其他记忆surve= survive(幸存,艰难度过)
surve+lance=艰难 …………
surveillance / preface / furnace / surface
我们监控(surveillance)时发现序言(preface)写在火炉(furnace )表面(surface)。
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
surrealism超现 …………
surveillance camera 监视摄像机
video surveillance 视频监控
sweeping surveillance 全面监视
home surveillance 家庭监视
epidemic surveillance system 流行病监测系统
surveillance for respiratory disease 呼吸道疾病监测
surveillance , prevention and control 监测、预防和控制
living at home under surveillance 在监视下住在家里
surveillance, prevention and control 监测、预防和控制
normalized surveillance and monitoring 规范化监督和监测
1. GROSS: Now you have the FBI document that explains why the FBI stopped its surveillance of Lennon. Would you summarize and read an excerpt of that document for us?
葛洛斯 :现在你已经有了可以解释为什么FBI停止监控列侬的相关档案,可否概括一下其内容,并为我们读一段文件中的摘录?
2. We now know what happened because of the surveillance investigation.
3. WHO continues to provide support in surveillance, water and sanitation, social mobilization and logistics together with the Ministry of Health.
4. She also said that further information could be added, such as what the requests to related to – whether it was surveillance, a libel issue or whatever.
The installation of security cameras in public areas is a common form of surveillance to ensure public safety.
The government has increased online surveillance to prevent cybercrimes.
In airports, passengers are subjected to rigorous baggage screening and body scans as part of the heightened security surveillance.
The company monitors employee emails for potential data breaches, which is a controversial form of workplace surveillance.
GPS tracking devices are often used by law enforcement agencies for surveillance purposes.
The use of drones for aerial surveillance has become more prevalent in recent years.
Surveillance systems can help deter criminal activity by providing evidence for prosecution.
Health authorities conduct contact tracing as a form of disease surveillance to control the spread of infectious diseases.
Environmental surveillance involves monitoring air, water, and soil quality to detect pollution levels.
Parents may use parental control software to monitor their children's internet usage as a form of protective surveillance.
The company said during a forest fire it uses various methods to carry out emergency rescue and protect power distribution equipment, including video surveillance, air patrols, ground patrols and fire lookouts.
"It is one of the latest radar models CETC is offering on the international market and is the best three-dimensional, middle-range surveillance radar any buyer now can find on the market.
Besides the surveillance radar system, Tang's institute has developed and is testing what it calls the world's most advanced meteorological radar.
Japanese tech company Canon Inc is doubling down on the printing, healthcare, video surveillance and other emerging sectors and will increase its investment in the Chinese market, said Hideki Ozawa,xa0president and CEO of Canon China.
日本科技公司佳能公司(Canon Inc)在印刷、医疗保健、视频监控和其他新兴领域加倍投入,并将增加在中国市场的投资。
The increasing adoption of biometric border management, e-passports and facial surveillance in cross-border applications is expanding the market for biometric technologies, especially for fingerprint and facial recognition, said Bhattacharya, adding that the Asia-Pacific region will see the greatest growth due to increased government spending on biometric-authorized applications.
Japanese firm seeking growth in various sectors as camera biz shows downtrendJapanese tech giant Canon Inc is doubling down on medical equipment, semiconductors, commercial printing, security surveillance and other emerging segments expected to become an important engine to drive the company's business growth.
Hu Yangzhong of Hikivison, the world's largest surveillance products maker, and Wang Chuanfu from EV company BYD ranked second and third, respectively.
In addition to sightseeing, the AS700 will also be suitable for a wide variety of operations such as mineral prospecting, marine surveillance, cargo transport and emergency rescue, Zhang said, with project managers estimating that as many as 100 of the craft will be needed to meet market demand in the coming decade.
AAC Technologies' diverse product lines will provide a buffer against product volatility caused by end-demand and technology transitions, while Sunny Optical will benefit from steady and large global demand for mobile phones and the increasing application of optical products in automobiles, surveillance cameras and other Internet of Things devices.
