affluent consumers want premium TVs that deliver outstanding picture quality and wider viewing angles, industry insiders said.
Analysts attributed the robust growth of international air travel passengers partly to the booming outbound tourism market, as increasingly affluent Chinese crave experiencing exotic cultures.
Their investments in both top-quality foreign education and homes near schools overseas have surged as China's economic rise stokes aspirations of the newly affluent middle-income group, said industry insiders.
China's affluent upper-middle-income people, especially young consumers, present a promising prospect for the world's designer brands and they are set to be the driving force of global spending on high-end shoes, bags, fashion, jewelry, and watches.
The Starbucks cup episode is the latest proof that pets, particularly cats, are stoking big-ticket spending among affluent consumers in China, an economy that is witnessing consumption upgrade across all sectors-a topic close to the hearts of the Chinese lawmakers and political advisers who attended the annual sessions of the country' top legislature and top political advisory body this month.
"They have become more affluent and can now afford high-priced goods and wine, good quality, clean wine, is among that," Zappia said.

六级Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages.



六级Yet later on, the more affluent children end up in college and on the way to the middle class, while working-class children tend to struggle.



六级Most affluent parents enroll their children in preschool or day care, while low-income parents are more likely to depend on family members.



六级Especially in affluent families, children start young.



六级But will such contests, which are overwhelmingly dominated by Asian and white students from middle-class and affluent families become any more diverse? Many social and cultural factors play roles in determining which promising students get on the path toward international math recognition.



六级But will such contests, which are overwhelmingly dominated by Asian and white students from middle-class and affluent families become any more diverse?


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六级With the rise of a new concept in urban planning that aims to make life easier and more convenient, increasing popularity for urban areas that caused the real estate pushes, in major cities like San Francisco or New York, has inspired a type of forward thinking urbanity and in smaller cities Transforming downtown areas so that they incorporate modern housing and improved walkability to local restaurants, retail, and entertainment -especially when combined with improved infrastructure for cyclists and public transit-makes them appeal to a more affluent demographic.


六级It is a question that dates at least to the appearance in 1958 of The Affluent (富裕的) Society by John Kenneth Galbraith, who died recently at 97.


六级The Affluent Society is a modern classic because it helped define a new moment in the human condition.


四级Yogman also worries about the pressures that squeeze playtime for more affluent kids.