谐音记忆a(爱)d(捣)ult(腾)-> 成年人都比较爱捣腾->成年人
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
adult / grown-up / mature
adult → 一般指生理上的童年期已结束,达到法定年龄。
grown-up → 多用于口语,含义与adult基本相同,但更侧重脱离儿童阶段,已成大人,与childish意思相反。
mature → 用于生物时, …………
adult education 成人教育
the national higher education exams for self-taught adults 自学成人国家高等教育考试
the National Adult College Entrance Examination 全国成人大学入学考试
adult students 成年学生
adult movie 成人电影
adult school 成人学校
deal with adults 与成年人打交道
influence on adults 对成年人的影响
young adult 年轻的成年人
become an adult 成为成年人
adult fish 成鱼
adult tester 成人测试器
Adult Alternative Pop Rock 成人另类流行摇滚
an adult and a child 一个大人和一个孩子
adult illiteracy rate 成人文盲率
well-adjusted adults 适应良好的成年人
health adult 健康成年人
Adult Alternative Pop 成人另类流行
night school for adults 成人夜校
They have an adult son.
an adult movie
Both kids and adults felt satisfied with only half of their meal portions.
The supplemental new drug application for the drug in combination with chemotherapy as perioperative treatment and subsequently, monotherapy as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of adult patients with resectable stage IIIA-IIIB non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration, the company announced Tuesday.
Hong Kong-listed biopharmaceutical company Everest Medicines announced to media on Monday that China's National Medical Products Administration has approved its innovative medicine Nefecon for the treatment of primary immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN) in adults at risk of disease progression.
香港上市生物制药公司Everest Medicines周一向媒体宣布,中国国家药品监督管理局已批准其创新药物Nefecon用于治疗有疾病进展风险的成年人原发性免疫球蛋白A肾病(IgAN)。
Fremanezumab offers prophylactic treatment for adults suffering from migraines.
In the vaccine field, GSK will continue to showcase its blockbuster products, including a shingles vaccine, which showed 100 percent protective efficacy in Chinese adults aged 50 and above as shown in the latest research data, and a bivalent HPV vaccine, the only HPV vaccine using the AS04 innovative adjuvant system.
The Chinese biotech and its US partner Coherus BioSciences Inc jointly announced on Oct 27 that the US FDA approved Loqtorzi (toripalimab-tpzi) in combination with other drugs for the first-line treatment of adults with metastatic or recurrent locally advanced metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), and as monotherapy for the treatment of adults with recurrent, or metastatic NPC with disease progression on or after platinum-containing chemotherapy.
10月27日,中国生物技术公司及其美国合作伙伴Cohereus BioSciences Inc联合宣布,美国FDA批准Loqtorzi(托帕利单抗-tpzi)与其他药物联合用于成人转移性或复发性局部晚期转移性鼻咽癌(NPC)的一线治疗,或在含铂化疗时或之后具有疾病进展的转移性NPC。
The company has been investing in adult medical nutrition with a direct impact on the health of people.
In the second quarter in China, its infant formula brand Aptamil continued to deliver solid growth, coupled with further market share gains, while its adult nutrition and pediatric specialty products Nutrison and Neocate posted strong growth.
Everest Medicines, a Hong Kong-listed biopharmaceutical company, announced on Thursday that Xerava, which is used for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections in adult patients, has been launched in China.
香港上市的生物制药公司Everest Medicines周四宣布,用于治疗成人复杂腹腔感染的Xerava已在中国上市。
Believing that there can be no convivial moments with excess, and vigorously acting to deliver this vision, Pernod Ricard launched the "Drink More Water" campaign in Europe, Africa and Latin America in 2021 as an innovative alcohol education campaign to combat binge drinking among adults.
Pernod Ricard相信没有过度饮酒的欢乐时刻,并积极行动实现这一愿景,于2021年在欧洲、非洲和拉丁美洲发起了“多喝水”运动,这是一项创新的酒精教育运动,旨在打击成年人的酗酒。
We are duty bound to help adult consumers make responsible choices about whether, when, how and how much they drink," said Cottin-Bizonne.
Cottin Bizonne说:“我们有责任帮助成年消费者就是否、何时、如何以及喝多少做出负责任的选择。”。
Wang Huahong, chief physician of the gastroenterology department at Peking University First Hospital, said: "Adults are one of the most common age groups suffering from diarrhea.
Following its official market release of an innovative drug into the Chinese mainland market for the treatment of adults with insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus, the company plans to invest hundreds of millions of yuan in the Beijing manufacturing site, Shi said.
In China, Danone's infant nutrition products experienced a robust start to the year fueled by higher shipments, while the adult and pediatric specialties products both grew well into double digits.
He said the company is accelerating the expansion of its adult indications.
It is estimated that 4 to 10 percent of adults suffer from recurrent constipation, and up to 22 percent among those aged 60 or above suffer from chronic constipation, which can lead to the onset of major diseases such as rectal cancer, hepatic encephalopathy, breast disease, and Alzheimer's disease.
