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Tom's affordability remains a distinct advantage.
Nor did Eric call for stricter checks on affordability before making loans.
The government is introducing new measures to improve housing affordability for first-time buyers.
The rising cost of living has made healthcare affordability a major concern for many families.
In urban areas, the lack of affordability in rental markets is pushing low-income families further away from their workplaces.
The program aims to enhance the affordability and accessibility of education for underprivileged children.
With the introduction of generic drugs, the affordability of essential medications has significantly improved.
Affordable housing projects are crucial for ensuring the long-term sustainability and affordability of our cities.
The government subsidy has made internet services more affordable for households in rural areas.
The report highlights the need for policies that promote energy affordability without compromising environmental standards.
Improving public transportation affordability can lead to reduced traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions.
The company's latest smartphone model offers advanced features at an affordable price point, broadening its customer base.
"The younger generations have completely different concepts of consumption, affordability, living habits and preferences in value.
For example, Medi Cover introduced a patient welfare program to greatly reduce patients' financial burdens and improve the accessibility and affordability of innovative drugs through commercial insurance.
例如,Medi Cover推出了一项患者福利计划,通过商业保险大大减轻患者的经济负担,提高创新药物的可及性和可负担性。
Other pillars for the company, which has a complete portfolio covering prevention to treatment and will preside over the CIIE Pharma Committee this year, include improving accessibility and affordability for patients and consumers, sustaining long-term partnerships with customers and strengthening capabilities in data analysis, digitalization, and lifecycle management of products at different stages so they have greater value for patients, Van Acker said.
该公司的其他支柱包括提高患者和消费者的可及性和可负担性,与客户保持长期合作伙伴关系,以及加强数据分析、数字化、,以及不同阶段产品的生命周期管理,因此它们对患者有更大的价值,Van Acker说。
Van Acker said that in order to continue riding the wave of China's medical care development, MSD will make further moves to improve accessibility and affordability by pursuing innovative access solutions and pan-industry partnerships along the patient journey of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and keep long-term partnerships with customers to improve the quality of academic engagement and create solutions with stakeholders.
Van Acker表示,为了继续搭乘中国医疗保健发展的浪潮,默沙东将在预防、诊断和治疗的患者旅程中,通过寻求创新的获取解决方案和泛行业合作伙伴关系,进一步提高可及性和可负担性,与客户保持长期合作伙伴关系,以提高学术参与的质量,并与利益相关者一起创建解决方案。
By localizing production through technology transfer and cooperation, Sinovac aims to achieve win-win results with foreign partners, including improving vaccine affordability and accessibility in host countries and spurring the development of the local vaccine and pharmaceutical sectors, the company said.
Localized production of Chinese vaccines not only improves the affordability and accessibility of vaccines for partner countries but also helps to cultivate talent and enhance medicine regulation, including clinical results review and product registration, she added.
Since 2006, IFC has repeatedly provided financial and advisory support to Fosun Pharma, which is committed to ensuring the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products and improving the healthcare supply chain resilience in the region, he said.
Abbott said that it will continue to improve the accessibility and affordability of its competitive diagnostic solutions in the country and work closely with local partners to support early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Meanwhile, the report said the group is keen to make the most cost-effective choices by their affordability while making purchases.
"Abbott's 2030 sustainable plan is to focus on designing access and affordability into innovation so that our products can reach more people in more places than ever before. "
"In recent years, Signia and parent company WS Audiology have made great efforts to boost the accessibility and affordability of hearing solutions in China, in line with the group's sustainability targets.
“近年来,Signia和母公司WS Audiology做出了巨大努力,以提高中国听力解决方案的可及性和可负担性,符合该集团的可持续发展目标。
Dalle Fusine said he has witnessed China's health sector shift its focus from the expansion of medical coverage to improving the quality and affordability of medicines and therapeutic solutions.
Dalle Fusine表示,他见证了中国卫生部门将重点从扩大医疗覆盖转向提高药品和治疗方案的质量和可负担性。
"Affordability and quality of products are what matter more to consumers amid the pandemic, he added.
Given its global footprint, Fosun Pharma can help address unmet clinical needs and improve the accessibility and affordability of COVID-19 treatments in low- and middle-income countries worldwide.
Top executives of these companies also pointed out that the overall treatment and diagnosis capability of these ecosystems will become just as important as cutting-edge drugs, and that enterprises, doctors, digital partners, and governments will need to look at affordability issues in order to benefit patients.
"The restructuring is aimed at accelerating clinical trials and the approval of the portfolio, as well as improve accessibility and affordability to ensure that more patients in the country benefit," said Pointeau, who assumed his role in September.
"And in the space of healthcare, we have digital health solutions to further facilitate drug affordability and accessibility.
"We not only regard China as the world's second largest pharmaceutical market, but also aim to be engaged locally and make contributions in interacting with the local research and development efforts, promoting disease awareness, and improving drug accessibility and affordability," he said.
