词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根in 进入 + vest 衣服 → 把口袋里的钱投入 …………
世界各地忙着i …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
invest v 投资(in进+vest=把衣服中的钱放进事业中=投资)
vest n 背心
vestment n 衣服,外衣
divest v 脱去,剥夺(di去掉+vest=去掉衣服=脱去)
in …………
invest in 投资于
invest ... with sth. 投资
invest sth. with 用…投资
invest ... in 投资
to invest money from pension funds into the country's capital markets 将养老基金的资金投资到国家的资本市场
invest in ... 投资...
We intended to invest hugely in new technology.
She invested her lawyer with complete power to act for her.
The predecessor advised me on how to invest my money.
I decided to invest $5,000 in the tech stock market.
She has been investing her savings in a diversified portfolio.
The company is planning to invest heavily in research and development.
He wisely invested in real estate during the property boom.
Many young entrepreneurs are investing in cryptocurrency with high hopes.
They have invested in renewable energy projects to reduce their carbon footprint.
The government offers tax incentives for individuals who invest in small businesses.
She chose to invest in index funds for their low-risk, long-term returns.
The investor was fortunate enough to sell his stocks at a profit.
My uncle has been an astute investor, retiring early due to his successful investments.
The company plans to invest a total of 100 million euros ($108.74 million), with an annual output value of up to 1.4 billion yuan ($195.5 million) in Taicang, according to information released by the local government.
As one of the first batch of communications firms to embrace artificial intelligence, Paris-based Havas Group decided to actively apply AI to its business while continuing to invest in the Chinese market, which is considered a leading market in creative goods and services.
Research released by US market research company Gartner Inc recently pointed out that nearly 63 percent of marketing executives plan to invest in generative AI solutions in the next two years.
State Grid Corp of China said it would invest more than 500 billion yuan ($69.6 billion) in grid network construction this year to ensure power supply stability and boost green power consumption.
Chinese semiconductor display manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co Ltd said it will invest 63 billion yuan ($8.8 billion) to set up a new active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED production line in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.
"The overall sales in 2023 have doubled compared with the previous year," said Hansmeier, adding that the company plans to invest another 300 million yuan before 2027 to upgrade the production lines.
The company plans to further invest in decarbonization services and solutions that assist clients in achieving both profitability and green transformation," said Chan.
The CEO said, "We see these as vertically integrated investments that allow us to offer better services to the brands that we cooperate with, but also allow us to invest into very up-and-coming exciting Chinese, (especially) relatively young and fresh, companies.
"In the future, through deepening collaboration with local partners, Takeda plans to continue to invest in data, digital modalities and related technology to drive its growth in China at a pace that is expected to outperform the market average over the medium to long-term horizon, said the company.
If approved, the partnership would see TikTok invest $1.5 billion over the long term.
"TikTok has committed to invest over $1.5 billion in the enlarged entity over time, to provide future funding required by the business, without additional dilution to GoTo," the company said.
The factory is part of Huawei's broader plan to invest in France, where it has been present since 2003.
"We'll continue to invest in this market.
Kingdee International Software Group Co Ltd and Qatar Investment Authority announced on Monday an agreement subject to which QIA will invest around $200 million in consideration for new ordinary shares of Kingdee issued under the company's general mandate granted by the annual shareholders meeting, representing approximately 4.26 percent of Kingdee's total issued ordinary shares upon closing, with a lock-up period of 180 days.
The investment in Kingdee aligns with QIA's strategic approach to invest in companies and technologies that are leading global digitalization and shaping the future enterprise ecosystem.
QIA was founded in 2005 to invest and manage the State's reserve funds.
"In a lot of these locations, we've hit that productivity level where it's time to go back and invest and expand the assortment and continue to drive the overall results in those stores," said the CEO.
As China continues to invest more in Southeast Asian nations, the company said it will prioritize development in the region and further expand in the Middle East and Latin America.
Multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis said on Friday it would invest more than 600 million yuan ($84 million) in a new radiopharmaceutical production site to accelerate the introduction of innovative radioligand therapy that will benefit cancer patients in China.