Washington has already put dozens of Chinese tech companies including telecom equipment maker Huawei and surveillance equipment maker Hikvision on its Entity List since last May, restricting them from purchasing US technologies.
Hangzhou-based Hikvision is a manufacturer of video surveillance equipment.
"According to a report by market intelligence firm Market Research Engine, the global 3D sensor market is expected to be worth more than $5 billion by 2024, a 23-percent year-on-year growth, driven by growing application of 3D technology in consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, security and surveillance, and other areas.
Japanese camera and imaging equipment maker Canon Inc is betting big on the business-to-business or B2B segment, and expanding its presence in education, medical equipment, finance, video surveillance and government in China, which has become an important engine to drive the company's growth.
Ozawa said the company will continue to strengthen its B2B business, which maintained double-digit growth last year, covering business imaging solutions, photographic and imaging equipment, 4K and 8K televisions and camera lenses, as well as video surveillance equipment.
It also made a $2.83 billion cash bid to acquire Swedish network video solutions provider Axis Communications AB in 2015, to expand into video surveillance.
The UK is under pressure to join a boycott of Huawei led by the United States, which alleges that the company has and will continue to plant back doors that enable Chinese surveillance.
The comments came after the US Commerce Department placed eight Chinese companies - including Meiya Pico, video surveillance powerhouse Hikvision, facial recognition technology leaders SenseTime Group and Megvii Technology - on a list that bans them from buying components from US companies without special government approval.
The comments came after the US Commerce Department placed the companies — including video surveillance powerhouse Hikvision and facial recognition technology leaders SenseTime Group and Megvii Technology — on a list banning them from buying components from US companies without special government approval.
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co, the world's largest manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions, said on Wednesday the company takes the United States government's concerns very seriously and follows all applicable laws and regulations in the markets in which it operates.
According to the report, the potential restrictions stem from concerns including the human rights of China's surveillance sector.
"Chinese leading surveillance companies have already prepared options to cope with problems," the report added.
Global research firm IHS Markit said in a recent report that Hikvision has taken the top spot in the video surveillance industry for seven consecutive years, occupying 22.6 percent of the global video surveillance market in 2017.
The report said there will be continued strong growth in the video surveillance equipment market, and China will be a major source of the industry's revenue and growth.
In her book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, the US academic and social psychologist Shoshana Zuboff warns that the pervasiveness of tech in every area of 21st century life threatens to alter human nature in the service of huge profits.
With the evolution of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, Zuboff fears that this surveillance phenomenon will extend to the everyday"smart"devices that surround us in our own homes and report back to big tech about every element of our behavior.
But that does not mean regulators should not be there to make sure surveillance capitalism does not unintentionally end up leaving us all worse off.
Four Democratic senators have reportedly expressed concern that video surveillance cameras and the automated aspects of railway cars may be the tools of spies or hackers.
Following that logic, literally everything electronic produced by China can be turned into surveillance devices and be exploited by the Chinese government — lighting, signs, TVs, microwaves, fridges, even toys.
Microsoft stated that it was not responsible for programs the computer owner had installed on his own for remote surveillance of an object.
In a statement, County Attorney Mike Freeman said on Friday that as prosecutors reviewed surveillance video, text messages, police body camera video and witness statements, "It became clear that we could not meet our burden of proof and, therefore, we could not bring charges.
There are also more emergency intercoms for passengers, wider door openings, LED lighting, automatic passenger-counters and closed-circuit surveillance cameras.
Meng, who owns two homes in Vancouver, will be subject to surveillance at one of them and must surrender her Chinese and Hong Kong passports to authorities.
The judge also ordered Meng, a mother of four, not to approach the regional airport, to wear a GPS tracker, pay for security surveillance and agree to unannounced police visits.
Meng will be subject to surveillance at her Vancouver home and must surrender her Chinese and Hong Kong passports.
The judge ordered Meng, a mother of four, to remain in a restricted area of Vancouver, wear a GPS tracker, pay for security surveillance and agree to unannounced visits by police.
