词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根fest-= feast, 表示“节日”,来 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
banquet / feast / dinner / party
banquet → 指正式而盛大的宴会或国宴。
feast → 指筵席酒席,有时可与banquet换用,但前者强调共享欢乐的气氛。
dinner …………
be a feast for one's eyes and mind 让人赏心悦目
a feast of the eye 大饱眼福
a feast to the eye 赏心悦目
cultural feast 文化大餐
feast on the Eve of the Spring Festival 春节前夕的盛宴
feast one's eyes 使人大饱眼福
remnants of the feast 宴会的剩余部分
wedding feast 婚宴
feast one's eyes on ... 大饱眼福...
feast or famine 盛宴或饥荒
skeleton at the feast 盛宴上的骷髅
One-Month-Old Feast 一个月的盛宴
Mary stood feasting her eyes on the view.
We returned home to feast away the night.
We foraged a pig for the feast.
We're having a feast tonight - a sumptuous dinner with multiple courses.
今晚我们将举行盛宴 - 一道道丰盛的菜肴。
The holiday season is all about feasting and enjoying good company.
She prepared a feast for her son's birthday, with his favorite dishes on the menu.
After a long hike, they decided to feast on some fresh berries they found along the way.
They held an annual charity feast, raising funds for underprivileged children.
The feast was accompanied by lively music and dancing, creating a festive atmosphere.
The king's court was known for its extravagant feasts, featuring delicacies from across the kingdom.
A food festival is a great opportunity to feast on a variety of local cuisines.
It's not every day that we get to feast our eyes on such a magnificent sunset.
The feast was in honor of their successful business venture, and everyone was in high spirits.
At a hotel restaurant in north China's Tianjin municipality, the buffet tables have been turned into a feast for the eyes, covered with beef from Australia, lobsters from Vietnam, mussels from New Zealand, soft-shell crabs from Myanmar and rice from Thailand.
In its 108-square-meter exhibition area, Pop Mart said it has provided a visual feast of art and culture for audiences, featuring giant electronic screens, art toy sculptures, acrylic lamps and rainbow films.
Pop Mart表示,在其108平方米的展区内,它为观众提供了一场艺术和文化的视觉盛宴,包括巨大的电子屏幕、艺术玩具雕塑、丙烯酸灯和彩虹膜。
The fashion show taking place atop the roof of an office building in Shanghai's financial hub Lujiazui is a feast for the eyes and ears: Set against the background of the Huangpu River and the skyline of the century-old Bund on a breezy September afternoon, a matrix of glamorous models, both male and female, walk the runway to the cadence of a Shanghai-dialect monologue.
Exhibiting companies will bring a collection of "black technology" products to the expo, empowering new scenarios for smart applications and providing visitors with a feast of cutting-edge technology experiences.
TIANJIN — At a hotel restaurant in North China's Tianjin municipality, the buffet tables are a feast for the eyes, covered with beef from Australia, lobsters from Vietnam, mussels from New Zealand, soft-shell crabs from Myanmar and rice from Thailand.
These prepared dishes will soon be shipped to regions nationwide, and consumers can easily enjoy a seafood feast by simply heating up the dishes.
"The latest progress in industrial development and technological advancement will be displayed to present a feast of China's manufacturing for global buyers," Chu said, during a conference to promote the fair on Monday in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.
So, there were family reunions, after all, but with a novel touch — and complete with a feast of sorts that included dumplings.
Searches for restaurants serving the feast on the Spring Festival eve, one highlight occasion featuring a family gathering and sumptuous dishes, soared over 157 percent compared with last year, according to Dianping, the Chinese version of Yelp.
At this year's expo, German automakers including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have displayed their latest products ranging from electric vehicles to concept cars, making the event a feast for German car lovers.
me, are working with popular catering brands to launch prepackaged and semi-packaged meals for the holiday so that younger generations will be able to celebrate the traditional festival with a feast that is easy to prepare.
me, are working with popular catering brands to launch prepackaged or semi-packaged meals for the holiday, so that younger generations will be able to celebrate the traditional festival with a feast that is easy to make.
Meanwhile drama, film, music, dance and other activities launched by art groups from all over the world brought a high-level cultural feast to citizens.
More than 1,000 food companies from nearly 100 countries and regions will bring a variety of food products to the third China International Import Expo from Nov 5 to 10, making the fair literally a feast for all.
The second route is for local and high-end customers, and includes a mushroom hunting experience (mainly edible mushrooms such as lurid bolete, tricholoma matsutake, boletus edulis), digging for polygonatum, picking wild tea, enjoying a mushroom feast on a farm, and visiting a local wild mushroom market.
The three-day festival attracted coffee lovers and companies from Brazil and abroad to enjoy the feast, bringing consumers abundant experiences related to coffee, including music, art and gastronomy.
During the competition, activities such as the "Open Wine Tasting Party" and "Workshop on the Wine Region at Tianshan Mountains' Northern Foothills" were also held, allowing more visitors to experience the beauty of the wine region, presenting a wine-themed cultural feast combining international standards, Xinjiang characteristics and Changji impressions.
The 31-year-old public servant couldn't help sharing photos of the semi-self-cooked feast on social media.
It is especially the case for traditional festivals, for which a feast at home still outweighs restaurant dining, as shown in a survey conducted by Hema Fresh, Alibaba's fresh-food chain, before the Spring Festival.
A two-week-long Thai food festival named "A Feast of Thailand" is underway at the St. Regis Beijing, a luxury hotel affiliated with the Beijing International Club of the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions.
A dynamic flight show kicked off on Thursday in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, presenting a visual feast for enthusiasts.
"With a marriage certificate, newlyweds can enjoy 10 percent off when they buy over 299 bottles of Heytea on their wedding day, as more new couples are choosing healthy milk tea as wedding feast beverage," a Heytea spokesperson said.
The hotel offered a variety of vintage wines to match the dishes, bringing a feast for the eyes and taste buds to diners.
Prepping a festive feast is hugely symbolic for Chinese to ring in the Lunar New Year.
Apart from internet players, traditional restaurants are going into the pre-made festival feast arena as well, luring notably nuclear families with small-portion combos.
"The Spring Festival feast needs not only to taste good, but look good," said Zhang of Freshippo.
According to Chen Run'er, the Party secretary of Ningxia, "With the Ningxia wine as a typical example, we want to show the industrial strength, cultural charm and development dynamism of Chinese wine, and make the expo a feast for wine tasting, and a platform on which wine from the world can compete with each other and show their distinctive splendors. "
Xu Wenjun, 28, who writes software code in Beijing, planned a whirlwind tour with his girlfriend, taking in modern art galleries in Shanghai, classical gardens in nearby Suzhou and a feast of crabs and fish beside Taihu Lake.
The summit is not only a feast to present the latest achievements in the internet industry but also a chance to show the comprehensive application of high technologies.
The five-day motor show, showcases more than 1,000 models from over 80 automobile brands, offering a visual feast for visitors and auto aficionados.
The event, scheduled to last till June 11, is an eye feast for car lovers.