词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ab 去掉,离去 + sorb 吸收 → 吸收掉 → …………
联想记忆ab(去除) + sorb(糟粕) → 去其槽粕,取其精华 → 吸收,吸引 → absorb vt.吸收; …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
mob / job / rob / sober / sob / absorb
这群人(mob)有工作(job),还去抢劫(rob)银行,等他 …………
absorb / suck / digest / incorporate
absorb → 普通用词,词义广泛,既可指吸收光、热、液体等具体东西,又可指吸收知识等抽象概念的东西。
suck → 作“吸收”解时 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
absorbent n 吸收剂(absorb吸收)
transient a 短暂的(trans转移+i+ent)
sentient a 有知觉的(sent感觉+i+ent)
prevalent a 流 …………
absorb its essence and resist its dark side 吸收精华,抵御黑暗面
absorb its essence and discard its dross 取其精华,弃其糟粕
absorb energy from the sun 从太阳吸收能量
absorb its virtues and to resist its dark side 吸收它的优点,抵制它的阴暗面
absorb dust 吸收灰尘
absorb its essence 吸收其精华
to absorb its virtues and to resist its dark side 吸收它的优点,抵制它的阴暗面
absorb the essence 吸收精华
absorb these charges 吸收这些费用
absorb the achievements of foreign cultures 吸收外国文化的成果
absorb one's attention 吸引某人的注意力
absorb idle fund 吸收闲置资金
to absorb oxygen 吸收氧气
the ability to absorb advanced technology from overseas 吸收海外先进技术的能力
The distracted reader can't be absorbed in the abstract extract.
Can your brain absorb all this information?
The question is whether the markets can absorb these demands for funds.
Cotton gloves absorb sweat.
The photovoltaic panels can directly absorb solar energy, providing thermal insulation for the factory while effectively reducing building energy consumption.
To further expand Chinese firms' presence in overseas markets, Zhang said more efforts should be made to increase the acquisition of foreign talent and teams, which would be beneficial for their local operations, and to absorb exceptional talent from different countries and regions in terms of creative culture, game design and localization channels.
More than half of the interviewed companies going overseas do so to absorb overseas resources and experience, and acquire leading technologies and top talent, which support their cutting-edge innovations.
"We no longer regard China as just a big manufacturing country with low labor costs," Homma said while emphasizing China is an innovation powerhouse with sufficient talent and a strong ability to absorb new technologies.
Production costs of such jet fuel are also more expensive than regular kerosene, making it a clear concern for airlines' ability to absorb the costs.
China Energy undertook all the rights and obligations of the Gezhouba Group in early September and issued A shares to shareholders of Gezhouba Group to absorb and merge the company.
The carbon emissions related to the production of the clothing, which includes over 11,000 pairs of swimming trunks exported to the United States, were offset by afforestation activities which help absorb carbon dioxide by generating a forest carbon sink, according to HOdo.
Nicole Peng, vice-president of mobility at Canalys, said as key components like chipsets and memory increase in price, smartphone vendors also have to decide whether to absorb that cost or pass it on to consumers.
State Grid said it will build a stable, safe and economical power transmission channel to further absorb more clean energy, based on complementary multi-energy mix of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic in the country, said Xin Baoan, executive chairman of the Beijing-based central State-owned enterprise.
It can be largely attributed to LITB's resolve, since He took office as CEO in 2018, to continue investing in technology, maintain stricter selection of products, restructure management and absorb staff members of Ezbuy, the Singaporean e-commerce platform that the company bought out in late 2018.
"Financing is the biggest problem restricting the development of microlending companies, which are not allowed to absorb public deposits.
As the essential material to make masks, the non-woven fabric is the core raw material that serves as the filtering layer in the middle part of masks to absorb dust, bacteria and pollen.
PCMs release heat when they freeze, and absorb heat when they melt.
Apart from technology collaboration, the two companies will further enhance financial cooperation such as developing investment and financial businesses by participating in each other's initiatives to absorb investors and setting up a fund, the agreement said.
The NBAA tried at the ABACE to bring industry leaders and professionals together to share experiences and absorb China's experience in developing its aviation industry.
Foci Pharma's concentrated pills are easy to swallow and absorb.
The project, designed to absorb 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next 30 years, has already paid dividends since launch.
Last month, it announced it would cut the prices of its new Model S and Model X in China by up to 25 percent to absorb "a significant part of the tariff to help make our cars more affordable for customers in China".
According to market consultancy Frost & Sullivan, co-working will become a major business model for office building leasing in China by 2022, as the sector will absorb up to 16 percent of commercial office space by that time.
The mega-sized deal is too large for the local market to absorb, and comes at a challenging time, when the flagship benchmark Hang Seng Index has fallen 4.97 percent this month and 3.22 percent this year amid a global sell-off, said Matthew Kwok, managing director of China Goldjoy Asset Management Ltd.
The more diversity you have, the higher the system's ability to absorb risks.
BOCOM International Strategist & Head of Research Hong Hao, however, said Xiaomi's valuation may be too high for the market to absorb the mega-sized deal, especially given that the city's equity market has suffered a monthslong liquidity crunch.
The thin-film solar panel can absorb and convert sunlight into electricity and can be manufactured at low cost, which is ideal for exterior walls of buildings.
The product could be attached to the nasal cavity and absorb the PM 2.5 in the air that is breathed in.
"We are scrambling to absorb all the licensed technologies from Qualcomm.
As part of the reform, Bright Food (Group) Co Ltd will absorb Shanghai Fisheries Group Co Ltd. Shanghai Fisheries will thus become a wholly owned subsidiary of Bright Food.
In addition to keynote speeches from senior officials, experts and business executives, the event also includes a main forum and sub-forums for business representatives to expand exchanges and cooperation and absorb wisdom for the high-quality development of Guangdong province.
This would be beneficial for local operations and absorb first-class talent from different countries and regions in terms of creative culture, games design and localization channels, among others. "
