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词根land(地)+lord(统治者,领主) → …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
Landlord Home 地主家
absentee landlords 不在地主; 外在地主; 承受; 在外地主;
Hello Landlord 你好楼主
Landlord Wang 地主王
Landlords 斗地主; 现金斗地主; 金榜斗地主;
despotic landlords 豪强地主
fighting landlord 斗地主
Landlord Fighter 黄金岛斗地主
corporate landlord 机构业主
"middleman" landlord “中间人”房东
rural landlord 农村地主
middleman landlord 中间人房东
speak to the landlord 和房东谈谈
His daughter was driven to death by the landlord.
Tom is my new landlord.
The landlord is a very friendly person.
In a rare move, its landlord Early Light Group offered to slash rents for the next tenant by a staggering 44 percent.
The landlord of a boutique at Percival Street 70 is said to have cut the rent by a whopping 55 percent to lease it to a drug and cosmetics brand for HK$200,000 per month.
The landlord of a shop at Lockhart Road 500 is reported to have reduced the monthly rent by 33 percent to HK$800,000 for the next tenant, as the current lease is scheduled to expire by the year-end.
Anyone who loves playing some casual games on their mobile phone will recognize the name Tuyoo, as it was the maker of some of the most popular and downloaded casual games in the app store, including Tuyoo Fishing Mania, 2048 Magic Merge and Tuyoo Landlord Poker.
In its transformation from a property seller to a landlord, SOHO encountered shrinking revenue as rents generated this way were incomparable to the sales revenue of properties.
One solution Ziroom has utilized has been to take over the flat from the landlord and furnish it in an appealing way.
"Expansion requires a lot of resources, including finding suitable locations, negotiating the rent and finding the right type of landlord.
Fresh slabs spark talk about landlord dilemma, but sector may not see impactChina's 190 million residential tenants, and probably a comparable number of owners of properties, are slowly coming to terms with a new individual income tax policy that has implications for not just the real estate industry but the larger economy.
This, however, would likely lead to a heavier tax burden on the landlord concerned for income through rent.
So, to compensate for higher tax outgo, the landlord may pass on his burden to the tenant.
Wang Wei, a software programmer in Beijing, said she does not intend to apply for rent-related deduction as her rental agent said she may end up paying for the landlord's additional tax indirectly, by way of higher rent.
"In the past few weeks, I was exhausted looking for a new place to live because my landlord asked me to either move out or find a new flatmate," Cai said.

六级That holds double for the landlord or developer, who won’t actually see a penny of the savings his investment in better insulation or a better heating system might generate.


四级Mr. Mail Man, Mr. Insurance Man, Mr. White-and-Chocolate Milk Man, Mr. Landlord Man, Mr. Police Man: we called white people by their trade, like characters in a mystery play.