谐音记忆瑜伽就是yoga的音译 → yoga n.瑜伽(意为“结合”,指修行);瑜伽术 …………
yoga / hurt / yogurt
yoga class 瑜伽课
do yoga 做瑜伽
take up yoga 练习瑜伽
Yoga can relieve our stress.
Yoga needs to control our breath.
On Wednesday she does yoga.
Anta Group said in the announcement that Maia Active's business has a certain market influence among female consumers, especially in the yoga sports category and has potential for future growth.
安踏集团在公告中表示,Maia Active的业务在女性消费者中具有一定的市场影响力,尤其是在瑜伽运动类领域,具有未来增长潜力。
Zhu Hong, a yoga instructor, and her 9-year-old daughter in Beijing are both fans of Molly, the lead character of the Pop Mart universe.
"With product personalization, guests can customize their water bottles or yoga mats with names, graphics and tag lines rooted in well-being," he added.
Following a full upgrade and renovation, the store offers a wide range of categories, including yoga, training, running, tennis, golf, hiking and on-the-move gear to meet the rising demand from the sports-loving local communities, said the company.
Lenovo said Yoga Book 9i is the first full-sized OLED dual screen laptop and comes with a unique set of capabilities designed to empower the creative to craft their own story.
联想表示,Yoga Book 9i是第一款全尺寸OLED双屏笔记本电脑,具有一套独特的功能,旨在让创意人士创作自己的故事。
Powered by the latest generation of Intel Core processors, the Yoga Book 9i enables users to take advantage of a full laptop experience along with the flexibility and multi-tasking potential of dual screens, Lenovo said.
联想表示,Yoga Book 9i由最新一代英特尔酷睿处理器提供动力,使用户能够利用全面的笔记本电脑体验以及双屏的灵活性和多任务潜力。
Headphones, LED lights, phone cases, scooters, yoga wear, wedding dresses, party supplies, cosmetic bags, string lights and drones were the most popular products among its overseas buyers last year, according to DHgate.
Through the artist's playful design, the unique elements of Club Med — skiing, flying-trapeze, archery, yoga, golf and more — feature on suitcases and tote bags.
The maker of yoga leggings, training outfits and footwear plans to triple the number of stores on the Chinese mainland from the current 71 to 220 in five years, said CEO Calvin McDonald, who acknowledged being "grateful to and excited about" the success and prospects of its China growth story.
It has, for instance, created a so-called ambassador group typically made up of yoga instructors, social media influencers and elite athletes, to lead complimentary in-store classes, hence adding to customers' emotional connection with the brand that upholds the "Science of Feel" as the key philosophy in designing the Lululemon clothes.
The maker of yoga leggings, training outfits and footwear plans to triple the number of stores on the Chinese mainland from the current 71 to 220 in five years, McDonald said.
"It's like doing yoga and pushups at the same time for a continuous 22 days.
The Canadian company known for its leggings and yoga pants announced the introduction of a running shoe for women known as Blissfeel, signaling its first-ever foray into footwear.
By using the Nike app, customers who have signed up for Nike's membership can check out information on exclusive products and offline activities held in the store, such as yoga classes, salons for sports enthusiasts, and handicraft workshops.
It has designed online and offline sports activities such as the Puma Running Online Coaching Program and the Hiphop Yoga Studio to create a consumer community and to build sports engagement.
As such, Lululemon has started incorporating multiple sporting needs such as Yoga, running and training into the design journey, while balancing functionality and fashion at the same time, said San Yan Ng, senior vice-president of Lululemon China.
Apple Fitness+ will launch with 10 of the most popular workout types, including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill for running and walking, Rowing, and Mindful Cooldown, the company said.
At my yoga class, several of my friends sport TWS earbuds instead of those with wires," she said.
A growing number of employees who are in sales or executives teams at domestic sportswear companies have begun sharing advertisements on their personal WeChat moments since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, where their friends can scan the QR code to purchase sneakers or Yoga mats.
"We are always looking for ways to work together with Lenovo, and the creation of the new Razr was no exception," said Motorola, adding that resources from both teams, including the Lenovo Yoga laptop engineer team, have made the new Razr a reality.