People's Bank of China (PBOC)-China's central bank-will provide better financing for water conservancy projects, as the projects can help absorb large investments and create intensive jobs in the short term, while safeguarding food security, facilitating green development, and relieving natural disasters in the long run, according to a meeting jointly held by the PBOC and the Ministry of Water Resources on June 13.
"Even when such unforeseeable shocks like the pandemic happened, the very strong foundations of these key economic categories were able to absorb it," Onunaiju explained.
They either have to absorb such rising costs and settle for lower profits or raise product prices to remain profitable and grow.
If financial markets cannot absorb inflation, price rises in the real economy could lead to significant issues, he added.
For Sichuan and Fujian, which have high forest coverage, "carbon sinks" that absorb billions of metric tons of CO2 need to be highlighted.
"Hainan is ideally placed to absorb Chinese luxury duty-free demand.
The crucial difference is again openness to immigration: countries expected to absorb a larger number of immigrants will age more slowly.
Resilient cities are cities that have the ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks (economic, environmental, social and institutional).
"The ADB's report suggested that this year, in order to address potential challenges and safeguard financial stability, China's financial regulators may need to improve nonperforming loan management, consolidate the banking sector in an orderly manner and strengthen commercial banks' capitalization as the buffer to absorb shocks.
He said the State Council, the country's Cabinet, will study and absorb their suggestions and carry out government work with solid and effective measures.
It should keep policies and regulations, especially the implementation of policies and regulations, stable so as to be able to absorb the impact of any volatility in markets.
Regarding new orders, Ding said Rollmax Shutter needs to calculate the unit price based on the new costs, and adjust the product's selling prices appropriately to absorb the additional expenses, ultimately to be borne by the buyers.
For example, sportswear and children's clothing producers have also developed functions that help to repel mosquitos and absorb perspiration.
Raffles Shenzhen has improved its green product design and introduced artificial intelligence technology and digital applications, such as an intelligent energy consumption induction system, an electrostatic filter that can absorb 0.01-micron aerosol, a rainwater collection and recycling system, and intelligent water-saving bathroom facilities.
Solar panels are most productive when they absorb direct sunlight, but they still work in cloudy conditions, according to Zhang Long of Zigui's bureau of rural vitalization.
The official said preliminary investigations conducted by public security organs found that Henan New Fortune Group manipulated five village banks in Henan and Anhui provinces to illegally absorb and occupy public funds and covered up illegal behaviors by cooking raw business data.
Domestic hospitality can get a vital upgrade if they absorb more independent hoteliers in small cities and implement localization strategies, the professor added.
On the other hand, as Guangdong has also been stepping up offshore wind power development in recent years, it will be more challenging for the local power grid network to absorb all the green but intermittent power.
Instead, it has come from one of the unique properties of bamboo-to absorb carbon.
The earnings from the trading are expected to be invested into new energy development and will enhance the power system's capacity to absorb renewable energy, it said.
China's ever-growing service sector, with new industries constantly emerging, has served to absorb labor.
The current overarching direction for controlling the Chinese real estate sector is correct, but more time is needed to absorb and address the problems that have accumulated over the past 20 years.
"Despite future competition, the company can also absorb some of the experiences that domestic companies have had during their expansion, especially as a slew of local online education firms have been faced with bottlenecks in boosting profits," he said.
As China's online education sector continues to grow, the company is also able to absorb some of the experiences that domestic companies have had during their expansion, especially as a slew of local online education firms have been faced with bottlenecks in boosting profits, Yao said.
"Central banks and investors may absorb the market surplus as they seek gold for portfolio diversification and possibly as a hedge if inflationary pressures return on the substantial stimulus measures injected amid the global health crisis," she added.
The company said it will further absorb more wind and solar power during the second half.
However, a less flexible power supply makes it challenging for the grid to absorb more renewable power, Jiang said.
"With sufficient power capacity developed over the past few years, China needs to further develop a more flexible power load, including intelligent charging piles and storage batteries, to adjust the supply-demand balance, better absorb solar and wind power and make sure efficient integration of renewables is regular practice in the power grid," he said.
Domestic companies are also developing a more flexible power grid to better absorb clean energy in the country.
"We have made a lot of preparations to qualify Jumia to absorb the intense pressure on the website, relying on technology for online safety and protection to encourage customers to use electronic payment," Hesham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Egypt, said.
In addition, I can absorb some useful information, which is very effective," Ye said.
"Small- and micro-sized firms and individual businesses are the main sectors in the country to absorb migrant workers.
Regional retail chains do not have the same capacity to absorb those financial shocks, it added.
This means that the fabric can absorb dust, bacteria and pollen effectively.
He urged efforts to improve the country's oil and gas reserves and its capacity to cope with emergencies, with more steps to develop hydropower, wind and solar energy and to enable the power grid to better absorb power generated by clean energy.
They absorb (color) through the base of the stem and it reaches the bud," Luzuriaga said.
"At that stage, our costs will go up due to the tariffs, so we might have to pass some of that on to our customers, because we can't absorb them all.
China has led the world in solar-power capacity for the last three years, reaching 130 gW by the end of 2017, but much of that electricity has gone unused, with grids unable to absorb 7.3 billion kWh of solar-generated power in 2017, or 6 percent of the solar power China produced last year, the NEA said.
