词根记忆act 行动 + tive 形容词后缀 → 行动的;活跃的 → active adj.积极的,活跃的; …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
原形:active比较级:more active最高级:most active
active / energetic / vigorous / brisk / lively
active → 指有活动能力,强调 …………
active trade balance 活跃贸易差额
active balance 有效余额
active volcano 活火山
take an active part in 积极参与
stay active 保持活动状态
live an active life 积极生活
active money 有效货币
active assets 活跃资产
active capital 活跃资本
active substance 活性物质
be active in 活跃于
seismically active area 地震活跃区
active transport 主动运输
an active user 活跃用户
active seismic period 活动地震周期
energetic and active 精力充沛
active participation 积极参与
sense active 感应激活
active component 活性成分
active load 有效负载
take an active involvement in 积极参与
an active participant in social work 积极参与社会工作
... in an active and prudent way …以积极和谨慎的方式
lead an active life 过着积极的生活
on active duty 现役
on the side of active volcano 在活火山一侧
have an active life 拥有活跃的生活
needs ... more active and interesting 需要…更积极和有趣
keep sth. active 保持某物活跃
be active in work 积极工作
make new friends and keep their brains active 结交新朋友,保持大脑活跃
She has taken an active part in all past contests.
Peace and stability in the world need the active involvement of China.
Play with them outside, and be active.

四级So say "good night" sooner and it may help you stay active and vital to a ripe old age.


四级The study shows that those living the longest are more outgoing, more active and less neurotic ( ' , 神经质的 ) than other people.

研究表明,寿命最长的人更外向、更活跃、更少神经质,神经质的 ) 而不是其他人。

考研As for me, weighing myself every day caused me to shift my focus from being generally healthy and physically active to focusing solely on the scale.


六级The surface formed mostly in the last billion years, which makes it fresher and more recently active than any rocky planet other than Earth.


高考First, sport programs can provide youth with opportunities to be physically active, which can lead to improved physical health.


六级For the next three months, Michelle Kremer and 11 other Obama supporters, ages 19 to 34, will blog about life across mainstream America, with one twist: by tying all of their ideas and experiences to the new president and his administration, the bloggers will try to start a conversation about what it means to be young and politically active in America today.

在接下来的三个月里,米歇尔·克雷默(Michelle Kremer)和其他11名年龄在19岁至34岁的奥巴马支持者将在博客上讲述美国主流社会的生活,其中有一个转折点:将他们所有的想法和经历与新总统及其政府联系起来,博主们将试图开始一场对话,讨论当今美国年轻人和政治活跃者的意义。

四级The study shows that those living the longest are more outgoing, more active and less neurotic than other people.


考研Such active research can have another effect.


六级The experience at Duke University may ease some concerns because the students have used iPods for active interactions .


高考Listening is thus an active, not a passive, behavior consisting of hearing, understanding and remembering.


高考I drove over and saw the chick in the nest looking healthy and active.


高考One thing is clear for these larger animals, staying transparent is an active process.


六级The study also found that when subjects thought about and later recalled descriptions in terms of their informational content, regions associated with factual memory, such as the medial temporal lobe, became active.


高考With long lives ahead of them, they need to stay active and devoted.


高考Take a more active part in school management.


六级It was specifically observed that the left side of the brain was more active during deep sleep.


六级They really did very active promotion of diversity in the diet and good eating habits.


高考An active reader looks at each part of the graph before trying to interpret the data.


六级without keeping the brain active while sleeping, they would probably drown.


六级The effect of policies generating long-term resource concentration has also created a distinctive set of universities which are research-led and commercially active.


考研Instead, the claimant receives a time-limited “allowance,” conditional on actively seeking a job; no entitlement and no insurance, at £71.


六级In studies, he gave subjects a chance to deceive for monetary gain while examining their brains in a functional Mri machine, which maps blood flow to active parts of the brain.


高考The girl used to be shy, but is gradually getting active in group work and is more willing to express herself.


高考Those given night milk, which contained 10 times the amount of melatonin, were less active and less anxious than those fed with the milk collected during daytime, according to the study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.


四级For an active learner, engaging with a textbook can be an interactive experience: readers proceed at their own pace.


高考The morning ride, when the guides take you to beautiful, shallow lakes full of water lilies, tends to be more active.


高考Stay in active communication with your friends.


六级They make an active part in more extracurricular activities.


四级The manager told me that Jack Green's been very active around the shop the last few days.


六级For a follow-up analysis, he found that people whose neural reward centres were more active when they won money were also more likely to be among the group of liars一suggesting that lying may have to do with the inability to resist temptation.


考研This is because the networked computer has sparked a secret war between downloading and uploading - between passive consumption and active creation - whose outcome will shape our collective future in ways we can only begin to imagine.


六级The team focused on athletes since they are theoretically the best role models for active, healthy lifestyles for children.


四级It can keep the mind active, prevent getting bored and help to concentrate.


六级These designers established the modern dress code, letting playsuits and other active wear outfits suffice for casual clothing, allowing pants to enter the wardrobe, and prizing rationalism and versatility in dress, in contradiction to dressing for an occ


高考At my high school, there were about only four active club and organizations that students could be a part of.


四级Where are you in the cycle of renewal: Are you actively preserving the present, or selectively forgetting the past, or boldly creating the future? What advice would Leah give you to move you ahead on your journey? Once we're on the path of growth, we can continually move through the seasons of transformation and renewal.


高考Today, many men and women in their "golden years" are healthy, still active, and young in mind if not in age.


六级What we want to encourage in these students is an active intellectual experience, in which they develop the wide range of complex reasoning abilities required of good lawyers


四级Other animals adapt, for example, by staying active in winter.


高考For the risk-seekers a part of the brain related to pleasure becomes active, while for the rest of us, a part of the brain related to fear becomes active.


考研But they show comprehension to consist not just passive assimilation but of active engagement inference and problem-solving.


高考During the breeding (繁殖) season, between April and June, they are very active at night and very noisy and people can't sleep.

在繁殖期间(繁殖) 季节,在四月到六月之间,它们在晚上非常活跃,非常吵闹,人们无法入睡。

四级However, you can make your taste buds active again by drinking water.


高考You can use your active reading skills to analyze and understand graphs just like any other text.


考研But they show comprehension to consist not just of passive assimilation but of active engagement in inference and problem-solving.


高考And the more birds are exposed to light, the more active they are at night.


四级It's not easy for most people to actively seek conflict.


高考His study shows that when robins are exposed to light at night in the lab, it leads to some genes being active at the wrong time of day.


六级It was the most active sector of American economy.


六级Currently, there’s mounting criticism of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, which fights childhood obesity by encouraging youngsters to become more physically active, and it signed on singer Beyonce and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, both of whom also endorse sodas which are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.


六级Researchers from Brown University found that a network in the left hemisphere of the brain "remained more active" than the network in the right side of the brain.