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n 顶峰(如:山顶、浪尖)=peak;羽饰(头盔顶部装饰的羽 …………
联想记忆cry 哭 + est 最高级 → 哭到最狠的程度 → 顶端,顶点 → crest n.顶点;饰章;羽冠  …………
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crest / crust
crest n.鸡冠,顶部,顶峰
crust n.外皮,壳;地壳
crisp / crest / crust
crisp a.脆的,易碎的;简明扼要的;(空气)清爽的
crest n.鸡冠,顶部,顶峰
crust n.外皮,壳;地壳
wave crest 波峰,波峰
reef crest 礁顶
Besides, the group further took measures in risk management includes strengthening risk investigation and mitigation, launching China Re Catastrophe Risk Management System (CREST), establishing a negative list system and strengthening penetrative management of key risks.
Longjoin Hi-tech has emerged as one of the leading global audio and video companies, following cooperation with some of the world's leading players, including Peavey, KV2, MediaMatrix, Crest Audio, Fishman, Line6, Alto and Samson.
With its country headquarters based in Guangzhou, P&G runs businesses for more than 25 brands across 10 categories nationwide, including Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Olay, SK-II, Safeguard, Ariel, Oral-B and Crest.
A newly introduced Crest dental device, for example, caters to consumers who pursue "fashionable, cool technology" in daily life.
A 100-percent Capita-Land subsidiary, the company owns brands like Ascott, Citadines, Somerset, Quest The, Crest Collection and Lyf.
As CapitaLand's wholly owned serviced-residence business unit, whose brands include Ascott, Citadines, Sheng Jie, Quest The, Crest Collection and Lyf, Ascott currently ownsxa0more thanxa018,000 operating serviced residence units in China.
Among them are its oral hygiene brands Oral-B and Crest, which are eyeing the opportunities brought by increasing awareness and demands for oral health among Chinese consumers.
He used the dye to color the crest in just four minutes.
One special detail is the modernized Porsche crest, which makes its debut on the Mission X.
Porsche's crest was first used in 1952, on the steering wheel rim of the Porsche 356.
The rising horse in the middle of the Porsche crest is from the seal of the city of Stuttgart, which has its origins in horse breeding.
The colors black and red and the stylized deer antlers were taken from the traditional crest of Wuerttemberg-Hohenzollern.
The front of the vehicle has Genesis' new electric vehicle face, which is an abstract interpretation of Genesis' Crest Grille.

考研Today, because of shrewd advertising and public health campaigns, many Americans habitually give their pearly whites a cavity-preventing scrub twice a day, often with Colgate, Crest or one of the other brands.


2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研"Our products succeed when they become part of daily or weekly patterns," said Carol Berning, a consumer psychologist who recently retired from Procter and Gamble, the company that sold $76 billion of tide, Crest and other products last year.

消费者心理学家卡罗尔·伯宁(Carol Berning)最近从宝洁公司退休。宝洁公司去年销售了760亿美元的tide、Crest和其他产品。

2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