"In addition to the acquisition of Alexion, which specializes in rare disease therapies, in 2020, AstraZeneca announced the acquisition of LogicBio Therapeutics, which had a leading position in the development of gene delivery and gene editing and was committed to tackling various rare and serious diseases afflicting children and adults," said Hu.
胡表示:“除了收购专门从事罕见病治疗的Alexion外,阿斯利康还在2020年宣布收购LogicBio Therapeutics,该公司在基因递送和基因编辑领域处于领先地位,致力于解决困扰儿童和成人的各种罕见病和严重疾病。”。
In November, China approved the first rare disease therapy from AstraZeneca, bringing innovative treatment options to paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome, two diseases related to kidney and blood vessel malfunctions in adults and children.
The US Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this week that it had approved a medicine from Luye Pharma Group for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults and as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy for the maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder in adults.
In the US, the estimated prevalence of schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders ranges between 0.25 percent and 0.64 percent while an estimated 4.4 percent of US adults experience bipolar disorder at some point in their lives, according to the US National Institute of Mental Health.
In China, infant milk formula sales registered competitive growth on a high base, while adult nutrition and pediatric specialties reported another quarter of outstanding growth.
Lego plans to open another 80 new brand retail stores in China in 2023 amid a rapidly growing demand for its colored plastic bricks among children and adults alike, Goldin told Xinhua in an interview during the Web Summit, an annual gathering of tech leaders and entrepreneurs in Lisbon, Portugal.
With the outdoor activities market growing fast in China over the past two years, Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer, will launch the global premiere of its new eco-design mountain bikes for both teens and adults at the CIIE, as well as bring a number of innovative products to China for the first time, meeting consumer needs for home fitness, outdoor camping, kite surfing and other emerging sports scenarios.
According to recent pulmonary health studies among the Chinese population, 4.2 percent of adults aged above 20 in the country suffer from asthma.
COPD, an inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow in the lungs, is even more widespread-close to 100 million of the country's adult population suffer from this chronic pulmonary disease, which has become the third leading cause of death in China.
One in five Chinese adults aged over 40 suffer from COPD, according to the 2020 annual report on COPD prevention and treatment in China.
However, the company has nevertheless experienced rapid growth in its respiratory solutions for adults, and this is largely due to its patented inhaler devices that can deliver extra-fine particles, making them more effective.
In 2020, the ratio between respiratory solutions for premature babies and that for adults in China was around 7:3.
Otherwise, the product could only be sold to German children rather than adults.
Chinese vaccine producer Sinovac Biotech officially kicked off a clinical trial in Hong Kong on Monday to assess the safety and immunogenicity of its Omicron-specific COVID-19 inactivated vaccine which will be used as a booster shot in healthy adults.
Chinese biotech enterprise BeiGene announced on Monday that its cancer treatment Brukinsa (zanubrutinib) has been approved by authorities in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar for the treatment of adult patients with mantle cell lymphoma who have received at least one prior therapy.
In November 2019, Brukinsa was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat mantle cell lymphoma in adult patients, marking the first cancer treatment developed in China to be approved for the US market.
Unlike budget carriers, traditional airlines mainly focus on adult passengers, business travelers and tourists," said Lin Zhijie, an aviation industry analyst and a columnist at Carnoc, a major civil aviation website in China.
Pfizer, the global biopharmaceutical company, held a launch ceremony for Cibinqo – an oral, once-daily highly selective JAK1 (Janus kinase 1) inhibitor, for treating adult patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis -- in China on Sunday.
Other listed companies chose what they saw as a safer path by entering the vocational or adult education market, which, according to market consultancy iResearch, hit about 19.19 billion yuan ($3 billion) last year.
