词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ac 加强 + quir 寻求;获得 + e → 获 …………
谐音记忆acquire(啊快啊儿~):盗贼偷东西,学生考试周复习学到知识,都是催自己:啊快啊快啊 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
require / requirement / inquire / acquire / acquitance
如果require(动词需求)什么,就要提出req …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
acquire v 获取(ac加强动作+quire寻求得到=获取)
quest,quir, quis, quer= seek, search, 表示”寻求,询问”
quest n 探求,寻找
imquest n 审问(in进+quest=问进去=审问 …………
acquire degree 获得学位
acquire knowledge 获得知识
to acquire a college diploma 获得大学文凭
acquire a foreign language 学习一门外语
acquire useful information 获取有用信息
acquire a skill 获得一项技能
acquire different skills 获得不同的技能
acquire a taste for 对…有兴趣
acquire a taste for sth. 开始喜欢某事物
People must acquire this skill somewhere.
Pury also believes that people can acquire courage.
I hadn't then begun to acquire a middle-aged spread.
In 2018, Bu highlighted the challenges of safe power usage to the Siyang power supply branch of the State Grid, and helped acquire a support fund of 1.2 million yuan from the company.
"There is a fundamental shift from degree-based education to skill-based education, where people are eager to acquire and develop specific skills that are relevant to the rapidly changing demands of various industries," he said.
The Junlebao Dairy Group will invest to acquire 30 percent of the shares of More Yogurt, and the two parties will also carry out collaborations in many fields such as raw material supply, product research and development, food safety, and operation management, said the company.
该公司表示,君乐宝乳业集团将投资收购More Yogurt 30%的股份,双方还将在原材料供应、产品研发、食品安全和运营管理等多个领域开展合作。
HSBC China announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Citi China to acquire the latter's consumer wealth management business, a move seen as a boost HSBC's investment in China.
Running four plants in China, the Finland-based firm said many opportunities are driven by shipowners' needs to acquire new and advanced ships to comply with International Maritime Organization regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions within the global shipping industry.
Under the deal, Shein will acquire about a third of Sparc and the latter will also take a minority stake in Shein.
The move followed an announcement given at the end of 2022, when Swire planned to acquire the remaining 50 percent interest in the development from Sino-Ocean Group, the property developer on the mainland.
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has again raised its forecast for aircraft demand in China, saying that over the next 20 years, Chinese carriers are expected to acquire 9,440 new airplanes to meet expanding commercial air travel demand.
"We take all of the innovations from inside that we develop and the innovations that we acquire.
Dada Auto, a wholly owned subsidiary of NaaS, has entered into an agreement to acquire 89.99 percent of issued and outstanding shares of Sinopower HK on June 12, a significant step in NaaS' business expansion.
CNPC will also acquire a 1.25 percent share in the expansion of Qatar's North Field East LNG project, CNPC said in a statement on Tuesday.
周二,中国石油天然气集团公司在一份声明中表示,中国石油集团公司还将在卡塔尔North Field East液化天然气项目的扩建中获得1.25%的股份。
"From the beginning, e-commerce has been a pivotal channel for us to build brand awareness, cultivate community, and reach and acquire new guests," he said.
Aramco said on Monday that its wholly-owned unit Aramco Overseas Co will acquire a 10 percent stake in Shenzhen-listed Rongsheng Petrochemical Co Ltd for 24.6 billion yuan, which is expected to expand its downstream presence in China.
Infineon recently disclosed an $830 million deal to acquire Ottawa-based chip designer GaN Systems in a move to boost its product portfolio and "strengthen its leadership" in the power systems area.
英飞凌最近披露了一项8.3亿美元的交易,将收购总部位于渥太华的芯片设计师GaN Systems,以扩大其产品组合,并“加强其在电力系统领域的领导地位”。
"The burgeoning of the sector offered a foundation for cosmetics companies such as Proya and Shiseido to enter the biotech industry, as currently, the production technology is mature and cosmetics companies do not need to spend a great deal of money to purchase listed companies to acquire the technology," Zhao said.
More than half of the interviewed companies going overseas do so to absorb overseas resources and experience, and acquire leading technologies and top talent, which support their cutting-edge innovations.
"As Chinese enterprises accelerate their globalization process, one of their key focuses is how to attract, acquire and manage the distributed international workforce," Zhang said.
