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public accumulation fund 公共公积金
primitive accumulation 原始堆积
accumulation fund 公积金
accumulation of radioactive waste 放射性废物积聚
credit accumulation and transfer 信贷积累和转移
Mary's only interest was the accumulation of money.
The accumulation of knowledge can not be completed overnight.
The collection symbolizes hidden strength, unlimited potential for everyone, the accumulation of energy, and readiness for opportunities, said the company.
Chen Lei, chairman of the board of directors and co-chief executive officer of PDD Holdings, said one significant core advantage of Temu lies in the accumulation of its supply chain expertise.
PDD Holdings董事会主席兼联席首席执行官陈磊表示,特牧的一个重要核心优势在于其供应链专业知识的积累。
He said the water used in the project will undergo a complete water exchange within 10 days, preventing the accumulation of pollutants at high concentrations over extended periods and ensuring that the water quality within the city remains compliant with government standards.
China's centrally administered State-owned enterprises will rely on their advantages, such as scale, technology and talent accumulation, to bolster cooperation with economies participating in the BRI as well as other parts of the world, said Qian Zhimin, board chairman of Beijing-based State Power Investment Corp. Qian said China's central SOEs have a distinct advantage in taking part in international projects.
In the future, we will use innovation and blockchain technology to expand the possibilities of products, and continue to drive the accumulation of users on the platform, and present new views and community game content to global users.
We can definitely stand at the forefront of the world's biomedical innovation with capital assistance after accumulations and summarizations," said Niu Xiaofeng, R&D director of Elpiscience, a Shanghai-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on cancer immunotherapy.
Some of these businesses, which have risen rapidly over the years due to the accumulation of clinical trial experience over decades, the country's streamlined medical regulatory mechanism and an ecosystem encouraging vibrant innovation under the Healthy China 2030 initiative, may even secure places in the world's first echelon of this frontier sector, the experts said.
With China aiming to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, the nation's carbon pledges, backed by its technology accumulation and complete industrial chain, will play a major role domestically and internationally in innovation, which should help meet its objectives, the company said in a statement.
Industry experts said such high-speed growth medical research results from China are a result of more than 15 years of accumulation in new drug development experience, conducting clinical trials and a talent reservoir.
With China aiming to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, the nation's carbon pledges, backed by its technology accumulation and complete industrial chain, will play a major role domestically and internationally in innovation, which should help meet its objectives, said Song.
With the industry and society being more and more aware of the true value of AI, AI technology has entered a period of rapid application after long-term investment and accumulation," Li said.
Sun Da, deputy head of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said the market approval of the three Chinese patent drugs for treatment of COVID-19, including Huashi Baidu Granule, represented the recognition of the clinical efficacy and accumulation of scientific data of TCM in the treatment of COVID-19, and marked another achievement of TCM development.
It has to pass through a volcanic accumulation layer, with poor self-stabilization capacity.
""The strategic cooperation will give full play to Microsoft Research Asia's more than 20 years of technology accumulation in artificial intelligence, and explore the application potential of AI in the medical aesthetics industry.
"We know that the battle between humanity and disease is a long journey, and more patience, accumulation, confidence and hope are needed," the foundation said in a statement, adding the money will help medical research efforts and disease prevention.
"The regulatory authorities should encourage the Chinese private sector to get its hands on technological accumulation and application of digital currency and digital assets.
"The joint venture benefits from ArcelorMittal's technology accumulation and global resources, including over 199,000 employees, 12 research and development centers, industrial facilities and supporting facilities in over 60 countries and regions, Teixeira said.
"Yung also mentioned that the company will continue to focus on three areas – the accumulation of new technologies and innovations, the strengthening of a client-oriented business model, and promoting enterprises to shift their model of procuring and using traditional IT resources to using cloud services.
"The spirit of entrepreneurs, coupled with our previous low-level data accumulation and extensive application market, has taken China to an internet era and opened an opportunity to apply AI technologies.
"Sogou has 500 million daily users of input method and 400 million daily users of search engine, so we are clear about application scenarios and data accumulation for AI development," Wang said.
You will see us entering the data game more and more, harnessing technology to accelerate the accumulation, analysis and dissemination of data and so improve our services.
