词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ab强调+out(外面、周围)→在周围的即有关的→关 …………
谐音记忆ab 阿爸 + out 出去 → 阿爸出去 “周围”、“四周”走走 …………
about / around / round
about → 既可表静态,也可表动态。
around → 主要用于美国,静态或动态均可。
round → 主要用于英国,多半指动态。
be about to do something
all about
go about
Tell me something about your trip.
She and I disagree about it .
I must go about my business.
Be careful about what you say.

六级Consumers are often hesitant to try smart-home devices because they are worried about compatibility problems.


六级According to the survey, that lack of enthusiasm could stem from concerns about privacy and security.


六级Americans are deeply concerned about the relentless rise in health care costs and health insurance premiums.


四级She cared about me, and my intellectual life, even when I didn't.


高考He wants these kids to learn to boast about themselves.


高考How about hiring our mini bus?


六级One prevalent quality we have found in teens' statements about themselves, their friends and their families is a strikingly positive emotional tone.


四级The students who held a fixed mind-set, however, were concerned about looking smart with less regard for learning.


六级They asked both groups to generate questions about important issues needed to create recovery plans.


六级Many consumers wonder about the necessity of having their fitness monitored.


考研Building on this basic truth about interpersonal influence, the researchers studied the dynamics of social influence by conducting thousands of computer simulations of populations, manipulating a number of variables relating to people's ability to influen


考研About a third say the problem of fake news lies in.


考研Even the very phrase "jobseeker's allowance" is about redefining the unemployed as a "jobseeker" who had no fundamental right to a benefit he or she has earned through making national insurance contributions.


考研The widespread availability of such recordings has thus brought about a crisis in the institution of the traditional classical concert.


考研Both France and the United States are involved in the organization's work, but France's digital services tax and the American response raise questions about what the future holds for the international tax system.


高考Competition is fierce and the chief prize is a complete stilton cheese weighing about four kilos (disappointingly, but understandably the cheeses used in the race are wooden ones).


考研A string of accidents, including the partial collapse of a cooling tower in 207 and the discovery of an underground pipe system leakage, raised serious questions about both Vermont Yankee’s safety and Entergy’s management- especially after the company made misleading statements about the pipe.


考研Consumers passionate about a product may create “owned” media by sending e-mail alerts about products and sales to customers registered with its Web site.


考研Americans, she finds, buy roughly 20 billion garments a year – about 64 items per person – and no matter how much they give away, this excess leads to waste.


六级So much of what CES has been about is the cool.


四级The U.S. Postal Service announced today that it is considering closing about 3,700 post offices over the next year because of falling revenues.


四级The intimate nature of genuine criticism implies something about who is able to give it, namely, someone who knows you well enough to show you how your mental life is getting in the way of good writing.


六级Today, I’d like to talk about what happens when celebrity role models get behind healthyhabits, but at the same time promote junk food.


四级Government legislation about models' weight.


考研As much as some scientists may complain about the new awards, two things seem clear.


考研"There has been a kind of revival or a rethinking about what guilt is and what role guilt can serve," says Amrisha Vaish, a psychology researcher at the University of virginia, adding that this revival is part of a larger recognition that emotions aren't

弗吉尼亚大学的心理学研究者Amrisha Vaish说:“人们对内疚感和罪恶感的作用有一种复兴或重新思考。”他补充说,这种复兴是一种更大的认识,即情感不是。

考研Look for cues about how others perceive you.


高考At present, the world has about 6800 languages.


六级Companies are pushing it hard but make it almost overwhelming even to dip a toe in the water for the average consumer, because there are so many compatibility issues to think about.


考研Besides helping you feel close and connected to people you care about, it turns out that hugs can bring a host of health benefits to your body and mind.


六级Some young people like to keep something to themselves and don't want their parents to know about it.


四级My mother's criticism had shown me that Kafka is right about the cold abyss, and when you make the introspective ( ' , 内省的 ) descent that writing requires you are not always pleased by what you find.

我母亲的批评向我表明,卡夫卡在《冰冷的深渊》一书中的观点是正确的,当你做出内省的(“,内省的 ) 写作所需要的知识并不总是让你感到满意。

高考An express train was due to go past about thirty minutes later.