The drug can be used to treat adults who have mild to moderate symptoms and a high risk of progressing to more severe disease.
The United States Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved CAR-T, a tumor immunotherapy, to treat adults with multiple myeloma.
Zai Lab, a Shanghai-based biopharmaceutical company, and its partner Argenx SE, a Europe-based immunology company, jointly announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved Vyvgart for the treatment of generalized myasthenia gravis in adults who are anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody positive.
上海生物制药公司Zai Lab及其合作伙伴欧洲免疫学公司Argenx SE联合宣布,美国食品和药物管理局已批准Vyvgart用于治疗抗乙酰胆碱受体抗体阳性的成人全身性重症肌无力。
The lives of approximately 1.3 million people are cut short because of a traffic collision every year, and traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged between 5 and 29 years old, data from the World Health Organization shows.
A total of 20 star products, including Sarclisa, for treatment of relapsed multiple myeloma, and Coplavix, for the prevention of atherosclerotic thrombosis in adult patients with acute coronary syndrome who have taken clopidogrel and aspirin, and three other consumer health products will be displayed for the first time.
"But we shall note that the Chinese consumers as a whole are showing increasing sophistication, and what they aspire for are beyond just products-but boutique items, and even gifts," he said, adding that currently 55 percent of Disney's consumer product sales in China are generated by adult shoppers.
Revenue in the adult professional education business, which represented 50.3 percent of total revenues, increased 22.3 percent year-over-year.
The clinical trial enrolled over 30,000 adult and elderly (≥18 years of age) participants at 31 sites in five countries (Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Belgium) across four continents, and is one of the most diverse COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials conducted to date.
"The biggest advantages of Ximalaya include its leading copyright pool, leading audio algorithms, and a loyal customer base who recognize the brand's value," said Huo, who remained sanguine about the prospects of paid content and online adult education.
"Zhu Zhixiang, director of the adult nutrition department of Nutricia, said: "Nutricia is dedicated to providing professional nutrition products and nutrition-related clinical solutions to Chinese consumers and medical professionals.
An investor close to online education startup VIPKid, who sought anonymity, said the firm will likely broad-base its business by moving beyond school-level programs into English-language courses for adults.
"Interestingly, we are noticing a growing number of high-spending young Chinese adults with a global mindset and a connection to the local culture.
Clover Biopharmaceuticals, a global clinical-stage biotechnology company, announced on Tuesday the completion of targeted enrollment of adult and elderly participants in the Spectra project, or the Study Evaluating Protective-Efficacy and Safety of Clover's Trimeric Recombinant Protein-based and Adjuvanted COVID-19 Vaccine.
Global enrollment surpassed 29,000 adult and elderly participants, resulting in one of the most ethnically diverse COVID-19 clinical trials conducted to date, including over 45 percent of participants from Asia, 45 percent from Latin America and the remainder from Europe and Africa.
As some data showed only about 30 percent of adult cancer patients in China are willing to participate clinical trials, due to lack of awareness and correct knowledge, the recruiting platform has also established partnerships with many leading clinical trial facilities in China, to provide patient education and clinical trial project information.
Products like a new type of cheese and milk powders for adults and children are an outcome of research by the company's research and development teams at its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and at the Fonterra-ACC Shanghai Innovation Center, which was launched last year to better tap into the fast-changing dairy preferences of Chinese people.
Last month, the company also launched both the adult and child versions of its vitamin C chewable tablets in China.
Despite the adult medical nutrition sector delivering strong growth, infant nutrition remained hard hit by COVID-related channel disruptions in the country with cross-border channel sales down around 45 percent.
Young adults are spending more to make themselves happy, and we are making products to grab their attention," Sun said.
After the name change, Gaotu Group was divided into Gaotu Class and Gaotu College, which aims to serve grades kindergarten-to-12, and adults, respectively.