China plans to provide a total of 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the world this year, in the latest effort to honor its commitment to make vaccines a global public good by ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability.
In the healthcare sector, where a series of major policy reforms have been introduced since 2015, internationalization and innovation have become an inevitable trend in the country's pharmaceutical industry in order to encourage innovation and improve quality healthcare accessibility and affordability.
In the healthcare sector, a series of major policy reforms have been introduced since 2015, to encourage innovation, speed up new drug registration, and enhance the dynamic adjustment mechanism for the national reimbursement drug list, so as to improve quality healthcare accessibility and affordability.
Because of their flexibility and affordability, more and more SMEs choose to settle there.
"We'll try to involve different sectors, including physicians, digital and innovation partners, and the government to look for affordability, in such ecosystems in order to release the potential that will help and benefit patients," he said.
"We strongly support the government's vision of improving the access and affordability of innovative drugs to the Chinese people.
Apart from manufacturing HPV vaccines, Walvax said that it will accelerate the research and development process for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, fulfilling its commitment of providing safe, effective and high-quality global public goods to the world, and contributing to the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.
Tongcheng-Elong has implemented its intelligent Huixing system, which offers its users reliable and highly suitable travel solutions with product combo of railway, flight and bus, and helps users to arrive their destinations by enhancing availability, affordability and achievability.
Besides, as China is speeding up innovation in line with the Healthy China 2030 Initiative and improving patients' access to medicines and affordability, the company can bring innovations faster to Chinese patients, which means not only record-setting access for patients but also reimbursements that benefit the company, he said.
Upasana Joshi, associate research manager of IDC India, said: "The continued aggression by the online platforms with attractive cash-back and buyback offers as well as affordability plans like financing options were key in taking the share of the online channel to a record high of 45.4 percent. "
And the other is the higher affordability of medicines, which is about pricing and reimbursement.
Adam Zhang, founder of the Key-Solution sports marketing and consulting agency, said in order to win over the yoga community, AntapluS has to focus on improving product quality, awareness and recognition rather than affordability alone.
Focusing on convenience and affordability, Luckin has lured lots of consumers through its free vouchers and discounts, and is considered the second largest coffee chains in the nation in terms of number of stores and cups of coffee sold, according to a report from market consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.
Safety, nutrition, taste, sustainability and affordability are basic requirements for Nestle to develop research of each new products, he said.
The themes that we focus on globally and in China are: water scarcity, the affordability of water and resilience.
As for the affordability of water, many utility companies or governments do not have adequate funding to invest in new water infrastructure, which is traditionally very expensive.
Dumas noted that only half of the people with myopia in China have had their vision corrected, while the other half don't wear any spectacles or contact lens at all, which he believes is more a matter of awareness than affordability.
We believe we are even better placed to benefit and contribute to a healthy China with the government's continued resolve to intensify healthcare reform, support innovation and increase access to and the affordability of imported innovative drugs.
Tesla confirmed the latest developments with China Daily on Thursday, saying these accorded with an earlier statement made in its quarterly results to speed up the manufacturing timeline in China in order to "significantly increase the affordability of the Model 3".
The beautiful retro-styled New Many 110 EV scooter, which is already available throughout Taiwan, is designed for the younger generation of electric converts with its practicality and affordability, while the upcoming Nice 100 EV aims to attract a wider audience of electric converts starting in October.
Njeri said affordability and quality have become the defining features of the StarTimes App that has animated Kenyan soccer lovers of all stripes.
As outlined in the Healthy China 2030 Blueprint, an action program announced in 2016, the Chinese government has been improving healthcare services in terms of drug affordability and healthcare access, as well as encouraging homegrown innovation to upgrade the country's healthcare sector.
Its smaller size is meant to increase affordability and launch flexibility for customers with smaller payloads.
"We are helping pet owners to take care of their animals, and helping veterinarians and livestock producers to produce meat with focus on quantity, quality and affordability to feed the population," he said.
In the past five years, public hospital reforms have deepened, and this has improved the availability, equity and affordability of health services.
Chinese supermarkets, warehouse club chains and convenience stores are increasingly relying on their own store brands to better serve consumers seeking value and affordability.
We look forward to working with all partners to accelerate the introduction of more world-leading innovative med-tech products and drugs into China, and continuously improve their accessibility and affordability, so as to better meet the rising healthcare needs of the people and promote the high-quality development of the health industry.
We believe that China's high-quality economic development will bring multifaceted opportunities for multinational enterprises, and we look forward to China's further opening-up and continuous emphasis and recognition of innovation value, so as to help improve accessibility and affordability of the world's leading innovative drugs and medical products to address unmet healthcare needs in the market.
A good balance of housing affordability and disposable incomes can be found in China's counties and county-level cities, said Xu.
He said Chinese products are known for their affordability, quality and versatility, making them a popular choice for companies worldwide looking to source parts, components and finished goods.
Enric Tria, managing director for Europe at Taurus Group, a Spanish home appliances manufacturer, said that Chinese products are known for their affordability, quality and versatility, making them a popular choice for companies around the world looking to source parts, components and finished goods.