Such changes have, in turn, attracted foreign enterprises to invest further in the market and introduce innovative products.
Short-video platform TikTok, owned by Chinese tech heavyweight ByteDance, announced on Friday that it plans to invest more than 12 billion euros ($13.1 billion) in Europe over the next 10 years to store European user data on local servers, a move experts said will better comply with local regulations and address concerns over data security.
Zhou Jingren, CTO of Alibaba Cloud, said the open-source ecosystem is crucial for promoting the technological advancement and application of LLMs in China, adding they will continue to invest in open-sourced LLM, and aim to offer the most open LLM in the era of AI.
According to this year's survey, more than 40 percent of Chinese companies chose to invest in the UK because of its access to potential customers and the market in Europe.
TikTok, owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, announced on Friday that it plans to invest more than 12 billion euros ($13.1 billion) in Europe over the next ten years, as part of its broader push to establish local data centers and address concerns over data privacy.
Highlighting that China has been actively promoting technological innovation and development in areas such as clean energy, digital economy and high-tech manufacturing, Roemer said that with its focus on innovation-driven growth and green technology, the country has created a favorable environment for foreign businesses to invest across diverse sectors like digitalization, high-tech manufacturing and innovation.
Firm to further tap touchscreen sector, invest $8.8b on new production lineChinese display panel maker BOE Technology Group Co Ltd said late on Tuesday that it plans to invest 63 billion yuan ($8.8 billion) to set up a new active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) production line in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
He added that the company has also continued to invest in areas such as agricultural and supply chain technology, and core research and development capabilities.
Chinese display panel maker BOE Technology Group Co Ltd announced on Tuesday night that it plans to invest 63 billion yuan ($8.8 billion) to set up a new active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes, or AMOLED, production line in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
The company will also continue to invest in its star sparkling products — Coke, Sprite and Fanta.
com Group plans to invest in platform technology, marketing and promotion, and product integration to accelerate the development of inbound tourism in China.
Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido Group will invest further in China and build its second-largest research and development center in the country, said Toshinobu Umetsu, president and CEO of Shiseido China, amid signs that the global cosmetics industry is facing headwinds.
资生堂中国总裁兼首席执行官Toshinobu Umetsu表示,日本化妆品制造商资生堂集团将在中国进一步投资,并在中国建立第二大研发中心。有迹象表明,全球化妆品行业正面临逆风。
"Shiseido has never shaken in its determination to invest in China, as the country is increasingly becoming a global source of innovation for beauty and cosmetics, which offers huge development opportunities for multinationals like us," Umetsu told China Daily in an exclusive interview.
The company remains fully confident about the China market and is equally determined in its commitment to invest here, he added.
SW Germany will also invest 100 million yuan ($13.7 million) to upgrade its Chongqing plant in the coming 3-5 years, the parent company's executives said.
"This will, in turn, create a favorable environment for foreign businesses to invest across diverse sectors like digitalization, high-tech manufacturing and innovation.
In addition to diversifying its portfolio with ramyeon (Korean-style instant noodles) to align with the increasing trend of health-conscious choices in China, the Seoul-headquartered company plans to invest in expanding its range of additive-free frozen food in China.
Wu Yongming, CEO of Alibaba Group, said in an earnings call with investors that the company will continue to invest strategically in its cloud business long term, while emphasizing the cloud unit will continue to maintain its independent operation.
"Core businesses are where we will keep our long-term focus, intensively invest resources, pursue R&D and enhance user experience," he said.
"This will further spur the high-end consumption market and drive more multinational health and nutrition companies to continuously invest in China.
Oppo said it will invest 2-billion-yuan-($275.9 million) worth of resources to comprehensively support the high-quality development of service ecosystem developers next year.
In 2020, it launched the Clean Future plan, aiming to invest 1 billion euros ($1.09 billion) by 2030 to replace the ingredients derived from fossil fuels in its cleaning and laundry products formulations with those from renewable or recycled sources.
