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semiconductor半导 …………
semiconductor laser 半导体激光
semiconductor device 半导体器件;半导体装置;半导体掐
power semiconductor 功率半导体元件
semiconductor wafer 半导体薄片
oxide semiconductor 氧化物半导体
compound semiconductor 化合物半导体;复合半导体
organic semiconductor 有机半导体
semiconductor chip 半导体芯片
national semiconductor 美国国家半导体公司
semiconductor diode 半导体二极管
metal oxide semiconductor 金属氧化物半导体
semiconductor physics 半导体物理学
complementary metal oxide semiconductor 互补金属氧化物半导体
semiconductor laser diode 半导体激光二极管
Our company's main business is semiconductors sales.
Silicon is a common semiconductor.
Chinese semiconductor display manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co Ltd said it will invest 63 billion yuan ($8.8 billion) to set up a new active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED production line in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.
Dutch semiconductor equipment company ASML said in an announcement on Monday that an export license for the shipment of some chip-making equipment to China has been partially revoked by the Dutch government.
That capability helps achieve load mutual assistance between two distribution grids, as the flexible AC controllable and interconnected device uses power semiconductor devices to adjust the amplitude and phase of the output voltage, based on power usage.
TCL has also showcased its business layout in intelligent terminals; semiconductor displays and new energy photovoltaic; as well as latest products and technology solutions such as quantum dot mini LED TVs, virtual reality glasses, active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes -or AMOLED panels-, and foldable screens at the expo.
Industry experts said the move will speed up the optimization and upgrade of China's semiconductor display industry.
Chen Jun, vice-president and chief analyst of Beijing-based market researcher Sigmaintell Consulting, said the completion of the new production line will further reduce manufacturing costs of OLED panels, and improve the competitiveness of China's semiconductor display sector globally.
北京市场研究机构Sigmaintell Consulting副总裁兼首席分析师陈军表示,新生产线的建成将进一步降低OLED面板的制造成本,并提高中国半导体显示行业在全球的竞争力。
This year, ADI is showcasing a rich line-up of semiconductor products and solutions at CIIE for broad applications across various sectors, including industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, communications and healthcare.
In the future, ADI will continue to invest in technological innovation and make semiconductor solutions more comprehensive and user-friendly on a system level, the senior executive said.
""ASML continuously supports the development of the semiconductor industry through 'open innovation' and focuses on lithography technology.
Using its own advances in chip design tools along with chipmaking, Huawei is reportedly seeking to procure 5G chips domestically from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp by the end of this year.
Chinese semiconductor equipment company Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc said that it has prevailed in its second instance of a trade secret misappropriation lawsuit filed in China against Lam Research Corp of Fremont, California.
The comments came after the Dutch government has published new regulations regarding export controls of semiconductor equipment, which could restrict more of ASML's chipmaking machines from being sent to China.
Currently, TCL is ramping up efforts to strengthen its capacity in global operations, with a key focus on three core business segments covering intelligent terminals, semiconductor displays and new energy photovoltaics.
BOE Technology Group Co Ltd, a world leader in the semiconductor display industry, brought some new products to the exhibition, including a 110-inch 16K UHD display; a 600Hz refresh-rate laptop, a foldable product that can be folded both lengthwise and breadthwise; and a smart cockpit.
With a total investment of 100 million euros ($108.8 million), the Nordborg, Denmark-headquartered group's new Nanjing factory will manufacture IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor power) modules, which are power semiconductor die products.
Data from the China Semiconductor Industry Association showed that the revenue of China's integrated circuit industry reached 1.2 trillion yuan in 2022, up 14.8 percent year-on-year.
Si Da, vice-president and chief brand officer of BOE, said the company will step up its push in sensors and solutions, the internet of things and intelligent healthcare, as well as promote the integration of artificial intelligence, big data and 5G with semiconductor display technologies.
Currently, BOE has established 17 intelligent semiconductor display production lines across the country and has built China's first flexible OLED industrial clusters, covering three flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes or AMOLED production lines located in Chengdu and Mianyang in Sichuan province, and Chongqing.
Gelsinger is the latest CEO of a major chip company to visit China recently in order to deepen local business cooperation and meet with government officials, thus showcasing the crucial position of China in global semiconductor supply chains, experts said.
The two exchanged views on maintaining the security and stability of the global semiconductor industry chain, the ministry said.
"Access to this massive (Chinese) market is essential for the success of any globally competitive chip firm today and in the future," the Semiconductor Industry Association, a Washington-based group that represents the US chip sector, said in a report.
It accounted for 11 percent of worldwide semiconductor fabrication capacity in 2019, and the figure is forecast to reach 18 percent in 2025 and nearly 19 percent in 2030, according to the SIA.
