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词根equi 平等;相等,平均 + ty 表状态 → 公 …………
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equity n 公平,公正(equ+ity)
equal a 相等的,平等的(equ+al)
equality n 平等(equal+ity)
equate v 使平等(equ+ate …………
private equity 私人股本
Private Equity 私募股权
equity capital 股本
equity method 权益法
equity financing 股权融资
home equity loan 住宅股权贷款
price to equity 权益价格
gender equity 男女平等
equity market 股票市场
negative equity 负资产,负资产
brand equity 品牌资产
equity investment 股权投资
equity ownership 股权所有权
equity earnings 股本收益
equity capital transaction 股本交易
rate of return on equity 股本回报率
debt to equity ratio 债务权益比率
Private Equity Investment 私募股权投资
private equity investment 私募股权投资
Private Equity Capital 私募股权资本
ensure social equity and justice 确保社会公平和正义
technology equity market 技术股票市场
We set up a law of equity.
Eric seeks after equity all life long.
He invested in the startup with equity, hoping for a significant return on his investment.
The company offered me stock options as part of my equity compensation package.
Her main goal was to build up equity in her home through consistent mortgage payments.
In a partnership, the equity is divided among the partners based on their initial contributions and agreed-upon terms.
The bank approved our loan application, allowing us to purchase the property with a 20% equity stake.
The venture capitalist provided equity financing to support the growth of the tech startup.
Maintaining a good credit score is essential for accessing equity loans at favorable interest rates.
The company's equity value has significantly increased since its initial public offering (IPO)." (自首次公开募股(IPO)以来,该公司的股权价值已大幅增加。
She decided to sell her equity in the business to pursue other career opportunities.
The shareholder's equity on the balance sheet represents the residual interest in the assets after all liabilities are paid off.
We will also offer the Squirrel Ai system for free to 20 percent of children from the lowest-income families in the world to promote educational equity,"said Li Haoyang, chairman of Squirrel Ai.
我们还将向来自世界最低收入家庭的20%的儿童免费提供Squirrel Ai系统,以促进教育公平。
Huawei said the equity stakes in the new joint venture will also be open to its existing partners and others of potential strategic value.
So far, the company has invested in 45 fixed-asset and equity acquisition projects in 27 countries, and is engaged in nearly 500 high-quality cement and glass projects around the world.
The company is backed by large investors including Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala, venture capital group Sequoia China and private equity group General Atlantic.
The equity ratio and amount of capital contributed will be negotiated by the two parties, Chongqing Changan Automobile said in a filing with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Sunday.
Since these assets are mostly in the form of debt and equity investments, the recoverable amount is expected to be low because of the long tenure of these assets and difficulties in collection.
However, Zhongzhi will work closely with intermediary institutions for asset clearances and verification, and use the company's assets and equity investments to protect investor rights and interests in a fair manner, the company said in the letter.
As Zhongzhi's assets are mostly debt and equity investment, the recoverable amount is expected to be low given these assets' longer duration and higher difficulties in collection.
All market-oriented and law-based approaches deemed possible will be explored to help the company, including project cooperation, optimization of equity investment structure and bond subscription, the Shenzhen SASAC said.
For that, we have established two private equity funds with more than 1 billion yuan ($140 million) each to invest in the Greater China region," Jarkas said.
The oil and gas equity production has remained above 80 million tons for four consecutive years since 2019, accounting for about 83 percent of the company's overseas oil and gas equity production.
Equity production refers to the ownership share of an oil project or even a particular well.
Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco said on Thursday that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nanshan Group Co Ltd, Shandong Energy Group Co Ltd and Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd to facilitate discussions relating to the possible acquisition by Aramco of a 10 percent strategic equity interest in Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co Ltd.
From January to September, it achieved equity sales of approximately 154.98 billion yuan ($21.44 billion), representing a decrease of 43.9 percent year-on-year.
Looking into the third quarter, Thomas Chong, an equity analyst at Jefferies Hong Kong Ltd, said his team now estimates the company's total revenue to grow 8 percent year-on-year to 8.1 billion yuan.
展望第三季度,杰富瑞香港有限公司的股票分析师Thomas Chong表示,他的团队目前估计该公司的总收入将同比增长8%,达到81亿元人民币。
This came after BlackRock's announcement on August 31 to terminate the China Flexible Equity Fund, a China-themed offshore fund with a net asset value of only $21.4 million, ignited rumors that the asset manager is withdrawing its investment from China.
