词根记忆in 否定 + effcient 高效的 → inefficient adj.无效的;效率低的 …………
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原形:inefficient比较级:more inefficient最高级:most inefficient
inefficient model of growth 低效增长模型
inefficient and unsustainable model of growth and way of life 低效和不可持续的增长模式和生活方式
"It was very inefficient in the traditional manufacturing way, and difficult to meet the needs of our consumers in time," he said.
However, at present, this segment is in its trial phase and related technologies are not mature, Lu said, adding that the application of AI technologies in China's retail industry will improve overall efficiency and resolve the limitations of traditional retailers, such as inefficient planning and slow responses to market changes.
When the coronavirus outbreak was at its peak in China in February, the country's supply chain was broken down, or say, inefficient," he added.
"The light from candles and kerosene lamps is inefficient and dim and produces noxious fumes that affect my children's eyes.
An analyst said using the higher-quality ore will help increase the scrap ratio, which is exactly what the steelmakers have been able to do and have been doing for last few years on the back of the environmental policy, which also in turn has led to shutting down the inefficient furnaces and closing down some of the small blast furnaces.
It would be inefficient for banks to spend such a long time to arrange a relatively small loan, for example, 200,000 yuan ($29850) or 300,000 yuan, in this way.
Reducing excess food stockpiles has been part of China's effort in cutting inefficient supply, which has also seen capacity cuts in the steel and coal sector, according to the government work report of 2018.
There are major bottlenecks in trading secondhand digital products around the globe - consumer demand varies from region to region, and traditional trading models are relatively inefficient, according to Chen.
It is reported the indoor PM 2.5 AQI could reach up to 350 in some of the major cities in China, but the use of air purifiers and face masks is either inconvenient or inefficient in handling air filtration.
The phasing out of inefficient companies could ensure the sustainable development of the industry, Chen Qihua said.
In China, the term zombie companies refers to inefficient or loss-making enterprises whose production facilities are outdated and debt is mounting or unmanageable.
"The State Council released the guidelines on SOE mergers and acquisitions last July, calling on the enterprises to form a mechanism in which State assets can flow flexibly by way of merger and acquisition, innovation, reducing capacity, and dealing with inefficient capital.
He also pointed out that both US and China should identify the major impediments for trade, such as investment restrictions and inefficient regulatory practices.
China Poly Group Corp, a State-run conglomerate, vowed to close inefficient coal mines and reorganize 39 of its subordinate companies to improve profits.
There are also voices discouraging the second choice, as they argue it is simply making inefficient investments, which will lead to a series of problems such as debt risk and economic distortion.
As far as we are concerned, the second option — though having drawbacks like inefficient use of funds and rising debt costs — is still better than the third strategy, which will lead to an economic crisis and oversupply.
Inefficient and untimely government coordination has led to such problems as investors with projects on hand waiting for land to settle their blueprints, while on the other hand, some land, officially approved by the government or deposited by enterprises yet not fully utilized, remaining "idle and basking in the sun", said Wang.
"When a unified domestic market is fully established, those inefficient manufacturers and companies that ignore innovation will find it difficult to survive in the end," he said.
For various reasons, the number of regional government projects in planning is small, the use of a large number of targeted funds is inefficient and local government control over various flexible off-budget funds has declined significantly due to unsuccessful land auctions.
"The grim situation is largely attributable to the inefficient demand worldwide," Gu said.
Excessive reliance on charismatic regional personalities or inefficient government departments had bred corruption in the past.
The government can look at the idle and inefficient properties nationwide, as they can be changed into long-term rental housing.
Zhu Shaolin, research director of the hydrogen department at Trend-Bank, an emerging industry research and consulting company, said that compared with hydrogen tube trailers, the current primary long-distance hydrogen transport method in China and worldwide — which is both costly and inefficient — pipeline transportation of hydrogen is an important method for achieving large-scale, long-distance and cost-effective movement of the chemical.
Currently, trucking is still the mainstay long-distance hydrogen transport method, which is costly and inefficient.
