词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根poult 幼禽 + ry 集合名词 → 家禽;禽肉 …………
联想记忆尝试(try)抛(poul)出去,看看家禽(poultry)是否能飞起来。 …………
rear sheep and poultry 后羊和家禽
live poultry trade 活家禽贸易
direct contact with infected poultry 直接接触受感染的家禽
Our poultry are kept in the yard.
Duck is a sort of poultry.
I need to buy some poultry for dinner tonight, should we get chicken or turkey?"
- 我今晚需要买些家禽做晚餐,我们应该买鸡肉还是火鸡呢?
The farmer raises a variety of poultry including chickens, ducks, and geese.
In my hometown, we have a weekly farmers' market where you can buy fresh, locally sourced poultry.
Poultry is an excellent source of lean protein, which is essential for a balanced diet.
The outbreak of avian influenza has affected the poultry industry worldwide.
My family loves grilled poultry with a side of roasted vegetables for Sunday lunch.
We're trying to reduce our meat consumption, so we'll have poultry only once a week.
The chef prepared a delicious poultry dish with a creamy mushroom sauce.
The veterinary officer is responsible for ensuring the health of the poultry flock.
The supermarket offers a wide range of frozen poultry products, making meal prep easier.
German company Big Dutchman, one of the world's largest suppliers of feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production, has a 12,000-square-meter manufacturing plant in the BEDA, and it is in full swing.
德国Big Dutchman公司是世界上最大的现代猪和家禽生产饲养系统和饲养设备供应商之一,在BEDA拥有一家12000平方米的制造厂,目前正在如火如荼地进行生产。
Sun Dongbin, chairman of Wucheng-based Xingheng Environmental Technology Group Co, said that the ventilators, which have been developed independently by his company, can effectively prevent cold stress in livestock and poultry when there is a significant temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments.
"Our independently developed ventilators can effectively prevent cold stress in livestock and poultry when there is a significant temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments.
The project's power stations have been built on Sunner's poultry farms.
Poultry farming equipment rolls off automated production lines, with a few workers operating the intelligent system.
Established in 1938, Big Dutchman is one of the world's largest suppliers of feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production.
Big Dutchman成立于1938年,是世界上最大的现代猪和家禽生产饲养系统和饲养设备供应商之一。
In the near future, the company plans to build its first insect farm in China to provide organic feed for poultry breeding and extend the industry chain, and it has also decided to design a new automated breeding greenhouse to enrich its product portfolio.
Poultry farming equipment rolled off automated production lines, with a few workers operating the intelligent system.
In the near future, the company plans to build its first insect farm in China to provide organic feed for poultry breeding and extend the industry chain, and it also decided to design a new automated breeding greenhouse to enrich the product portfolio.
It consumes the most pork, poultry and mutton, and its consumption of beef and veal is second only to the United States.
"The Hengyang plant is a modern premix facility that produces solutions for livestock, poultry, aquatic and pet products.
Cargill's integrated poultry production facility in Chuzhou covers every stage of the supply chain, including chicken breeding, raising, feed production, hatching, primary and further production.
He said Cargill hopes to double its investment in China over the next five years, especially in areas such as poultry, soybean crushing, food ingredients and animal protein production, in addition to bio-industry related business and the training of farmers.
These projects included two funded by the Walmart Foundation, "Poultry Excellence in China: Improving Food Safety of Poultry Supply Chains" by the University of Arkansas, and "Systemic Risk Management of Risky Food Supply Chains in China" by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The purpose of the forum was to discuss the utilization of livestock and poultry manure, and how to find sustainable solutions for the utilization of farming byproducts.
It was jointly organized by Fonterra and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs' National Animal Husbandry Station, China Feed Industry Association and National Livestock and Poultry Breeding Waste Resource Utilization Technology Innovation Alliance of China.
We applaud the great efforts by the Chinese government to promote the use of livestock and poultry manure as resources," he said.
The company expects to utilize 100 percent of livestock and poultry manure by 2020 in all of its farms in China.
Abdel-Nasser told Xinhua that a new New Hope factory for fish feed will soon be established in Gamasa city in the coastal province of Damietta in addition to New Hope's increased investment in poultry farming in El Alamein city in Matrouh province.
In China, Zoetis focuses on core livestock varieties such as cows, pigs and poultry.
Demand for the juicy snack quickly grew to 4,000 units a day in Shanghai alone-more than Disney's Polish supplier could manage-and buyers were sent to track down more of the poultry legs in South America.
"We have recently decided to open a flour mill and a poultry farm next to the refinery to bring more quality agricultural products from Kazakhstan," he said.
By relying on Xinghua's unique advantages in agricultural products, aquatic products, and livestock and poultry breeding, Jiang's company has developed new products such as crab roe tofu, "lion's head" meatballs, fragrant fried lotus root strips and fried lotus root chips.
Meanwhile, the prices of fresh vegetables, potatoes, fresh fruits and poultry saw their prices rise between 4.3 percent and 10.8 percent in June.