Germany-based private equity holding company Mutares will extend its reach into the Chinese market this year to further explore opportunities, which will boost the company's development, said the company's founder and CEO Robin Laik.
总部位于德国的私募股权控股公司Mutares的创始人兼首席执行官Robin Laik表示,该公司今年将扩大其在中国市场的影响力,以进一步探索机会,这将促进公司的发展。
"We expect China to be the luxury industry's key growth engine this year," said Edouard Aubin, an equity analyst at Morgan Stanley.
“我们预计中国将成为今年奢侈品行业的主要增长引擎,”摩根士丹利股票分析师Edouard Aubin表示。
As global equity markets — including China's A-share market — experienced fluctuations over the past year, Wu said Temasek has slowed down its investment pace in China and focused more on building a resilient and forward-looking portfolio.
Alibaba said in a filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange that it received a notice from Ant Group proposing to all of its shareholders to repurchase up to 7.6 percent of its equity interest at a price that represents a group valuation of approximately 567.1 billion yuan.
Ant said in a statement on Saturday that its major shareholders Hangzhou Junhan Equity Investment Partnership and Hangzhou Junao Equity Investment Partnership have voluntarily decided not to participate in the repurchase.
China remains a top investment destination, an executive from US private equity firm General Atlantic said.
美国私募股权公司General Atlantic的一位高管表示,中国仍是最大的投资目的地。
By June last year, the private equity company had invested $6.7 billion in China and had more than 34 portfolio companies in China, as well as offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Fang Jin, secretary general of the foundation, said: "Digitalization is vital for the development of China's education and an important tool to achieve education equity.
Jamieson Wellness Inc, Canada's leading branded manufacturer of high-quality natural health products, announced on Friday that it has entered into a partnership with DCP Capital, an international private equity firm with a long-term track record of success in China and broader Asian markets.
加拿大领先的高品质天然健康产品品牌制造商Jamieson Wellness Inc周五宣布,已与DCP Capital建立合作关系。DCP Capital是一家国际私募股权公司,在中国和更广泛的亚洲市场有着长期的成功记录。
Liu Xin, fixed income director for BlackRock Fund Management Co Ltd, said the Chinese bond and equity markets will churn out more opportunities for active investors this year thanks to China's optimized contagion control measures, improving growth outlook and economic stimulus packages.
The financing event also marked the first direct equity investment in China by Novo Holdings in the bioprocessing sector.
Aviation giant mulls A-share float for aircraft making subsidiary in ChengduAVIC Zhonghang Electronic Measuring Instruments Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corp of China Ltd, announced on Wednesday evening that it plans to purchase 100 percent of the equity of AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co Ltd by issuing shares to AVIC.
"Backdoor listings can help provide a new channel for equity financing and create an opportunity for listed companies to restructure and improve their balance sheets," said the China Index Academy.
Ant said in a statement on its official website that upon completion of the adjustment, major shareholders of Ant, including equity investment firms Hangzhou Junhan and Hangzhou Junao, will independently exercise their voting rights in Ant.
Australian Capital Equity, a Perth-based private company with extensive investments in media and entertainment, resources, energy, property and industrial activities in Australia, is one of them.
总部位于珀斯的私人公司Australian Capital Equity就是其中之一,该公司在澳大利亚的媒体和娱乐、资源、能源、房地产和工业活动方面进行了广泛投资。
The remaining 5 percent stake is owned by China International Marine Containers (Group) Co Ltd. To embrace the opportunities, Ruan said the company will sharpen its competitiveness in the main business lines of equity, fixed-income and fund of funds, or FOF, while strategically developing the sections of personal pensions and investment advisory.
Set up in 2010 with 80 percent of its stake held by the CDB, China's State-funded and State-owned development finance institution, CDB Securities is known as one of the major corporate bond underwriters in the country's securities industry while providing other financial services such as equity underwriting and asset management.
According to Tianyancha, a Chinese corporate information provider, Honor has recently completed a new round of strategic financing from six new investors such as BOE, China International Capital Corp Qizhi (Shanghai) Equity Investment Center, Guosen Capital and Shenzhen Baoan District Investment Management Group.
