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词根satisfy的形容词 → satisfactory …………
词根记忆satis(足,饱,满)+fact(=fic,做,作) +ory(形容词后缀)→ 做足了,做好了,做的让人心 …………
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原形:satisfactory比较级:more satisfactory最高级:most satisfactory
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
satisfactory a 令人满意的( 来自satisfaction)
sati,satis,satur=enough,full of food, 表示”足够,饱足”
satiable a 可使满足的(sati满+able)
satiate v 使 …………
a satisfactory explanation 令人满意的解释
far from satisfactory 远远不能令人满意
satisfactory outcome 令人满意的结果
satisfactory outcome 令人满意的结果
Salary is very satisfactory this year.
His work is satisfactory but not outstanding.
The new product's sales record is satisfactory.
Due to a lack of publicity, Asahi Kasei's consumer-facing products were not able to capture a satisfactory market share, and we also hit a bottleneck in finding more business partners.
"As people are required to wear masks, they have been increasingly willing to take off their glasses and get satisfactory visual performance.
These markets often face considerable manufacturing and logistics challenges that keep some consumers from having a satisfactory experience.
Li-Ning said the firm's implementations of sales improvement during the pandemic contributed to the satisfactory result, along with the climbing demand from domestic consumers for a healthier life as well as their acknowledgement and support for domestic sportswear brands.
"It's normal but with the moderate rate of customer loss, it shows clients are aware of highly competitive edges of online education in classes accessible, abundant teachers, and satisfactory services," Wong said.
Despite this rapid change, technologies adopted in the freight forwarding industry are still the same as 20 to 30 years ago and fail to provide a satisfactory experience.
"China's home-sharing market is booming as Chinese consumers have started to pursue high-quality travel and value satisfactory accommodation, which has spurred the explosive growth of home-sharing service providers, experts said.
Chemical and machinery companies also expect satisfactory profit growth as China's continued emphasis on industrial restructuring and environmental protection has tackled overcapacity and prompted rising prices in industrial products.
"In addition, our investment performance in the past three to four years has been satisfactory.
Prada's CEO Patrizio Bertelli called the results "very satisfactory" and said they confirmed "the soundness of our strategic choices".
Although the company is exerting more effort in the clothing, luxury goods and fashion industry, the result is not satisfactory," said Lu Zhenwang, CEO of Wanqing Consultancy in Shanghai.
Glencore and HNA have also entered into a second agreement, pursuant to which three of the original transaction assets located in the USA will be transferred into HGSI in 2018, subject only to the receipt of satisfactory CFIUS clearance.
The two sides have maintained satisfactory communication and understanding, which resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership that will push both sides to seek common development, said Bruns.
The plan hopes to meet the needs of regional economic innovation and integration development with innovative strategic thinking and awareness and help Jiading to build an urban innovation and entrepreneurship system featuring innovation vitality, integrated development, humanistic charm and satisfactory living".
About 97 percent of more than 600 surveyed foreign companies rated China's foreign investment policies — introduced since the fourth quarter of last year — as "satisfactory" or above, and the satisfaction ratings for various business environment indicators were all above 80 percent.
The survey found that the satisfaction ratings for various business environment indicators were all above 80 percent, and 97 percent of the enterprises rated China's foreign investment policies — introduced since the fourth quarter of last year — as "satisfactory" or above.
"Chinese products now have a good reputation and satisfactory market share in Southeast Asia.
The EU argued that consultations were held with China on March 14-15, 2022 with a view of reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement on the matter, but unfortunately they failed to settle the dispute, prompting the EU to make its request for a panel.
Realizing the GDP growth target cannot be simply interpreted as achieving satisfactory employment levels.
For the Business Performance Index (BPI) that reflects the trend of year-on-year changes in revenues, the values for restaurants and similar establishments and retail trade were both lower than 50, implying that the business performance of these two industries in November 2021 was less satisfactory compared to the same month of 2020.
