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词根bio 生命;生物 + logy …学 → 生物学  …………
对比记忆psychology → 心理学
ecology → 生态学
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
molecular biology 分子生物学
biology lesson 生物课
from a biology perspective 从生物学角度看
cell biology 细胞生物学
evolutionary and population biology 进化与种群生物学
marine biology 海洋生物学
environment and resources biology 环境与资源生物学
Biology is sometimes quite hard to understand.
My biology teacher did not even let me explain why I missed the field trip.
Bill says he's not working so hard on his biology project.
I majored in biology.
Biology is the study of life, from the smallest microorganisms to the complex systems of entire ecosystems.
Cells are the basic unit of life, and all living organisms are composed of one or more cells.
DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains genetic information that determines an organism's traits." (DNA,即脱氧核糖核酸,储存着决定生物体特征的遗传信息。
Mitosis is the process by which cells divide and replicate, ensuring growth and repair in multicellular organisms.
Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight into chemical energy for sustenance.
Evolution, through natural selection and genetic variation, has shaped the diversity of life on Earth.
Endocrine glands secrete hormones that regulate various bodily functions, such as metabolism and growth.
The human immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defend the body against infections and diseases.
Organisms adapt to their environment through genetic and behavioral changes, a principle known as adaptation.
Ecologists study interactions between organisms and their environment, including factors like population dynamics and ecosystem services.
Singapore's talent reservoir in medical biology was an element in their decision.
In 2022, Hangzhou-based cosmetics company Proya invested in Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based Siyomicro Bio-Tech Co Ltd. Later on, it signed a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Peptites Biotech Co Ltd, working on innovative peptide research and development, peptide green synthesis, and raw material production and supply, demonstrating its latest efforts in using synthetic biology to reconstruct the upstream raw materials of the medical aesthetics industry.
At this year's CIIE, Illumina has set up a booth in the "Innovation Incubation Zone" in the medical device and healthcare exhibition area to showcase local innovations in the fields of molecular diagnosis, synthetic biology, biological materials and artificial proteins.
Internet giant Tencent will invest 10 billion yuan ($1.48 billion) over the next decade to support select scientists in making original breakthroughs in basic research in two major scientific fields: mathematics and physical sciences, and biology and biomedical sciences.
As synthetic biology is expected to embrace massive opportunities in China, Cathay Biotech, a listed company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of new bio-based materials, plans to further tap the sector.
In addition to energy, synthetic biology researchers and companies around the world are also harnessing the power of nature to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture.
"Through the use of synthetic biology, Cathay Biotech makes it possible for the drastic reduction of carbon emissions of its products, with advantages in terms of both performance and economics.
According to Liu, the company has a solid foundation in bio-manufacturing and has been making rapid progress in the synthetic biology sector.
"Cathay Biotech will continue to promote the innovation of bio-based products and technologies based on our core technologies, and to provide a positive force for the development of synthetic biology and bio-manufacturing to lead the sustainable development of technologies and industries," he said.
Companies in sectors including medicine and biology, electronics, light manufacturing and electrical equipment estimated high growth in their annual performance, said a report from Yuekai Securities.
This agreement marks a milestone for Baidu to use its strengths in computational biology to optimize mRNA vaccine and therapy designs in real-world pharmaceutical practice beyond COVID-19.
"We have already seen that combining mRNA with computational biology tools makes the process quicker and more effective and has the potential to further transform drug discovery.
The LinearDesign program is part of Baidu's ongoing effort to develop innovative computational biology technology aiming to accelerate novel drug discovery.
To date, the institute has funded 45 projects, covering 23 research units across 11 cities in China, in areas including placenta biology, uterine biology and infertility/pathologies, gametogenesis and male/female infertility and next-generation assisted reproductive technology, as well as its applications.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the institute also solicited, for the first time, special research projects on the pandemic and reproductive health from Chinese scholars in reproductive biology and reproductive medicine.
"The artificial intelligence technologies we invented are now demonstrating impressive results in both biology and chemistry, delivering valuable and absolutely novel therapeutic assets with a high probability of clinical success.
Famous biology Shi Yigong is the co-founder and president of the Science Advisory Board of InnoCare Pharma.
This support, with focus on basic disciplines such as biology and chemistry, will promote the development of foundational scientific research in China.
"Chinese companies acted quickly based on their experience and capacity accumulated over the past two decades, especially in the IVD sector-an area that features interdisciplinary R&D, manufacturing and laboratory applications involving biology, physics, chemistry, materials, optoelectronics and genetics," he added.