Biofilm is created by an accumulation of bacteria that develops a protective matrix made up of organic polymers.
"We have gained the technical breakthrough based on China's accumulation in fly-by-wire flight control, advanced navigation, integrated avionics and automatic control.
However, it is equally crucial to recognize the continuous accumulation of favorable factors that contribute to the development of China's economy and foreign trade, He Yadong, a spokesman for the ministry, said at a news conference.
China currently has a substantial debt load as a result of the accumulation of local government arrears over time.
This will contribute to the accumulation of experience in advancing a high-standard and system-oriented openness, Tang added.
"Given the ongoing accumulation of favorable circumstances, we are optimistic that sound performance of foreign trade will continue in the fourth quarter, and that the annual foreign trade goal will be met in ways that will ensure stability and enhance quality," Shu said.
By fully leveraging the comparative advantages of each country and utilizing rules of origin accumulation, a high-quality industrial chain with global competitive edge is being cultivated within the East Asian region.
Under such circumstances, accumulation of the rules of origin in the RCEP has spurred the rapid growth of intermediate goods trade, leading to the increasing integration and development of regional industrial and value chains.
Chinese SOEs, which have tremendous experience in technology accumulation and practices in the domestic market, are capable of spearheading these transformational projects, which include onshore and offshore wind power units, photovoltaic power stations, pumped storage power plants and sewage treatment facilities, they said, acknowledging the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship.
It is vital to acknowledge the disparities in wealth accumulation between China and developed economies and refrain from reaching hasty conclusions.
The accumulation of further positive factors is bolstering the prospects for sustained high-quality development, Wang noted.
It should also be noted that these challenges are not inevitable consequences of the process, but rather the accumulation of various barriers that hinder it and a result of the weakening of the multilateral trade mechanisms that underpin a stable world economy.
The accumulation of other factors — such as global debt burden, heightened financial market turbulence, food and energy shortages, disruptions in industrial and supply chains, and frequent climate disasters — have shown how multifaceted current global economic risks can be.
Adjacent to Hangzhou Bay, the town was formed by the accumulation of sediment carried by the Yangtze and Qiantang rivers.
After years of capital and technology accumulation, it shifted toward exporting high value-added products and signing more free trade agreements.
"China's manufacturing industry has many supporting resources, potent human capital and an accumulation of technical skills," said Wang Jian, director of the International Business Research Center at the University of International Business and Economics.
Feasible solutions include gradually extending the retirement age, increasing human capital accumulation through education and training, and replacing labor with new technologies.
In the past four decades, Guangdong has laid a solid foundation in quantitative accumulation.
The expansion is mainly driven by the rapid accumulation of household assets.
Driven by technology accumulation and the government's opening-up measures, general trade, which represents a longer production chain and higher added-value as the key indicator of a country's foreign trade competence, grew by 12.4 percent year-on-year to reach 24.47 trillion yuan ($3.5 trillion) during the January-November period last year, accounting for 63.8 percent of China's total trade volume, data from the General Administration of Customs showed.
Large companies often have strong advantages in process and quality management based on long-term accumulation of operating experience, but SMEs are more flexible in product design and marketing.
With the mutation of the virus, the popularization of vaccination, and the accumulation of experience in prevention and control, China has announced that it will be downgrading its management of COVID-19 as of Jan 8, 2023.
The "factors" in distribution according to factors of production are allocated and used through the entry of wealth formed by income accumulation in the market, which is usually expressed as "capital".
The nation will raise the proportion of residents' income in national income distribution, increase the proportion of labor remuneration in the primary distribution, improve the policy system for income distribution according to production factors, and regulate the income distribution order and the wealth accumulation mechanism, according to Jiang.
Under the RCEP framework, many favorable policies such as tariff reductions and the principle of accumulation of origin have been implemented, which has gradually highlighted the comparative advantage of export growth between China and ASEAN.
Under the RCEP framework, many favorable policies, such as tariff reductions and the principle of accumulation of origin, have been implemented, which has gradually highlighted the comparative advantage of export growth between China and ASEAN.