Wang Yanan, editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, said: "Mass production of the C919 will help the Chinese aviation industry to be involved in the world's supply chain for large aircraft, and China will be able to acquire valuable experience.
In 2010, Midea invested $57.48 million to acquire a 32.5 percent stake in Egypt's major air conditioner supplier Miraco to become the company's second-largest shareholder.
2010年,美的投资5748万美元收购了埃及主要空调供应商Miraco 32.5%的股份,成为该公司的第二大股东。
Meanwhile, BOE will acquire more stable shipment channels and customer resources, as well as expand its footprint in the supply chain of smartphones, he added.
The French company, which has been operating in the Chinese mainland for 25 years, said Chinese consumers are increasingly eager to acquire higher quality luxury products, and both male and female Generation Z consumers — those born in the late 1990s or early this century — want the newest and coolest things.
The comments came after the German media quoted sources stating that the German government plans to approve Silex Microsystems AB, a Sweden-based wholly subsidiary of Sai MicroElectronics, to acquire Germany company Elmos Semiconductor SE's auto chip line in Dortmund in the upcoming weeks.
此前,德国媒体援引消息人士的话称,德国政府计划在未来几周内批准赛微电子的瑞典全资子公司Silex Microsystems AB收购德国Elmos Semiconductor SE公司在多特蒙德的汽车芯片生产线。
The Chinese company was to acquire a minority share of 35 percent in CTT.
这家中国公司将收购CTT 35%的少数股权。
The German cabinet agreed to allow CSPL to acquire a 24.9-percent stake instead of the initially planned 35 percent in the container terminal Tollerort in Hamburg in northern Germany.
德国内阁同意允许CSPL收购德国北部汉堡集装箱码头Tollerort 24.9%的股份,而不是最初计划的35%。
HHLA and CSPL had signed an agreement in September last year in which the Chinese company would acquire a minority share of 35 percent in Container Terminal Tollerort.
British footwear brand Clarks is close to being acquired by Viva China Holdings Ltd, the major shareholder of Chinese sportswear group Li-Ning Co Ltd. Viva said in an announcement that its extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday approved the Clarks deal and it expects to acquire up to 51 percent of the latter for 840 million yuan ($125 million).
英国鞋类品牌Clarks即将被Viva中国控股有限公司收购。Viva中国是中国运动服装集团Li-Ning Co有限公司的主要股东。Viva在一份公告中表示,其周三的特别股东大会批准了Clarks的交易,预计将以8.4亿元人民币(1.25亿美元)收购后者51%的股份。
SK hynix closed the first phase of the transaction to acquire Intel's NAND and solid-state drive (SSD) business at the end of 2021, taking over Intel's SSD business and the Dalian NAND flash manufacturing facility.
The world's richest person and CEO of electric-vehicle company Tesla clinched a deal to acquire the company for $44 billion in cash.
Last year, the company announced its completion of the Airbus A320 neo and the Boeing 737 MAX FFS, making it the first and the only company in China to acquire an extensive full life cycle experience on the research, development and engineering of the major narrow-body level D FFS-both for the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 MAX, said CAAC News, a newspaper under the China Aviation Administration.
中国航空局旗下报纸《中国民航新闻》称,去年,该公司宣布完成空客A320 neo和波音737 MAX FFS的研制,这使其成为中国第一家也是唯一一家在空客A320和波音737 MAX的主要窄体级D FFS的研发和工程方面拥有丰富全生命周期经验的公司。
"A key lesson is that a brand will be able to acquire new customers constantly as long as the product is good enough," Mao said.
Located in the same center, Airbus' subsidiary Satair will acquire aging aircraft and then trade and distribute the resulting used parts to complete the full scope of life cycle services.
The metaverse refers to a shared virtual environment in which technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are combined to create a virtual presence – in other words, the Web, which has so far tended to be flat in its largely 2D format, will acquire additional dimensions or layers that will make it richer and more immersive.
As livestreaming e-commerce has been gaining traction in China since the outbreak of COVID-19, short video platforms have accelerated efforts to acquire online payment licenses and roll out self-owned e-payment services, as part of a broader drive to build closed-loop e-commerce businesses.
Home appliance giant seeks to acquire Siemens unit for global expansionChinese home appliance giant Hisense Group plans to buy Siemens' Intelligent Traffic Systems, which provides solutions for effective road traffic management, for nearly $1 billion, people familiar with the matter told China Daily on Wednesday.