Such a position will not be easily altered despite the geopolitical tensions and Washington's restrictions on exports of crucial semiconductor technologies to China, experts added.
Among them, TCL Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co Ltd, a subsidiary of TCL that focuses on semiconductors and new energy, recorded 6.82 billion yuan in net profit in 2022, up 69 percent on a yearly basis.
Zhang said Empyrean has gradually emerged over the years as a leading enterprise with a complete product line and strong, comprehensive technical strength in EDA tools for the entire semiconductor industry chain.
"Amid Washington's restrictions, China's semiconductor industry will not sit idle.
Such insurance services, which have already been used to support domestic auto chip companies over the past two years, can help Chinese semiconductor enterprises lower research and development costs and accelerate efforts for breakthroughs in core technologies, they said.
Last year, overall sales revenue of the Chinese chip design sector reached 534.57 billion yuan ($78 billion), up 16.5 percent year-on-year, showcasing sectoral resilience amid US export restrictions, according to data from the China Semiconductor Industry Association.
Huawei recently said that it successfully developed electronic design automation, or EDA, tools, for chips above 14 nanometers by partnering with domestic partners, marking a crucial breakthrough for China's semiconductor industry amid US government restrictions.
The progress means that "any domestic semiconductor enterprise can use domestic EDA tools to design chips above 14 nanometers", Xu said.
"The domestic semiconductor industry has been facing continuous sanctions over the years, but I believe that it will be reborn and achieve self-reliance.
"Japan said on Friday it will restrict exports of 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aligning its technology trade controls with the US government's push to curb China's ability to make advanced chips.
Cristiano Amon, president and CEO of Qualcomm Inc, said the US semiconductor company is committed to building new partnerships in China, on the basis of its nearly three-decade history in the country.
高通公司总裁兼首席执行官Cristiano Amon表示,这家美国半导体公司致力于在中国近三十年的历史基础上,在中国建立新的合作伙伴关系。
Huawei Technologies Co said it has developed electronic design automation or EDA tools for chips above 14 nanometers by partnering with domestic companies, marking a crucial breakthrough for China's semiconductor industry amid US government restrictions.
Such insurance services, which have already been used to support homegrown auto chip companies in the past two years, can help Chinese semiconductor enterprises lower research and development costs and accelerate efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies, they said.
Last year, sales revenue in the Chinese chip design sector reached 534.57 billion yuan ($78 billion), up by 16.5 percent year-on-year, showcasing sectoral resilience amid US export restrictions, according to preliminary data from the China Semiconductor Industry Association, or CSIA.
Huawei Technologies Co said it has successfully developed electronic design automation, or EDA tools, for chips above 14 nanometers process by partnering with domestic partners, marking a crucial breakthrough for China's semiconductor industry amid the US government restrictions.
Such insurance services, which have already been used to support homegrown auto chip companies in 2021, can help Chinese semiconductor enterprises lower research and development costs, and accelerate efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies, they said.
Bai Ming, deputy director of international market research at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, said despite US government efforts to tighten chip export controls, US semiconductor companies continue to place great emphasis on the Chinese market.
The policies, unveiled by the National Development and Reform Commission on its official website on Wednesday, said eligible semiconductor manufacturing projects, chip designers and other companies engaging in the chip industrial chain can apply for favorable tax policies.
Zhao Weiguo, the former chairman of Chinese semiconductor company Tsinghua Unigroup, was transferred to the procuratorate for investigation and prosecution on suspicion of duty-related crimes, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission said on its official website on Monday.
Chinese chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) said Friday its revenue had experienced year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Huawei ranked seventh in 2022 among the top 10 global semiconductor buyers, but its chip spending went down by 19.4 percent year-on-year last year, according to preliminary data from market research company Gartner.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp warned that its revenue for 2023 to "decline by low-teens percentage year-over-year," as the slowing demand for electronics weigh on the business of the biggest chip maker in the Chinese mainland.
半导体制造国际公司(Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp)警告称,其2023年的收入将“同比下降十几个百分点”,因为对电子产品的需求放缓给这家中国大陆最大芯片制造商的业务带来了压力。
"Recently, global semiconductor companies such as Intel and Qualcomm, and electric carmaker Tesla, have all faced problems like high inventories.
Deal expected to boost competitiveness in China's chip display industrial chainChinese display panel supplier BOE Technology Group Co Ltd has invested in Honor Device Co Ltd, a major domestic smartphone manufacturer, a move that is expected to reinforce cooperation between the two sides and strengthen the competitiveness in the country's semiconductor display industrial chain, industry experts said.