After a certain accumulation of high returns, demand for real assets-mainly real estate-and financial assets like bank savings management products and stock, began to surge, which has led to capital dividend acceleration in the country.
They can avoid homogeneous price competition and allow the market to value the differentiation and uniqueness of their products made possible by the accumulation of technology and patents.
However, what should be noted is that the amount in Shanghai does not include the social insurance and housing accumulation fund paid by the individual employee, as these should be paid by employers separately.
"It will help in the accumulation of diverse experiences from different localities, which is key to making sound preparation for establishing a long-term mechanism for real estate regulation," Jia said, adding this will help the central government develop an overview.
"Backed by China's complete industrial chains and years of technology accumulation, the technological level of the nation's machinery exports has surged significantly despite the disruption of the pandemic," said Chen Shihua, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Beijing.
"Liaoning province has unique advantages in industrial accumulation, talent reserves and software resources.
"The increase of average life expectancy is expected to promote the increase of average years of schooling, and thus raise the overall quality of workforce in China, and the accumulation of human capital will help make up for the decline of demographic dividend," Fu said.
In the process of promoting the accumulation of pension assets overseas, there are various kinds of financial products, such as long-term care insurance, target-date fund, and housing reverse mortgage.
"For example, he said, member countries of the RCEP can rely on the resource factor advantages and production bases for intermediate products as well as the technological advantages of advanced economies in the region, and make full use of the rules of accumulation of origin to form a closed loop of the regional industrial chain, supply chain and value chain.
"By holding the expo, we will give further play to the policy advantages of the Hainan Free Trade Port, effectively promote the accumulation of high-end goods, capital, talent and other resources and vigorously promote the development of the services sector, such as exhibitions, modern logistics, commerce and trade, and circulation and design," said Rong Yansong, deputy director of the Hainan provincial department of commerce.
To promote the accumulation of household wealth and consumption upgrade, the development of asset management and consumer finance services must speed up.
Development strategies used in the past in various zones and "new areas" no longer appear like policy incentives nor would they result in accumulation of production factors.
China now has the second-largest billionaire group worldwide, despite COVID-19 putting a dent in global wealth accumulation, according to a recent report.
Between 2019 and 2020, health industries, materials, and entertainment and media, represented by online gaming, fueled the most growth of wealth accumulation in China.
The study also forecast eight technologies, from artificial intelligence and augmented reality to block chain and internet of things, to be essential to future disruptive growth that could potentially propel wealth accumulation over the next three to five years.
Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the China Passenger Car Association, said that after a long period of "accumulation," China's automobile exports have reached a stage of exponential growth.
"China is still a good place (for development), considering its population, economic growth speed, and wealth accumulation," she added.
Fueled by technological accumulation and industrial upgrading, China saw new orders — a major indicator within the shipbuilding industry — account for 68.8 percent of the global market share during the eight-month period, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
"And for our company, the early accumulation of technology has played an important role in our competition with other businesses by winning us more market opportunities.
At the same time, it shares technological accumulation and project construction experience with companies from countries involved in the League of Arab States and African Union, in the fields of smart energy systems, large-scale photovoltaic power plants and ecological environment restoration, Chen said.
They are now relying on their accumulation of technology and the country's well-developed industrial chain to compete with their South Korean rivals in building LNG carriers, he said.
"The popularity of cross-border e-commerce livestreaming in minor languages in Nanning is expected to rise continuously and drive the accumulation of resources such as talent, materials and more cross-border platforms," said Zhao Hui, head of overseas projects at Guangxi Tus.
She said she believes "years of technological accumulation by Chinese companies will bear the fruit of major breakthroughs in the sector".
It has to pass through a volcanic accumulation layer with poor self-stabilization capacity.
An said frequent strong winds carrying sharp grains of sand can lead to sand accumulation on PV modules and even damage, which can cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance tasks.
The platform can also collect data regarding sand accumulation on PV modules and decide on the timing and frequency of cleanings that will keep costs to a minimum," he said.
In the early stage, the sub-brand mainly focused on reputation accumulation.
The company exported 6,542-megawatt solar products last year and its position as a major component supplier worldwide has been further strengthened thanks to years of technological accumulation, he said.