四级Everything about the look and feel of a wallet—the way the fastenings and materials wear and tear and loosen with age, the plastic and paper and gold and silver, and handwritten phone numbers and printed cinema tickets—is the very opposite of what our world is becoming.


四级At the beginning of seventh grade, we assessed the students' mind-sets by asking them to agree or disagree with statements such as Your intelligence is something very basic about you that you can't really change.


考研"We estimate that either eliminating a substantial labour-rights concern, such as child labour, or increasing corporate giving by about 20% results in fines that generally are 40% lower than the typical punishment for bribing foreign officials," says one


四级There is nothing new about the four objectives.


高考Helen Mirren stars in the play by Peter Morgan, about queen Elizabeth II of the UK and her private meetings with twelve prime ministers in the course of sixty years.

海伦·米伦(Helen Mirren)主演了彼得·摩根(Peter Morgan)的话剧,讲述了英国女王伊丽莎白二世(queen Elizabeth II)及其在60年中与12位首相的私人会晤。

四级may be better at solving puzzlescan memorize things with more easemay have greater facility in abstract reasoningcan put what they have learnt into more effective usefind ways to slow down our mental declinefind ways to boost our memoriesunderstand the complex process of mental functioningunderstand the relation between physical and mental healthThe most important thing in the news last week was the rising discussion in Nashville about the educational needs of children.


考研Airborne technologies, such as different types of radar and photographic equipment carried by airplanes or spacecraft, allow archaeologists to learn about what lies beneath the ground without digging.


四级So it isn't surprising that you'll find plenty of strong opinions about the potential vulnerabilities of popular home-security systems.


考研Will such variations bring about a change in the overall structure of the food and drink market? Definitely not.


六级Hello, today I’m going to talk about poverty.


高考Every college discussion about community values, social climate and behavior should include recognition of the developmental importance of student autonomy and self-regulation, of the necessary tension between safety and self-discovery.


六级What can be done about mass unemployment? All the wise heads agree: there're no quick or easy answers.


高考A listener in China, Wang ming, who is about to get an engineering degree, wants to know how American college graduates find jobs.


考研There are lessons about informed patient consent to learn.


六级Today's teenagers admire their parents and welcome parental guidance about important matters such as career choice—though certainly not Mom and Dad's advice on matters of personal taste, such as music or fashion.


高考Even more worryingly, the fascination with the Internet by people in rich countries has moved the international community to worry about the "digital divide" between the rich countries and the poor countries.


六级Having already enabled a communications revolution, the battery is now poised to transform just about everything else.


六级These math circles cost nothing, or they're very cheap for students to get involved in, but you have to know about them, said Rusczyk.


考研A Harvard Business School study found that observers consistently rated those who were frank about themselves more highly, while those who hid lost trustworthiness.

哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)的一项研究发现,观察者一贯认为那些对自己坦诚的人的评价更高,而那些隐瞒真相的人则失去了可信度。

四级Russians, for example, began to wake up about a half-hour later each day after President Vladimir Putin shifted the country permanently to winter time starting on October 26.


考研As a discovery claim works it through the community, the interaction and confrontation between shared and competing beliefs about the science and the technology involved transforms an individual’s discovery claim into the community’s credible discovery.


考研Ms Brooks may or may not have had suspicions about how her journalists got their stories, but she asked no questions, gave no instructions—nor received traceable, recorded answers.


四级Not everyone with a tendency to fantasise will develop HSAM, though, so Patihis suggests that something must have caused them to think so much about their past.


高考And I went into a speech about how hard I worked and the gains I was making.


考研But historically we have spent about 12 percent of our days contemplating the longer term.


六级Teachers in low-income urban and rural areas with no history of participating in math competitions may not know about advanced-math opportunities like MathCounts—and those who do may not have support or feel trained to lead them.


四级And Record and Austin are worried not just about the models themselves, but about the vast number of girls and women their images influence.


六级Throughout these series, you will learn more about the profession, the necessary steps to get a social work degree, the rich history of social work and many ways that social workers help others.


考研It also sent a clear message to the outside world about his aspirations.