As China's electric car makers produce and sell more cars, they have also been able to absorb costs more effectively.
"BMW China will not be able to completely absorb the higher tariffs for cars imported from the US," a spokesperson of the DAX-listed company told the press in Munich.
"Auto sales have flattened in recent months, and manufacturers are not prepared to absorb a sharp increase in costs to build cars and trucks in America.
The hood, which pops up under impact, is said to create more space to absorb head impact energy and reduce the severity of these injuries.
"Incentives are up, but so are sales of vehicles that can absorb discounts.
With its precisely defined deformation zones - which absorb the impact from collisions - and even stiffer passenger cell, the third generation of the BMW 5 Series set new standards in safety.
Following the Silicon Valley Bank collapse in March, US commercial banks' ability to absorb US Treasurys has declined.
Meanwhile, after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in March, the ability of US commercial banks to absorb US Treasury bonds has declined.
Luo Zhiheng, chief economist at Yuekai Securities, said it is also important to promote deposit rate decreases so that smaller banks can maintain a reasonable net interest margin rate — the difference between the interest rate banks charge on loans and the rate they pay out to depositors — and have more funding to absorb losses derived from nonperforming loans.
Electrolyte manufacturers in particular have faced margin issues, having to absorb lithium costs given the bargaining power of their downstream counterparts.
Fed's hikes may pile FX pressure, but China's positives will absorb shocksWith the US Federal Reserve continuing to tighten its monetary policy sharply, the world's major currencies, including the Chinese yuan, are experiencing downward pressure, but excessive concern over the renminbi's depreciation is unwarranted, given China's strong economic fundamentals and its $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, experts said on Thursday.
Shao Yu, chief economist at Orient Securities, said there is still room for China to tamp down interest rates based on domestic economic conditions, as the growing flexibility of the renminbi exchange rate helps absorb the negative impacts of the Fed's tightening.
The CBIRC official said in the newspaper interview that preliminary investigations conducted by public security organs found that Henan New Fortune Group manipulated five village banks in Henan and Anhui provinces to illegally absorb and occupy public funds and covered up illegal behaviors by cooking raw business data.
It has supported the cultivation and maintenance of forests covering nearly 4 million hectares, which are expected to absorb 72 million tons of carbon per year after China reaches its planned carbon peak in 2030.
Carbon sinks, like forests and grasslands, absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Some experts suggested the TLAC instruments should attract enough long-term, stable and diversified investors with the capacity to absorb losses.
China officially launched regulatory rules to secure capital cushions in big banks to absorb losses and prevent systemic risks in line with global standards, government officials said.
So far, China has no such formal framework to regulate Big Tech; but, the People's Bank of China, the central bank, recently introduced rules for big traditional financial institutions, to ensure they have sufficient resources to absorb any possible systemic shocks.
A flexible RMB exchange rate could absorb most of the external shocks, Zhang said.
Support from the government will underpin policy banks' capital, which is a buffer to absorb credit losses if the lenders cannot afford that through their own earnings, said Nicholas Zhu, an analyst with Moody's.
PBOC: 'Big Four' banks to adopt Basel capital adequacy standards by 2025China has issued new rules that seek to improve the ability of the country's global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) to absorb losses and adhere to the global regulatory standards on capital adequacy and liquidity by Jan 1, 2025, as part of the ongoing efforts to prevent systemic financial risks.
They are not allowed to absorb public deposits.
Liquidity in the banking system stays at a relatively high level that can absorb the impacts of maturing reverse repo contracts and financial institutions' deposit reserves, the PBOC said in an online statement.
"But for now fiscal buffers remain sufficient to absorb the credit impact of these measures," it pointed out.
In particular, the modern financial system continues to absorb various technological innovations in the development process.
The move to cut the RRR by 50 basis points will inject around 800 billion yuan ($114.75 billion) into the market, which will absorb impacts from factors including maturing reverse repos, the People's Bank of China said on its website.
The move to cut the RRR by 50 basis points will inject around 800 billion yuan ($113.22 billion) into the market, which will absorb impacts from factors including maturing reverse repos, the People's Bank of China said on its website.
What is now in place to propel the market is an accommodative monetary environment, the limited capacity for the real estate market to absorb residents' savings, and the governments' strong commitment to capital market reforms.
But Libra will be able to absorb deposits, provide payment services and take asset management business without being responsible for countering money laundering or financing of terrorism like general financial institutions, said Mu.
The central bank bill is a debt-financing instrument through which the monetary authorities can absorb funds from investors and tighten liquidity.
Central bank bills are debt-financing instruments through which the monetary authorities can absorb funds from investors and tighten liquidity.
Wang said the country's foreign exchange market is able to "absorb" the impact of accelerating securities market opening-up, citing China's healthy economic fundamentals and the breadth and depth of the market.
"Liquidity in the banking system is at a relatively high level, able to absorb the impacts of factors including cash injections and payments for government bond issuance," a PBOC statement said.
Moves to ensure regulatory compliance and boost financial sector opening-upChinese financial regulators will continually encourage commercial banks to develop innovative debt instruments and replenish capital, in order to meet regulatory standards and strengthen their ability to absorb losses, said senior officials.

