词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ac 加强 + col〔= coll〕脖子 + ad …………
谐音记忆俺渴来的 → 运动员荣誉、称赞是怎么来的,是口渴(俺辛苦训练,口干舌燥)得来的 → accolade n. …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
accolade v 奖励,授骑士士爵位礼(把奖品挂在脖子上)
oll=neck (脖子)
collar n 衣领
accolade v 奖励,授骑士士爵位礼(把奖品挂在脖子上)
The Accolade 荣誉称号授予仪式
Accolade Wines 美誉葡萄酒公司
1. The Nobel Prize has become the ultimate accolade in the sciences.
2. The accolade, awarded by the magazaine Total Politics, goes to the bizarre video cover of the Bucks Fizz classic "Making your mind up".
由TotalPolitics 颁发的荣誉,授予给了BucksFizz 怪异的古典音乐《振作起来》的视频封面。
3. That is my ultimate accolade.
4. That was a high accolade.
5. But the biggest film accolade eluded him.
The actor received accolades for his outstanding performance in the film.
Her novel was met with universal acclaim from critics and readers alike.
After winning the gold medal, she was showered with accolades from her fans.
His culinary skills earned him accolades from food critics around the world.
The new restaurant has garnered accolades for its innovative cuisine.
The orchestra's conductor received an accolade for their mesmerizing performance.
The architect's design was hailed with accolades for its sustainable features.
She received accolades for her humanitarian work in disaster relief efforts.
His groundbreaking research earned him accolades within the scientific community.
The film festival bestowed several accolades on deserving filmmakers this year.
Qatar Airways won four top prizes at this year's 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards, including the highest accolade of "World's Best Airline", to become the only airline in the competition's history to win it five times (2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019).
The airline has been named the "Best Airline in the Middle East" for a third consecutive year, while its "World's Best Business Class" accolade is the company's fourth year in a row winning that award.
To achieve this accolade for a fifth time is a remarkable achievement, and we congratulate them for this unique success.
Apple leapfrogs Amazon to reclaim most-valuable status, Google in thirdApple has overtaken Amazon and Google to reclaim the title of world's most-valuable brand, an accolade it has not held since 2016, according to the latest report from the London-based brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.
China was named a "country of honor", an accolade that organizers said shows the country's new strategic importance and reflects its ambition to export more programming globally.
The award made Nio the first Chinese automaker to win the much-coveted accolade, which is usually won by German and Japanese brands.
In 2022, the accolade went to Geometry C from Chinese carmaker Geely.
BMW to take on Chinese electric rivalsGerman carmaker BMW once again took home the accolade of the best-selling premium marque in China in 2022, but the majority of its sales were gasoline vehicles.
The award, garnered by the ET7 within one month of its arrival in Europe, has made Nio the first Chinese carmaker to win the much coveted accolade, which is usually won by traditional German and Japanese brands.
"The XC40 really deserved this accolade.
"With that, premium car customers here in China have delivered to us the accolade of being their first choice among premium brands in the first quarter of 2017," Speeks added.