However, excellence requires the accumulation of knowledge and skills in many different areas," Hui said.
Medical workers should devote themselves to the cause of healthcare with a meticulous and pragmatic spirit and look to build up their skills through the accumulation of experience from every case, he said.
The accumulation of personal experience and others, together with rapid learning ability, help to build stronger individuals and organizations, said Duan Dong, chief human resources officer of the domestic service platform Daojia Group.
"The second and third pillars should further develop to accelerate accumulation of pension," he said, adding that the awareness of increasing wealth reserves for the future should be enhanced to encourage people to get well-prepared for old age, and thus spur demand for related financial services.
Yan explained that the epidemic led to an increase in demand for bicycles to maintain social distancing and keep fit, and months of suspension of the industry also led to an accumulation of orders, resulting in a rapid rebound after the shutdown.
Huang Zheng, CEO of e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, and Liu Qiangdong, head of online retailer JD, all saw significant wealth accumulation in a year of contagion, when the role of online-to-offline shopping has risen in prominence.
China now has the second-largest billionaire group behind the United States, despite COVID-19 putting a dent in global wealth accumulation, according to a separate report this month by UBS and consultancy PwC.
"The common thread running through the entire vaccination cycle is data, the sharing and smart deployment of which will assist authorities to keep track of disease prevention and data accumulation nationwide," said Mike Zhang, general manager of Sanofi Pasteur China.
In addition, they should pay attention to the accumulation of data information resources and improve the information security protection capabilities at shipyards.
However, Yu also pointed out that Tang still needs a long process of data accumulation before she can develop independent learning and decision-making abilities.
With a better testing environment and more data accumulation, China will make more breakthroughs in the autonomous driving industry.
According to Sun Kai, a CTCE technician on the site, building such a test center was a daunting task as the strata had lots of sedimentary rock formations, while its surface was mainly saline-alkali deserts with an accumulation of thenardite, a sodium sulfate mineral, seen largely in salt lakes and arid regions.
The brand is the result of BAIC's accumulation of expertise in new energy vehicles in the past few years with three major partners-Daimler, Huawei and Magna-helping in the brand's development, said BAIC Chairman Xu Heyi.
"Arcfox is the latest result based on the BJEV's accumulation of expertise in new energy vehicles in the past years," Yu said.
With years of technological accumulation in new energy vehicles and rail transport systems, BYD will collaborate with Huawei, a leader in AI, 5G, cloud computing and big data, to forge ahead with the transformation and upgrading of mobility services, according to the agreement signed here Monday.
Liu Yigong, president of FAWVolkswagen, said: "With 28 years' accumulation on systematic capacity, FAW-Volkswagen will promote the rapid development of Jetta.
"Apparently, time is running out, and everybody is aware what a challenging position domestic automakers will be in, in terms of quality, branding, technology accumulation and other factors," Xu said.
Chen Qunyi, vice-president of IAT Automobile Technology Co, said that the automobile sector requires constant learning and long-term knowledge accumulation for long-term success.
"At present, we are in a stage of technical accumulation and research.
"Our success comes from years of accumulation and innovation.
The product also came as the company leverages its accumulation of robotics technologies to make the riding experience smarter and safer.
Without the accumulation of productive forces, the metaverse is just a utopian chimera.
As Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said, chips are the crown of smartphones; they mirror how high the technical thresholds for hardware are and reflect the technical accumulations a company has in hardware.
To this end, Megvii, based on its years of technology accumulation, said it has effectively improved the accuracy of palmprints recognition in difficult scenarios such as strong light through deep learning algorithms.
The collaborative innovation of hardware ecology and software ecology has become a clear trend and threshold, and Huawei has an upper hand over rivals in that respect due to its accumulation of telecom technologies, Xiang said.

考研And whether the community's work contributes much to an overall accumulation of knowledge is doubtful.



四级A growing number of Americans are seeing the accumulation and distribution of computerized date as a frightening invasion of their privacy.



四级In the twenty years that the Clean Air Act has mandated unleaded gas use in the United States, the lead accumulation worldwide has decreased significantly.



考研Specialisation can be seen as a response to the problem of an increasing accumulation of scientific knowledge.