Currently, its global investment portfolio consists of public equity, fixed income, alternative assets cash products and others, accounting for 35.4 percent, 15.4 percent, 47 percent and 2.2 percent of the portfolio, respectively.
The first close of a private equity fundraising process is seen as a key milestone that usually highlights that the fund has reached a threshold and can start investing.
Overseas oil and gas equity production equivalent has also exceeded 100 million tons, it said.
Equity in Hamburg terminal to boost supply chains, secure jobs, create valueThe German government's approval for Chinese investment leading to a 24.9 percent stake in HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort GmbH (CTT) will deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation, German port operator HHLA and analysts said on Thursday.
汉堡码头的股权将促进供应链,确保就业,创造价值德国港口运营商HHLA和分析师周四表示,德国政府批准中国投资,持有HHLA集装箱码头Tollerort GmbH(CTT)24.9%的股份,这将深化双边经贸合作。
In addition to the name change and equity integration, China Rare Earth Group Co Ltd will better link the upstream and downstream sectors of the rare earth industry chain, and help promote the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging sectors, said Ding Rijia, a professor specializing in mining economies at the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing.
COFCO Group and China Grain Reserves Group Ltd also set up a new company — China Enterprise United Grain Reserve Co Ltd — to manage the country's grain reserves through equity cooperation in mid-August.
The net profit margin on sales, net profit ratio and return on equity recorded 4.51 percent, 3.74 percent and 11.44 percent respectively.
Its profit attributable to equity holders for the quarter was 28.1 billion yuan, down 17 percent from a year ago.
"The current market sentiment in the Hong Kong equity market, after severe downward correction in the first half, may not be conducive to IPO subscription," Hung said.
Capital Operation Holding Group issued a statement on Tuesday night, saying that the posts on Zhou's WeChat were published two years ago and that he is an employee of its equity management department.
That was the thought that private equity company official Chen Ze said went through his head when he first visited the headquarters of a high-tech company his employer planned to invest in.
DCP, a leading international private equity firm, announced on Monday that it has completed the strategic acquisition of American-Sino Healthcare, a Shanghai-based private premium healthcare services provider specializing in obstetrics care.
领先的国际私募股权公司DCP周一宣布,已完成对总部位于上海的专注于产科护理的私人优质医疗服务提供商American Sino Healthcare的战略收购。
Viva China and private equity firm Lion Rock Capital invested in Clarks' parent company, acquiring a 51 percent stake in Clarks for 100 million pounds ($121.13 million), making it Clarks' largest shareholder, according to a previous announcement by the company.
根据Clarks之前的一份公告,Viva China和私募股权公司Lion Rock Capital投资了Clarks的母公司,以1亿英镑(1.2113亿美元)收购了Clarks 51%的股份,成为Clarks的最大股东。
Chicago-based Options Clearing Corp, the world's largest equity derivatives clearing, said on Friday Didi's trading symbol changed from "DIDI" to "DIDIY" on the OTC market, effective at the opening of business on Monday.
"It is necessary to use the advantages of State-owned capital investment, structural adjustment funds and innovation funds as important measures to optimize the equity structure of listed companies," he added.
Profit attributable to equity holders for the quarter was 25.5 billion yuan, down 23 percent year-on-year, marking a decline for three consecutive quarters.
More efforts are needed from the government to help China's little giant companies-innovative small and medium-sized enterprises-obtain more financing and support from private equity and venture capital investors to help the companies become future champions in a faster and more efficient way, according to industry insiders.
Dong and Cheng said government departments should consider a systematic classification of these companies that would, for instance, classify them as those suitable for State-funded support, those that could be developed better through becoming a subsidiary of a large enterprise, and those that would benefit most from venture capital or private equity investment.
"Such an environment makes vendors' brand equity more crucial than ever in competing with Apple," Wong added.
"The San Francisco-based company, founded in 2006, said Musk secured $25.5 billion of debt and margin loan financing and is providing a $21 billion equity commitment.
CNOOC respectively acquired equity interest in QCLNG project in 2010 and 2013 increasing its equity ownership to circa 25 percent.
The Group's gross written premiums amounted to 162.73 billion yuan ($25.63 billion); net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to 6.36 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 11.4 percent; weighted average return on equity reached 6.84 percent; and dividend per share was 0.045 yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 9.8 percent.