The drug was the first innovative intravenous iron approved in China since 2005, when the National Medical Products Administration approved it in February for the treatment of iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia in adult patients who have an intolerance to oral iron, have had an unsatisfactory response to oral iron, or when there is a clinical need to deliver iron rapidly.
The drug is indicated as monotherapy for the treatment of adult patients who have relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) with a FLT3 mutation.
The study is expected to enroll over 22,000 adult and elderly participants at multiple sites across Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.
CpG 1018 is the adjuvant used in an adult hepatitis B vaccine approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission.
In December 2020, Clover reported positive clinical data from its Phase 1 trial, demonstrating its protein-based COVID-19 S-Trimer vaccine candidate in combination with Dynavax's CpG 1018 induces strong immune response, including neutralizing antibodies and cell-mediated immunity, as well as favorable safety and tolerability profiles in the adult and elderly participants.
Armed with innovative drugs, BeiGene goes from strength to strength overseasOn Feb 17, BeiGene Ltd, a mainland biotech company listed on both the Hong Kong stock exchange and the Nasdaq stock market, announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration has accepted to review its supplemental marketing application seeking approval for Brukinsa (zanubrutinib) for the treatment of adult patients with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, a type of blood cancer.
In November 2019, the drug received accelerated approval in the US to treat mantle cell lymphoma in adult patients.
In June, BeiGene's drug Brukinsa received conditional approval in China as a treatment for adult patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia or small lymphocytic lymphoma who have received at least one prior therapy, and as a treatment for adult patients with MCL who have received at least one prior therapy.
For instance, products of New Zealand's dairy giant Fonterra highlighted health and immunity, including probiotic milk powder for adults, ultra-heat-treated low-fat milk for people who want to be more fit, and a new version of milk powder with more nutrition for new mothers.
The drug is for the treatment of adult patients with mantle cell lymphoma who have received at least one prior therapy, and also for adult patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia or small lymphocytic lymphoma.
In November last year, the independently-developed new cancer therapy also received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for MCL in adult patients who have received at least one prior therapy.
xa0xa0In China,xa0the phase I/II trials were conducted with results showing the vaccine candidate can induce neutralizing antibodies among over 90 percent of volunteers who received two doses of vaccination in both adults and the elderly.
The results of the company's phase I/II clinical trial on healthy adults aged 18-59 years old were published in Lancet Infectious Diseases on Nov 17.
While an encouraging 63 percent reported going for an eye exam every year, this still leaves a considerable segment of Chinese adults skipping eye checks.
According to the International Diabetes Federation, about 463 million adults aged 20 to 79 were suffering from diabetes in the world in 2019.
A product from the company, the world's first targeted biological agent to treat moderate to severe AD in adults that made its China debut during CIIE last year, will be highlighted for a second time this year.
In addition, like many domestic cosmetic products for adults, in the children's skin care segment, Yumeijing is facing challenges from big overseas brands such as Johnson&Johnson, Mustela and Pigeon.
According to the survey, more than three-quarters of Chinese adults surveyed said they view eye health as important for their overall health and recognized that healthy vision improves their overall quality of life and is critical to overall happiness and well-being.
Some 69 percent of Chinese adults also reported they are more aware about touching their eyes since the pandemic began, the survey showed.
Nestle said the new investment will be focused on strengthening the company's advanced production capacity in Shuangcheng, which will be completed in two phases over the next five years, covering baby food, baby formula and adult functional foods.
Subsequently it will launch two new product categories, including infant cereal-based snacks and adult functional foods.
In the second quarter, total sales in China were broadly flat, with good performance of adult nutrition business and sales in infant nutrition still affected.
