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谐音“哎哟”→病痛使人哎哟出声 → ail v …………
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Lisa had been ailing for years before she died.
Mary has been ailing for a long time.
Tom has learned to deal properly with ail kinds of complicated situations.
Japan's government convinced Inamori to come out of retirement in 2010 to head Japan Airlines (JAL) after the ailing carrier filed for bankruptcy.
Based on Migu's self-developed technology, China Mobile has developed a 5G-powered smart virtual character called Meet Gu, modeled afterxa0Chinese star freeskierxa0Gu Ailing.
基于咪咕自研技术,中国移动以xa0中国明星freeskierxa0谷爱凌为原型,开发了一款名为Meet Gu的5G智能虚拟角色。
The projects by Tsingshan are all anticipated to revive the country's ailing steel industry which collapsed with the demise of Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company, enhance the country's power-short sector and create thousands of jobs.
Six months after the Chinese firm took over the ailing steelmaker, its Smederevo plant, currently named HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel, has turned the corner and emerged as Serbia's second-largest exporter.
State-owned firm buys ailing Canadian craft brewing equipment maker DMEState-owned transportation equipment maker China International Marine Containers has taken control of ailing Canadian brewing machine maker Diversified Metal Engineering to further expand its presence in the North American market.
Wanxiang Group, a Chinese auto parts manufacturer, took over the ailing US plant and Poraiar kept her job.
Hebei-based HBIS, one of China's largest iron and steel manufacturers, bought an ailing, loss-making Smederevo for 46 million euros ($51.5 million) in April last year and started to manage it in July.
"Even though the world's shipping market has limped along since 2009 because of weak demand, the Belt and Road Initiative can effectively offer a lifeline to ailing global shipping companies," said Dong Liwan, a professor at Shanghai Maritime University.
The slowdown in consumption growth is partly attributable to the decline in car sales and the ailing property market in June, which should receive high priority in the form of more government support, Wen said.
Rebound:xa0Nation may top equity market, analysts sayChina's economy is widely expected to rebound by the end of the first quarter as COVID-related disruptions wane, giving a much-needed boost to the ailing global economy, according to international investment banks and asset managers.
The key economic meeting focused on ailing consumer demand and housing market, reported Nikkei on Dec 17, adding that China hinted at more zero-COVID easing to shore up growth.
For days, trending topics on social media fueled an increase in demand for Olympic-themed sports products, such as down jackets worn by numerous national teams during the opening ceremony, panda-themed skateboards, and sportswear worn by Olympic champion Gu Ailing, among other items.
For days, trending topics on social media have fueled an increase in demand for Olympic-themed sports products, such as down jackets worn by numerous national teams during the opening ceremony, panda-themed skateboards, sportswear worn by Olympic champion Gu Ailing, among other items.
Irfan Karsli, head of the Ligarba Travel Agency, said Chinese tour groups are expected to start visiting Türkiye in April and the arrivals of large numbers of Chinese tourists would help boost the country's ailing economy.
Working on her own half-hectare plot of farmland, she found it difficult to make ends meet, as she also needed to take care of her ailing husband and support the education of their two children.
Wei Lixin, a snowboarding coach in Songhuahu, a renowned ski resort in Jilin province, said the success of gold medalists Su Yiming and Gu Ailing in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has also pushed enthusiasm for winter sports to a new level.
It also strives to revive its ailing tourism sector which has been suffering an acute recession over the past few years from political turmoil and relevant security issues.
Liu was a migrant worker before quitting her job and returning to her hometown to take care of her ailing parents-in-law in 2015, a shift that left her with no income.
Italy is the worst-affected country in the world after China and the unprecedented lockdown of the country has heaped fresh pressure on the region's ailing car sector.
It also highlighted the drawbacks in adopting very low interest rates, and pledged more targeted efforts to help ailing small businesses and steer the monetary policy toward economic restructuring.
And during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, some 30 virtual celebrities took part in cultural activities, including a digital avatar of champion freestyle skier Gu Ailing.

六级During the trials, the robot algorithms (算法) and mechanics will be fine-tuned to make it better suited to ailing livestock and ensure it safely navigates around potential hazards including trees, mud, swamps, and hills.

在试验过程中,机器人的算法(算法) 此外,还将对机械装置进行微调,使其更适合生病的牲畜,并确保其在树木、泥土、沼泽和山丘等潜在危险周围安全航行。

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