MBK Partners decided on Feb 1 to acquire all the shares of CAR Inc held by UCAR Inc, another Chinese car rental company, at a price of HK$4.00 per share.
MBK Partners于2月1日决定以每股4.00港元的价格收购另一家中国汽车租赁公司UCAR Inc持有的CAR Inc的所有股份。
MBK Partners' latest move in China is to acquire nearly half of the 11 theme parks owned by Haichang Ocean Park, a Hong Kong-listed hospitality group.
MBK Partners在中国的最新举措是收购香港上市的酒店集团海昌海洋公园旗下11个主题公园中的近一半。
Meanwhile, the collaboration with two local companies-medical technology enterprise Chic Health and corporate consulting provider Huijiu-will help talents from both sides acquire diversified techniques in a rapid manner, the company said.
Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Ltd announced on Monday that private equity firm MBK Partners has agreed to acquire Haichang assets for 6.53 billion yuan ($1.01 billion), as the hospitality company takes steps to cut its debt.
MBK Partners will acquire four existing ocean theme parks from Haichang, namely, in Wuhan, Hubei province; Chengdu, Sichuan province; Tianjin; and Qingdao, Shandong province, as well as one still under construction in Zhengzhou, Henan province.
This comes after Chinese battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd last month agreed to acquire Canada's Millennial Lithium Corp in an all-stock cash deal worth $302.33 million to help the battery giant secure key resources for its long-term development of NEVs.
Zijin has agreed to acquire all of the shares of Neo Lithium for C$6.50 ($5.22) per share in cash.
Fabrizio Chines, SIFI's chairman and CEO, said it is vital for patients to choose the best treatment solutions and lens options to acquire clear sight.
Over the next 20 years, Chinese carriers are expected to acquire 8,700 new airplanes, accounting for 20 percent of the total worldwide, the US aircraft manufacturer said in its latest forecast for commercial air traffic and plane demand.
The decision means the plan by Blackstone Group to acquire a controlling stake in SOHO China for some $3 billion will not go through, less than three months after the decision was announced.
Beijing-based SOHO China said in June that US private equity giant Blackstone Group plans to acquire a controlling stake in the company for around $3 billion.
US private equity giant Blackstone Group announced its plan to acquire a controlling stake of SOHO China for some $3 billion in June.
After the combination, Veolia will acquire most of Suez's solid waste business in the Chinese mainland and all businesses in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
The Beijing-headquartered developer said in a recent announcement that the State Administration for Market Regulation has scrutinized the proposed plan of US investment firm Blackstone to acquire a majority stake in SOHO.
Wang said the R&D cost of a cancer drug can be more than $1 billion, and the clinical research period can be years, during which an important process is to acquire genomic information.
"During the process of gene sequencing, we acquire great amounts of genomic information, which doesn't specifically target one certain drug and satisfy pharmaceutical companies' various needs, such as the expansion of oncology drug indications, and the applicability for patients," he said.
A great number of authors, who have many good ideas, cannot acquire IPs because of the high cost.
Sino-Ocean Group and Sino-Ocean Capital spent 4 billion yuan ($6.16 billion) to acquire 70 percent of Red Star Macalline Real Estate, Sino-Ocean Group said in a statement on Sunday.
In 2019, investors including Ping An Capital, Primavera Capital, and Junqian Management agreed to acquire a 51 percent stake in China-based dairy products producer Junlebao from parent company China Mengniu Dairy.
Dang Guangfu, director of the Ophthalmology Department at First Affiliated Hospital of Shandong First Medical University, said: "It is critical that patients seek their ophthalmologists' professional advice in choosing the best treatment solution and lens option to acquire clear sight.
China deserves an exclusive R&D facility where we are able to acquire information about local consumers and the retail environment quickly, better support homegrown brands and bring more worldwide renowned brands to China," said Gu Ping, head of the Bayer Consumer Health Development Center China.
The offer to acquire Whirlpool (China) by Galanz Group was not dependent on its short-term financial performance, but its strong faith in investing in the Chinese unit of Whirlpool in the future, a top executive officer with Galanz said.
