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谐音纯净水是“漂白”的 → pure adj. …………
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pure art 纯粹的艺术
Pure Brightness Festival 清明节
pure white 纯白色
pure lobby talk 纯粹的游说谈话
pure water 纯水
a pure and natural voice 纯净自然的声音
the Pure Brightness Festival 清明节
Mary is a pure young girl.
We met each other by pure accident.
This is pure surmise on his part.
BYD is showcasing BYD SEAL, a pure electric sporty sedan, BYD ATTO 3, a compact electric crossover sport utility vehicle, and the electric hatchback BYD Dolphin, among others.
比亚迪展示了纯电动运动型轿车比亚迪SEAL、紧凑型电动跨界运动型多功能车比亚迪ATTO 3和电动掀背车比亚迪海豚等。
The BYD SEAL, a pure electric sporty sedan, which is set for its Japan launch in spring 2024, became a focal point of the show.
In 2022, PMBU invested more than 200 million yuan ($27.9 million) in research and development, to enhance technological capabilities in pure EVs, hybrids, hydrogen vehicles and fuel vehicles, so as to develop products that better meet market demands.
The separated CO2, almost pure, is then pressurized and transferred to storage containers.
Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd has recently become the shipbuilder with the largest construction orders for dual-fuel pure car truck carriers, or PCTCs, in the world, officials said.
In August last year, guided by the provincial government, Hainan became the first province in China to set a phase-out date for pure internal combustion engine vehicles.
Power semiconductors are widely used for power conversion, characterized by a variety of applications including not only pure electric vehicles, but also household appliances, transportation, industry and other sectors.
With total investment of nearly 100 million yuan ($14.4 million), the industrial park consists of a 2-megawatt photovoltaic power generation project, 200 pure electric concrete mixer trucks and several electric loaders and energy supplement facilities.
Power semiconductors are widely used for power conversion, characterized by a variety of applications including not only for pure electric vehicles, but also for household appliances, transportation, industry and other sectors.
It will also embark on a new cooperation with its partner Dingdong, an on-demand e-commerce company providing grocery deliveries, expanding its Chinese market footprint and bringing pure goodness from New Zealand to more Chinese consumers.
To better target the Chinese market, in September, Silver Fern Farms launched "Pure Box" vending machine meals, a convenient meal solution for Chinese consumers to enjoy New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb.
In China, enterprise customers, especially in industries such as transportation and manufacturing, are more willing to buy all-in-one hardware that integrates software for data replication and protection than pure software solutions, with the former accounting for more than 60 percent of the market's sales volume, IDC said.
"It is important to pay more attention to consumers' evolving taste preferences with a diversified product portfolio, including pure and niche tea offerings with health benefits," said Roolee Lu, senior research analyst at Mintel.
英敏特高级研究分析师Roolee Lu表示:“重要的是,要通过多样化的产品组合,包括具有健康益处的纯茶和小众茶,更多地关注消费者不断变化的口味偏好。”。
The equipment helped provide safe and pure drinking water for employees working at the station, as well as tourists and drivers," said Pan Shiyang, China general manager of water and air wellness at Unilever.
The establishment of the swapping stations promoted the development of pure electric heavyweights," Yi said.
Official data showed in the first quarter of this year, sales of China's pure electric heavy trucks skyrocketed 761 percent year-on-year to 4,615 units, showing explosive growth in the sector.
"But as more internet giants elbow their way to target especially digital infrastructure buildups and capacity-building, Huitongda is facing increasingly fierce competition as a pure player in the business-to-business model," Cao said.
Among the exhibits put up by the Japanese technology giant is a pure hydrogen fuel cell system called H2Rex, which according to the company's China Chairman Yoichi Miyazaki can improve generating efficiency by up to 55 percent while producing no carbon dioxide.
Panasonic will showcase its latest efforts in carbon neutrality and environmental protection with a pure hydrogen fuel cell generator, robots and water purification technology during the fourth China International Import Expo.
Dang Jian, chief executive officer of Swire Coca-Cola on the mainland, said China is the second-largest beverage market in the world, and apart from soda, items like pure water, tea, and fruit juice have also taken up a big market share in China.
The company has been playing a key role in setting the global industrial criteria since it joined the UITP, and managed to promote its standards of pure electric taxi maintenance and repair, infrastructure, planning, procurement and operation to the rest of the world.
"To seize such growth opportunities, Michelin will provide wide-ranging solutions from micro-hybrid to pure electric," said Vossoughi, adding the company has already launched EV tires for both passenger vehicles and city buses to improve EV performance in China.
Compared with old versions, Paperang Pro P3 is equipped with a 800W HD camera and enables 4G or Wi-Fi connection without mobile phones, making it a pure learning hardware without other distraction functions and helping students form a good learning habit.
The article also mentioned the company's business in the United States and Europe, as well as a partnership to build Japan's first pure electric bus-loop line.
By February, there were 288 pure EVs for sale, making the country the largest in the world in terms of variants.
Also, according to the report, China's pure EV sales volume in March doubled the level in the same period in 2020, while quadrupling that in March 2017, demonstrating the rapid development of the sector in recent years.
The station will adopt the advanced technology of the proton exchange membrane (PEM) pure water electrolysis for hydrogen production, and will build the first set of megawatt-level water electrolysis for hydrogen production device in China, with plans to equip production devices for high-quality hydrogen and 70 Mpa hydrogenation units.
Chinese companies' experience shows that they are better at reacting to crises by embracing digital innovation rather than through pure cost optimization, Sun said.