高考But a transparent animal doesn't have pigments, so its tissues won't absorb light.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考But a transparent object doesn't absorb or scatter light, at least not very much, light can pass through it without bending or stopping.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考It takes sunscreen about fifteen minutes to start working, and that's plenty of time for your skin to absorb a day's worth of Vitamin D.


2019年高考英语全国卷I 阅读理解 七选五 原文

高考Living materials can stop light because they contain pigments that absorb specific colors of light.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考Others absorb light, stopping it dead in its tracks.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考When condors eat dead bodies of other animals containing lead, they absorb large quantities of lead.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考While watching TV, children do not merely absorb words and images.


2015年高考英语广东卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级Get off a stop earlier, make a circuit of the park at lunchtime, walk the child to and from school, get a dog, feel yourself moving in moving air, look, listen, absorb.



四级That's the conclusion of a new study that finds that Earth's oceans now 26 absorb heat at twice the rate they did 18 years ago.


2016年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section A

六级Lots of people swear they can absorb new information more efficiently at some times of the day than at others.


2017年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级Research shows that when we absorb information in order to teach it to someone else, we learn it more accurately and deeply, perhaps in part because we are engaging our social cognition.


2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

考研But this seems to be the irony of office speak: Everyone makes fun of it, but managers love it, companies depend on it, and regular people willingly absorb it.


2015年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研Helping forests flourish as valuable "carbon sinks" long into the future may require reducing their capacity to absorb carbon now.


2019年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研The climate change we are hastening could one day leave us with forests that emit more carbon than they absorb.


2019年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级But numerous studies have now found that when classroom material is made harder to absorb, pupils retain more of it over the long term, and understand it on a deeper level.



四级The work is difficult and is likely to absorb the whole of your mind.



四级It might sound like science fiction, but researchers are increasingly focusing on the relationship between the knowledge and skills our brains absorb during the day and the fragmented, often bizarre imaginings they generate at night.



考研The next remedy is to absorb it on its way to the ear.



考研During the same period, families have been asked to absorb much more risk in their retirement income.