"China's economy has delivered a satisfactory report in 2021," said Yao Jingyuan, former chief economist at the NBS, adding that the country's economy is driven by internal driving force and vitality.
Despite the satisfactory economic performance, we still saw signs of weakening of economic rebound at the end of last year.
The two parties have already cooperated on a phase-2 clinical trial program on the combination treatment of the two drugs, which showed satisfactory safety and efficacy results.
While major indicators remained satisfactory, Luo Junjie, executive vice president of the federation, said the sector was still under pressure and vowed stronger support to sustain the stable trend in the second half of 2023.
International brands often create China-specific designs, and while the result may not always be satisfactory, the effort itself is rich in symbolism.
Over 40 percent of consumers believe fees charged by those institutions are of average fairness, with 62.03 percent of services getting a satisfactory rating from survey participants.
After China restarted quarantine-free international travel in January, demand has increased and the occupancy rates of flights that connect the two countries have been satisfactory.
"The occupancy rates of flights that connect Dubai and Shanghai have been satisfactory and sales of inbound flights to China have been booming.
The operator said the results of the validation flight process are expected to be reviewed and inspected by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, preluding the jetliner's commercial passenger operation as early as the spring of 2023, if the test results prove satisfactory.
At the same time, China faces a structural employment challenge in supply and demand, with companies having difficulties recruiting qualified staff and workers finding it hard to secure satisfactory jobs.
The survey is voluntary, but the Commerce Department said it could make the questionnaire compulsory if the number and quality of responses are not satisfactory.
At the same time, China faces a structural employment challenge, with the coexistence of companies having difficulties in recruiting people and workers finding it hard to secure satisfactory jobs.
The independent refining companies have reported more than satisfactory profits during the first six months of the year, amid the backdrop of international oil giants reporting quarterly losses due to the epidemic and tumbling oil prices.
Before that, fuel export quotas were granted to State-backed oil firms, including China National Petroleum Corp, China Petrochemical Corp, China National Offshore Oil Corp, Sinochem Corp and China National Aviation Fuel Corp. China granted export quotas for refined oil products to non-State-owned refineries in 2016 but canceled the quota due to a less than satisfactory completion rate.
"However, the results are not satisfactory.
"We have been experimenting with TCM to improve the immune capability of animals and prevent and cure animal diseases for 15 years and have achieved satisfactory results," said Du.
However, the financial situation in operating these urban rail networks was not satisfactory.
"The PMI reading was not satisfactory, reflecting the pessimistic and cautious sentiment of corporate managers," said Yang Weiyong, an associate professor at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.
As word spreads on social media about satisfactory user experiences, it is further boosting cultural consumption of Chinese tourists overseas.
Sens Bespoke's business strategy targeting socialites and entertainment personalities has generated satisfactory profits, with his work often seen on television hosts and movie stars.
Only 24.39 percent of enterprises said development was relatively satisfactory, while 14.63 percent said it was poor.
You have a lot of choices and can buy at a satisfactory price," said Saada, who lined up for boarding near midnight.
"I have been to China several times and found the business environment satisfactory.
"Any car with driving range of less than 30,000 kilometers, without distinct scratches, and in a satisfactory condition is our first choice," he said.
A growing number of vehicle owners in China are turning to digital tools when they make service appointments, but a recent JD Power survey found that the tools available are far from satisfactory.
Going through all the hardship, including a six-week production suspension in Germany, Porsche ended the turbulent year with a satisfactory result.
He said that different strategies are needed, as it is evident that repeating what was done in the past will not generate satisfactory results.
Starting with affordable small-sized models, BJEV has tried its best to move upward and has acquired some satisfactory results.
Volvo said its satisfactory sales performance in the country can be attributed to its continuous localization efforts and customers' recognition of its emphasis on health, environmental protection and safety.
Analysts said it is essential for carmakers to cooperate in the development of new technologies that demands a lot of money, especially when the new car market has not been satisfactory.
The carmaker said this is the first Lincoln to meet Chinese customers' increasing awareness and demand for satisfactory air quality at home, at work and on the road.
