词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根e 加强 + rod 咬 + e → 不停地侵咬使变 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
erode / corrode / decay / rot
erode → 机械物理方面的腐蚀,侵蚀。
corrode → 指化学方面的,钢铁等腐蚀或生锈等逐渐破坏的过程。
decay → 指瓜果等腐蚀,尸体等生物腐烂。 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
erode v 侵蚀(e出+rode=咬出去=[水上]侵蚀掉)
rod, ros= bite, 表示”咬”
rodent n “啮齿动物(rao+ent,咬东西的动物)”
rodenticide n 灭鼠药(rodent+icide杀=杀啮齿动物) …………
Mary's confidence has been slowly eroded by repeated failures.
The rocks have gradually eroded away.
This incident could erode consumers' affection toward BMW and might further lead to investors' decisions to sell BMW stakes," Yang Delong, chief economist with First Seafront Fund, was quoted as saying by Economic View, a financial media outlet under China News Service.
"The reputational loss from these events could erode the long-term market share and pricing power of the 737 MAX," Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Ronald Epstein said in a research report.
But the US tech company is also facing a string of challenges, with Huawei and other local smartphone vendors working hard to erode its dominance in the premium segment.
They made the comments as weakening export momentum has begun to erode regional growth in some export-oriented powerhouses, such as Guangdong and Fujian provinces.
China's economic recovery gained a firmer foothold in April, but rising commodity prices are beginning to erode growth and require targeted policy support, officials and experts said on Monday.
Experts said the blockage would erode the recovery of global trade and supply chains if it extends for more than a couple of days.
The tightening preventive measures will work to erode overall demand, which is still in the process of restoration since the outbreak of the pandemic, said Liu Mingyu, associate professor at the school of management, Fudan University.
Instead, the antitrust efforts aim to promote the healthy development of platform enterprises and the digital economy, and tech giants' innovations that do not erode fair competition will continue to be encouraged, Shi recently told China Daily.
However, she said it's important to sustain the trend as the continuing surge in infections worldwide could erode rebounding consumer confidence and spending.
"Livestreaming effectively simplifies the consumption route, both on the demand and supply side," said Derek Deng, a partner at global consultancy Bain& Co. "So even if the pandemic eases and people start to go out shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, it's unlikely to erode livestreaming any time soon.
The suspension of brick-and-mortar sales and the postponement of construction will further erode the revenues of real estate companies," said Chen.
The reported decision of Dell Technologies, a US-based personal computer maker, to replace all semiconductors made in China from its products by 2024, will only weaken the solid ecosystem the company had assiduously built in China over the last several decades and also erode Dell's global competitiveness, given China's irreplaceable role in the global consumer electronics chain, experts said.
Analysts said the brand will erode the market share of Chinese carmakers, as well as affordable foreign ones including Kia and Hyundai.
Their worry seems to be that a fast-growing China would affect their economic interests and erode their political influence across the world.
The scandal broke out as the sales of Japanese cars rose in China, which many believe will more or less erode customers' trust in Japanese manufacturers.
Ma Jihua, an independent telecom analyst, said the new 5G-powered messaging service, if properly promoted, will usher in a new era of social networking, and erode the social networking business of Tencent Holdings Ltd.
The former helps ensure the country's supremacy in the global economic and financial realm, while the latter serves dual purposes — it mitigates predicaments arising from excessive trade deficits, which can erode the credibility of the US dollar, and it alleviates pressure associated with the currency's "exorbitant privilege", ensuring a smoother trajectory for its enduring efficacy.
Shao Yu, chief economist at Orient Securities, said the renminbi has gained more international use as many economies are looking for alternatives to the dollar-centred monetary system, following the weaponization of the dollar in sanctions and years of quantitative easing that could erode the greenback's purchasing power.
The remarks emerged amid concerns that the US Federal Reserve's aggressive tightening could erode financial stability of emerging economies by creating capital outflows and exchange rate fluctuations.
"Disruption of local natural gas supplies can prompt people to burn wood and coal, which would erode progress toward cleaner fuels and adversely affect air quality and physical health," ADB's Jackie B. Surtani said.
But the cut — and the prospect of another cut when the Fed next meets — took a bite out of bank stocks because lower rates will erode interest income on loans.
This is good news for small savers because it means inflation won't erode returns and yields on certificates of deposit and savings account probably won't go much lower in the immediate future.
This can lead to another problem - a stronger currency will erode weaker ones, and denominate the global currency system.
Otherwise, cheaper yet high-risk credit will erode banks' profits and even drive small banks into operational difficulties," He said.
The rating agency said in a statement that the downgrade reflects expectations that "China's financial strength will erode somewhat over the coming years, with economy-wide debt continues to rise as potential growth slows," adding that ongoing reforms may not curb further material rise in economy-wide debt.
"The downgrade reflects Moody's expectation that China's financial strength will erode somewhat over the coming years, with economywide debt continuing to rise as potential growth slows," according to a Moody's statement.
"We expect smaller banks' margins will erode further in 2017 but larger banks, typically net providers of market liquidity, may see margins stabilize or slightly increase," they said.