British premium marque Jaguar will be producing pure electric models only four years from now, as part of Jaguar Land Rover's electrification plans to become carbon neutral by 2039, said its CEO Thierry Bollore on Monday.
Land Rover will launch six pure electric models in five years, with the first one to roll out in 2024, he said.
Budweiser ordered 21 pure electric trucks from BYD in North America in 2019.
According to Huang Yuefeng, economic and commercial counsellor from the Chinese embassy in New Zealand, dozens of New Zealand companies will participate in the CIIE with their premium products including food and beverage, agriculture, health and consumer products, to showcase a healthy and pure New Zealand brand to China and to the world.
Tsingtao Brewery group will also produce and market the Nestlé Pure Life brand in China pursuant to a licensing agreement between the parties.
"Nestlé'sxa0water business in China includes the global brand Nestlé Pure Life and the local brand Dashan Yunnan Shan Quan.
Facial tissues, vitamin drinks and pure milk are also popular products.
"It's based on pure speculation and conjecture," the source said about the administration's ban, NPR reported.
The juice category mainly consists of juice drinks and pure juice.
Both nectars and pure juices will see positive growth over the next five years, Mintel added.
He no longer owns any FF equity, adding his personal transformation from a pure entrepreneur to a wage earner with entrepreneurship has also finished.
"A mixture of factors, including urbanization, environmental impact, and a pure surge in animal protein consumption have made it practically impossible to feed the population with inexhaustible animal protein," she said.
"We want more and more consumers to understand Pure New Zealand and why the country has the best dairy industry in the world," he added.
Some traditional Wuhan dishes, such as pure cereal wine, hot-dry noodles, also known as reganmian, and rice wine have witnessed a surge in demand, while sales of imported biscuits, chocolate, dairy products and adult milk powder also are on the rise.
It marks the start of the celebration of the Spring Festival and Yili pure milk sends you and your family blessings and happiness with a special gift package.
Yili pure milk has launched a limited edition packaged with the theme of Chinese family names to wish a Happy New Year to customers and their families and send heartwarming greetings to those who are still working hard for the country and their families during the festival.
A family reunion with a package of Yili pure milk featuring your own family name - such as Zhao, Qian, Sun, Li, Zhou, Wu, Zheng and Wang - will be a special and exclusive experience for you and your family.
As an everyday choice for dairy among the common public, Yili pure milk has become closer to the people and cares about the nation's welfare and people's livelihoods.
As a household dairy brand, Yili pure milk is committed to caring about national affairs and people's livelihoods and continually carrying out social responsibility as a brand of the people, becoming closer to the public.
Yili pure milk has also partnered with the 600-year-old Forbidden City to honor tradition and wish Chinese people a Happy New Year.
Yili sent pure milk and infant formula worth 500,000 yuan to support relief efforts after a 6.0 magnitude quake hit Changning county in Yibin city, Sichuan province, in June 2019.
Its major private equity investments include Focus Media, Amer Sports, Pure Fitness, Endeavor China and IMAX China.
Therefore, the underlying causes of many crises are mostly not pure PR problems, but deep-rooted management and social value problems.
"The carmaker is planning to launch more than 30 electrified vehicles including hybrids and pure electric vehicles in the next two years.
According to the plan, Geely aims for 90 percent of its sales to come from electrified vehicles-including mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles-starting from 2020.
The carmaker launched a pure electric vehicle brand called Geometry in April 2019 and the first model under the brand, Geometry A, has hit the market.
Sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are expected to reach at least 1.6 million this year, up from 1.2 million from 2018, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.
"The sector is moving from pure digital-driven to intelligent-driven," Zhang said.
Sales of pure electric vehicles rose 121.4 percent in the period to 227,000 units, and sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles rose 79.1 percent to 72,000 units, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.
Porsche said it will integrate the trends in electrification, interconnection and digitization in its business strategy and focus on customers, in order to provide them with products and services that exceed expectations, and to deliver the pure fascination of the brand.
CR Land, one of the major property developers in the country, is committed to building an office AI system, transforming itself from a pure office space provider to asset management and platform operator.
"Qatar Airways aims to seek closer strategic cooperation with China Southern Airlines, instead of pure financial investments," said Zou Jianjun, a professor at the department of economic management of the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.
Instead of pure competition, collaboration and cooperation will be inevitable to build a new ecosystem.
Nestle said the milk powder uses the A2 milk source, which passes DNA screening in pastures selected by Nestle and uses pure A2 cows.
Gross merchandise volume generated this year-albeit is projected to hit another record high but will no longer be the focus as the event evolves from a pure discounting occasion to a test-bed for new commerce initiatives and emerging technologies, said Wang Xiaofeng, senior analyst of Forrester.
"The company could be a defensive play if gold prices decline compared with other pure gold producers.
It exported high-quality pure iron to Cote d'Ivoire, to make grounding conductors used in the country's high-voltage power grid upgrade.
"By integrating online and offline and combining teachers from both China and abroad, we endeavor to help kids be immersed into a pure English-learning environment," he added.
Furthermore, many companies face a transition from a pure capital expenditure model to one that also involves operational expenditure.