According to a recent plan by the National Energy Administration, China will make cleaner coal consumption a priority and further eliminate small and inefficient mines, power plants and heating systems, while providing more support for carbon capture and storage at thermal plants.
The steel industry must keep confidence and continue to speed up green and low-carbon transformation, adapt to the new reality with proactive supply-side reforms and product innovations, in order to rein in inefficient supplies and spur new demand.
The country will also strictly control new capacity in its oil refining industry and will accelerate the elimination of inefficient and outdated production.
Over the same period, the supply side restructuring of the coal sector there continued to advance, with a cumulative withdrawal of 69 million tons of inefficient production capacity, exceeding the task assigned by the State.
Grid parity can also allow solar companies to compete on a level playing field and let the market select winners and weed out inefficient players, she added.
He added that inefficient coal power plants may be forced out of the market in a shorter time frame than expected, and the process of transition toward the 2030 carbon peak goal will also place downward pressure on coal from power market prices due to intermittent renewables that will increasingly dominate the system.
"Inefficient coal power plants may be forced out of the market in a shorter time frame than expected, he said.
In the past, Li had to rely on manpower to seed, sprinkle fertilizers and spray pesticides-tasks that are exhausting, time consuming and inefficient.
Therefore, it used to take at least three months for Jousing to import the electrode pads in indirect, inefficient ways.
"It is an inefficient way to produce food that may soon be unable to adequately feed the growing global population, which could reach 10 billion by the year 2050.
Farming these pastures used to be very inefficient, as herdsmen could not get timely and accurate information about the grasslands and moving livestock.
However, the country's rare-earth industry is faced with such problems as rapidly decreasing inventory, inefficient production and environmental pollution.
It forecasts that more stringent quality parameters to be enforced for the country's refined products will require higher investment and upgrades that will "weed out inefficient plants" and could lead to a closure of 150,000 bpd of refining capacity by 2020.
However, there are also obstacles curbing the fast development of bioenergy in China, including the inefficient circulation system of biogas, especially compared against natural gas, and the urgent need for domestically developed technologies and equipment that are more suitable for Chinese users, said Yuan, who doubles as an energy policy consultant for the authorities concerned.
In the past five years, the nonferrous industry has eliminated 2.4 million metric tons of outdated production capacity and 5.66 million tons of inefficient capacity, according to Zhou.
In recent years, beer manufacturers in the country gradually shut down small and inefficient factories.
The study found that inefficient pre-visit communication is another reason for customer loss, including the salesperson not understanding the potential buyers' needs, making them feel uncomfortable, or not offering transparent prices.
Yue pointed out issues like risk management, regulatory compliance, cultural differences, inefficient operations and slow decision-making.
Large drones are expected to effectively solve problems in logistics and delivery and inefficient transportation modalities in remote areas, said Liu Dong, head of the public affairs department at SF Express Ningxia.
In the pre-robotics era, workers would undertake deep dives to build a cofferdam for such checks, which were relatively inefficient, time-consuming and tended to hamper electricity supply.
Traditionally, workers had to dive into the water of the stilling basin or build a cofferdam for regular examination, which is very inefficient and time-consuming and could also hamper the hydropower station's daily production.
Expanding the use of the renminbi in trade settlements is a "good idea", he said, adding it is inefficient for China and its trade partners to settle in a third currency, especially when there is an emerging trend worldwide of avoiding having only one major reserve currency, following the US sanctions on Russia.
Terminating projects with poor performance and inefficient budget implementation is a necessary task for this year, according to a Ministry of Finance spokesperson.
The asset manager either helped these companies increase the value of their assets and clear up inefficient assets through multiple measures, such as introducing strategic investors, restructuring, and implementing debt-for-equity swaps, after the companies encountered crises or helped the companies resolve liquidity crises by intervening in their business before crises happened.