The company transferred its equity of 79.6 percent holding in Huarong Zhongguancun Distressed Asset Exchange Center Co Ltd to Banking Credit Asset Registration and Circulation Center Co Ltd last year.
China Huarong reported a 378.5-million-yuan ($59.43 million) profit attributable to equity holders of the company in 2021, compared with a loss of 102.9 billion yuan in 2020.
"Focusing on brand development and brand equity has resulted in increase of brand recognition.
Profit attributable to equity holders was 24.9 billion yuan, down 25 percent year-on-year.
DCP, a leading international private equity firm, announced on Thursday it has completed a series C investment in Honest Dairy Group, the parent company of Simple Love Yogurt.
领先的国际私募股权公司DCP周四宣布,已完成对Simple Love Yogurt母公司奥尼斯乳业集团的C系列投资。
This round of investment is led by DCP alongside co-investors QY Capital, VMC, Guangzhou Finance Holdings and Proterra Investment Partners, with Cygnus Equity acting as the financial adviser.
本轮投资由DCP牵头,联合投资者QY Capital、VMC、广州金融控股和Proterra investment Partners,Cygnus Equity担任财务顾问。
Profit attributable to equity holders of the company was 24.9 billion yuan, down 25 percent from a year ago.
The CITIC Securities report also noted that the ROE, or return on equity, of listed "little giant" companies saw a steady increase since 2015 and had reached 10 percent on average.
The two figures both surpassed the average level of 5.3 percent and 15.8 percent, respectively, in the MSCI All Country World equity index, which included a total of 2,887 constituents.
Through equity cooperation, the two sides will set up a joint venture that focuses on the grain storage business, with China Grain Reserves Group taking a controlling share.
The two enterprises signed an equity cooperation agreement in Beijing in late January.
"The equity cooperation between the two will help further rationalize the functional positioning and management boundary of grain storage and oil processing businesses of the two companies.
The equity cooperation this time is expected to help improve the efficiency of resource allocation and safeguard national food security," said Lyu Jun, president of COFCO.
TPG Capital Asia, the Asia-focused private equity platform of global alternative asset firm TPG, will continue to be the controlling shareholder of the company.
TPG Capital Asia是全球另类资产公司TPG专注于亚洲的私募股权平台,将继续是该公司的控股股东。
Central SOEs reported equity financing of 198.69 billion yuan via listed units, SASAC said.
DCP, a leading international private equity firm, announced on Monday the completion of a strategic investment in Datong Insurance Service Co Ltd, becoming the company's largest institutional shareholder.
China General Nuclear Power Group said its wind power subsidiary will attract 14 strategic investors, with total capital of 30.53 billion yuan ($4.78 billion) raised for the company's future expansion of solar and wind, according to a contract signed at China Beijing Equity Exchange on Friday.
This is the biggest equity financing project in the country's new energy and power sector.
The company's increase of capital leads to a release of equity of 33 percent, it said.
"Thomas Chong, an equity analyst at Jefferies Group LLC, said for 2021 he factors in higher operating costs related to the marketing of the lite version and overseas expansion, expecting the company's total revenue to grow about 8 percent year-on-year to 32 billion yuan.
”杰富瑞集团(Jefferies Group LLC)股票分析师Thomas Chong表示,2021年,他考虑到了与精简版营销和海外扩张相关的运营成本上升,预计公司总收入将同比增长约8%,达到320亿元。
The privatization deal of China's leading auto rental service provider CAR Inc by MBK Partners was awarded Private Equity Deal of the Year at the 2021 Mergermarket China M&A Awards.
MBK Partners对中国领先的汽车租赁服务提供商CAR Inc的私有化交易被授予2021年并购市场中国并购奖年度私募股权交易。
MBK Partners is one of the largest private equity funds in Asia, with more than $25.4 billion of capital under management.
MBK Partners是亚洲最大的私募股权基金之一,管理着超过254亿美元的资本。
By spreading employees across regions, the flexible model contributes to social equity and leverages the development potential of smaller cities other than Shanghai and Beijing.
The funding came from two separate equity rounds, Series C and Series D, which were disclosed simultaneously in September.