六级Chinese officials say the expansion in Antarctica prioritises scientific research, but they also acknowledge that concerns about resource security influence their moves.


四级Abundant information about cooking is available either online or on TV.


高考About thirty percent of the world's exports of tea makes its way to London.


考研Privacy law builds on the concept of damage to an individual from identifiable knowledge about them.


考研Stemming climate change, for example, is as much about changing consumption patterns and promoting tax acceptance as it is about developing clean energy.


高考And there is nothing mysterious about the mighty forces.


六级Earlier this year, British explorer  Hadow and his team trekked for three months across the frozen Arctic Ocean, taking measurements and recording observations about the ice.


考研To take this approach to the New Englanders normally mean to start with the Puritans’ theological innovations and their distinctive ideas about the church-important subjects that we may not neglect.


高考An argument about different methods of moving blocks to the pyramid site.


考研But it is really happiness that's linked to investment, or could something else about happier cities explain why firms there spend more on R and D?


高考Daydreaming means people think about something pleasant, especially when this makes them forget what they should be doing.


考研The researchers’ argument stems from a simple observation about social influence,with the exception of a few celebrities like Oprah Winfrey-whose outsize presence is primarily a function of media,not interpersonal,influence-even the most influential members of a population simply don’t interact with that many others.

研究人员的论点来源于对社会影响的简单观察,除了奥普拉·温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)等少数名人,他们的超凡存在主要是媒体的作用,而不是人际影响,即使是人口中最有影响力的成员也不会与那么多其他人互动。

高考At first Robert wouldn't let his daughter go diving, but eventually he gave in as she was so confidence about her skills.


高考Competent adults know more about love than work.


高考Between the ages of about 12 and 50, women produce hormones that are involved in fertility (生育能力).


六级But US researchers quietly complain about budget restraints and having far fewer icebreakers than Russia, limiting the reach of the United States in Antarctica.


考研At the same time, the policy addresses none of the truly thorny questions about homework.


高考Ask about today's activities at the great hall information desk.


六级Enrollees would have to pay more money for many services out of their own pockets, and that would encourage them to think twice about whether an expensive or redundant test was worth it.


六级I’m going to define what love is, but then most of the experiments I’m going to talk about are really focused more on attraction than love.


考研This type of integrity requires well-enforced laws in government transparency, such as records of official meetings, rules on lobbying, and information about each elected leader’s source of wealth.


四级We all have our own ideas about what would bring our parents happiness.


六级It is natural for students to make complaints about university education.


考研In the idealized version of how science is done, facts about the world are waiting to be observed and collected by objective researchers who use the scientific method to carry out their work.


考研Even Tommasini, who had advocated Gilbert’s appointment in the Times, calls him “an unpretentious musician with no air of the formidable conductor about him”.


四级I'm talking about a ‘simulation(' 模 拟), I'm talking about ‘being able to solve this problem.

我说的是“模拟”模 拟), 我说的是‘能够解决这个问题’。

高考For the first time, I feel good about myself because I'm doing something, not because someone told me I was doing good.


考研Certainly, there are valid concerns about the patchwork regulations that could result if every state sets its own rules.


高考Every year about 40, 000 people attempt to climb kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.


六级They are concerned about social issues.


考研Failure can also teach us things about ourselves that we would never have learned otherwise.


考研At the start of this century, about one-third of crop workers were over the age of 35.


四级But what I learned, and what stuck with me through my time teaching writing at Harvard, was a deeper lesson about the nature of creative criticism.


六级We have to understand and think about the implications, and balance these great innovations with the potential downsides they naturally carry with them.


四级If we are designing for engineers, I'm not talking about a ‘game' at all, Cornetti says.


六级You know, one of the first things I like to tell people when they ask me about the supplements, is that a lot of them are promoted as a cure for your memory, but your memory doesn’t need a cure.


六级Train students to think about global issues.


四级On Sunday, the castle’s owner John Gordon, 76, was forced to move out his property after the River Dee swept away about 60 feet of land, leaving the castle dangerously close to the river, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

根据苏格兰每日记录,周日,城堡的主人约翰·戈登(John Gordon),76岁,在迪河冲走了大约60英尺的土地后,被迫搬走了他的财产,使城堡危险地靠近河流。