这笔交易有望提升中国芯片显示产业链竞争力中国显示面板供应商京东方科技集团有限公司投资了国内主要智能手机制造商Honor Device Co Ltd,此举有望加强双方合作,增强中国半导体显示产业链的竞争力,业内专家表示。
As a leading player in China's display panel segment, BOE has 16 semiconductor display production lines across the country and is the core panel supplier for smartphone makers including Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Oppo and Vivo.
ASML, Intel, Qualcomm, TI swear by importance in global IC marketProminent integrated circuit companies demonstrated their cutting-edge technologies at the fifth China International Import Expo, highlighting China's importance in the global semiconductor industrial chain amid external uncertainties.
Their large-scale participation reflects their enthusiasm to tap into the world's largest semiconductor market, experts said.
Shen Bo, senior vice-president of Dutch semiconductor equipment company ASML and president of ASML China, said, "This is the fourth time ASML has participated in the CIIE, and we hope to leverage the platform to continuously demonstrate our openness and collaboration.
China will continue to play an integral role in driving the development of a highly collaborative global semiconductor industry, ASML said.
The global chip companies' enthusiasm about China stands in sharp contrast to the US government's attitude, as seen in a series of well-calculated restrictions or controls imposed on the export of advanced semiconductor technology to Chinese tech companies.
Shares of the Chinese chip company Sai MicroElectronics plunged after the German government banned it from purchasing the automotive chip assets of Germany's Elmos Semiconductor.
With additional assembly and test capacity coming soon, highly automated product distribution centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Guangdong province, sales teams in nearly 20 cities in China, and research and development teams across the country, TI said it is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative semiconductor products for markets in China and around the globe.
Dutch semiconductor equipment company ASML said it will continuously support the Chinese market with openness and focus, and work together with customers, partners and talents to promote the development of the global semiconductor industry.
"ASML continuously supports the development of the semiconductor industry through 'open innovation' and focuses on lithography technology.
Looking into the future, China will continue to play an integral role in driving the development of a highly collaborative global semiconductor industry, ASML said in a statement.
At the ongoing fifth China International Import Expo, held in Shanghai through Thursday, Zeiss showcased a string of products such as semiconductor manufacturing technology, industrial quality and research, medical technology and optical consumer goods, which includes its cooperation with Chinese smartphone vendor Vivo.
The comments came after the German media quoted sources stating that the German government plans to approve Silex Microsystems AB, a Sweden-based wholly subsidiary of Sai MicroElectronics, to acquire Germany company Elmos Semiconductor SE's auto chip line in Dortmund in the upcoming weeks.
此前,德国媒体援引消息人士的话称,德国政府计划在未来几周内批准赛微电子的瑞典全资子公司Silex Microsystems AB收购德国Elmos Semiconductor SE公司在多特蒙德的汽车芯片生产线。
He is responsible for strengthening cooperation between Qualcomm and the wireless communications, semiconductor, as well as intelligent terminal industries in China.
With a number of multinational companies announcing they will take part in the annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the first time this year, including global metals and mining company Rio Tinto Group and Japanese multinational semiconductor company Renesas Electronics Corp, Skechers will bring its latest Slip-ins series sneakers to the fifth edition of the CIIE to be held in Shanghai in early November.
Zhonghuan Semiconductor, a subsidiary of TCL that focuses on semiconductors and new energy, recorded 31.7 billion yuan in operating income in the first six months, up 79.7 percent on a yearly basis, while its net profit rose 68.4 percent year-on-year to 3.2 billion yuan.
The operating income of semiconductor display business reached 37.3 billion yuan, down 8.81 percent year-on-year.
The company said it will continue to focus on semiconductor displays, semiconductor photovoltaic and semiconductor materials, and increase its investment in technological innovation, such asxa0organic light-emitting diodes,xa0quantum dot light-emitting diodes and microxa0light-emitting diodes.
BOE has established 16 automatic and intelligent semiconductor display production lines across the country, which can automatically collect terminal data in the process of industrial production and form intelligent data analysis models, thus greatly reducing operational costs while improving efficiency, said Si Da, vice-president and chief brand officer of BOE.
In addition, BOE is betting big on next-generation semiconductor display technologies, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and micro light-emitting diodes (micro LED), which have great improvements in terms of image contrast, brightness and color spectrum.
It announced on Tuesday to build its Advanced Semiconductor Integration Site in Zhangjiagang, marking the largest single investment project of the electronics business of Merck in China.
Leading science and technology company Merck announced on Tuesday its intention to build its Advanced Semiconductor Integration Site in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, marking its largest single investment project of the electronics business in China.
With an investment of 550 million yuan ($82.1 million), the site incorporating several production sites of semiconductor materials, warehouses and operation centers is designed to expand Merck's local capabilities, supply chain footprint and support China's semiconductor industry, according to executives.