I think China has an enormous opportunity in this respect to combine the capabilities in life science, biology and chemistry with data management and digitalization.
Top scientific research institutions will be settled in the building, such as the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology, The IDG McGovern Institute for Brain Research and The National Center for Protein Sciences.
And the two new blocks will house scientific research institutions, including the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute in Beijing, Tsinghua Pharmaceutical Innovation Center and the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.
In our field, clearly science: biology.
We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world and advocating its importance by holding ourselves accountable to it.2007 onwards: CEO, Royal DSM2000 - 2007: Member Managing Board, Royal DSM1998 - 2000: Director of DSM Food Specialties1995 - 1998: Director of Food Specialties Gist-brocades1993 - 1995: Director of Savory Ingredients Gist-brocades1990 - 1993: Director of Marketing & Sales Industrial Pharmaceutical Products Division Gist-brocades1988 - 1990: Manager of Strategy & Business Development Gist-brocades1987 - 1988: Strategic planner of Industrial Pharmaceuticals Gist-brocadesBusiness Administration from Erasmus University RotterdamMedical Biology from Utrecht University
He will responsible for the research and development of online courses on science, physics, chemistry and biology.
"Genomics is at the crossroads where data and biology meet," said Li Ge, chairman of WuXi NextCODE and its parent WuXi AppTec Inc. "Through its comprehensive capabilities for digitizing, managing and analyzing genome data, WuXi NextCODE is positioned to build an open access and capability platform that enables any organization or individual to benefit from genomic big data," he said.
While basic scientific research venues such as the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, which provides powerful X-ray beams for research and industrial development in the disciplines of biology, physics and material sciences, have opened green channels for technology companies, other similar facilities in Shanghai will be available to companies to support their innovation plans, said Peng Song, executive deputy-director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Office.
More projects, including BorgWarner's new energy products, Novo Nordisk's production expansion project and research centers of solar energy battery and national synthetic biology, will put in to operation in the near future, he said.
Although China has built a heavy presence in most fields of the marine industry, including port, shipping and fishing operations, marine energy and biology, its efficiency, restricted by technologies, is not high enough, he said, noting it is vital for capable Chinese coastal cities to adopt digital technologies, grow ocean-related new energy and trade in services to better compete with other global cities of this kind.
The industries of the future include synthetic biology, blockchain, cells and genes, space technology, brain science and brain-like intelligence, and quantum information.
Bilateral trade increased significantly in various sectors, such as aerospace, biology, electronics and others.
Bilateral trade increased significantly in various sectors, such as aerospace, biology, photoelectricity, electronics, and others.
For instance, Nina Kopola, director-general of Business Finland, the Scandinavian country's agency for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion, said Finland will strengthen the cooperation in winter sports, clean energy, biology, circular economy, information technology and other fields with Jilin province to enhance Finnish companies' presence in both the Chinese province and the rest of Northeast Asia.
The first of its kind in the North China region, the center will provide more efficient IPR protection services for enterprises in biology and new materials sectors.
Many of them have a background of medical biology or chemistry.
Fu Xiongfei, deputy director of the Synthetic Biology Research Center at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the city has transformed from following others to contributing original innovation in some industries, such as information technology.
Last year, PhaBuilder launched a synthetic biology facility in the Beijing China-Germany Industrial Park.
In March, a synthetic biology innovation alliance was set up by 16 enterprises and 16 research teams from eight institutions, including Tsinghua, to facilitate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.
The researchers, which mainly cover mathematics, physical sciences, biology and biomedical sciences, are encouraged to leverage the funds to focus on challenging research instead of publishing papers or meeting research goals.
The other three action plans unveiled on Monday are in the fields of synthetic biology innovation, medical robots and biomedical intelligent manufacturing.
Last year, PhaBuilder launched a synthetic biology facility at the Beijing China-German Industrial Park.
In March, a synthetic biology innovation alliance was set up by 16 enterprises and 16 research teams from 8 institutions, including Tsinghua, to facilitate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.
"We dry the corolla with our technologies as soon as it is transported to our production line to maintain the nutrition," said Zhang Jifang, vice-chairman of Huamei Biology Co Ltd. To help farmers grow roses easier and earn more, the county government has built a big data platform to provide them with growing data such as weather and marketing.
