词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ac- 表示“朝,向,去” + cus- = …………
词根记忆accuse v.指责,谴责;指控,控诉 + ation 名词后缀 → accusation n.控告, …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
withdraw the accusation 撤回指控
on accusation of … 被指控…
Mary maintains that the accusation is groundless.
Eric did not reply to the accusation.
A sex assault accusation by a female employee of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has engulfed China's top e-commerce company, sending it scurrying to contain potential damage to its businesses that have been already bruised by recent antitrust penalties, even as industry observers called for better corporate governance in an industry marked by fierce competition, speed and scale.
Nasdaq-listed online video platform iQIYI Inc faced a short seller accusation of overstating revenue less than a week after Luckin admitted to issuing falsified statements.
Huawei has repeatedly denied the US accusation over alleged cybersecurity fear.
Huawei Technologies Co on Tuesday denied the accusation that the company has stolen smartphone camera patents, and criticized the US government of using a host of "unscrupulous" means to disrupt its normal business operations.
"No factual evidence has been given to support the accusation of Huawei cybersecurity risks.
A Minneapolis police report said Liu's arrest was over a felony rape accusation, but gave no details.
However, a Minneapolis police report said the arrest of Chinese billionaire Liu Qiangdong was over a felony rape accusation.
There was no evidence that its products threatened US national security, and "such an accusation carried obvious speculation and bias.
While Yidao Yongche and LeEco later denied the accusation in a joint statement, Zhou's assertion aroused a great deal of public attention, and many drivers went to the company's headquarters to withdraw their money from the platform, reported news site Caixin.
Although the accusation of "debt trap" diplomacy has been discredited as groundless, Chinese loans, on average, account for around 10 percent of total external debt in African countries.
"I think the numbers give the lie to that accusation: investment figures, production figures," said Hawes.
This has been compounded by the fact that Huawei's critics have failed to reveal any convincing evidence to support their accusation that the firm is a part of Chinese espionage activities.
As a result, any accusation about Huawei's role in Chinese espionage has been greeted with a greater degree of skepticism.
Washington banned the world's largest telecom gear maker from buying US components without special government approval in May on grounds of security risks, an accusation Huawei has repeatedly denied.
OneConnect Financial Technology Co Ltd, a New York-listed Chinese technology firm that services financial institutions, said on Tuesday all the financial reports it provided have been true and accurate, denying the accusation that the company has engaged in financial fraud and bribery.
Given that the accusation has seriously damaged its business reputation, OneConnect has reported the case to the police and resorted to legal procedures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, the company said in a website statement on Tuesday.
In less than a week after the Nasdaq-listed coffee chain admitted short-seller Muddy Waters' accusation of sales data fabrication, another Chinese company traded on Nasdaq, iQIYI Inc, has been accused of fraud.
For the past two years, the value of the yuan has been closely linked to that of the euro, so the accusation that China is manipulating its currency to stimulate exports is not supported by the data - unless the European Central Bank is also being accused of currency manipulation.
The accusation of currency manipulation is vague, with no clearly stated time period.
Bottom line: The accusation that China is manipulating its currency is not supported by the data or by economic logic.
NEW YORK - US accusation of China as a "currency manipulator" does not hold water and would provide no advantages for the United States, US experts have said.
Without such support from the multilateral organization, the US accusation will not hold up, they added.
The "range of issues" is not confined to the currency manipulation accusation, the spokesperson added.
The IMF had not yet sent a message requiring Beijing to start related negotiations regarding the accusation, two Chinese officials familiar with the matter told China Daily.
"The US accusation does not have supporting evidence; it is an action that will complicate the trade issue," said Zhao Qingming, chief economist at the Institute for Financial Derivatives of the research arm of the China Financial Futures Exchange.
The US accusation of China still placing many restrictions on financial services is ungrounded, the country's top securities regulator said.
China does not manipulate the exchange rate of the yuan and such an accusation is totally unfounded, said an economist and former central bank monetary policy adviser ahead of the US Treasury's decision this week on whether to designate China as a "currency manipulator".
Such an accusation is a "total rubbish", Yu said.
After the accusation hit the headlines, the company's share price dropped as much as 16 percent in two trading days.
Actress Fan Bingbing has come under the spotlight, facing accusation of tax fraud.

四级The accusation of incuriosity is one that we hear often, carrying the suggestion that there is something wrong with not wanting to search out the truth.