The prices of poultry, cooking oil and fresh fruits increased by 5.6 percent, 3.6 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively, down from those in the previous month.
The prices of poultry, fresh fruits and cooking oil increased by 6.7 percent, 5.3 percent and 4.8 percent respectively, down from those in the previous month.
The prices of fresh fruits and poultry increased by 11.5 percent and 7.4 percent, respectively, up from 8.5 percent and 6.4 percent in February.
The prices of potatoes, fresh fruit, eggs and poultry rose by 14.4 percent, 8.5 percent, 7.9 percent and 6.4 percent respectively, all deflating from the increases reported in January.
The production of other major farm produce such as beef, mutton, poultry meat, milk and aquatic products also increased in the period, and the supply of vegetables and fruit was sufficient, Zeng said.
Meituan Dianping has launched a community group-purchase model called Meituan Select, which mainly aims at lower-tier cities, and sells fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, snacks, alcohol and beverages at steep discounts.
"Since the implementation of the trade deal, we have properly resolved the quarantine access issues of US agricultural products such as potatoes, barley and pet food, lifted the avian flu epidemic ban on US poultry products, and allowed them to be exported to China," said Zhao.
DHAKA — Fear and uncertainty due to common diseases have long plagued poultry farmers in Gazipur, located on the outskirts of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.
About one-fourth of Bangladesh's total poultry production comes from Gazipur.
Mostafizur Rahman runs his own poultry farm in Gazipur.
I've improved day by day in this poultry farm business," said Rahman, adding that he sells almost 200 metric tons of New Hope feed products per month.
New Hope, which started production at a newly built feed mill in Gazipur in 2006, is now one of the largest poultry feed producers with about a 7 percent market share in Bangladesh.
They said poultry farming is a trigger for growth of the rural economy and a fortune changer for the villagers.
Many educated youths are also taking to poultry rearing as a vocation and turning into small entrepreneurs.
"From New Hope we've learned a lot about modern farming with the help of their service team in the field," said Rashed Kabir, another poultry farmer.
He said many are motivated to engage in poultry farming because of the support New Hope offers, apart from providing quality feeds, which are cheaper compared to other companies.
"Because of the establishment of this lab, the first in the private sector to diagnose poultry diseases in Bangladesh, marginal farmers in the area are getting services from them, she said.
It is aiming to train 7,200 female farmers, of whom 2,415 have already learned poultry farming skills.
This year, for the first time, seven agricultural industry chain exhibition areas, including Wenchang chicken — one of the most popular poultry dishes in Hainan — pepper, rubber, tea, coffee, aquaculture, fruits and vegetables will be set up in the Hainan fresh food hall to display the agricultural brands of Hainan free trade port.
"Construction of the station adopts a new model of agricultural and optical complementation, which not only effectively helps solve the problem of project site selection caused by long-term land resource shortage, but also forms a three-dimensional model using the land under the photovoltaic panels to grow vegetables and fruits and raise poultry," Xie was quoted as saying by Nanfang Daily.
The large level of imports reflects a higher demand for feed crops, driven by the recovery in domestic pork production after the African swine fever outbreaks in 2018 and 2019 and the strong growth of the poultry, dairy and starch sectors.
Yang Haixiang, a 54-year-old goose farmer from Jinping county, Guizhou province in Southwest China, has discovered that the poultry has laid "golden eggs" with their feathers.
The county has also developed other industries in the forest economy, such as growing Chinese medicine ingredients, edible mushrooms and flowers; raising poultry; and forest tourism.
"China's imports of rice, soybeans, beef and dairy products will grow during this period, while imports of wheat, corn, pork and poultry will decline," said Nie, adding that the country is fully capable of ensuring absolute safety of rations and basic self-sufficiency in staple grains and pork throughout this period.
"For meat, China has already proven its value to our pork industry-the largest market for pork exports, and we are looking to replicate that success with beef and, further down the line, lamb and poultry," he said.
It also urges efforts to speed up the formation of a modernized processing and delivery system, including a better cold-chain processing and distribution system for livestock and poultry products.
- China's top pig and poultry producer Wens Foodstuff Group Co said Friday that its net profits more than tripled in 2019.
The slaughtering industry also reported a work resumption rate of 87 percent among hog-slaughtering enterprises in the country and 83 percent of poultry slaughterhouses in 16 provincial-level regions had returned to work, Wei said.
The ministry has also been helping the live poultry trading markets resume business in an orderly manner and promote sales in areas with difficulty in selling, which have made solid progress, Wei added.
The poultry and egg market supply in the second and third quarters is likely to be affected due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, a senior official with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Tuesday.
Due to the outbreak, live poultry markets have been closed and the transport of feed, poultry seedlings and live poultry was blocked.
Poultry slaughterhouses have been shut down and the consumption of poultry products also fell, he said.
"The entire poultry industry is suffering," he said.
"If the situation continues, it may affect the poultry and egg market supply in the second and third quarters, Yang said.
To ease the problem, the ministry has issued some documents aimed at restoring the normal order of the poultry industry, reducing losses and ensuringxa0 market supply.