"We expect the recovering China consumer market and the growth potential from its sheer size will continue to attract overseas exhibitors at the CIIE to introduce new products and invest into this market," Wang said.
"We will invest more in the country and expand our production capacity to provide advanced silicone technologies and products to customers in China and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, in line with our dual-growth strategy," said Zhang.
The Oslo Stock Exchange-listed company continues to invest in new capacity and products in China, with a batch of new capacities and products set to come into operation in its plants in places such as Shanghai and Jiangxi province in the first half of 2024.
"Standard Chartered has announced it will invest $300 million in China by the end of 2024 to upgrade its capabilities of providing financial services to clients in areas like wealth management, retail banking, corporate commercial and institutional banking, sustainability and risk management.
The company will continue to invest in new technology and innovations to make contributions to the country's myopia prevention and management, she said.
The Junlebao Dairy Group will invest to acquire 30 percent of the shares of More Yogurt, and the two parties will also carry out collaborations in many fields such as raw material supply, product research and development, food safety, and operation management, said the company.
该公司表示,君乐宝乳业集团将投资收购More Yogurt 30%的股份,双方还将在原材料供应、产品研发、食品安全和运营管理等多个领域开展合作。
In the future, ADI will continue to invest in technological innovation and make semiconductor solutions more comprehensive and user-friendly on a system level, the senior executive said.
"Stable and sustainable investments and a growing consumer market demonstrate China's resilience and potential in a challenging global economy, making the country a key market for LDC, one in which we will continue to invest and work alongside our Chinese partners," said Michael Gelchie, CEO of LDC.
LDC首席执行官Michael Gelchie表示:“稳定和可持续的投资以及不断增长的消费市场表明了中国在充满挑战的全球经济中的韧性和潜力,使中国成为LDC的关键市场,我们将继续在其中投资,并与中国合作伙伴合作。”。
Zhang Jianping, director-general of the Beijing-based China Center for Regional Economic Cooperation, said the latest supportive policies aimed at drawing more foreign investment, a shortened negative list for market entry and implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, have created favorable conditions for more foreign businesses to invest in the country.
Meanwhile, 49 percent of the polled companies will invest in making manufacturing facilities or office buildings more energy efficient and 48 percent plan to make their operations more sustainable.
With the theme of "Invest for Her, Invest for All", Organon has set up a 800-square-meter booth at this year's CIIE, displaying an extensive range of innovative products and solutions for the entire fertility and life cycles of women and their families.
China has massive potential in the petrochemical sector, with a scale and development pace unmatched elsewhere, which has attracted numerous multinational chemical corporations to invest in recent years, said an analyst.
Hsu said factors like favorable policies aimed at accelerating healthcare innovations have given the company confidence in continuing to invest in China.
Food MNC's CEO wowed by innovation; vows additional investment in nationFrench food giant Danone SA said it will continue to invest in China through products focusing on health and sustainability and develop more innovations in the country for its local and international business.
"In June, RGE signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province to invest 13.7 billion yuan over the next five years to expand its paper, clean energy and palm oil businesses in the province.
For that, we have established two private equity funds with more than 1 billion yuan ($140 million) each to invest in the Greater China region," Jarkas said.
Construction of the project began in 2014 and the Chinese company will invest a total of $1.4 billion in the first phase of the mega project.
Apart from relieving local residents from the daily drudgery of fetching water from nearby collection points to meet their basic needs, the new water supply project will likely stimulate the growth of local service-related businesses and attract both domestic and international companies to invest in water treatment plants and food processing business in Rwanda as the country has abundant water resources, making it an attractive destination for such investments, said Zhou Lisha, a researcher with the Institute for State-owned Enterprises at Tsinghua University.
Lu Zhenwang, CEO of Shanghai-based Wanqing Consultancy, said the efforts to invest in overseas warehouses and supply chain construction will enhance the competitiveness of Chinese foreign trade enterprises and bolster sales of Chinese products in overseas markets.