"Hult said that its long-term commitment to China remains unchanged and they will continue to operate their other businesses, adult education and study abroad programs, as usual.
The company was able to migrate more than 500,000 students-both adults and children-to online courses from traditional learning, three weeks after the offline training centers were closed due to the epidemic by the end of January.
The preventative treatment method benefits children and adult patients.
The drug received accelerated approval from thexa0US Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for mantle cell lymphoma in adult patients who have received at least one prior therapy inxa0November 2019.
According to the latest figures published by International Diabetes Federation, an estimated 116 million adults in China are living with diabetes, and over 65 million of these are undiagnosed.
About 300 Chinese business leaders and 9,700 adults in 23 countries participated in the survey.
Some traditional Wuhan dishes, such as pure cereal wine, hot-dry noodles, also known as reganmian, and rice wine have witnessed a surge in demand, while sales of imported biscuits, chocolate, dairy products and adult milk powder also are on the rise.
"After the company restored production, our workers worked overtime to produce more than 400,000 yuan ($57,307) worth of adult milk powder and donated them to workers on the frontline of the anti-virus fight," said Wang Hai, an official of the company.
When asked how PMI cooperates with Chinese tobacco companies on these initiatives, the company said it welcomes any science and evidence-based innovation that has the potential to offer adult smokers who don't quit a better option.
Cao Bin, deputy president of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, is the principal investigator of the phase-3 study, which will evaluate the efficacy and safety of remdesivir in hospitalized adult patients with mild and moderate novel coronavirus infection, according to Clinical-Trials.
Located in Shanghai's bustling central business district, the store occupies 140 square meters and functions as a space to educate existing adult smokers and RELX vapor products.
Beijing-based Pop Mart finds success after tapping the rising demand for collectibles from adult customersDuring the 2019 Singles Day festival, a shopping occasion created by Tmall, neither Lego or Bandai, the top two toy brands in the world by value, topped the chart in the toy category.
"Compared to the brick toys and robots, Wang's toy empire is founded on art toys, and Pop Mart's toys are targeting mostly at teenage and adult consumers aged between 15 and 35-people they refer to as art toy collectors.
"The growth in demand for toys from adult consumers is probably bigger than that from children and parents," he said.
The USFDA's accelerated approval for BeiGene's Brukinsa (zanubrutinib) capsules, for the treatment of adult patients with mantle cell lymphoma who have received at least one prior therapy, received positive media coverage in China and elsewhere.
In line with RELX's continuous drive to harness advanced technology in its operations, Project Sunflower adopts ID and facial recognition technologies to ensure that only adults are able to purchase products in its stores.
Any person not able to show legal, valid identification that proves they are an adult will be asked to leave the RELX store.
This process is to ensure that the person is using their own valid identification and not attempting to impersonate an adult.
The vending machines will verify the customer is an adult by utilizing the same facial recognition technology that will be used in official RELX stores.
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd announced on Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration had granted market approval to its independently developed Conjupri (levoamlodipine maleate) tablets for the treatment of hypertension in adults and children 6 years and older.
Belgium-based global biopharmaceutical company UCB announced the commercial launch of an innovative biological therapy to treat moderate-to-severe active rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for adult patients in China, marking the expansion of company's business footprint to immune system diseases in the country.
Many are working adults who want to learn a different language for overseas travel, to get a better job or have a better understanding of the world.
Abbott's third quarter report in 2019 showed its worldwide adult nutrition sales increased 3.8 percent to $1.87 billion.
According to Abbott's third quarter report in 2019, its worldwide adult nutrition sales increased 3.9 percent in the third quarter, and international adult nutrition sales increased 7.5 percent on a reported basis.