"In addition, our stores operate through a decentralized model, empowering teams at a local level to personalize their approach to individual communities, to tailor the right format for their guests and local communities," said Yim, adding they have also worked with local partners to offer yoga courses and event information via online platforms in China.
The second floor hosts AntapluS, a high-end lifestyle yoga brand and Anta Kids.
Lululemon, the Canadian athletic leisure retailer, announced that it has brought its yoga courses and event information to the online platform provided by Chinese sports technology company Keep to encourage a healthy lifestyle and further diversify its service range.
Under the partnership, Lululemon and Keep designed six online customized classes with the goal of making yoga an easy entry-level exercise and changing the public's inherent impression of yoga.
The course content for the pan-sports crowd is the popular theme course of the time, focusing on enhancing the sense of exercise participation, so practitioners do not fear difficulties during the exercise,In addition, the 21-day Yoga Challenge encourages more people to take part in the challenge by developing continuous exercise habits and incorporating the spirit of yoga into their daily lives, said Yan Yingjian, a branding officer from Lululemon's Asia-Pacific region.
Named AntapluS, the new brand is designed for activities including yoga, running, and cross training.
We are hoping to bond yoga fans with our pleasant lifestyle sharing platform and apparel products," Cho Kwang Hoon, brand president of AntapluS, said.
The AntapluS official added: "AntapluS is going to enter more cities and is establishing cooperation with many yoga communities and practitioners to help yoga fans gain strength and understanding from exercising.
Its yoga apparel brand is designed to better suit Asian consumers' physiques, with prices that are only two-thirds of the market's leading brand.
Adam Zhang, founder of the Key-Solution sports marketing and consulting agency, said in order to win over the yoga community, AntapluS has to focus on improving product quality, awareness and recognition rather than affordability alone.
"Consumers who are interested in yoga have strong purchasing power," said Zhang.
"The yoga market in China is booming.
IResearch said in a report that the 2018 yoga market in China has reached 32.2 billion yuan ($4.68 billion), boosted by growth from yoga vertical products such as apparel, yoga mats and other equipment.
The research shows that new yoga participants continue to emerge.
About 57.8 percent of yoga practitioners have less than one year of experience.
Spending habits of consumers who practice yoga tend to remain steady and are expected to last longer.
The world's leading yoga apparel maker, Canada-based Lululemon Athletica Inc, had 22 stores in China as of February 2019.
Statistics from Euromonitor International show that performance apparel, which includes all items specifically designed to facilitate practicing different types of sporting activities such as yoga, are rising sharply in China, and will be worth an estimated $9.3 billion in 2023 from $5.9 billion in 2018.
On Friday morning, yoga apparel brand Lululemon Athletica Inc's founder, Dennis Wilson, had subscribed to HK$778 million worth of shares through an investment vehicle, in a vote of confidence likely negotiated before the short seller report.
Earlier this month, an international consortium led by China's Anta Sports that includes Tencent Holdings and Anamered Investments, which is owned by Canadian billionaire Chip Wilson, founder of yoga apparel company Lululemon Athletica, offered to acquire Finland's Amer Sports, which owns the Louisville Slugger and Wilson Sporting Goods, for $5 billion according to Reuters, as well as two other sports items frequently made with wood components, Wilson tennis rackets and Atomic Ski.
"People can do anything in our space, such as yoga, Thai kick-boxing, and blockchain seminars.
Lululemon says yoga fashion is a $10 billion market in China and its stores there achieved profitability of $15,000 per square meter in 2017, much higher than its stores in North America.
Canada's athleisure yoga brand leader Lululemon is also weighing in with a flagship store in Shanghai.
Modern Sky Entertainment, one of the key indie music companies in China, is launching its lifestyle label, Modern Sky Sports, on Wednesday while introducing upcoming yoga festival Wanderlust in Shanghai.
"The Wanderlust Yoga Festival is expecting 5,000 to 8,000 participants when it debuts in China.
Usually she gets up before 5 am and practices yoga and meditation for about one hour.