Multinational companies see China as strategically important for operationsHeads of several multinational companies have said that they will continue to invest in China due to the country's strategic importance in their global operations as Vice-Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen reiterated that the Chinese government accords high attention to foreign-invested enterprises.
"Big Chinese companies come to Brazil and contribute their resources to invest here, which is very important and consistent with the needs of Brazil and the state — the timing is just right," said Indame.
Zhang Jianping, director-general of the Beijing-based China Center for Regional Economic Cooperation, said the latest supportive policies aimed at drawing more foreign investment, as well as the shortened negative list for market entry and implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, have created favorable conditions for more foreign businesses to invest in the country.
Didi Autonomous Driving said it will continue to invest deeply in research and development, accelerate the implementation of related products, pursue open collaborations in the industry chain, build a sustainable and open industry ecosystem, and expedite the widespread commercial use of autonomous driving technology.
Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang said China is willing to create a more favorable environment and better conditions for foreign-invested enterprises to invest and prosper within China when meeting with Oliver Blume, chairman of Volkswagen's board of management in Beijing on Wednesday.
Multinational life sciences corporation Bayer AG will invest further in China and build bridges for the world to overcome global challenges, a senior executive said, acknowledging the progress that the country has made in innovation.
"Ahn's views were echoed by Zhu Xiaoxiao, head for Moloco Greater China region, who voiced optimism over China's economic prospects and added that the company will continue to invest in the Chinese market over the long run.
Looking ahead, Zhu said Moloco will continue to invest in China to bring more new solutions for Chinese developers to expand globally.
"We are willing to invest in building our future with China, and time will reveal the extent of our commitment," he added.
Harman International Industries, a global leader in innovative audio products, will continue to invest and expand in China as it delivers exceptional experiences through cutting-edge products and solutions, a top executive said.
"We have a very diverse product portfolio, we have access to very strong talent, and we are going to continue to invest in engineering centers and manufacturing capabilities going forward," he said.
Bullish on its business performance in the Chinese market, Adidas will continue to invest in China — one of its three key strategic markets, said Bjoern Gulden, CEO of the German sportswear company during a recent news conference.
阿迪达斯(Adidas)首席执行官比约恩·古尔登(Bjoern Gulden)在最近的一次新闻发布会上表示,由于对其在中国市场的业务表现感到乐观,阿迪达斯将继续在中国投资,中国是其三大关键战略市场之一。
Under the agreement inked between Sinopec and the Ministry of Power and Energy of Sri Lanka, Sinopec has secured a 20-year license to franchise 150 existing filling stations throughout Sri Lanka and invest in an additional 50 filling stations.
Over the next five years, Boehringer Ingelheim plans to invest over 4 billion yuan ($547 million) in R&D in China.
More than half of surveyed Chinese enterprises plan to double down on digitalization in 2023, while 46 percent of these enterprises said they would invest in artificial intelligence and automation in the next one to two years, according to a new report from global consultancy Accenture.
"We'll continue partnering with Luxshare Precision Industry, and so many other innovative companies across the country, as we invest in opportunity and innovation here," Cui said.
崔说:“我们将继续与Luxshare Precision Industry以及全国各地的许多其他创新公司合作,在这里投资机会和创新。”。
"We will continue to invest in SEM, helping our customers build a better and more sustainable world.
Swire Coca-Cola Ltd, a bottler of Coca-Cola beverages, will invest more than 12 billion yuan ($1.64 billion) on the Chinese mainland over the next 10 years and plans to expand more production lines in its factories to cash in on the rapid growth of its business in the world's second-largest economy.
It also plans to invest in cooling equipment and enrich its product portfolio to satisfy the diversified demand of Chinese consumers as well as achieve sustained growth, she added.
It continues to ramp up its commitment in China as it strives towards its ambition to operate 9,000 stores across 300 Chinese cities by 2025 and invest over $450 million.
Lu said the efforts to invest in overseas warehouses and delivery networks will enhance the competitiveness of Chinese foreign trade enterprises and bolster the sales of Chinese products in overseas markets.
In January, JA Solar announced it would invest $60 million in its first US manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, to produce high-efficiency PV panels for commercial and residential rooftops, as well as utility-scale solar power plants.