In the AI new antibiotics category, Chinese scientist Ma Yue and his colleagues' efforts in using AI to overcome resistance and replenish our arsenal of effective antimicrobials while developing new drugs was praised by Eriko Takano, professor of synthetic biology at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology.
Guangzhou-based Runben Biology, a major company in the sector, has cooperated with Duckyo, an emoji package that is trendy on social media platforms, to launch a series of innovative products such as mosquito repelling buttons and bracelets to upgrade its branding appearance to attract more consumers.
IVD is a knowledge-intensive area that features interdisciplinary research and development, manufacturing and laboratory applications involving biology, physics, chemistry, optoelectronics and genetics, and it is very difficult to develop high-end products, he added.
The rest of the market is shared by homegrown enterprises, including Jinyu Biotechnology Co Ltd, Wuhan Keqian Biology Co Ltd and Pulike Biological Engineering Inc. Industry experts said that the present market pattern leaves limited space for Chinese brands to develop.
School curriculum refers to Chinese, mathematics, foreign languages (English, Japanese and Russian), ethics, chemistry, history, geography, physics and biology.
Shen Xin, Party secretary of Tianjin Committee of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, said: "The city has teamed up with top research institutes and companies, including the Institute of Genetics and Biology Development under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Food Group and Haiken Group for improving plantation standards, developing quality seeds and advanced planting technologies for the major plantation areas in Jinnan, Ninghe, Baodi and Xiqing districts.
Jointly launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the project will focus on key problems in basic disciplines, as well as research needs in key sci-tech fields, such as drug development, gene research and biology breeding.
Wang Xiujie, a researcher from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said to better contribute to international innovation, China needs to produce globally significant breakthroughs.
Instead, the current test road, located on the Guangzhou International Biology Island, is fully covered by the 5G network, and this allows the company to control the vehicles remotely under special circumstances.
Quantum computing will bring groundbreaking transformations in fields like artificial intelligence, computational biology, material simulation and financial technology, experts said.
Li stressed the need to increase fiscal support for basic research, leverage tax incentives to guide enterprises in developing basic research, encourage scientific researchers to focus on cutting-edge technologies in key fields and improve education in math, physics, chemistry and biology.
"This is the first case where AI identified a novel target and designed a preclinical candidate for a very broad disease indication…and we need to have many enabling AI technologies that help us understand and manipulate human biology in other chronic diseases," said Alex Zhavoronkov, founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine.
Shanghai, the country's business and financial hub, will strengthen scientific research and strategic planning in sixth-generation communications, next-generation photonic devices, brain-computer fusion, hydrogen energy, stem cells and regenerative medicine, synthetic biology and new marine economy to lay a solid foundation for future industrial development.
The projects feature advanced technologies and products in the fields of high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biology, new energy, new materials, aerospace, sports science and technology.
"It's biology, medicine, public health and public policy. "
It ranked second in five fields: agriculture and phytology and zoology, geosciences, biology, physics as well as economics and psychology; but ranked low in two fields: clinical medicine as well as astronomy and astrophysics.
At present, among the listed companies on the STAR Market, the number of companies in advanced and sophisticated industries such as electronics, pharmaceutical biology, mechanical equipment and national defense military industry rank top.
The Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co Ltd jointly announced on Tuesday that the STAR Market Biology and Medicine Index will include 50 large-cap biopharmaceutical companies listed on the STAR Market, which is part of the Shanghai bourse.
Most listed companies in the top 10 cities come from industries such as information technology, electronics, mechanical equipment, medical biology, and electric power equipment, with information technology bearing most listed companies.
The first batch of 25 companies, involving biology and medicine, semiconductor, new energy and other emerging industries, debuted at the STAR market on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Data from Shanghai-based market information service provider Wind Info showed that telecommunication companies registered the biggest daily increase on Monday, rising 3.09 percent, followed by the pharmaceuticals and biology sector, and agricultural firms.
The listed companies also reported an 18.7 percent rise in business revenue in the past year, and those from non-banking finance, food and beverages, recreational service, medical biology and real estate sectors had the highest gross profit margin.
Industries such as medicine, biology, property, communication, computer science and nonferrous metals would benefit the most from any increase in allocation.
Lula praised China's focus on investment and education, and its efforts to cultivate talent in various fields, such as engineering, biology, medicine and aviation.