Under the partnership, Budweiser APAC will acquire 30,000 metric tons of barley from Jiangsu Nongken Group, covering more than 3,000 hectares of farmland and benefiting 5,000 local growers with a combined income of about 30 million yuan ($4.65 million).
In a press release, Galanz said the company's offer to acquire Whirlpool China was not a simple cooperation.
The offer to acquire Whirlpool China was not dependent on its short-term financial performance in the past year or two, according to the statement.
Only when companies treat cloud as a core business driver can it acquire a competitive edge.
"For instance, Dell is launching a flex-on-demand consumption model in China where companies can acquire the technology they need to support changing business with usage-based payments.
Meanwhile, SF Holding has made an offer to pay HK $17.55 billion ($2.3 billion) in cash to acquire 51.8 percent stake in Hong Kong-listed Kerry Logistics Network Ltd, it said in an announcement published in February.
For example, they can acquire targeted customers more precisely.
According to the plan, all projects, including Wanda Plazas, Wanda Hotels & Resorts, and Wanda Tourism Villages, should acquire a Certificate of Green Building Label with no less than one star, while projects such as Wanda Malls and Wanda Hospitals should get the certificate with at least two stars.
In the second "Five-Year Plan" (2016-20), Wanda further lifted the requirements, ordering newly-established projects to acquire both green design certificates and green operation certificates.
In June 2019, China Baowu announced to acquire Maanshan Iron and Steel Co Ltd (Magang), increasing its output to more than 90 million tons.
And in August last year, China Baowu announced it would acquire a 51 percent stake in Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co Ltd.
Eager to further diversify its business scope, Liu said the group is looking for opportunities to acquire high-quality nutrition and healthcare businesses in China as the pandemic has further stimulated the market demand in this specific area.
Chinese online coding education platform Codemao will step up push to acquire more users and to go global, after the company raised 1.3 billion yuan ($198 million) in its latest funding.
Budweiser plans to acquire 25,000 metric tons of barley on an annual basis from the long run, covering more than 3,000 hectares of farmland and benefiting between 4,000 and 5,000 local farmers and their families.
Under such circumstances, having abundant capital flow generated from sales would allow the developer to acquire better projects and further expand its business, Chen added.
The race to acquire the video app has entered its final stages, with two groups submitting bids, one from Microsoft and Walmart and the other from Oracle, and could include a coalition of investors, according to The New York Times, citing sources involved in the deal talks.
The nation's largest steelmaker China Baowu Steel Group announced on Friday that it will acquire a 51 percent stake in Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co Ltd (TISCO) as part of its efforts to become a global steel leader with an annual output of 100 million tons.
Microsoft, the leading bidder to acquire TikTok's US operations, has said negotiations with ByteDance could be completed by Sept 15, ahead of the previous deadline.
A US social media giant is reportedly competing with software giant Microsoft in an effort-albeit one considered a long shot-to acquire another social media giant, TikTok.
"Twitter will have a hard time putting together enough financing to acquire even the US operations of TikTok.
Since Tencent's WeTV did not make a significant impact upon entering Thailand and Vietnam, purchasing an existing platform like Iflix is a more efficient way to acquire audiences in the Southeast Asian market, Chen said.
Sina said in a Monday filing that New Wave MMXV Ltd, a British Virgin Islands-based company that Chao controls, proposes to acquire all outstanding ordinary shares not already owned by it at $41 per share in cash.
New Wave MMXV Ltd, a British Virgin Islands-based company that Chao controls, proposed to acquire all outstanding ordinary shares not already owned by the buyer for $41 per share in cash, Sina said in a Monday filing.