As outdoor sports become a trendy lifestyle rather than just a professional hobby, sportswear, yoga clothes, and other related products are expected to be favored by more consumers.
Her purchases include a yoga mat, a treadmill, sportswear, high-end skincare products and nutrition supplements.
"We have held several nighttime-themed activities including art night markets, yoga classes, and planting on a farm, as well as outdoor camping and partying at the Shanghai IFC mall, which helped strengthen our mall's competitiveness," Maureen Fung, executive director of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd said.
The maker of yoga leggings, training outfits and footwear plans to triple the number of stores on the Chinese mainland from the current 71 to 220 within five years.
Diane Wang, founder, chairperson and CEO of DHgate Group, a cross-border B2B e-commerce marketplace in China, said headphones, LED lights, phone cases, scooters, yoga wear, wedding dresses, party supplies, cosmetic bags, string lights and drones were the most popular products among the company's overseas buyers last year.
It is the brainchild of a recent innovation jointly developed by Pure Group and Lululemon, offering small-sized group classes including Tai Chi yoga, Pilates, rings and more than 20 kinds of self-developed yoga and fitness classes.
"The small-sized studio was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of operating on the Chinese mainland for Pure Group, which has yoga and fitness studios in markets including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New York.
"Our presence has proven to have massive potential for high-end fitness studios that prioritize experiences and easy payment methods," said Jiang, citing the recent ups and downs of the fitness sector across the country, leading to many gym and yoga chain store closings, which has dampened consumer confidence.
At present, the biggest driving force for the domestic sports industry is the emerging participation from women in sports — yoga, citywalks, flying discs and camping — said Adam Zhang, founder of Key-solution Sports Consulting.
The yoga sector, in particular, will continue to grow, Zhang said, adding that, "Women are investing heavily in their well-being, be it skincare and makeup, or wellness activities such as yoga, to nurture themselves in mind and body.
"According to iResearch, in 2020, China's yoga market already reached 38.7 billion yuan ($5.3 billion), and is forecast to touch 56.1 billion yuan by the end of this year.
Yoga apparel itself was valued at $1.6 billion in China in 2021, taking up 23 percent of the global share.
Anta said Maia Active's business has a certain market influence among female consumers, especially in the yoga sports category, and has potential for future growth.
Pure's business has been divided into half for yoga and half for fitness training in Shanghai.
In Beijing, Pure's two studios so far only offer yoga.
According to QY Research, the yoga apparel market touched $1.6 billion in China, or 22.92 percent in the world in 2021.
It is forecast that the Chinese market for yoga apparel will reach $3 billion by 2028, taking up 26.44 percent of the total global market.
Top sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and domestic ones including Anta and Maia Active have developed yoga-inspired athletic products to bank on the opportunities brought on by rising fitness activities including yoga, Pilates, frisbee, pickle ball and camping.
Training including boxing, yoga, weightlifting, and balance and stability drills have become the most popular, Shao said.
Wang Fan, a 30-year-old office employee in Beijing, said: "After recovering from COVID, I bought a fitness-tracking wristband and a yoga mat.
"It used to be known among my friends who practice yoga.
Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center has rolled out a camping experience for children, which includes activities such as craftwork classes, yoga and field trips to learn about plants.
Chen Xue, 36, a relatively recent convert to a healthier lifestyle, had begun to work out four times a week at a gym and a yoga club this year.
She followed the advice of her online trainer and bought a yoga ball, resistance bands and dumbbells.
During the May Day holiday, sales of yoga mats, treadmills and jump ropes surged about 200 percent year-on-year.
These days, a typical urban home in China, such as mine, is, well, home to workout equipment, yoga mats, yoga balls and dance-related products.
For instance, on Meituan, an on-demand services platform, sales of indoor fitness devices such as yoga mats and foam rollers surged 29 percent year-on-year in Beijing from April 25 to May 1, in the run-up to the five-day May Day holiday.
