词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根词根hand+形容词后缀y → 放在手边,便 …………
词根记忆hand 手 + y 形容词后缀 → 手边的→ handy adj.方便的;手边的,近便的;手巧的
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
come in handy
handy with facilities
handy hints
be handy with
keep sth handy
come in handy 派上用场
keep sth. handy 随身携带某物
a handy pamphlet 一本方便的小册子
Keep the book, it may come in handy.
An electric kettle is very handy.
It's a nice house and it's handy fo the train station.
She keeps a handy first-aid kit in her car for emergencies.
The app has a lot of handy features that make it user-friendly.
The kitchen is equipped with a handy dishwasher, saving me time and effort.
He carries a handy map to navigate the unfamiliar city.
This tool is so handy for fixing furniture – I can't imagine life without it now.
The remote control is really handy, allowing me to adjust the TV from across the room.
Her smartphone has a built-in flashlight, which is quite handy in the dark.
A handy way to learn new words is by keeping a vocabulary notebook.
The store offers a wide range of household items that are both practical and handy.
The portable charger is very handy for when my phone battery runs out.
There are quite a few enterprises in Glasgow seeking business opportunities overseas and the 365-day trading platform offered by the CIIE provides handy support from beginning to end, Li said.
They are also very handy tools.
Her impressive technical record and understanding of local culture - Ge is fluent in Chinese - come in handy.
His previous experience in establishing Breadtrip and CityHunter - social apps that enable users to record and share their trips with their friends - came in handy.
His prior experience in the United States came in handy insofar as skills are concerned.
The app also allows designers to share their experiences with handy tips on where to go and what to see.
If China wants to take tit-for-tat measures, export curbs on key minerals are handy, because China is a major supplier of key minerals including rare earth.
Liu said the dual-track system of "affordable housing and commercial housing" is a handy tool for stabilizing the real estate market.
Economic globalization is no longer a handy tool for Washington to grab wealth as it wishes.
In particular, passengers have shown demand for the availability of both hot and cold drinks, ready-to-eat foods and handy meal boxes inside subway stations, Beijing Subway said earlier on its official Weibo account.
Murithi's strong upbringing came in handy when he enrolled in a mechanical engineering course at a mid-level college in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, where he burned the midnight oil and passed with a good grade.
He noted the popularity of small home appliances reflected the great importance for people on making themselves comfortable and improving the quality of life, and Joyoung will continue to roll out healthy, light and handy home appliance products.
A tradition that dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Chao Embroidery has evolved for over a thousand years, developing a system of more than 200 hand sewing stitches, which come in handy in making complex and extravagant dresses like prom and wedding gowns.
Instead, they are handy assistants lending a helping hand in various daily life scenarios.
Weixin Pay has launched its palm print-based payment service, WePalm, on the Daxing International Airport Line of the Beijing subway system, making it the first metro line in the world to support the handy payment solution.
"For example, consumers may want to know the manufacturing and sell-by dates of products or their ingredients or their nutrition information using smartphones, and that's where a 2D bar code, which can store more data, including corporate videos, comes in handy," Pan said.
To better serve travelers in the BRI countries and regions with "home-like" roaming experience, China Unicom has launched a series of handy mobile service packages, such as Daily Unlimited Package, Multi-country Multi-day Package, High Speed Top up Package, hoping users can enjoy the convenience of the service willingly, easily and happily.
The Western countries have been developing solid-state battery and other technologies to outperform China's current leading position in the EV industry, and their influence over key mineral resources supplies such as lithium and cobalt may also be a handy tool for them, he said.
As a result, cross-department collaboration is always handy and they can efficiently come up with systematic solutions and full-cycle services for clients.
The company has inked a partnership deal with renowned Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan's team for developing smartwatches that may come in handy for the follow-up care and treatment management of recovered COVID-19 patients.
"The job is arduous," said Chen, who encouraged big tech firms to develop handy community management tools.
The more inclusive STAR market helped lower financing cost for small and medium innovation companies and provided China's private sector a handy option to raise funds, said Zhang Lei, a board member of Huatai United Securities.
The relaxed regulations not only boosted investor sentiment and rendered a handy tool to listed tech firms for raising capital, but will attract more mid-to-long-term funds into the market, analysts said.
"Investor confidence is the key to capital market development, while confidence comes with an investor protection legal system that is sound, handy and considerate," he said.
But, first-tier city rent and living expenses eat away most of their salary, which is why consumer loans come in handy.

考研This is where supermarkets and their anonymity come in handy.


2013年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级It's all very handy stuff, I guess, a convenient way to be a do-it-yourself without being all that good with tools.



四级The concept of “environment” is certainly difficult and may even be misunderstood; but we have no handy substitute.



四级Facebook is a handy site, but I’m upset by the idea that my information is in the hands of people I don’t That’s too high a price to pay.



四级Unfortunately, I don't have all the daycare-center regulations handy.