词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
Over the past year and a half, 11 its portfolio companies have completed public listings, including Affirm, Agora, Airbnb, BigCommerce, DraftKings, eHang, Kingsoft WPS, Poshmark, Opendoor Technologies, Wish and Xpeng.
The share price for Agora, a Chinese real-time engagement firm with platform services, soared 153 percent to $45 per share right after it went public on the Nasdaq on Friday.
According to Zhao Bin, founder and CEO of Agora, the backbone of the platform is the software-defined real-time network, which is the world's first and largest real-time audio and video network.
Agora is an application programming interface-powered company that allows customers to embed real-time video and voice abilities in their applications.
Lei Jun, founding partner and chairman of Shunwei Capital, said: "As the first round of leading investors in Agora, we not only see the important opportunity of real-time engagement on platform as a service that it has seized, but also the great ability of the founding team.
"The latest data showed that Agora gained a sales revenue of $64.43 million last year, which was a 41.6 percent increase year-on-year.
Shanghai-based Agora is a strong supporter of online education firm VipKid and Xueersi, a subsidiary of education giant TAL Education Group, as well as major intelligent sound bar firms.
By offering real-time communication networks, Agora is powering education firms to provide video, audio and livestreaming classes.
Clear and smooth cross-border communication is the first step," said Tao Siming, co-founder and chief technology officer of Agora.
Agora is just one example of a company offering services and cutting-edge technologies to companies and institutions in the flourishing education sector.
Young consumers, in particular, are curious about different types of wine," said Liakos Constantinos, a co-founder of Greek trading company Hellenic Agora, which brought 35 different kinds of wine from Greece to the expo.
Constantinos Liakos, general manager of Hellenic Agora Trading Ltd, a Shenzhen-based company which imports and distributes Greek products such as wine, spirits and extra virgin olive oil in China, will also appear at the CIIE for the third time.
For example, Agora, a Shanghai-based real-time engagement firm with platform services, sent a technical support team to their company to solve technical problems.