Hitoshi Otake, executive vice-president of Lexus China, said the brand has achieved satisfactory results so far this year.
This is backed by consumer complaints about electric vehicles, with 37 percent of car owners not satisfied with driving range, 21 percent believing battery life is not satisfactory, 21 percent saying there are too few charging facilities and 13 percent saying charging speeds are too slow.
General Motors on Wednesday reported $2.5 billion profit in the third quarter, up significantly year-on-year, thanks to satisfactory performance in North America and China.
But it did not obtain the necessary approval from the quality watchdog, which said the technical solutions proposed are not satisfactory.
Sun said Foton is determined to produce satisfactory products and enhance core competitiveness.
However, there is a long way for carmakers to resolve the problems in a satisfactory way, said Zhang Yue, a senior vice-president of Car Research Consulting.
As of the end of 2023, Qilu Bank's non-performing loan ratio was 1.26 percent, a 3-basispoint decrease from the end of the previous year, which remained the same as the end of Q3 2023; the provision coverage ratio was 303.58 percent, a 22.52 percentage point increase from the end of the previous year, indicating a satisfactory safety margin.
But certain standards, conditions and appropriate timing are needed for such funds to be effective, including drastic share price declines, irrational capital outflows, less satisfactory results from other stimulative policies and stagnant trading volume levels, they said.
However, as China has made a series of policy adjustments, there is a high possibility that this year its economic growth will be more robust and the overall external environment will be more satisfactory, with foreign direct investment increasing and short-term capital outflows declining.
In the first three quarters, the revenue in the national general public budget grew 8.9 percent year-on-year to 16.67 trillion yuan, while expenditure climbed 3.9 percent year-on-year to 19.79 trillion yuan, Lan said, noting that the execution of budgets was satisfactory.
Due to the less satisfactory performance of the A-share market, a total of 105 mutual fund products ended up in liquidation in the first half, up 9.38 percent from a year earlier.
Recovery of the private sector is not satisfactory.
In the first three quarters, companies in new energy and environmental protection sectors posted leading growth rates, while high-end equipment manufacturing and bio-medicine also saw satisfactory results.
"The AFRE growth rate failed to meet market expectations last month, with the overall structure less satisfactory.
Ma Xixun, vice-general manager of Shanghai-based quantitative asset management firm XY Investment, said high-frequency trading has brought in satisfactory profits over the past two years as trading has been active in the A-share market and the daily fluctuation has been significant.
Increasing sales of gold jewelry and gold coins achieved through online platforms are satisfactory, but not enough to make up for the loss of in-store sales, it said.
Research from the Fitch Ratings showed that China's shadow banking shrank in 2018, and it will continue to drop for the second year in a row, "albeit at a more gradual pace as the authorities attempt to strike a balance between reining in excessive leverage and ensuring satisfactory economic growth in the face of potential economic headwinds".
"Long-term funds can play an important role in reducing market volatility and ensuring satisfactory investment returns for investors," said Dong.
"It is an important indication of China's financial innovation and I believe the fund product will bring me satisfactory investment returns," said Hu.
"Long-term funds can play an important role in decreasing market volatility and ensuring satisfactory investment returns for investors," said Dong.
The bank had "satisfactory" results in the development of its retail business in 2017.
The report also said the figures indicate small and medium-sized banks have attached great importance to digitalization, but the performance of their e-platforms has not been that satisfactory.
He said that teachers and government officials should encourage college students who remain unemployed because they haven't received a satisfactory job offer, by providing them with a clear analysis of the current job market, as well as the pros and cons of having a job.

高考The average survival time of condors is satisfactory.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项

六级Some parents who withdraw their children from the schools in favor of home schooling have an inadequate educational background and insufficient formal training to provide a satisfactory education for their children.



四级The system Medicare developed to rate nursing home quality is of little help to finding a satisfactory place.



考研However, the present situation is far from satisfactory though some progress has been made.