This move, however, has sparked heated online discussion on the dilemma of whether the surveillance measure will help boost the safety of passengers or it could infringe personal privacy.
With internet tools and big data technology used to analyze activity on DXY's medical academic and patient education platforms, the center aims to make surveillance of influenza more timely, comprehensive and accurate as a complement to the national infectious disease surveillance system, said Li Tiantian, founder of DXY.
For example, a smart electric pole in a park in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, is equipped with base stations that can receive telecom signals, an air monitor, surveillance cameras and an advertising board.
Leading Chinese video surveillance product makers, including Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, have criticized a vote by the US Congress that seeks to prohibit the US government from buying Chinese products due to national security concerns.
"The response came after the House of Representatives last week passed a bill along with an amendment that bans the US government agencies and institutions from buying surveillance cameras from Hikvision, Hytera Communications Corp and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Hytera and Dahua also expressed regret over the vote and said they would safeguard their reputation and legal interest.
The latest financing will also bankroll investments in the fields such as autonomous driving, security and surveillance, intelligent retail, finance and education.
Vimicro Corp, a Chinese pioneer in developing homegrown chips, will launch a new artificial-intelligence-enabled processor this year to promote the use of AI in video surveillance, said Deng Zhonghan, chief scientist of the Beijing-based company on Thursday.
Vimicro has partnered with the Ministry of Public Security to draft part of a national standard on video surveillance, which can help better leverage technology to crack down on crimes.
As China builds up one of the world's largest networks of video surveillance cameras, Deng also called for more efforts to better standardize and regulate the industry.
The robot is equipped with high-definition video surveillance systems and can turn around 360 degrees.
In terms of medical research, it will focus on using AI and big data to help in individual health risk management, intelligent hospitals and epidemiological surveillance and prevention, according to Zeng Jingsong, secretary-general of Tsinghua's global joint development research institute.
The deal, which has to obtain approvals from regulators including the European Central Bank and Luxembourg's Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.
PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILYHideki Ozawa keen to help Canon's surveillance, medical and imaging products succeed locallyFor 12 years, Canon China's president and CEO, Hideki Ozawa, 67, pursued a dream.
Ozawa said he is determined to make a success of Canon's diversification into surveillance products and medical devices.
In 2015, it spent $2.83 billion to buy out Swedish network video solutions provider Axis Communications AB, to expand into video surveillance.
Its maximum takeoff weight is 4.2 tons, with a maximum external carriage of 480 kg and a 20-hour flight time, which make it possible to perform reconnaissance, surveillance and ground strike missions with long-endurance capabilities.
Centralized remote control of steel scrap cranes, unmanned cranes in certain areas, robotic arms and automated surveillance of hazardous areas .
These facilities are equipped with nearly 10,000 sets of sensors to support full-range video surveillance and monitoring of the equipment.
The FCC said last week it had banned approvals of new equipment from telecom companies Huawei Technologies, ZTE and Hytera Communications, as well as surveillance equipment from Dahua Technology Co and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology on grounds that they "are deemed to pose an unacceptable risk to national security".
The FCC said last week that it had banned approvals of new equipment from the telecommunications companies Huawei Technologies, ZTE and Hytera Communications, as well as surveillance equipment from Dahua Technology Co and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology on the grounds they "are deemed to pose an unacceptable risk to national security".
Related measures include increasing production and storage capabilities, applying technological innovations to promote the automation and modernization of trade and logistics, and strengthening market surveillance and research.
The regulator will instruct banking institutions to step up credit support for key areas including self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, advanced manufacturing, small businesses, rural revitalization and green development, said Liu Zhiqing, deputy director of the CBIRC's statistics, IT and risk surveillance department.
"We will keep improving the regulations and the risk monitoring system of shadow banking, persevere in dismantling high-risk shadow banking, and take precautions against a rebound in this type of business," said Liu Zhongrui, an inspector of the commission's Statistics, IT and Risk Surveillance Department, at a briefing on Sept 14.