今年1月,JA Solar宣布将向其位于亚利桑那州凤凰城的第一家美国制造厂投资6000万美元,生产用于商业和住宅屋顶的高效光伏板,以及公用事业规模的太阳能发电厂。
Alibaba will invest $1 billion in a technology fund that Zhang will establish, Tsai said in an internal letter to Alibaba employees on Sunday.
Alibaba will invest $1 billion in a technology fund that Zhang will establish, it added.
Alberto Gutierrez, chief operating officer of Airbus, said that Airbus will continue to invest in China and cooperation will be deepened, noting that the company is confident in maintaining its advantages in China in the future.
空中客车公司首席运营官Alberto Gutierrez表示,空中客车公司将继续在中国投资,合作将深化。他指出,该公司有信心未来保持在中国的优势。
Zhang Jianping, director-general of the Beijing-based China Center for Regional Economic Cooperation, said the latest supportive policies aimed at attracting more foreign investment, as well as the shortened negative list for market entry and the implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, have created more favorable conditions for foreign businesses to invest in China.
Alberto Gutierrez, chief operating officer of Airbus, said during his first visit to China this week in Tianjin that he was impressed with the country's development and infrastructure and Airbus will continue to invest in China.
空客首席运营官Alberto Gutierrez本周在天津首次访问中国时表示,他对中国的发展和基础设施印象深刻,空客将继续在中国投资。
Bosch announced earlier this year it will invest some $1 billion to establish a site in Suzhou, about 100 kilometers from Shanghai, for new energy vehicles and automated driving-related businesses.
Global home furnishing giant Ikea will invest 6.3 billion yuan ($862 million) in China over the next three years to add physical stores and improve its existing logistics, digitalization and sustainability processes, in order to attract more consumers, its top executive said in Beijing on Wednesday.
Ikea will also invest in sustainable solutions to benefit consumers in China, helping them live in more energy-efficient smart homes, both in terms of costs and support for climate change solutions, Brodin said.
"SABIC will continue to invest in the Chinese market, especially in innovation and technological development, a crucial strategic market for SABIC and one of the keystones underpinning our global growth, as we have been doing during the past nearly four decades," Al-Fageeh said.
Al Fageeh表示:“沙特基础工业公司将继续在中国市场进行投资,特别是在创新和技术开发方面,这是沙特基础工业集团的一个关键战略市场,也是支撑我们全球增长的基石之一。”。
Sinopec President Ma Yongsheng said the company will further invest in hydrogen, a clean energy source with a big development potential, while expanding other new energy businesses during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period.
We have confidence in the prospects of the Chinese market, and we will continue to invest in China," Paul Huang, senior vice-president of the LEGO Group and general manager of LEGO China, said earlier this month at the opening of a major store in Changsha, Hunan province.
我们对中国市场的前景充满信心,我们将继续在中国投资,”本月早些时候,乐高集团高级副总裁兼乐高中国总经理Paul Huang在湖南长沙一家大型门店开业时表示。
"We will definitely invest in AI, as the technology will change the entire education sector, despite short-term pressure to profit," said Leung, a telecommunications veteran and former CEO of Microsoft Corp Greater China.
Dai Shan, CEO of Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall Group, said the company will continue to invest heavily in the value-for-money battle by supporting small and medium-sized merchants and attracting more merchants.
Looking ahead, Baidu will continue to steadfastly invest in AI, LLMs and generative AI, in particular during the upcoming quarters, Luo said.
China has attracted several international companies, including ExxonMobil, BASF and Aramco, to invest in China, either through joint ventures or wholly owned projects, said Wang Lining, director at the Oil Market Research Department of the Economics and Technology Research Institute of China National Petroleum Corp.
Chinese tech company Lenovo Group Ltd said it will invest an additional $1 billion over three years to accelerate artificial intelligence deployment for businesses around the world, - specifically AI devices, AI infrastructure, and AI solutions.
Chinese technology company Xiaomi Corp will invest 20 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) in research and development this year, in an effort to crack the high-end, AI-backed smartphone market where competitors including Honor, Oppo and Vivo are all pushing to expand their presence, despite what experts call "limited progress" so far.
中国科技公司小米公司(Xiaomi Corp)今年将投资200亿元人民币(27亿美元)进行研发,以打入高端人工智能支持的智能手机市场。尽管专家称迄今为止进展“有限”,但包括Honor、Oppo和Vivo在内的竞争对手都在努力扩大其业务。
Meanwhile, MIDA deputy chief executive officer (investment development) Lim Bee Vian said that the investment marks a crucial milestone that not only benefits EVE but also paves the way for more companies to invest in Malaysia in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and its ecosystems.
与此同时,MIDA副首席执行官(投资发展)Lim Bee Vian表示,这项投资标志着一个关键的里程碑,不仅有利于EVE,也为更多公司在马来西亚投资电动汽车行业及其生态系统铺平了道路。