Yang said key large-scale poultry companies that have large output, account for a high industry ratio or are severely affected will enjoy special loans and discount interest support.
Channels of poultry sales will be set up, because the relationship between the origin of the novel coronavirus and poultry has been preliminarily excluded, he said.
The ministry will coordinate relevant departments to implement classification management of live poultry markets and organize slaughtering factories to dock with poultry farms, Yang added.
He said more technical guidance and services will be given to poultry farms to improve their breeding management and biological safety protection level.
Efforts will be made to solve the problems of feed shortage, seedling transportation and poultry product sales, he said.
Affected by the epidemic outbreak, sales of vegetables, fruit and poultry have felt the pinch of blocked transport and sales channels.
China vowed to make every effort to ensure the production and provision of major agricultural products, including poultry, eggs, meat and vegetables and other daily necessities.
They visited businesses from varied industries such as poultry and automobiles, along with startups and high-tech companies, such as drone maker DJI.
"Every business I talked with — from drone manufacturers to poultry processors — discussed their desire to see a swift end to these trade tensions.
"In the fourth quarter, poultry products are expected to witness a better growth rate, while beef and mutton output will grow steadily," he said.
The output of poultry, beef and mutton all rose during the nine-month period, reaching 15.39 million metric tons, 4.58 million tons and 3.3 million tons, respectively, he said.
From January to June, A-share market listed industrial players, such as Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co Ltd, Shandong Yisheng Livestock& Poultry Breeding Co Ltd, Fujian Sunner Development Co Ltd, and Liaoning Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock Co Ltd posted net profit of 869 million yuan, 904 million yuan, 1.65 billion yuan and 359 million yuan respectively.
- China's poultry meat exports to the European Union (EU) hit a six-year high in April after the EU started granting more low-tariff quotas on April 1.
As the only Chinese province which exports poultry meat to the EU, Shandong exported 4,097 tonnes of poultry products, worth 100 million yuan (14.5 million US dollars), marking an year-on-year increase of 32.2 percent and 48 percent, respectively.
Meanwhile, poultry export enterprises in Shandong will receive training in various aspects, including breeding, slaughtering and hot processing, in order to meet the requirements of importing countries.
The EU had agreed to grant more low-tariff quotas to Chinese poultry meat, including the quotas for 5,000 tonnes of chicken meat and 6,600 tonnes of duck meat.
China's poultry exports to the EU had been subdued for years, as the EU refused to offer significant low-tariff quotas for Chinese poultry meat after outbreaks of bird flu in Asia between 2006 and 2008.
China filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the EU over high poultry tariffs in April 2015, putting forth a consultation request and formally starting WTO dispute settlement procedures.
In April 2017, the WTO ruled that EU's poultry tariff quota management had violated its rules.
"In Para, we helped to build a poultry farm in a community, and donated modern medical equipment for the local hospitals in other small towns," Li said.
"We have a rather high expectation on China's consumption power, and we think there's a huge demand for our agri-products like beef, pork, poultry, cheese and some niche products such as healthy instant comfort food," he noted.
Surplys said Lithuanian producers are also interested in gaining access to new markets such as beef, poultry, and grain products.
Facing an imminent fall in soybean imports, the poultry and husbandry industry in China promoted the use of animal feed with lower protein content to fill the gap between supply and demand.
The products will include quality beef, wine, olive oil, shrimp, calamari, poultry products, honey and more.
Wagner hopes that the four star Argentine products in China, namely meat, poultry, fish and wine, can lead the Chinese people to fall in love with more products from Argentina.
In this program, JD Digits developed a risk management model that calculates all types of risk involved in poultry farming and granted loans to farmers who do not have money to start a poultry business.
The goods include grain, oil, fruit, vegetables, livestock, poultry and aquatic products, according to ministry official Tang Ke.
The vice premier issued the call while visiting Anhui and Henan provinces from Tuesday to Friday, to inspect the wheat fields and learn about the supply of agricultural materials, services on farm machinery and agricultural technologies, meteorological services, and production of vegetables, livestock and poultry.
In order to promote the high-quality development of animal husbandry, the revised law stipulates that governments at or above the county level shall incorporate animal husbandry development into their respective economic and social development plan, and the state shall establish and improve a modern livestock and poultry breeding system.
It also improved the regulations on the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases, and the harmless treatment of feces to ensure public health and safety.
The state shall strengthen the monitoring of livestock and poultry diseases and the development of livestock and poultry vaccines, according to the revised law.
China will improve disease monitoring of livestock and poultry to prevent public health risks by revising the Animal Husbandry Law, a senior legislator told a news conference on Monday.
Along with intensifying monitoring, the draft amendment will also boost the harmless processing and resource utilization of livestock and poultry to improve sustainable development, according to Zang Tiewei, a spokesman for the NPC Standing Committee's Legislative Affairs Commission.

四级Harper, a poultry (家禽) science major, is taking chemistry again this year and had to buy a new access code to hand in her homework.

Harper,一只家禽(家禽) 主修科学的她今年又要学化学了,她不得不买一个新的访问码来交作业。