词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a 加强 + vert 转 → 不停转 → 避开 → …………
联想记忆av(成人视频)一定要防止ert(儿童)看到 → avert vt.避免,防止;转移(目光、注意力等) …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
avert / diverse / invert / convert / converter
I averted my eyes from the diverse advert …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
avert v 避开(a离开+vert=转开=避开)
verse n 诗歌,韵文(转着反复说的话=诗歌)
versed a 熟练的(会写诗歌,表示对语言运用的熟练)
version n 翻译,译文(vers+ …………
Accidents can be averted by careful driving.
He apologized to avert trouble.
We will have to mitigate and adapt to avert the most extreme scenario.
Uli Gwinner-led Steelcase adapts workspaces for the era of smartphones and data privacyCan a functional and comfortable workspace help an employer to retain prized human resources and avert attrition?
To avert the likelihood of China's economy further slowing down, a downside risk to global growth, the IMF said there should be effective policy response in preserving financial stability.
"While recent policy measures have helped to mitigate economic uncertainty, more stimulus may be needed to trigger consumption and investment growth, and avert deflation concerns.
The Paris Agreement seeks to avert potentially catastrophic and irreversible damage to our ecosystem by limiting the global rise in temperatures to well below 2 C above preindustrial levels.
He added that China will work harder to improve supervision, safeguard industrial and supply chains, properly respond to economic and trade frictions, and avert major risks.
"We must avert wild swings in economic performance," he said.
We must facilitate both international and domestic air transport services and keep up our international airfreight capacity to avert potential shocks to supply chains and facilitate resumption of business operations," he said.
Traditional vehicle makers may need to buy credits from NEV manufacturers or improve fuel efficiency and develop their own NEV business to avert punishment.
Traditional vehicle makers may need to buy some credits from NEV manufacturers or improve fuel efficiency and develop their own NEV business to avert punishment.
Such complexes need to be regularly screened to avert safety hazards.
"Central banks have been clear that they will support the banking system during a time of individual bank crisis of confidence, which I think will avert a financial crisis as we have come to see happening from time to time.
We need to both avert risks and ensure efficiency," Li said.
The Chinese central bank cut the interest rate of seven-day reverse repurchase agreements to 2.2 percent from 2.4 percent on Monday, the biggest drop within five years, sending signals that top leaders are scaling up stimulus to avert further economic slowdown from the coronavirus pandemic.
It has also dimmed the allure of the A-share market, Wang said, as some short-term-minded investors are not able to avert losses when prices of their shares begin to plunge on the same day of their transaction.
"If there were major fund outflows and excessive market volatility, the central bank could be pressured to hike local interest rates to support the currency and avert undermining investor confidence," said Jonathan Cornish, an analyst with the global credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings.
The administration mainly attributed the slight increase to the global financial market's rising effort to avert risk, the appreciation of some major currencies against the US dollar, as well as asset price changes.
Just as well, perhaps, because legislatures, government bodies, financial regulators, expert committees and analysts the world over are all busy pondering ways and means of sustaining order in the global financial system, so as to avert another full-blown crisis of the kind witnessed in 2008.
The sector's growth slowed markedly in the past few months after regulators attempted to rein in expansion and avert risks.
[Photo/Agencies]China's central bank is walking a tightrope between keeping enough liquidity to support market stability and deleveraging to avert financial risks.
Following the tightening of regulations, the central bank continued cash injections into the banking system to help avert any severe cash shortages.