词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音不软的→都是硬品牌→brand n.品牌
联想记忆bra的商标和牌子 印在 (e)nd尾部 叫brand
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
brand / trademark
brand → 指生产厂家为自己的产品所取的专用名称。
trademark → 指通过合法注册而印在商品上的特殊标记,即商标。
famous brand 名牌,名牌货
brand new 全新的;崭新的
brand image 品牌形象
brand promotion 品牌推广
brand sb as 给某人贴上……的标签
brand sth on one's mind 将某事铭记于心
brand new 全新的
brand ... as 品牌…作为
domestic brand 国内品牌
national brand 国家品牌
Chinese brand 中国品牌
brand loyalty 品牌忠诚度
name brand 名牌
brand stretching 品牌扩张
brand name 品牌名称
brand image 品牌形象
brand value 品牌价值
brand of humour 幽默的烙印
own brand 自有品牌
genuine brands 真正的品牌
a time-honored brand 老字号
time-honored brand 老字号
brand leader 品牌领导者
brand of 品牌
famous brands 著名品牌
brand effect 品牌效应
self-owned brand 自有品牌
new brand 新品牌
remember the brand 记住品牌
international brand 国际品牌
brand them as aliens 给他们贴上外星人的标签
brand expansion 品牌扩张
Chinese Brands Day 中国品牌日
brand's image 品牌形象
brand awareness 品牌知名度
brand slogan 品牌口号
various brands 各种品牌
brand equity 品牌资产
brand worship 品牌崇拜
brand label 商品标签
designer brands 设计师品牌
brand new digital opportunities 全新的数字机遇
build brand awareness 建立品牌意识
image representative of a product or a brand 产品或品牌的形象代表
116 brands were looked at for this study.
They were branded as liars and cheats.
Don't brand me.
Which brand of toothpaste do you use?
Nike is a well-known brand in the world of sports apparel and footwear.
Apple is synonymous with high-quality technology and sleek design.
Coca-Cola has a timeless brand image, recognized globally for its refreshing drink.
Amazon is a leading e-commerce brand, offering a vast array of products and services.
Starbucks is a premium coffee brand known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent beverages.
Samsung is a major player in the consumer electronics industry, producing smartphones, TVs, and appliances.
Levi's is a classic denim brand, recognized worldwide for their high-quality jeans.
PepsiCo is a powerhouse brand with popular beverage and snack offerings like Pepsi and Lay's.
L'Oreal is a renowned beauty brand, providing skincare, makeup, and hair care products.
Toyota is a reliable car brand, known for its fuel-efficient vehicles and innovative designs.
Belgian luxury handbags brand Delvaux said it is confident about demand in China, a key market that it entered 10 years ago, and is committed to the country, where consumers are increasingly buying quality products.
Ahead of the upcoming Chinese Year of the Dragon, the brand has introduced limited editions of bag straps and ornaments with dragon-themed elements, which have been well received by Chinese consumers.
For instance, high-end jewelry brand Qeelin debuted a style of necklace in the shape of a dragon for the holiday, with 88 pieces available in total globally.
The Jordan Brand, of the Nike group, has introduced the "Soar Dragon" series, blending traditional Chinese dragon and phoenix imagery into the designs, to convey harmony, strength, and beauty.
"This new year, we wanted to explore well-being through the lens of eastern culture – our essence, our energy and our spirit," said Lynn Cheah, vice-president of Brand Marketing & Community at Lululemon China.
Lululemon中国品牌营销与社区副总裁Lynn Cheah表示:“在新的一年里,我们希望通过东方文化的视角——我们的本质、我们的能量和我们的精神——来探索幸福。”。
The company has been cooperating with and supporting Chinese smartphone maker Huawei to become a global high-end brand since 2015, and during its five-year cooperation with Tsingtao Beer, Havas also created a series of impressive advertising videos.
Understanding global marketing trends, leveraging diverse media channels to reach potential global users and telling good brand stories are crucial for enterprises to achieve global success," Yang said.
For example, Arc'teryx's loyalty program included over 1.7 million members in China as of September, having grown from only 14,000 in 2018 on the back of the brand's ability to leverage tools such as WeChat to accelerate loyalty member enrollment.
In the report, the new-style tea beverage giant said that during the past year, it had entered more than 210 new cities, and accumulated over 100 million members, becoming the first tea beverage brand in the sector whose private domain users have exceeded the 100-million level.
"Mixue differentiates itself through efforts like consistently strengthening its supply system, which enables the brand to expand its product categories from fresh ice cream and teas to coffee, achieving scalable expansion across regions and product categories, Yu said.
Kenny Tang, chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators, said that given Mixue's high brand recognition and its affordable beverages, its biggest advantage, its IPO application is expected to be approved by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd, which operates the local stock exchange.
香港金融分析师和专业评论员协会主席Kenny Tang表示,鉴于Mixue的品牌知名度高,其最大优势是价格实惠的饮料,其首次公开募股申请预计将获得香港交易及结算所有限公司的批准,该公司经营着当地的证券交易所。