The group's inactivated vaccine is among the world's first batch to acquire clinical trial approval, and the results collected are the world's first clinical data on safety and effectiveness after two doses of vaccination, offering scientific and measurable support for epidemic prevention and control and emergency use, industry insiders said.
PepsiCo announced on Feb 23 it has entered into an agreement to acquire Be & Cheery for $705 million.
In addition, governments and chambers of commerce help us acquire proof of force majeure in needy cases.
Zhang said that it has become easier for companies to acquire users at comparatively lower costs than before and the penetration rate of online education is set to grow by around 10 percent during the epidemic.
Zhang said it's now easier for companies to acquire users at comparatively lower costs, and the penetration rate of online education is expected to grow by around 10 percent after the epidemic.
Last year, Mengniu completed the acquisition of Bellamy's Australia Limited, a leading Australian organic infant formula and baby food provider, and announced it would enter into an agreement to acquire 100 percent shares of Lion-Dairy & Drinks Pty Ltd, an Australia-based branded dairy and beverage company.
We will acquire the Dutch and the UK assets first, and look at the French assets later," said Li Huiming, the chief executive of Jingye.
The completion of the deal saw the Chinese steelmaker acquire the company's United Kingdom and Netherlands assets, saving about 3,200 jobs after the company collapsed and was funded and run temporarily by the Official Receiver, part of the UK Insolvency Service, since it plunged into insolvency last May.
Epileptic patients and their caregivers can acquire reliable disease knowledge, KOLs' sharing, and disease management information systematically, as well as get end-to-end online services on JD Health online consultation platform to renew prescription, purchase medicines and delivery of medicines.
PepsiCo Inc announced on Feb 23 that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hangzhou Haomusi Food Co Ltd, better known as Be & Cheery, one of the largest online snacks companies in China, from Haoxiangni Health Food Co Ltd for $705 million.
Canada's Continental Gold Inc said in a statement on Dec 2 that Zijin Mining is planning to acquire all of its outstanding shares at 5.5 Canadian dollars ($4.2) per share for about 1.4 billion Canadian dollars.
On Jan 1 last year, it disclosed a plan to offer additional shares to public to raise no more than 8 billion yuan ($1.15 billion), which will go toward the 9.53 billion yuan needed to acquire the outstanding shares of Canada-based miner Nevsun Resources Ltd. By Jan 8 last year, shareholders holding 92.4 percent of Nevsun's total issued equity had accepted Zijin Mining's offer, indicating that the latter's offer was successful.
According to its prospectus, the funds raised from the IPO will be used to acquire a majority 65.08 percent stake in the Anhui branch of the Beijing-Fuzhou High-Speed Railway.
It also made a $2.83 billion cash bid to acquire Swedish network video solutions provider Axis Communications AB in 2015, to expand into video surveillance.
"Playing helps children acquire some of the skills and personal characteristics they need to be successful in the future, including creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and resilience," said Lego CEO Niels Christiansen.
"Ideally, you can acquire those skills through play.
Share purchase part of company's efforts to further expand scale, outputChina Baowu Steel Group, the nation's largest steelmaker, is approaching its target of becoming a global industry leader with an annual output of 100 million metric tons as it intends to acquire a controlling stake in Chongqing Iron and Steel Co Ltd. Shanghai-listed Chongqing Iron and Steel announced on Friday in a statement that its actual controller, Four Rivers Investment Management Co Ltd, had signed a letter of intent with China Baowu on transferring the controlling stake in the steelmaker.
In June this year, it announced it would acquire Maanshan Iron and Steel Co Ltd (Magang), whose output of crude steel totaled 19.64 million tons in 2018.
The company's prospectus said it plans to acquire a majority 65.08 percent stake in the Anhui branch of the Beijing-Fuzhou High-speed Railway.
Back in 2015, Delta invested $450 million to acquire a 3.55 percent stake in China Eastern.
The State Grid Corp of China has agreed to acquire a 49 percent stake in Oman's Electricity Holding Co, a landmark deal that marks a new step for China and Oman to jointly pursue cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