According to Beckmann, China's 14th Five-Year Plan calling for the development of Digital China will lay a strong foundation for China's next generation of digital infrastructure, and the development of the digital economy has "implied a sustained and strong demand for China's semiconductor industry".
With this new investment, Merck said it is eyeing to provide comprehensive material solutions for local customers and partners with strengthened local capabilities and a faster response to market, to contribute to increasing the resilience of the supply chains and play an increasingly integral role in the fast growing global and local semiconductor industry.
"Given the unprecedented capacity investment and expansion of domestic chip manufacturers, China is currently also the fastest growing semiconductor manufacturing market worldwide.
We believe a golden era for China's semiconductor industry has just begun.
Experts said Shanghai is an important base for China's semiconductor industry and the situation is improving but it will take time for chip-related companies to fully return to normal operations.
"China is the largest and fastest-growing semiconductor market in the world and the largest regional market for Infineon.
The market size of its semiconductor industry hit 250 billion yuan ($36.95 billion) last year, accounting for about one-fourth of China, according to official data.
As chip manufacturers such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp and Huahong Group maintain full production, a group of chip equipment, materials, packaging and testing and other support companies in the industry chain will speed up their resumption of work, Wu said.
SK hynix, a semiconductor firm headquartered in the Republic of Korea, started constructing a non-volatile memory manufacturing project in Northeast China's Dalian city on Monday.
So, Huawei welcomes the trend of more companies investing in semiconductor manufacturing.
But when industry chains are fragmented, new demands will rise and Huawei welcomes more companies to invest into semiconductor manufacturing.
Founded in 1981 in Huizhou, Guangdong province, TCL now mainly focuses on intelligent terminals, semiconductor displays, semiconductor photovoltaics and semiconductor materials.
On March 11, the SEC identified the first five US-listed Chinese companies-fast-food restaurant chain Yum China Holdings Inc, which operates KFC in China; ACM Research Inc, a semiconductor manufacturer; and three other biopharmaceutical companies-for failing to follow the HFCAA.
They are the process solutions business of life science, new healthcare products, and the semiconductor solutions business of electronics.
The funds will be used in semiconductor material production and research aligned with the company's three existing manufacturing sites in China, two in Shanghai and one in the neighboring city of Suzhou.
Along with the global shortage of semiconductor chips, Canon had to close its factory in Zhuhai.
Despite semiconductor supply shortages and the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the power battery sector started to recover in the latter half of 2020 and has maintained a high growth rate, SNE added.
Canon has a total of 15 companies in China, with businesses covering printers, mechanical equipment, software, semiconductor devices and healthcare technology, according to Canon China's official website.
Several Chinese companies are now among the Top 50 in US patent rankings, including chip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co at No 4, telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co at No 5, display maker BOE at No 11, and tech heavyweight Oppo at No 49.
The US semiconductor company Intel apologized to Chinese consumers on Dec 23 after it was revealed that the company had sent a letter to suppliers asking them to avoid sourcing products from Xinjiang, the Journal reported.
Growth will be driven by all segments including providing components for the semiconductor, medical, industrial and consumer optic sectors, where China is already the largest single market by revenue outside its home turf, said Maximilian Foerst, president of Zeiss China.
He cited examples such as the call for quality development to drive demand in the semiconductor and industrial research arms, and the "Healthy China 2030" initiative that lends momentum to its medical and optic units.
The semiconductor industry is as strategic as it is sensitive.
Such moves will further disrupt global supply chains, which are already struggling with a protracted semiconductor supply crunch, experts said.
Bai Ming, deputy director of the international market research department at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, said though the reports are yet to be confirmed, such a move will deepen anxiety in the global semiconductor sector, as the world grapples with a chip supply shortage for almost a year now.
"According to him, the US government is sparing no effort to prevent China from emerging as a semiconductor hub, and such moves will also hurt the interests of many US chip companies, such as Intel, as they have raked in considerable revenue from China, the world's largest chip market.
This is not the first time the US government is using its hegemony to coerce global semiconductor supply chains to bow to arbitrary requirements way beyond commercial standards, experts said.
Earlier this month, some of the world's largest chipmakers, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co and South Korean chipmaker Samsung, had responded to a contentious US government request to submit chip data.
"Though companies, including TSMC, said later they had not disclosed detailed information on clients to the US query, a semiconductor industry insider told China Daily on condition of anonymity that no outsider knows what information was shared with the US government, and he remains deeply worried.
The Information Technology Industry Council, a Washington DC-based trade association that represents companies from the information and communications technology industry, said on Nov 8 that the "sensitive nature" of the request is sending a worrying signal to global semiconductor industry stakeholders.
Toshiba's semiconductor and air-conditioning business units have become major income drivers for the company in China, with the latter registering positive growth for 17 consecutive years, said Miyazaki.