In 2023, the Hilton Hotels & Resort brand introduced properties in key urban and sought-after destinations for both business and leisure travelers, reaching a total of more than 70 properties in the country.
The franchise model is now being extended to full-service brand DoubleTree.
"Brick and mortar stores now serve as a place to build brand image and deliver joy and relaxation.
Huang said emerging cities present untapped markets where brand awareness is still evolving.
He said other positives are China's sizable child population, the government's commitment to boosting consumption and supporting foreign investment, and protection for intellectual property rights, a critical aspect for the Lego brand that owns more than 12,000 global IPs.
With efforts in digital technology, product portfolio and brand experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Mary Kay will further explore market potential and competitiveness of its beauty consultants.
According to market research by Euromonitor International, a global market observer, Mary Kay leads globally as the top direct selling brand of skincare and color cosmetics.
Rituals Cosmetics, a Netherlands-based home and body cosmetics brand, said it will open 10 brick-and-mortar stores on the Chinese mainland by the end of 2024.
总部位于荷兰的家居和身体化妆品品牌Rituals Cosmetics表示,到2024年底,将在中国大陆开设10家实体店。
Wu Rongzhao, chairman of Erke, a Chinese sportswear brand, said he attaches importance to technological innovation in generating new productive forces.
Snow Lotus, a time-honored Chinese cashmere brand, also welcomes the idea of innovation.
In a parallel commitment to brand internationalization, Kweichow Moutai, a leading Chinese liquor maker, is leveraging both domestic and international markets to promote Chinese brands and culture worldwide, according to its chairman Ding Xiongjun.
Voyah, a Chinese luxury electric auto brand, has identified Europe as a pivotal market for its initial global endeavors.
This helps reshape global perceptions of Chinese technological innovation, boost brand visibility internationally and foster cultural exchanges between different regions.
Jebsen Group, a Hong-Kong-based brand builder and investor, is accelerating the development of brands that cater to the evolving needs of Chinese consumers, banking recently on well-being and pets, with enhanced support from its new investment arm.
The group introduced high-end home appliance brand Dyson into Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland in 2008, selling over 600,000 units annually at its peak.
As a mass premium brand, the company aims to create a recognizable online and offline platform, offering Chinese consumers a comprehensive experience in pet care, said Mensdorff-Pouilly.
"By integrating resources from Amazon, industry organizations, experts and scholars and third-party service providers, the center is expected to accelerate innovation among sellers for new product introductions, brand building, digital operations, green development and new business models, helping to tangibly improve innovation capabilities in the cross-border e-commerce sector in Asia," Tai said.
During the conference, Amazon also announced five strategic priorities for 2024, including enabling brand owner success, simplifying global operations, optimizing the global supply chain, supporting global expansion and success, and delivering local seller success programs.
During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two promotional shopping events in November, global consumers purchased over 1 billion items on Amazon, with many Chinese sellers achieving sales growth thanks to investments in product innovation and brand building, according to Tai.
More than 20 percent of Chinese brand sellers experienced a year-on-year increase of over 50 percent in the number of units sold for their products on Amazon's established marketplaces during the promotional events, compared to the same 11-day shopping period last year, Tai said.
This month, Neobio, a Chinese indoor experience-based entertainment brand, launched a super gym, BE1ST, in the Wanda Plaza in Wukesong, Beijing.
The CEO highlighted factors contributing to their growth momentum in the Chinese market, including the potential for growth beyond their current 114 stores on the mainland, the localized nature of the brand through collaborations with local fitness entities and engaging in community-based events.
"SF will accelerate the speed of its overseas business expansion and build an international brand image.
Flyme Auto has already been used in the LYNK 08 vehicle, a car brand under Geely's premium arm Lynk & Co. Xingji Meizu came into being in March as a result of the merger between the smartphone maker Meizu and Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology Co Ltd.