四级What distinguishes children from adults is their strong ability to derive joy from what they are doing.



四级A child's ability to become deeply absorbed in something, and derive intense pleasure from that absorption, is something adults spend the rest of their lives trying to return to.



六级More than a decade ago, cognitive scientists John Bransford and Daniel Schwartz, both then at Vanderbilt University, found that what distinguished young adults from children was not the ability to retain facts or apply prior knowledge to a new situation but a quality they called preparation for future learning.

十多年前,当时就读于范德比尔特大学的认知科学家约翰·布兰斯福德(John Bransford)和丹尼尔·施瓦茨(Daniel Schwartz)发现,年轻人区别于儿童的不是保留事实或将先前知识应用于新环境的能力,而是他们称之为未来学习准备的素质。


六级More than a decade ago, cognitive scientists John Bransford and Daniel Schwartz, both then at Vanderbilt University, found that what distinguished young adults from children was not the ability to retain facts or apply prior knowledge to a new situation b

十多年前,范德比尔特大学的认知科学家约翰·布兰斯福德(John Bransford)和丹尼尔·施瓦茨(Daniel Schwartz)发现,年轻人区别于儿童的不是保留事实或将先验知识应用于新情况的能力

2015年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

四级I want to make sure that older adults are still able to enjoy their old age, and that they're not spending time in hospital with infections, feeling unwell and being generally weak.


2019年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级The adult observers were able to reliably discern an assortment of emotions on the babies faces.


2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

考研But as adults we also have the luxury of being able to control our own diaries and it's important that we schedule in time to enjoy the thing we love.


2016年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

高考Babies need a lot of rest: most of them sleep about 18 hours a day! adults need about eight hours.


2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考Competent adults know more about love than work.


2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项

四级By studying about 700 adult smokers, she found out that her mom quit the right way—by stopping abruptly and completely.



四级The results do not mean that young adults need to start worrying about their memories.



四级Adults tend to talk about learning as if it were medicine: unpleasant, but necessary and good for you.



六级Now, a new study that began with about 1,000 children in New Zealand has tracked how a child’s low self-control can predict poor health, money troubles and even a criminal record in their adult years.



四级The study, which followed more than 2,000 healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 60, found that certain mental functions—including measures of abstract reasoning, mental speed and puzzle-solving—started to dull as early as age 27.



六级Experts believe there is a relationship between adult abuse of legitimate medicines and the drug culture that has swept our country.


2017年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

六级Terrie Moffitt's paper on "The link Between Childhood Self-control and Adult Status Decades Later" is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


2016年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级The startup's product, SentabTV, enables older adults who may not be comfortable with computers to access email, video chat and social media using just their televisions and a remote control.


2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

六级It was a huge milestone in the development of smartphones, which are now owned by a majority of American adults and are increasingly common across the globe.


2018年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

考研While it is easy to ignore in our contact with them the effect of our acts upon their disposition, it is not so easy as in dealing with adults.



六级The market for products designed specifically for older adults could reach $30 billion by next year, and startups want in on the action.


2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

高考These activities are regulated by flexible rules adapted from standardized sport rules and are set up by the children or by an involved adult.


2015年高考英语上海卷 阅读理解 阅读表达 原文

六级The brains of teenagers, but not adults, showed greater activity in two regions associated with rewards when they were being observed by same-age peers than when alone.


2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级In addition, a growing share of young adults may be avoiding marriage altogether.


2019年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级In addition, trends in both employment status and wages have likely contributed to the growing share of young adults who are living in the home of their parents, and this is especially true of young men.


2019年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

高考During those six months of hospitalizations, Becky, 12 at the time, adjusted to other adults being in the house when she returned from school.


2015年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

六级Such wariness is well founded: statistics show, for example, that a teenage driver with a same-age passenger in the car is at higher risk of a fatal crash than an adolescent driving alone or with an adult.