考研Professionals trying to acquire new skills will be able to do so without going into debt.



高考It took him a long time to acquire the skills he needed to become a good dancer.


2018年高考英语天津卷 单项填空 原文

四级When we acquire new information, the brain automatically tries to incorporate ( ' , 合并) it within existing information by forming associations.

当我们获得新信息时,大脑会自动尝试整合(“,合并) 它通过建立关联在现有信息的范围内。


四级Then, he's going to need to know the technical details of your system and acquire the specific equipment necessary for jamming your specific setup.



四级It's easier to find and acquire jamming equipment for some frequencies than it is for others.



四级Decades of research have shown that in order to acquire skills and real knowledge in school, kids need to want to learn.



四级To help them acquire hands-on experience.



四级It helps people acquire knowledge.



四级In addition to saving lives, informative speakers help people learn new skills, solve problems and acquire fascinating facts about the exciting world in which they live.



四级When we acquire new information, the brain automatically tries to incorporate it within existing information by forming associations.


2017年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

六级Since there were few museums anywhere in Europe before the close of the eighteenth century, Grand Tourists often saw paintings and sculptures by gaining admission to private collections, and many were eager to acquire examples of Greco-Roman and Italian art for their own collections.



六级But people must acquire this skill somewhere.



六级Despite the ease with which the rich can acquire almost anything they desire, they are just as likely to be unhappy as the middle classes.



六级They acquire an explicit tool to help obtain jobs



六级According to social learning theories, social interaction is a means by which people acquire attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.



六级To examine how long it takes dolphins to acquire a skill.



六级As you acquire a distinctive identity, your attitudes are further refined by the behavior of those with whom you identify—your family, those of your gender and culture, and the people you admire, even though you may not know them personally.


2019年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

六级Less inherently interpersonal subjects, such as math, could acquire a social aspect through team problem solving and peer tutoring.


2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

六级Overwork and exhaustion are the opposite of resilience and the bad habits we acquire when we're young only magnify when we hit the workforce.


2018年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

六级since there were few museums anywhere in Europe before the close of the eighteenth century, Grand Tourists often saw paintings and sculptures by gaining admission to private collections, and many were eager to acquire examples of Greco- Roman and Italian


2017年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

考研So disciplines acquire a monopoly not just over the production of knowledge, but also over the production of the producers of knowledge.



考研The power and ambition of the giants of the digital economy is astonishing - Amazon has just announced the purchase of the upmarket grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.5 billion, but two years ago Facebook paid even more than that to acquire the WhatsApp me

数字经济巨头们的力量和雄心是惊人的——亚马逊刚刚宣布以135亿美元收购高档食品连锁店Whole Foods,但两年前Facebook支付了更高的价格收购WhatsApp me

2018年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Despite the ease with which the rich can acquire almost anything they desire, they are just as likely to be unhappy as the middle classes



六级Why do some non-native speakers of English claim that it is a difficult language to learn, while infants born into English-speaking communities acquire their language before they learn to use forks and knives?



四级So what your association is backing is a program which would allow the middle and upper classes to acquire a bomb while poor people will be left defenseless with just handguns.



四级When we acquire new information, the brain automatically tries to incorporate (合并)it within existing information by forming associations.


2017年6月大学英语四级真题 (第3套)

考研If a student goes to university to acquire a broader perspective of life, to enlarge his ideas and to learn to think for himself, he will undoubtedly benefit.



考研The worker and employee are anxious, not only because they might find themselves out of a job; they are anxious also because they are unable to acquire any real satisfaction or interest in life.



考研They should be quick to respond to letters to the editor, lest animal rights misinformation go unchallenged and acquire a deceptive appearance of truth.



考研Yet railroads continue to borrow billions to acquire one another, with Wall Street cheering them on.



考研Consider the $10.2 billion bid by Norfolk Southern and CSX to acquire Conrail this year.