Flyme Auto已经在LYNK 08汽车上使用,LYNK 08是吉利旗下高端汽车品牌LYNK&Co.旗下的一个汽车品牌。由于智能手机制造商美族与湖北星基时代科技有限公司有限公司的合并,星基美族于今年3月成立。
In addition to signing a strategic cooperation agreement with five Chinese partners to launch an open innovation platform for sustainable development in the solar photovoltaic industry in early November, Covestro and Chinese electric vehicle brand HiPhi unveiled a joint laboratory to advance low-carbon footprint material solutions and smart technologies for future mobility.
"By striving to ensure the trust and warmth local residents, Qilu Bank will continue to enhance the service quality and brand image, the bank said.
The company plans to livestream such shows once a week to burnish its brand image and meet local consumer demand.
Next, we will keep investing in new digital functionalities and high-quality stores in the Chinese market, and continue to open more stores in top commercial areas or renovate existing ones so they reflect Zara's latest brand image and meet the needs of local consumers," Lukashov said.
Previously, imported brands dominated the medical device market, while domestic products lacked intellectual property, brand recognition and market presence, and were associated with low-end features, low prices and slim profit margins.
Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its latest products Beolab 8 in China, as part of its broader push to explore the Chinese market where more local consumers are spending on a first-class audio-visual experience.
We want to be a love brand for young people by establishing new relevance and customer connection that drives desire, loyalty and advocacy," Schuytter said.
The fundamental reasons why time-honored brands launch crossover products include rejuvenating brand recognition, expanding the range of target consumers and enhancing influence, said marketing experts.
The top domestic spirit brand claims some 3.4 million people had purchased Moutai-flavored ice cream as of Dec 29, 2022, with about 400 million people aware of the special ice cream product, the Beijing News reported.
Li Yijun, a senior trends analyst at Mintel, stated these efforts by the time-honored brand have set successful examples for others.
She said liquor makers face an uphill battle in attracting the younger generations, but collaboration with the coffee brand will help leverage Moutai's high penetration among young people to expand its target customers.
By 2015, when its product and market share began showing signs of stagnation, White Rabbit started releasing a series of crossover products, and its global partners included Agnes b, the National Museum of China, Pacific Coffee, local fragrance brand Scent Library, Godiva, and SK-II, among others.
到2015年,当其产品和市场份额开始出现停滞迹象时,白兔开始发布一系列跨界产品,其全球合作伙伴包括Agnes b、中国国家博物馆、太平洋咖啡、本土香水品牌Scent Library、Godiva和SK-II等。
"Cooperation between the two brands combines childhood memories and a sense of nostalgia inspired by the White Rabbit logo and Tapestry's sense of fashion brand," Li said.
"The Forbidden City is old enough to make most prestigious brands with a long history look young, but regarding all the crossover products it has created in recent years, the Palace Museum is seen more as cute and fun," said Ma Jun, vice-president of the Shanghai Time-honored Brand Association and general manager of Shanghai Lifengfood Co Ltd.
However, starting a couple of years ago, we noticed a majority of Shanghai's old and well-known brands becoming more and more stylish after continuous innovation in operation and products," said Ma Jun, vice-president of the Shanghai Time-honored Brand Association and general manager of Shanghai Lifengfood Co Ltd. "In fact, being a time-honored brand means always being creative and innovative and aware of the changing preferences of consumer products, and remaining attractive to consumers throughout all the market ups and downs," Ma said.
Leiyunshang, a Chinese pharmacy brand set up in 1662, which was the second year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), offers an example of breaking with its traditional Chinese medicine domain by transitioning into the pharmaceutical and health industry chain that includes medicine circulation, product development, medical service, and healthcare service, said Liu Jichuan, vice-general manager of Shanghai Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical West Area Co Ltd.
Guo Jianchen, director of the media center with Hengyuanxiang Group, said: "The rejuvenation of a brand is not only rooted in its cultural origin, but also driven by the development of the times.
Therefore, once such a brand comes along with a new image, it will bring consumers a sense of wonder.
In our future brand building, Hengyuanxiang will integrate the cultural elements to create products that are both international and representative of China," he said.
"The occasion and the brand connection are areas where we can innovate, and then the channel, the pack and the price architecture is something that also animates us a lot," Leclerc said.