2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

高考The same cognitive systems that make young children feel good about feel good about figuring something out may have been adopted by adult scientists.


2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考Adults understand what it feels like to be flooded with objects.


2018年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Any child must be accompanied by at least one paying adult.


2015年高考英语福建卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项

高考But it can be taught to children and developed in adults.


2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Changing levels of body chemicals called hormones not only make teenagers' bodies develop adult characteristics, but also make it hard for teenagers to fall asleep before 11 pm.


2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考Confidence grows more rapidly in adults.


2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

高考Emotional health is essential to a wonderful adult life.


2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项

高考Having your grandchildren far away is hard, especially knowing your adult child is struggling, but giving up the life you know may be harder.


2016年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考He finds that if babies aged 18 months see an unrelated adult with hands full trying to open a door, almost all will immediately try to help.


2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考However, greater parental involvement does not necessarily indicate that parents are failing to let go of their "adult" children.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考However, now they are becoming an extended period of adolescence, during which many of today's students and are not shouldered with adult responsibilities.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Instead of promoting the idea of college as a passage from the shelter of the family to autonomy and adult responsibility, universities have given in to the idea that they should provide the same environment as that of the home.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Jenny Mosley's quality circle time model involves setting up an on-going, timetable process of circle-meeting for adults and children.

Jenny Mosley的质量循环时间模型包括为成人和儿童建立一个持续的、有时间表的循环会议过程。

2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考Know how to offer help to adults.


2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 选项

高考Learn how to deal with people now, because when you're an adult, you don't get to choose your boss or your co-workers, so learn how to respect them now.


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高考Maxime's early entry into the adult world with its responsibilities gave her the determination to ensure that her kids would not end up in Waterhouse's roundabout of poverty.


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高考Moreover, the tendency for universities to monitor and shape student behavior runs up against another characteristic of young adults: the response to being controlled by their elders.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Most of his adult life has been a losing struggle against debt and misfortune.


2019年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Most of us observed much more as children than we do as adults.


2018年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考Perhaps evolution provided human babies with curiosity and a natural drive to explain their worlds, and adult scientists simply make use of the same drive that served them as children.


2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考The annual death rate for adult condors has dropped from 38% in 2000 to 5%.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考The changes of adult children's behavior.


2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

高考The college years are supposed to be a time for important growth in autonomy and the development of adult identity.


2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

高考The link between what the men had done as boys and how they turned out as adults was surprisingly sharp.


2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考The most competent adults are those who know how to do this.


2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

高考The same is true of the young adults going to college.


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高考These advertise the presence of chicks to adults; they might also encourage our chick to start calling as well.


2017年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考To sum up, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is an amazing film which is suitable for both children and adults.


2015年高考英语上海卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

高考Trust adults with their hands full.


2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 选项

四级She studied the smoking patterns of adult smokers.



四级[The most recent of these studies, published in The Journal of Applied Gerontology, surveyed 150 Connecticut residents of assisted living, nursing homes and smaller residential care homes ( ' , known in some states as board and care homes or adult care homes).



四级Whether you can successfully change your personality as an adult is the subject of a longstanding psychological debate.



四级The study included healthy, educated adults who took standard tests of memory, reasoning and perception at the outset and at some point over the next seven years.



四级Patterns of childhood eating can be hard to break when we're adults, which may mean that kids of depressed moms end up dying younger.



四级Older adults, especially those with limited mobility or difficulty driving on their own, are one of the classic use-cases for driverless cars.



四级And that the characteristics adult children look for when they begin the search are not necessarily the things that make a difference to the people who are going to move in.



四级We are at a point where in much of the developed world the vast majority of young people grew up playing video games, and an increasingly high percentage of adults play these video games too, Werbach says.



四级They found that the majority of both kids and adults opted for a half-sized portion when combined with a prize.



四级Neither children nor adults could resist the temptation of a free toy.



四级Most kids and adults would choose a smaller meal that came with a non-food item.



四级Most kids and adults don't actually feel hungry when they eat half of their meal.