四级Any research that suggests that abilities to perform certain behaviors are based in biology is controversial



四级Along with the new structure came a more demanding academic program, the percentage of freshmen taking biology jumped from 17 to 95.



六级Ross Mounce, a postdoc studying evolutionary biology at the University of Cambridge, UK, is a vocal champion of open science, partly because his fossil-based research depends on access to others' data.

Ross Mounce是英国剑桥大学研究进化生物学的博士后,他是开放科学的声乐冠军,部分原因是他的化石研究依赖于他人数据的获取。

2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级Director of the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication Center in the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology at the medical university, Mironov now primarily conducts research on tissue engineering, or growing, of human organs.



高考Sonke Johnsen, a scientist in biology, says, "these animals live through their life alone".


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级Along with the new structure came a more demanding academic program, the percentage of freshmen taking biology jumped from 17 to



考研In order to study particular cultures as completely as possible, he became skilled in linguistics, the study of languages, and in physical anthropology, the study of human biology and anatomy.



六级They don't like to associate technology with food," said Nicholas Genovese, a visiting scholar in cancer cell biology.



高考"Young birds are often attracted to the warm road surface and get killed by the traffic." Biology student Hannah tells the broadcaster.


2019年高考英语全国卷I 听力 原文

四级Behavioral genetics has made important contributions to the biological revolution, providing information about the extent to which biology influences mind, brain and behavior.



四级Bill says he's not working so hard on his biology project.



高考And you are doing biology, if I remember correctly.


2015年高考英语湖南卷 听力 原文

高考Their findings were published in current biology in 2017.


2018年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级tackle the demanding biology and physics courses



四级My biology teacher did not even let me explain why I missed the field trip.



六级Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology recommended that every postdoctoral researcher put together an IDP m consultation with an adviser.

美国实验生物学协会联合会建议每位博士后研究员与顾问一起进行IDP m咨询。


六级She didn't do as much to change biology as Charles Darwin, but she was significant.


2018年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级Any research that suggests that abilities to perform certain behaviors are based in biology is controversial.



六级“She didn't do as much to change biology as Charles Darwin, but she was significant.



六级Such discoveries are likely to have revolutionary consequences for biology, astronomy and philosophy.



四级She began college as a biology major but found she was “really bored with bacteria.



四级The ruling, though it may yet be reversed, sets aside the principle that biology is the primary determinant of parentage.



四级Behavioral genetics has made important 49 to the biological revolution, providing information about the extent to which biology influences mind, brain and behavior.



四级Any research that suggests that 50 to perform certain behaviors are based in biology is controversial.



四级” Along with the new structure came a more demanding academic program, the percentage of freshmen taking biology jumped from 17 to 95.



考研Cosmology, geology, and biology have provided a consistent, unified, and constantly improving account of what happened.



考研But NBAC members are planning to word the recommendation narrowly to avoid new restrictions on research that involves the cloning of human DNA or cells—routine in molecular biology.



考研Physics and biology once followed similar practices and advanced only when they discarded them.



考研Scientists must communicate their message to the public in a compassionate, understandable way—in human terms, not in the language of molecular biology.