词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音Year 年 → 父母每年都在思念、渴望、盼 …………
联想记忆父母一年(year)的心愿是渴望你(n)回来 → yearn vi. 渴望,渴求 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
yearn / long / thirst
yearn → 通常指急迫不安地渴望或向往,着重怀有柔情或热情。
long → 指诚心诚意地渴望某事或物。
thirst → 原义指对食物或饮料的渴求,引申指全力以求。
yearn for 渴望
We yearn for his return.
He yearned to be a movie actor.
She yearned for freedom.
Enhanced ties key to generating 'win-win' results for both sidesMicrolending companies yearn for more cooperation with banks in jointly offering loans to small businesses and rural households or in assisting banks in microfinance, said Liu Dongwen, the CEO of CD Finance, a rural microfinance institution headquartered in Beijing.
Instead, they yearn for specific and creative services to empower their brands,"said Echo Li, vice-president of the greater China region for Lagardere Sports and Entertainment.
"The fast pace of change in modern life makes middle-aged people yearn for a quiet place to take a rest and appease their soul," Peng said.
It is a place peoplexa0bothxa0at home and abroad yearn for and a hot spot for investment and business.
The top five cities youngsters most yearn for all sit in southern China.
Today, among our camp participants who yearn for hikes, only a small proportion have received relevant training.
During our observations, we found that with economic and social development, people tend to embrace their home lives, where they yearn for love, care and companionship," he said.
Each is leased for 1,280 yuan ($188.56) per year to city slickers who yearn for an idyllic rural life experience, he said.
Lines from the poem include: Wine-drowsy when the road is long,I yearn for bed; Throat parched when the sun is high,Liang Haoguang, director of the China Center for Modernization Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said,"Nomadic people in China first created the concept of milk tea.
It offers game companion services for those who yearn for higher rankings in the games or are simply seeking better gaming experiences.
"And we are dedicated to serving those who yearn for gaming companionship and those who are able to share gaming skills.
They yearn for something different.
This fresh impetus has prompted investors to yearn for a possible replay of the “golden 10 years” in 2018.
In a bustling city, there are people who are not satisfied with the routine of going back and forth between work and home, and instead pursue a work rhythm that allows for flexibility and who yearn for a poetic and carefree lifestyle.
"Companies yearn for more sophisticated AI application scenarios to generate new momentum for industrial development.