四级Even more interesting is that the promise of a future reward was enough to make adults choose the smaller portion.



四级Eating a smaller portion of food does good to the health of kids and adults alike.



四级Both kids and adults felt satisfied with only half of their meal portions.



四级Adults chose the smaller portion on the mere promise of a future award.



四级Yet moments like this one are just the kind of intense absorption and pleasure adults spend the rest of their lives seeking.



四级The thing that sets children apart from adults is not their ignorance, nor their lack of skills.



四级Adults do not consider children's feelings when it comes to education.



四级It is reported that 49 million Americans are unsure of where they will find their next meal What's most surprising is that 36% of them live in households where at least one adult is working.



四级But by senior year, two-thirds have moved up to physics," says Gilbert "Our kids are coming to school in part because they know there are adults here who know them and care for them.



四级The more healthy an older adult is, the more they sleep like they did when they were younger.



四级The popular notion that older people need less sleep than younger adults is a myth, scientists said yesterday.



四级Our data suggests that older adults would benefit from continuing to get as much sleep as they did in their 30s



四级The new CNS Spectrums study was based on results of a nationwide telephone survey of more than 2,500 adults.



四级When people care for an elderly relative, they often do not use available community services such as adult daycare centers.



四级If the caregivers are adult children, they are more likely to use such services, especially because they often have jobs and other responsibilities



四级On the other hand, they may want to live with their adult children.



四级Why are adult children more likely to use community services to help care for elderly parents



四级Adult day-care centers are easily accessible.



四级Studies show that for adults there is no danger, but children can develop loss of vision if they have glasses inappropriate for their eyes.



四级It will gradually weaken the eyes of adults



四级Economic factors seem to explain less of why young adult women are increasingly likely to live at home.


2019年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级If not cultivated, it will not survive: "Childhood curiosity is a collaboration between child and adult."


2017年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级The most recent of these studies, published in The Journal of Applied Gerontology, surveyed 150 Connecticut residents of assisted living, nursing homes and smaller residential care homes known in some states as board and care homes or adult care homes.


2016年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

四级While cereal remains a firm favourite among breakfast consumers in the UK and US, a recent investigation into the sugar content of "adult" breakfast cereals found that some cereals contain more than three-quarters of the recommended daily amount of free s


2019年12月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B

六级Working-class parents teach their children to be obedient and show respect to adults.



六级They are taught to be compliant and respectful to adults.



六级A new study has failed to find any conclusive evidence that lifestyle changes can prevent cognitive decline in older adults.



六级Stress is also starting earlier in life, with some data suggesting that today's teens are even more stressed than adults.



六级And in 2010, the researchers reported that children aged 12 to 17 saw more athlete-endorsed food and beverage brand commercials than adults.



六级To make matters worse, these schools are ill-equipped to graduate these students— young adults who face specific challenges and obstacles.



六级So what factors, at the community level, do predict if poor children will move up the economic ladder as adults? What explains, for instance, why the Salt Lake City metro area is one of the 100 largest metropolitan areas most likely to lift the fortunes of the poor and the Atlanta metro area is one of the least likely?Harvard economist Raj Chetty has pointed to economic and racial segregation, community density, the size of a community's middle class, the quality of schools, community religiosity, and family structure, which he calls the single strongest correlate of upward mobility.

那么,在社区层面上,有哪些因素可以预测贫困儿童是否会在成年后的经济阶梯上上升呢?例如,是什么解释了为什么盐湖城大都会区是最有可能给穷人带来财富的100个最大大都会区之一,而亚特兰大大都会区是最不可能的地区之一?哈佛大学经济学家Raj Chetty指出了经济和种族隔离、社区密度、社区中产阶级的规模,学校的质量、社区的宗教信仰和家庭结构,他称之为向上流动的唯一最强关联。


六级For example, the shortage of young adults is likely to make countries more reluctant to commit the few they have to military service.



六级Countries that have a shortage of young adults will be less willing to commit them to military service