四级The report's writers state that America's failure to invest in infrastructure impacts not only the health of the real-estate market, but also our ability to remain globally competitive.



六级He thinks the best way to help the long-term unemployed is to allow private citizens to invest in local companies that can create more jobs.


2016年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级The cycle continues: Poorer parents have less time and fewer resources to invest in their children, which can leave children less prepared for school and work, which leads to lower earnings.



六级This view assumes that rich societies will invest in environmental care.



六级Investors will invest in a bond considered risky only if the potential return is high enough



考研Transient investors, who demand high quarterly profits from companies, can hinder a firm's efforts to invest in long-term research or to build up customer loyalty.


2019年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级So while there're plenty of hackers who could start startups, there's no one to invest in them.


2015年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

考研To find out, the researches controlled for various factors that might make firms more likely to invest like size, industry, and sales -- and for indicators that a place was desirable to live in, like growth in wages or population.


2016年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

高考Despite the poor service of the hotel, the manager is reluctant to invest in sufficient training for his staff.


2018年高考英语江苏卷 单项填空 原文

高考The relationships you develop now will probably be linked to the ones you value later, so he wise about the people who you invest yourself in.


2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 七选五 原文

考研So how do we navigate this? How do we know when to invest in an upgrade? And what’s the best way to pull off one that enhances our goals? Here are some tips:.



考研How do we know when to invest in an upgrade?


2016年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级They are rich enough to invest in nerds.



四级If you don’t believe me, try it yourself, invest in a food cabinet and turn off your fridge next winter.



四级Parents in low-income countries fail to invest in their daughters because they do not expect them to make an economic contribution to the family: girls grow up only to marry into somebody else’s family and bear children.



四级“As we look to the future, we see a more pressing need to invest in need-based aid,” says Monica Inzer, dean of admission and financial aid at Hamilton, which has offered merit scholarships for 10 years.



四级Everyone seems to agree that the government, and parents, should be rethinking how we invest in higher education— and that employers need to rethink the increasing use of college degrees as crude screening tools for jobs that don’t really require college skills.



四级“Discrimination by age, long-term unemployment, and the fact that they’ve now at the end of the hiring queue just don’t make it sensible to invest in them.



四级So while there're plenty of hackers (电脑迷) who could start startups, there's no one to invest in them Do you really need the rich people?

所以,尽管有很多黑客(电脑迷) 谁可以创办初创公司,没有人可以投资


四级Wouldn't it work to have the government invest in the nerds?



四级The report’s writers state that America’s failure to invest in infrastructure impacts not only the health of the real-estate market, but also our ability to remain globally competitive.


2017年6月大学英语四级真题 (第3套)

四级PepsiCo did not say exactly how much it planned to invest to reach its goals.



四级Not only are they perfectly willing to invest in their children’s education, but they also spend much time urging them to study.



考研The railroad industry as a whole, despite its brightening fortuning fortunes, still does not earn enough to cover the cost of the capital it must invest to keep up with its surging traffic.