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词根prob 证明 + able 可…的 → 能证明的  …………
谐音记忆婆包嘞 → 老婆的包嘞?“很可能“是她丢了
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probable a 可能的(prob+able=能证明的=可能的)
prob, prov= test, 表示”测试,证明”
approbate v 许可,批准(ap一再+prob+ate=一再证明[可行]=批准)
approbation n 称赞, …………
It is probable that she forgot.
Mary looked around for her probable companions.
It's probable that we'll have rain tomorrow, according to the weather forecast.
The scientist believes it is highly probable that there is life on other planets.
It's probable that she will accept the job offer, given her enthusiasm for the position.
Based on his track record, it's probable that he will win the election.
In physics, it's often probable, rather than certain, that an event will occur.
It's probable that the company will introduce new products next year to boost sales.
With regular exercise, it's probable that you'll see improvements in your overall health.
It's probable that the stock market will experience fluctuations in the short term.
Given their similar interests, it's probable that they will become good friends.
The archaeologists consider it probable that the ancient site once served as a religious center.
China's real estate sector has not yet rebounded, but it is probable it is touching bottom, he said, adding confidence is needed to recover aggregate demand, so that the different components of consumption and investment will make adequate contribution to economic growth.
With its aid, chemists stand to analyze tens of thousands of pathways for known and novel molecules against different search criteria, which allows for testing what's probable without the hassle of conducting experiments.
Huo Jianguo, vice-chairman of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies, said China faces serious challenges in attracting foreign direct investment this year against the backdrop of a gloomy global economy and the probable intensifying of the United States' moves to contain China.
Jeremy Weir, chief executive of the commodity trader Trafigura, said it was highly probable that oil prices could rise to $150 a barrel or higher in the coming months, with supply chains strained as Russia tries to redirect its oil exports away from Europe.
In the first half of 2022, it is highly probable that the US dollar will strengthen amid fluctuations, while the renminbi will face downward pressure for some time.
Nation called on to expand opening-up, further propel innovation, new tech useA safe haven for foreign investors seeking predictable market opportunities at a difficult time amid the COVID-19 pandemic, China will remain a top destination for foreign investment despite various challenges such as rising competition from other emerging markets and a probable pullback of economic stimulus in developed countries, said experts and business leaders.
Therefore, it is highly probable that the US will exit quantitative easing in June and elevate interest rates next year, which will impact the Chinese economy to some extent.
The export growth rate, however, is likely to slow next year, due to factors like the high comparison base this year, probable production recovery in neighboring economies and transfers of orders to other countries, and foreseeable lower product prices, he said.
During the first 10 months, China-ASEAN trade totaled $703.3 billion, up 30 percent year-on-year, indicating a probable record for the full year.
"Besides, as more concrete plans emerge, it is probable that they will involve trade-offs between myriad interest groups, and that is when the hard work really begins, Foroohar noted.
- It is highly probable that China would register positive growth this year, as key economic indicators improved quarter by quarter, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He said here on Wednesday.
The Stabroek Block in Guyana, for example, in which China National Offshore Oil Company has a 25 percent working interest, achieved five significant oil and gas discoveries throughout 2022, with proven and probable reserves in the block exceeding 340 million tons of oil and 92.8 billion cubic meters of gas, the institute said.
"That will jointly shore up overall steel demand in China, despite the probable decline in steel demand from the real estate sector," Xu said.
This has led to a sharp rise in the current inventories, slump in steel product prices, and a highly probable decline in first-quarter exports that will perhaps see a reverse during April and May, he said.
The number of deals in the 40 cities is expected to continue declining through the first quarter with highly probable further declines in second- to fourth-tier cities, he said.
Wang Lijie, retired president with the School of Management of China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, said such measures also provide an alternative to deal with the probable contradictions between mining rights of CBM and coal, because the two resources often co-exist.
To be sure, it will take much time and money for those startups to hone the skills and take on global giants, and it is highly probable that international chipmakers will remain those carmakers' first choice for quite a while to come, by when the startups are expected to be capable of producing enough chips to ship.
Analysts said the new JAC Volkswagen is the most probable to see an equity change because JAC has the least bargaining power of the three local partners.
She warned that it is highly probable that the unhealthy inventory level will continue into December.
It is also probable that the central bank will increase the quota of structural monetary policy tools or even come up with new tools so that precise financial support can be provided to the real economy.
He urged financial institutions to establish market-oriented mechanisms for capital replenishment, make allowance for probable losses in accordance with regulatory rules and requirements, and ramp up efforts to dispose of their nonperforming assets.
"It is probable that the PBOC will further cut the interest rate of medium-term lending facility, a key policy rate, on Feb 18," Hong said.
Yet, in the medium and long terms, the impact of a residential property tax is important and beneficial, and the probable short-term impact of the tax on real estate prices should not get in the way of us recognizing the positive overall long-term impact on promotion of transformation, improvements of the dual social structure and on the achievement of common prosperity, although such impacts will also be marginal.
It is highly probable that the six industries will create additional industrial output of over 100 billion yuan ($15.6 billion) by the end of this year, he said.
In its June stress test of major banks, the Fed found that the banks are adequately capitalized to survive probable scenarios.
"It is highly probable that this year's cash dividends will grow from a year earlier," said Tan Yunhui, a strategist with Yuekai Securities.
Besides the index inclusion, the probable decline in interest rates in overseas markets amid dovish changes by major central banks, may also accelerate foreign capital inflows into the Chinese market, analysts from Nanjing, Jiangsu province-based Huatai Securities wrote in a note.
The probable approval of increased weighting is in line with the long-term trend for foreign capital to continuously flow into the A-share market, Bao said.
A probable slowdown in the pace of interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and a weaker appreciation momentum for the greenback will also help to stabilize China's foreign exchange market, Wang said.
But a more probable measure is to further reduce banks' reserve requirement ratio to maintain low lending costs in the financial sector.
Key ingredients for the recovery in market confidence in Asia are the greenback's moderation, signals of probable easing of Sino-US trade ties, and the expectation of stimulus measures from the Chinese government, Tai said.
Analysts said investor sentiment also rose on the back of the probable tax rate reduction for securities transactions, as proposed by the draft of the Stamp Tax Law released on Thursday.
"Before the improvements are implemented, Hong said it is probable the authorities will give special permits allowing dual-class structures to firms falling into special categories and meeting particular standards, to avoid risk management issues prompted by the mass introduction of dual-class shares.

四级But how probable is it that someone will successfully jam their way into your home and steal your stuff?Let's imagine that you live in a small home with a wireless security setup that offers a functional anti-jamming system.



四级But how probable is it that someone will successfully jam their way into your home and steal your stuff?