BP has signed an equity purchase agreement with Aulton New Energy Automotive Technology Co Ltd, to become a shareholder of its subsidiary, Guangzhou Aulton New Energy Technology Co Ltd, the company said on Monday.
Net profit attributable to equity shareholders of the company reached 59.89 billion yuan, it said.
Affinity Asia Pacific Fund V under Affinity Equity Partners will invest HK$2.80 billion ($360 million) into Towngas China Company Limited, representing 13.3 percent of the enlarged capital of Towngas China, the company said on Thursday.
Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Ltd announced on Monday that private equity firm MBK Partners has agreed to acquire Haichang assets for 6.53 billion yuan ($1.01 billion), as the hospitality company takes steps to cut its debt.
North Asia-focused MBK Partners, founded in 2005, is one of the largest private equity funds in Asia with over $25.4 billion of capital under management.
It also acquired Red Rock Power Ltd, through which the Chinese group owned a 25 percent equity interest in Beatrice Offshore Wind Power Project in Scotland, which has an installed capacity of 588 megawatts and reached full commercial operation in July 2019.
Tuesday's mixed ownership reform activity was jointly hosted by China Baowu and the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange.
Mixed ownership reform can be realized through various methods of capital expansion, additional equity financing and initial public offerings, said Zhu Yonghong, chief accountant with China Baowu.
As the government pledged that it will actively cultivate and in a timely manner establish new centrally administered SOEs in industries such as power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, grain reserves and offshore engineering to deepen the country's supply-side structural reform and support innovation-based growth earlier this year, Zhu Yue, China Chengtong's vice-president, said, adding the group has actively participated in the reform of equity diversification to assist the implementation of major reforms of central SOEs.
Following the government's policies, China Chengtong has invested more than 76 billion yuan ($11.78 billion) in cash to give full play to the role of active shareholders, and actively took part in the reorganization and integration of key industries such as oil and gas pipeline network, steel, electrical equipment and modern logistics, as well as equity diversification reforms.
Apart from participating in the equity diversification of Ansteel Group Corp Ltd, the Liaoning province-based central SOE, and Ben Gang Group Corp (Ben Gang), another Liaoning-based steelmaker in August, China Chengtong also became a shareholder of newly formed China Electrical Equipment Group Co Ltd.
Managing 660 billion yuan of State funds, China Chengtong also operates over 70 billion yuan of equity of listed companies, and remains a major shareholder of several central SOEs such as National Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipe Network Group Co Ltd. Liu Xingguo, a researcher at the China Enterprise Confederation in Beijing, said that promoting strategic reorganization of central SOEs is a practical measure to improve the efficiency of resource allocation.
SPIC is the second largest shareholder with 33 percent equity.
"In addition, this transaction structure with equity consideration and profit-sharing helps to align ongoing corporate interests between Everest and Providence, fostering future collaboration for innovative mRNA vaccine development across a range of disease areas.
Shares of Hong Kong-listed property developer SOHO China tumbled sharply on Monday after private equity giant Blackstone scrapped a proposed $3 billion takeover of the real estate company.
"It is worth mentioning that equity transfers often contain huge uncertainties, particularly those involving cross-border investors.
Thus, this would enlighten our Chinese enterprises during their equity acquisitions abroad," Liu said.
Beijing-based SOHO China said in June that US private equity giant Blackstone Group plans to acquire a controlling stake in the company for around $3 billion.
US private equity giant Blackstone Group announced its plan to acquire a controlling stake of SOHO China for some $3 billion in June.
Data from data analytics firm Tianyancha showed OneSmart holds 14.4 percent of equity in Juren.

六级Mr.Ishiguro, have you ever found one of your books at a secondhand bookstore? According to a study of race and equity in education, black athletes are dropping out of college across the country at alarming rates.



六级According to a study of race and equity in education, black athletes are dropping out of college across the country at alarming rates.


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六级They advocated equity between men and women.



六级They were the pioneers of gender equity, in their useful, adaptable clothing, which was both made for the masses and capable of self-expression.



考研Next time somebody pushes corporate quotas as a way to promote gender equity, remember that such policies are largely self-serving measures that make their sponsors feel good but do little to help average women.


2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级They were the pioneers of gender equity, in their useful, adaptable clothing, which was both made for the masses and capable of self expression.


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