We simulate this process by vapor distilling water, making every drop as pure as the very first drop of rain (before it passes through pollutants, of course).
"Along with the wide application of internet and digital technologies, Beiren is now striving to further optimize its business structure, improve its core competence and create more value by shifting from a pure printing equipment manufacturer to a digital, intelligent and green printing solution provider," according to Beiren general manager Li Yanfeng.
"It will take years of investor education to transform the market into a sophisticated and mature one, where mutual funds should play a big role as a saving vehicle for a particular investment objective, including homeownership and education for the offspring, not just for pure speculation.
"The era of (development) reliant on pure marketing and channels has passed.
“We entered the UK market in 2015 and now 90 percent of London’s pure electric buses, and about 50 percent of the UK’s as a whole, are provided by us, so the UK is a very important market for us in the future,” she said.
For him, Industry 4.0 has moved from "pure ambition to reality" since the concept was first proposed at the Hanover Fair 2011.
"Advertisers are showing interest, although sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's pure content or advertisements that you are viewing.
And as the name suggests, it aims to sell off its existing properties for-sale in the next year or two and transform itself into a pure player in commercial management.
They will become the country’s first pure electric buses in history.
"The acquisition, rather than pure investment, means that the company has more decision-making power on its counterpart's development in the future, which reveals a strategic upgrading of Didi while boosting its presence on the global stage," said Wang Xiaofeng, a senior analyst with research firm Forrester.
Hengyuan Refining is a pure refinery, it will also benefit," UOB Kayhian's analyst Kong Ho Meng told Xinhua.
Speaking about that online bakery, it is pure luxury to wake up early in the morning and find fresh warm bread in front of your door.
According to Dow, compared to traditional polyurethane insert tires, the pure polyurethane solid tire solution helps reduce overall weight by up to 30 percent.
To provide reproductive products and devices for women having difficulties in conceiving, it requires medicine, lab devices, gene analysis, pure lab water and a total solution.
Headquartered in Gland Hyderabad, India, Pharma is a leading Indian pure play generic injectable pharmaceutical products company founded 39 years ago.
"Cashmere from the goats here is pure white," Zhang said.
The company plans to take advantage of Tibet's unique environment and resources to create pure and healthy dairy products to serve local consumers and also cover South Asian markets such as Nepal and India.
This move will allow Modern Farming to produce pasteurized milk, yogurt and pure milk.
The new vehicle combines an electric powertrain and battery with a small petrol generator, giving the car a range of around 110 kilometers on pure electric and a combined range of more than 640 kilometers.
The new committee, which the company said "has pulled in unprecedented forces", underlies its ambition to address the growth rate slowdown in pure online shopping, take bolder steps to revolutionize the retail landscape, and secure the gigantic eco-system it has built thus far.
The cooperation allows Modern Farming to produce pasteurized milk, yogurt and pure milk, according to a statement from Modern Farming.
The Long March 7 Y2 included TISCO's stainless steel, electromagnetic pure iron, high-strength alloy structural steel and other materials.
Shipbuilding, consumption, trade all show strong signs of a pickup in Q4On Sept 12, the Emden, South China's first dual-fuel pure car truck carrier, a giant-sized, purpose-built ship, was delivered for use at a ceremony in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province.
The latest data from the Shanghai Gold Exchange shows that the price for gold that is 99.99 percent pure or above closed at 466 yuan ($64.9) per gram on Wednesday, sustaining the recent recovery.
Applying a singular strong fiscal stimulus plan, therefore, would lead to a situation of "pure Keynesian policies plus a transitioning market economy", which is fundamentally different from the nature of Japan's case.
The tax incentive covers pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles.
Nio, another EV startup, said consumers will enjoy the more favorable purchase tax policy and save more when buying a pure EV, compared with premium fuel-powered vehicles, adding that the move will shore up demand for automobiles.
Notably, pure electric passenger vehicles took the lead among Shanghai's exports to the EU, with the value of automobile goods soaring 129.9 percent to 41.75 billion yuan.
The benchmark price for gold that is 99.95 percent pure or above stood at 406.47 yuan ($57) per gram, up 2.06 yuan from the previous trading day, while the price for gold that is 99.99 percent pure or above went up 1.55 yuan to 405.9 yuan per gram.
The exhibits are from seven companies and comprise a bending machine from Japanese machinery manufacturer Amada, a recreational vehicle chassis from Italian vehicle brand Iveco, a GMC Hummer pure electric SUV from General Motors, three medical devices from Siemens Medical Systems and GE Healthcare, a machining center from Swiss machine tool brand Starrag Group and a new fuel cell by Canadian fuel energy company Loop Energy.
These included Miners' Tears, the world's first necklace based on environmentally friendly synthetic materials, beer made using energy-saving process that also cut its carbon footprint, coffee cups made with carbon capture technology, pure plant-based cosmetics and biodegradable pens.
According to a notice co-released by the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and nine other local departments, the city will quickly plan the layout of the hydrogen transmission pipeline network, explore the planning and construction of pure hydrogen pipelines and hydrogen-mixed natural gas pipelines, and carry out related demonstrative projects in Lingang Special Area using its infrastructure like comprehensive energy stations.
At the second CIIE, we clinched a cooperation deal with Beijing Wumart, a retail sales group, regarding our new pure milk which contains 4 grams of protein per 100 milliliters.