"Coca-Cola's juice brand — Minute Maid Pulpy — has further reached villages and counties in China, Leclerc said.
勒克莱尔说:“可口可乐的果汁品牌Minute Maid Pulpy已经深入到中国的乡村和县城。
In terms of product innovation, in September, Ferrero launched its new brand, Black Forest, in the Chinese market, which is from the Ferrara brand, acquired by Ferrero in the US.
Ma said that after the COVID-19 epidemic, Chinese consumers are evolving to get unique brand experiences in physical stores apart from their purchasing habits online.
"We will further enhance our brand strength and product innovation, to better fulfill the growing needs of our Chinese consumers," she added.
Ma listed Merino wool sports brand Icebreaker and running shoe brand Altra as the company's next potential growing points.
"The brand concept of Icebreaker is to coexist with nature, so we dedicate ourselves to making high-quality outdoor apparel using Merino wool and natural fibers, minimizing the uses of chemical fibers and plastics as much as possible, and we are also very optimistic about the development of this emerging category," Ma said.
A smart factory of Chinese kitchen and bathroom products brand Jomoo was certificated as the world's first "eco-friendly dark factory" on Friday.
This is evidenced in the company's performance — Coty's makeup brand Max Factor and Adidas body care products, both brands that offer affordable products, are seeing good results in China.
该公司的业绩证明了这一点——科蒂的化妆品牌Max Factor和阿迪达斯的身体护理产品,这两个品牌都提供价格合理的产品,在中国取得了良好的效果。
On the other hand, Lancaster, which targets mid- to high-end consumers, and Orveda, a premium skincare brand, are also winning new Chinese consumers.
Coty also announced at this year's CIIE that its high-end skincare brand Orveda, which debuted in the Chinese market at last year's CIIE, is scheduled to appear at its very first China facility in central Shanghai on Dec 10.
As China plays an increasingly critical role for Muji's global business, we feel that it is the right time to demonstrate to our Chinese customers our latest brand and vision through the expo," Domae said, reflecting the company's changed perspective on the Chinese market.
Kering Group, owner of Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta brands, plans to open a minimum of 10 stores across a diverse brand portfolio in China annually to bolster its growth, said a senior executive of the Paris-headquartered luxury conglomerate.
总部位于巴黎的奢侈品集团开云集团的一位高管表示,开云集团是古驰(Gucci)、圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)和博特加·维尼塔(Bottega Veneta)品牌的所有者,计划每年在中国的多元化品牌组合中开设至少10家门店,以促进其增长。
In the collection, the founder, creative director and fashion designer of the Feng Chen Wang brand marries her signature constructed designs with innovative methods of engineered artistry to create technical apparel with elements of traditional sportswear.
"When I was a child, Nike was a dedicated sportswear brand.
But in recent years, Nike has been transforming itself into a lifestyle brand, a trendsetter, both diversified and inclusive," said Wang.
With the support of the Russian Export Center, 66 companies presented their products under the "Made in Russia" brand at the sixth China International Import Expo, which is more than double the number of last year's participants from Russia.
Under the Made in Russia brand, the country's exhibit at this year's CIIE occupied 1,700 square meters across six pavilions, presenting products ranging from chocolate and confections to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, medical products and household chemicals.
"By being a direct-to-consumer brand, we can play better than anyone because the two really allow the guests the convenience and a frictionless shopping experience that they expect and want," he said.
The first domestic brand she bought was from Florasis, which produces cosmetics in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
For example, the turnover of Chinese skincare brand Proya surpassed 1 billion yuan ($137.3 million) in the first two hours of the presale, while sales of Timage, a domestic cosmetics brand, surged more than 315 percent year-on-year, Tmall said.
In the first 10 minutes of the promotional event, sales of Shanghai-based haircare brand Bee & Flower and Tianjin-based children's skincare products maker Yumeijing skyrocketed by 20-fold and 10-fold year-on-year, respectively, JD said.
Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel China, a market research provider, said, "Domestic brands have ramped up efforts to increase investment in research and development and improve the quality of products and brand value, which is different from past strategies that only emphasized cost-effectiveness and relied on data traffic.
市场研究提供商Kantar Worldpanel中国区总经理Jason Yu表示:“国内品牌加大了研发投入,提高了产品质量和品牌价值,这与过去只强调成本效益、依赖数据流量的策略不同。