The Urumqi Customs has strengthened source controls and established a comprehensive monitoring and surveillance system throughout the entire supply chain for aquatic products, including the breeding environment and process.
Pan said these innovative technologies, such as voice interaction and facial recognition, have been gradually applied in smart speakers, security surveillance equipment and other smart home devices to enhance user experience and enrich the functions of related products.
"Pan said advanced technologies, such as voice interaction and facial recognition, have been gradually applied in smart speakers, security surveillance equipment and other smart home devices to enhance user experience and enrich the functions of related products.
Pan added that other cutting-edge technologies, such as voice interaction and facial recognition, have been applied gradually in smart speakers, security surveillance equipment and other smart home devices to enhance user experience and the functions of related products.
In a statement on Jan 4, Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said Thailand has considered COVID-19 as a communicable disease under surveillance.
A surveillance and water quality monitoring system enables fishermen to observe operations in real time through smartphones or computers.
Canon has been seeking new business growth points and stepped up efforts to expand into digital printing, video surveillance and the medical equipment sector in China.
It also made a $2.83 billion cash bid to acquire Swedish network video solutions provider Axis Communications AB in 2015 to expand into video surveillance.
The industry must also enhance surveillance and risk prevention to reverse the downturn in development momentum, Lyu said.
"The recent debt events at some real estate developers should not undermine the authorities' efforts to strengthen the long-term financial conditions of the sector as a whole," stated a report from the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office, a regional economic surveillance organization.
Online chronic disease management platforms can provide services including online consultation, medicine delivery, key health status index surveillance, dosage direction, intervention in case of adverse reactions to drugs, medical insurance reimbursement and disease education, which can effectively improve weaknesses in traditional chronic disease management, the think tank report said.
He also said the industry should promote innovation and application of energy-efficient equipment, technologies and management to achieve consumption reduction and efficiency improvement, establish smart and green electric supply networks within steelmakers and industrial parks, optimize energy consumption surveillance and readjustment systems and realize coordinated traditional pollution control and carbon emission reduction methodologies.
They also helped install a surveillance system over the mushrooms.
Shi suggested establishing a national surveillance system to deal with hospital behavior that affects the ability of pharmaceutical companies to produce and supply drugs.
It is urgent to promote the establishment of a national kidney disease surveillance system based on existing multisource databases, and use big data to bring new opportunities for the monitoring and management of kidney disease, the report suggested.
The latest addition to the China-Europe freight train service is the first railway express line exclusively for cross-border e-commerce in China, and also the first freight line in the country to operate under customs surveillance code 9610 for cross-border e-commerce, according to Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co Ltd, the local carrier.
China players scale up applicationsFreshippo makes its debut at the ongoing Retail's Big Show 2019 organized by the US National Retail Federation, showcasing its unmanned check-out devices featuring facial recognition, camera surveillance and others.
For instance, it has introduced an internet of things and cloud-based video surveillance platform to allow visible data and smart video analysis.
"The aircraft will be tasked with carrying out aerial sightseeing or freight transportation, and will also be suitable for mineral surveys, marine surveillance, emergency response and counterterrorism operations," said Zhang Mingwen, head of the Special Aerial Vehicle Research Institute, an AVIC subsidiary in Jingmen, Hubei province, that is designing the blimp.
"Following outbreaks of African swine fever in August, we have intensified surveillance of the operation of the pork market and taken measures in response to ensure supply," he said.
In terms of IP protection, the zone has collaborated with the Copyright Society of China and the society's surveillance center as well as the national copyright innovation base to build a complete framework to better protect IP rights.
With drones finding applications in a wide range of fields — farming, cargo transport, aerial photography, surveillance and security operations, power line patrolling, emergency rescue work, surveys and cartography, to name a few — the future for this market is going to be exciting, experts said.
Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group, established in 1958, developed China's secondary surveillance radar system, a tool for detecting and measuring the position of aircraft.
A 24-hour video surveillance system ensures vehicles' safety.