六级In fact, almost every interview I've ever had was due to a connection—one that I've gained through pure determination, not a school brand.


2018年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级Designer sportswear would have to be verified by a standard other than that of pure beauty; the emulation of a designer's life in designer sportswear was a crude version of this relationship.



四级The bottle is sealed, and the label says "pure water"?


2019年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

四级Grey pants made from pure cotton



考研The idea that “housing crisis”equals“concreted meadows” is pure lobby talk.



考研The idea that "housing crisis" equals "concreted meadows" is pure lobby talk.


2016年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

四级Pure enjoyment of problem-solving, for a lucky few.



六级“If anything, pure happiness is linked to not helping others in need.



六级None of this is a matter of asceticism (苦行主义);it is just pure selfishness.



四级In 1896, the Olympic games were revived (使再度兴起) with the same goal of pure amateur competition.

1896年,奥林匹克运动会恢复了(使再度兴起) 与纯粹业余比赛的目标相同。


四级It is pure, white and deadly, as Professor John Yudkin described it 40 years ago in a revolutionary book of that name.



考研Your first job may turn out to be the right job for you -- but this is pure accident.



考研Whether the Government should increase the financing of pure science at the expense of technology or vice versa (反之) often depends on the issue of which is seen as the driving force.

政府是否应该以牺牲技术为代价增加对纯科学的资助,反之亦然(反之) 通常取决于哪个问题被视为驱动力。


考研According to the theory, the universe burst into being as a submicroscopic, unimaginably dense knot of pure energy that flew outward in all directions, emitting radiation as it went, condensing into particles and then into atoms of gas.