"Domestic brands are continuously strengthening their technological innovation capacities and expanding their presence in the high-end market, Yu said, adding brand owners should pool more resources into R&D to enhance product competitiveness and upgrade supply chain systems amid a broader push to cater to consumer demand and improve shopping experiences.
On one hand, Lixil's brand American Standard is positioned to provide cost-effective products among all foreign brands of the kind, meeting everyone's needs for home life.
Such differentiated brand positioning addresses the increasingly polarized consumer needs in China, explained Tao.
Its brand Inax showcased the elderly suite, which includes smart and age-friendly products such as smart toilet covers, bidet shower systems, and flip-up safety handrails.
Liu pointed out that, over the past decades, the company has also striven to transform from a provider of medical equipment to a leading brand that is able to offer overall solution on chronic disease management and integrates products and digitalization.
Upbeat about the Chinese market, global prominent luxury house Kering Group - that owns Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta - plans to open a minimum of 10 stores across a diverse brand portfolio in China annually to bolster its growth, said a senior executive.
一位高管表示,全球知名奢侈品公司开云集团(Kering Group)对中国市场感到兴奋,该集团旗下拥有古驰(Gucci)、圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)和博特加威尼塔(Bottega Veneta),计划每年在中国的多元化品牌组合中开设至少10家门店,以促进其增长。
Wanchai Ferry, a leading brand in frozen foods, has been committed to bringing high-quality, nutritious, convenient and delicious cuisine to fast-paced urban lifestyles.
For example, its brand founder, Chong Kin-wo, often known as Madame Chong, treats every customer as a member of her family and it is through this heartfelt approach that she was able to grow from a small cart to the well-known Wanchai Ferry today.
例如,其品牌创始人Chong Kin-wo,通常被称为Chong Madame,将每一位顾客都视为家人,正是通过这种发自内心的方式,她才得以从一辆小推车成长为今天著名的湾仔渡轮。
"With an increasing number of Chinese people embracing a more active and healthier lifestyle, the investment is a representation and a continuing part of our strategy of 'a brand of China and for Chinese consumers'.
It is showcasing more than 800 exhibits from its six main brands, and this includes the debut of more than 10 brand new products.
""In the future, we will continue to listen to the needs of Chinese consumers and meet their aspirations for a better life through brand renewal, product upgrades and digital transformation," Hwang added.
I started from scratch in bringing the US sportswear brand into the Chinese market.
For us, China's population of over 1.4 billion people is a challenge as well as a huge dividend, as it's not easy for a brand to understand the Chinese market.
It has not only introduced us to a lot of potential partners, but also provided inspiration from different industries and fields to empower the brand's continuous innovation and upgrades.
Global food and beverage giant PepsiCo is making its grand appearance at the sixth China International Import Expo, presenting more than 50 snack food, beverage and nutrition brand products.
Its Lay's potato chip brand launched an updated version of their chips with 50 percent lower saturated fat, compared with its classic recipe, as part of the company's effort to promote the transformation toward a healthier industry.
The airline will also participate in the sixth China International Import Expo in Shanghai for the first time next week, as it would like to utilize the platform to promote its brand and services.
The iconic British luxury brand Burberry has been participating in the CIIE since 2021.
Through the CIIE, the company can enhance Chinese consumers' and partners' understanding of the brand, products and its commitment to the Chinese market.
The collaboration with the nation's top liquor brand has pushed up a surge in new customers and revenues in the third quarter for Luckin Coffee, which has plans to continue its affordable price strategy and store expansions.
与该国顶级白酒品牌的合作推动了Luckin Coffee第三季度的新客户和收入激增,该公司计划继续其平价战略和门店扩张。
Noting that China has now entered a new era in which consumer demand is more diversified and personalized, he said the CIIE provides Nestle with an open platform for communication and interaction, and also opens a window for high-quality products from all over the world, thereby promoting the brand to better meet consumer needs.
The Power of Love Supermarket is a key project under the framework of the State Grid Empowering Rural Areas and Culture and Agriculture Cultivation Action public welfare brand.
In the second quarter in China, its infant formula brand Aptamil continued to deliver solid growth, coupled with further market share gains, while its adult nutrition and pediatric specialty products Nutrison and Neocate posted strong growth.