A report from Chinese e-commerce giant JD showed sales of yoga stretchers, yoga shoes, dance shoes and yoga balls surged 868 percent, 816 percent, 700 percent and 110 percent year-on-year, respectively, from March 1 to April 7.
Mobile fitness app Keep has launched several livestreaming courses including yoga, Zumba, calisthenics and spinning classes, each of which lasts about 30 to 50 minutes.
Zhang Chi, a 27-year-old human resources professional in Shanghai, is considering staying at a downtown hotel for some value-added services, such as yoga club and cooking classes, during Spring Festival.
Lululemon's Tmall store has sold more than 4,000 units of its iconic Align yoga pants priced 850 yuan ($131).
Keep launched several livestreaming courses in June, including yoga, Zumba, calisthenics and spinning classes, each of which lasts about 30 to 50 minutes.
It also offers courses including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, aerobics and strength training as well as professional fitness, diet and health management guidance.
In addition to smaller and more portable equipment such as chin-up bars, dumbbells, yoga gear and jumpropes, consumers are gradually trending toward buying more professional, large-scale fitness equipment with unit prices of several thousand yuan, and even as high as 10,000 yuan ($1,493).
But its first-half yoga apparel product sales increased more than four times year-on-year as home-based fitness has become a new choice during the outbreak.
Shao Junhua, a 26-year-old yoga coach, became a part-time delivery worker in March after her gym in Shanghai shut down due to the outbreak.
Wang Jingjing, a yoga teacher in Beijing, livestreams yoga classes every morning through video-sharing app Douyin, also known as TikTok.
Wang's yoga studio was closed temporarily during the epidemic so she decided to start a livestream class online for her studio members.
As she continues to enrich the course content, more yoga lovers are attracted by her classes.
Hair-cutting devices, eggbeaters, yoga mats and pajamas are listed on the most-searched items, according to a report released by the E-commerce platform Pinduoduo Wednesday.
Wang said trendy shopping malls are integrating a plethora of attractions like dining, entertainment facilities like cinemas, exhibitions, salons, hypermarkets, exclusive outlets of brands, yoga studios and sometimes even a mini-zoo, all of which offer irresistible, all-under-one-roof convenience to consumers.
By the end of 2018, the industry boasted more than 53,000 facilities - gyms big and small, dance-based exercise floors, yoga studios and the like - that shaped forecasts of a 70 billion yuan ($10.4 billion) business by 2020.
On a late Friday evening earlier this month, Wang headed out for a yoga class she had booked online.
The hospital recently featured a lecture for expectant mothers on pregnancy, covering a variety of topics such as yoga and nutrition knowledge.
During the lecture event, the hospital invited professional yoga instructors to teach the mothers-to-be some simple yoga moves -- balanced breathing, sitting and stretching of the back -- to mitigate spinal soreness and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
With just a few taps, she has registered for her weekly barre class, which involves using a handrail that provides support for various types of exercise, incorporates movements derived from ballet, and combines positions and movements drawn from yoga and Pilates.
I also have an annual membership card of a yoga studio.
The professional yoga trainers teach various types of yoga (Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Astangha Yoga, Flow Yoga and Bikram Yoga).
You could say I pay more for the calm of a yoga studio.
And the posture, which seems to herald glad tidings for high-end lifestyle, wellness and fitness businesses, is in full evidence at lucrative yoga studios that are mushrooming across China, industry insiders said.
And consumers such as Christina Zhang, 25, a Beijing-based housewife, are more than willing to part with 15,000 yuan or more for an annual membership at high-end yoga studios.
"Yoga" is Sanskrit for union-of body, mind and spirit, and well-heeled Chinese are pulling out all the stops to achieve that, egged on by new-age wellness startups that offer a variety of services and a range of yoga disciplines.
For Zhang, a typical weekday afternoon is marked by an hour-long session at a high-end Bikram Yoga studio in downtown Beijing.
Her 15,000 yuan per annum membership contrasts with around 2,000 yuan yearly fee at traditional gyms that also offer yoga classes.

