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词根rupt 破,断裂 + ure 表行为 → 破裂;断 …………
rapture n.狂喜,欢天喜地
ruptur …………
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rupture n 破裂,断绝(rupt+ure)
rupt=break, 表示”断裂”
rupture n 破裂,断绝(rupt+ure)
abrupt a 突然的(ab离开+rupt=断开=突然断开=突然的)
bankrupt a 破产的(b …………
rupture zone 破裂带
Chapuis added COVID-19 has dealt a heavy blow to the world economy and has threatened to rupture its high connectivity.
Since January last year, about 20 long-term apartment rental companies have faced a capital chain rupture, according to incomplete statistics, China Youth Daily said in an earlier report.
We believe sections of property developers may face a tight financing situation both at home and abroad, and could run the risk of a potential rupture in cash flows.
The support bracket for the front-drive axle half shaft may rupture, resulting in a possible loss of motive power while driving and a loss of park function of gearbox, which could cause unintended vehicle movement.
Driver-side frontal airbag inflators of the affected vehicles may rupture and send fragments into drivers in extreme cases, posing safety hazards, the statement said.
The vehicles have front passenger airbags with defective inflators produced by Japanese manufacturer Takata that could rupture and send potentially fatal shrapnel into passengers when the airbags explode, said the administration.
The vehicles being recalled are equipped with Takata-produced front airbag inflators, which have a potential risk of rupture when the airbag is deployed, the auto maker said in a statement delivered to the administration.
Some of the vehicles have front passenger airbags with defective inflators produced by Japanese manufacturer Takata that could improperly rupture and send potentially fatal shrapnel into occupants when the airbags explode, said the administration.
The recall begins March 19, 2018, as the model may have a faulty airbag system with a gas generator prone to rupture.
In extreme cases, the cross shaft joint may rupture, causing the front wheels to lose driving force.
China issued a notice on March 1, calling for banks to provide certain micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with temporary extensions on repayments for loans that mature after Jan 25, with a maximum extension period until June 30, to avoid the capital chain rupture of major clients of small banks.
In 2017, a capital chain rupture occurred at Hongye Chemical Group Co Ltd, a large Shandong-based private company whose business segments include chemical and pharmaceutical industries, trade and small loans, because of overexpansion and its irrational structure of financing.
In recent years, some private enterprises deviated from their core business and expanded in an irregular and improper way which caused excessive debts and even led to capital chain rupture, said Yang Lei, secretary-general of the Sichuan Banking Association.
Weihai Zipper went bankrupt in 2013, as its forceful business expansion into real estate development and deep involvement in mutual debt guarantee programs eventually led to capital chain rupture.
An industry insider who has done long-term studies of local debts said the ministry's policy, targeted and precise as well as appropriate in strength, can avoid a serious impact on the normal operation of State-owned financial enterprises and prevent stock debt capital chain rupture and "the risk of dealing with risks".