考研Such hijacked media are the opposite of earned media: an asset or campaign becomes hostage to consumers, other stakeholders, or activists who make negative allegations about a brand or product.



四级According to a new study from Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab, small nonfood rewards—like the toys in McDonald's Happy Meals—stimulate the same reward centers in the brain as food does.



六级And in 2010, the researchers reported that children aged 12 to 17 saw more athlete-endorsed food and beverage brand commercials than adults.



高考See, your computer has broken down again! It doesn't make sense to buy the cheapest brand of computer just to save a few dollars.


2015年高考英语天津卷 单项填空 原文

六级In fact, almost every interview I've ever had was due to a connection—one that I've gained through pure determination, not a school brand.


2018年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级Customers can bring shoes of any brand into an Adidas store to be shredded and turned into alternative fuels for energy creation instead of being burned as trash.


2019年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级Would you please tell me where I can get batteries for this brand of camera?



考研Gap year experiences can lessen the blow when it comes to adjusting to college and being thrown into a brand new environment, making it easier to focus on academics and activities rather than acclimation blunders.


2017年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级In reflection, my firm belief in the power of the brand was naive, not to mention a bit snobby.


2018年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

高考No one can say which brand will work best for you or feel best on your feet, so you have to rely on your experience and on the feel of each pair as you shop.


2015年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 七选五 原文

四级The new product’s brand name and packaging were an important part of the development process.



四级The new product's brand name and packaging were an important part of the development process.


2015年12月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级But Oprah's particular brand of celebrity is not a good fit for the values of a university whose motto(座右铭),Veritas,means truth.



六级Unfortunately,many American universities seem awfully busy protecting their brand name and not nearly busy enough protecting the pursuit of knowledge



六级Thus, wearing the right brand of clothes or shoes may be of the utmost importance.



六级This leads to building a brand of underconfident, suBMIssive, low-impact non-leaders and hampers their growth and career advancement.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

考研We hail them as Americans in the making, or brand them as aliens to be kicked out.


2013年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Unfortunately,many American universities seem awfully busy protecting their brand name and not nearly busy enough protecting the pursuit of knowledge.



六级Appl’s emerging global brand is privacy; it has staked its corporate reputation, not to mention the investment of considerable technical and financial resources, on limiting the sort of mass surveillance that was uncovered by Mr. Snowden.



六级Their main weapon against super skinny (role) models: a brand of civil disobedience dubbed “body activism.



四级But because the two big cola (可口可乐) companies—Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are marketed so aggressively, we’ve wondered how big a role taste preference actually plays in brand loyalty.

但是因为两大可乐(可口可乐) 可口可乐(Coca-Cola)和百事可乐(Pepsi Cola)这两家公司的营销如此激进,我们想知道口味偏好在品牌忠诚度中到底扮演了多大的角色。


四级We set up a taste test that challenged people who identified themselves as either Coca-Cola or Pepsi fans: Find your brand in a blind tasting.



四级These were people who thought they’d have no trouble telling their brand from the other brand.



四级Getting all four samples right was a tough test, but not too tough, we thought, for people who believed they could recognize their brand.



四级In the end, only 7 out of 19 regular cola drinkers correctly identified their brand of choice in all four trials.



四级Our preference test results suggest that only a few Pepsi participants and Coke fans may really be able to tell their favorite brand by taste and price.



四级A few years ago a brand of bread was offer to dieters (节食者) with the message that there were fewer calories (热量单位,大卡) in every slice.

几年前有人向节食者提供一种面包(节食者) 带有热量减少的信息(热量单位,大卡) 在每个切片中。


四级After a while, people became attached to one brand and sales leveled off (stage of maturity).



四级Among the report’s more outrageous (令人无法容忍的) findings-a German fertilizer described itself as “earthworm friendly” a brand of flour said it was “non-polluting” and a British toilet paper claimed to be “environmentally friendlier” The study was written and researched by Britain’s National Consumer Council (NCC) for lobby group Consumer International.

报告中更离谱的(令人无法容忍的) 发现——一种德国肥料自称“对蚯蚓友好”——一种面粉品牌称其“无污染”,一种英国卫生纸声称“更环保”


四级Instead, Riskey, the company’s research and development head, would hope they associate the brand with the new world of global communications and business.



四级With brand perception a crucial factor, Riskey ordered a redesign of the Frito-Lay logo (标识).



四级When advertisers create a brand, for example, they want to impress consumers with the brand and its image.



四级Starbucks has sold rights to its Seattle’s Best coffee brand to Burger King, which will start selling it later this year.



四级According to a new study from Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab, small non-food rewards—like the toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals—stimulate the same reward centers in the brain as food does.



四级Some retailers warned Cocalis that they’d drop the brand if it came out with an electric bike.