四级Initially Leah stayed with her accounting job while starting up the yoga studio to make it all work.



四级Since then, she has founded two yoga studios, met a new life partner, and formed a new community of people.



四级In search of a meaningful life, Leah gave up what she had and set up her own yoga studios.



四级I remember sitting on a bench with my aunt at a yoga studio, she said, and having a moment of clarity right then and there: Yoga is saving my life.



四级He knew my love for yoga and had seen a space close to where he lived that he thought might be good to serve as a yoga studio.



六级A study of employees at health insurance provider Aetna revealed that roughly one quarter of those taking in-office yoga and mindfulness classes reported a 28% reduction in their stress levels and a 20% improvement in sleep quality.



四级Yoga is waking me up.



四级The worst fear Leah ever had was the prospect of losing her yoga business.



四级Only a few months later Leah opened her first yoga studio, but success was not instant.



四级Leah's first yoga studio was by no means an immediate success.



四级We recently caught up with yoga entrepreneur Leah Zaccaria, who put herself through the fire of change to completely reinvent herself.

我们最近采访了瑜伽企业家Leah Zaccaria,她让自己经历了变革之火,彻底重塑了自己。


六级While yoga and meditation ( ' , 静思 ) are scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, these programs do little to target the root causes of burnout and disengagement.

而瑜伽和冥想(",,静思 ) 科学证明,这些计划可以降低压力水平,但对解决倦怠和脱离的根本原因几乎没有作用。


四级In experiments conducted by Tamar Avnet and Anne- Laure Sellier, they had participants organize different activities — from project planning, holiday shopping, to yoga — by time or to-do list to measure how they performed under "clock time" vs "task time"

在Tamar Avnet和Anne-Laure Sellier进行的实验中,他们让参与者按时间或待办事项表组织不同的活动,从项目规划、假日购物到瑜伽,以衡量他们在“时钟时间”与“任务时间”下的表现

2015年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

六级More and more people I know seem to be turning to yoga, or meditation(沉思),or tai chi(太极); these aren't New Age fads(时尚的事物)so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom of old age

我认识的人似乎越来越多地转向瑜伽或冥想(沉思),还是太极拳(太极); 这些不是新时代的时尚(时尚的事物)甚至可以说是与老年智慧联系在一起的方式


四级Leah's interest in yoga prompted her to make a firm decision to reshape her life.



六级More and more people I know seem to be turning to yoga, or meditation (沉思), or tai chi (太极);these aren’t New Age fads (时尚的事物) so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom of old age.

我认识的越来越多的人似乎开始转向瑜伽或冥想(沉思), 或者太极(太极);这些不是新时代的时尚(时尚的事物) 以及如何与所谓的老年智慧联系起来。


四级“I remember sitting on a bench with my aunt at a yoga studio,’’ she said, having a moment of clarity right then and there: Yoga is saving my life.


2017年6月大学英语四级真题 (第3套)

四级” He knew my love for yoga and had seen a space close to where he lived that he thought might be good to serve as a yoga studio.


2017年6月大学英语四级真题 (第3套)

四级” Only a few months later Leah opened her first yoga studio, but success was not instant.


2017年6月大学英语四级真题 (第3套)

四级Dr. Herbert Benson, a pioneer in mind/body medicine and author of The Relaxation Response, says that the repetitive action of needlework can induce a relaxed stats like that associated with meditation(沉思)and yoga.

Herbert Benson博士是身心医学的先驱,也是《放松反应》一书的作者,他说,针线活的重复动作会引起放松,就像冥想一样(沉思)和瑜伽。