Chinese and foreign investors that are evenly matched in strength will have a protracted fight if they have different mindsets, opinions, cultures and management approaches… If both investors want to play a dominant role in a joint venture, it will be difficult to solve problems and the firm will be inefficient," said Wang Guojun, a finance professor at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.
The inefficient interest rate system has constrained the monetary policy's efforts to stabilize economic growth, especially when exports are facing challenges, said economists, although the previous cuts in reserve requirement ratios have fueled an economic rebound in the first quarter.
"The remarks showed a regulatory determination to push forward marketization of China's financial system and supply-side structural reform in the financial sector, which means some inefficient and high-risk financial institutions will exit the market when they should," said Wen Bin, principal researcher at China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd.
The country should let the inefficient, especially the "zombie enterprises", go bankrupt and reshuffle, and let the market play its role, Zhang said.
"While doing due diligence offline, we found that banks are very inefficient in terms of loan approvals.
"It was hard and inefficient for banks to assess small businesses' financial status.
It would be inefficient for banks to spend such a long time to arrange a relatively small loan, for example, 200,000 yuan or 300,000 yuan, in this way.
Li, who is also a top political advisor, said the fund could be used for employee resettlement, salaries and welfare and would encourage local governments to dismantle inefficient firms.
Though the nation has gained immense experience from its 40 years of reform and opening-up by encouraging new players, it has always faced challenges due to the presence of a large number of inefficient firms.
"The debt-to-equity swap for zombie firms (inefficient firms burdened with debt) should not be approved," it said.
According to the IMF proposals, China could improve social safety net in order to offset impacts from China's efforts to wind down inefficient corporations.
"The intensified competition and decreased profit led by interest rate liberalization, the differentiation of technology-driven product caused by homogenization of inefficient competition, the new generation of financial upgrade transformation brought by internet technology, the substitution of efficient technology required by the economy-driven rising cost of manpower and the need of financial services to promote intrinsic value are all included.
The project will also help curb usage of inefficient fertilizers and promote climate-smart agricultural practices in China.
The IFC regional leader said that encouraging the phasing-out of overused, inefficient fertilizers was part of the Chinese government's strategy to reduce pollution and mitigate climate change.
The SOEs have been increasing income and decreasing expenditure, reducing costs and enhancing performance, promoting the disposal of inefficient assets, with their competitiveness and strength remarkably enhanced.
The initiative will help address issues like fragmented spatial planning, inefficient land use and uneven development within super-large and mega cities, as well as facilitate high-quality and sustainable urban development in the long run, Yan said.
Building new facilities and mobilizing existing ones will be better coordinated in order to put inefficient and idle resources to better use.

六级The stimulus package provided money to convert the inefficient, paper-driven medical system to electronic records that can be easily viewed and transmitted.



六级Inefficient harvesting, inadequate local transportation and poor infrastructure (基础设施)mean that produce is frequently handled inappropriately and stored under unsuitable farm site conditions



六级Critics say Congress will give in to lobbyists and let inefficient providers off the hook ( ' , 放过).



六级Critics say Congress will give in to lobbyists and let inefficient providers off the hook (放过).


2016年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级Since much of this energy comes from the utilisation of fossil fuels, wastage of food potentially contributes to unnecessary global warming as well as inefficient resource utilisation.



六级Inefficient harvesting, inadequate local transportation and poor infrastructure (基础设施)mean that produce is frequently handled inappropriately and stored under unsuitable farm site conditions.



六级Water boilers, space heaters and air conditioners have been notoriously inefficient.



六级In terms of energy use and the nutrients(营养成分)captured in the product it was relatively inefficient.



四级It merely says that evolution has programmed us to perform those functions at a time when activity would be inefficient and possibly dangerous.



考研With thousands of career-related sites on the Internet, finding promising openings can he time-consuming and inefficient.