Li Weiwei, a professor of smart transportation at the college of traffic and transportation of Chongqing Jiaotong University, said to build an intelligent network-connected public transportation system, it is necessary to carry out intelligent upgrading to improve roads and help install equipment such as video surveillance, lidar, millimeter-wave radar and cutting-edge servers.
On the basis of user loyalty, the service givers could easily expand their business with more value-added services, such as car maintenance, battery status surveillance, and insurance, he explained.
Testers demonstrated smart highway application scenarios such as road tests of intelligent connected vehicle platoons and running tests of intelligent roadside sensing units, such as laser and microwave radars, panoramic video surveillance, road sensors, as well as weather monitoring and intelligent traffic guidance signs.
Tong said the Chinese authorities have funded his organization to build a national charging facility surveillance platform that plans to connect charging facilities, NEV enterprises, charging service providers, and local charging facility surveillance platforms.
Footage captured by a surveillance camera shows how the car ignited on its own.
Footage caught on a surveillance camera showed that thick smoke rose from the car, followed by huge flames.
Other cutting-edge technologies, such as voice interaction and facial recognition, have been gradually applied in smart speakers, security surveillance equipment and other smart home devices to enhance user experience and enrich their functions, IDC added.
They provide communications services or video surveillance products and solutions.
They include the "flexible factory line security solution based on 5G+ open system" submitted by China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu Co and Schneider Electric SA, the "video surveillance system project based on security information coding" submitted by Hikvision, and the "Baidu smart cloud smart city heating algorithm and data control platform" submitted by internet giant Baidu.
In the future, through a bandwidth enhancement scheme jointly developed by China Mobile and Huawei, the upstream rate will reach 1 gigabyte per second, to meet more business demands on tire cranes, bridge cranes, unmanned container trucks and video surveillance.
"We have now achieved a string of application scenarios, such as centralized remote control of steel scrap cranes, unmanned cranes in certain areas, remote control of robotic arms and automatic surveillance of hazardous areas in the plant, said Liu Yangbo, a 5G technical expert at China Mobile's Hunan branch.
"Manufacturing has seen the most application scenarios of industrial internet, including using the technology to automatically collect industrial information and conduct remote control operations, video surveillance and product quality testing," said Liu Duo, head of government think tank, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.
"Manufacturing has seen the most application scenarios, including using the technology to automatically collect industrial information and conduct remote control operations, video surveillance and product quality testing," Liu said.
They include telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co and its affiliates, supercomputer manufacturer Sugon, AI pioneer iFlytek Co, video surveillance company Hikvision and facial recognition technology startups SenseTime Group and Megvii Technology.
Diversified 5G terminals will bring about new means of epidemic surveillance and patrol in public places.
So far, 130 candidate companies have been selected, whose product designs included building surveillance, purchase of daily goods, outbreak tracking and the provision of epidemic-prevention goods, Tencent said, adding that 84 programs have already been put to use.
The latest US attacks on Huawei are just intended to distract from that disclosure, similar to the revelations made by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in 2013 about NSA surveillance of foreign countries and their leaders.

考研On June 7 Google pledged not to "design or deploy AI" that would cause "overall harm," or to develop AI-directed weapons or use AI for surveillance that would violate international norms.


2020年考研真题(英语一)翻译 Section Ⅲ

考研That misses the way the surveillance economy works.



六级Appl’s emerging global brand is privacy; it has staked its corporate reputation, not to mention the investment of considerable technical and financial resources, on limiting the sort of mass surveillance that was uncovered by Mr. Snowden.



四级In an interview with TIME earlier this week, Cohen said although he and his co-author are optimistic about many aspects of the Internet, they’ve also realistic about the risks and dangers that lie ahead when the next five billion people come online, particularly with respect to personal privacy and state surveillance (监视).



考研A boom in neighborhood surveillance cameras will, for example, cause problems in 2010, while the arrival of synthetic lifelike robots will mean people may not be able to distinguish between their human friends and the droids.