Affordability is the biggest barrier to consumers living more sustainably.
The UBS survey also found that willingness by potential homebuyers has also improved compared to 2021, supported by factors such as lower mortgage rates, higher mortgage availability, lower housing prices and improved affordability.
The growing middle class in China has an appreciation of the safety and quality of American food, just as Americans appreciate the quality and the affordability of the Chinese products in the US, noted the former ambassador.
Housing affordability has also improved, and households have increased savings and reduced debt levels, Xiong said in the report.
We will continue to improve patient access to and affordability of our innovative drugs to help more people live healthy lives, contributing to the Healthy China Initiative 2030 and China's goal to achieve common prosperity.
We are working with all sectors of the community to improve the quality of China's healthcare industry, and to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare services for its patients.
Su Hainan, a research fellow at the Chinese Association of Labor Science, told ThePaper that minimum wage adjustment must balance the protection of employees' rights and interests and the affordability of enterprises.
"It is important to promote fair and equitable vaccine distribution and enhance the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries, to create conditions for sustained and steady recovery of the world economy," he said.
However, electricity pricing reforms for residential users will be relatively more difficult, as they are influenced by factors such as difference in affordability and pursuit of equality, although there is no doubt such reforms will press on despite challenges at this time, Lin said.
"A healthy contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) industry can help multinational pharma companies manufacture innovative medicines on a local basis, which will bring enormous benefits in terms of accessibility and affordability for Chinese patients," Felix Gutsche, president and CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim China, said in a keynote speech on Monday.
While an equitable distribution of vaccines has attracted notable attention from the international community, Chinese vaccines are regarded increasingly as global public goods, contributing to the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.
In order that the world can vanquish the pandemic as soon as possible, China stands ready to contribute to vaccine accessibility and affordability around the world, in developing countries in particular.
China has also promised to take into account the needs of countries in the region and work toward the accessibility and affordability of vaccines.
That's also what jewelry dealers are clinging to when they talk about how the market for gem-level lab-grown diamonds will recover from the current sluggish status and how contemporary love stories are more about affordability, cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness.
The drug regulatory reforms that started in 2015 and the volume-based procurement programs initiated in late 2018 have jointly improved drug accessibility and affordability for Chinese patients.
She also said such accessibility and affordability are critical for developing nations as they struggle to combat climate change.
Technological leadership, safety and stability, and economic affordability will further promote the high-quality development of the new energy storage industry and companies must keep pushing forward the upgrade of the entire energy storage industry chain, he said.
According to the survey data, some 37 percent of Chinese consumers intend to change their consumption patterns to seek optimal prices, highlighting how affordability and cost-effectiveness in consumption is meant to please oneself.
Wang estimated that moving into the second half, demand for 3D-hard-pure gold jewelry products, a type of pure gold products featuring a relatively lighter per-piece weight and thus a lower per-piece price, will see a larger market share thanks to their extra hardness, stylish designs, diverse styles and affordability amid the rising gold prices.
He said demand for 3D-hard-pure gold jewelry products, a type of pure gold products featuring relatively lighter per-piece weight and thus lower per-piece price, will see a larger market share thanks to their extra hardness, stylish designs, diverse styles and affordability amid the rise of gold prices.
Customers in the West are drawn to products from companies like Ninebot — known for its self-balancing scooters — and Anker — which produces a wide range of chargers — not due to their affordability, but rather their unparalleled quality.
Overseas consumers have long equated "Made in China" labels with affordability, and once a brand breaks free from this stereotype and gains in popularity, other factors, such as politics, kick in.
He added that a focus on driving digital affordability helped increase the frequency of most loyal digital customers in the market.
With an enhanced safety performance and better upfront capital cost affordability, they offer options for remote regions with less developed infrastructures and the possibility to combine nuclear and alternate energy sources, including renewables, it said.
Improving drug accessibility and affordability is considered a very important part of the innovative health ecosystem the country is building.
"At the same time we also need to jointly raise the concern and review the fragility of some renewable energies and the affordability of future energy supply, which is very important for global economies.
"He also encouraged governments to demonstrate leadership via efficient implementation of the policies and funding low-carbon sectors for emerging markets, facilitating the commercialization and affordability of decarbonization innovations and technologies and supporting related technology transformations.
More efforts also will be made to support Chinese pharmaceutical companies in strengthening international cooperation in vaccine production and expanding the accessibility and affordability of vaccines, he said.
"Apart from commercial medical insurance, we are now discussing with local healthcare administrations such as municipal medical insurance bureaus in Beijing and Shanghai regarding the inclusion of expenses for newly imported drugs in Boao Lecheng into the local medical insurance system in order to increase affordability for patients," Liu said.
"Merck is greatly inspired by China's remarkable progress in healthcare reform in recent years, which has made its public health system stronger than ever, with substantial improvements in the accessibility and affordability of medicines," he said.
"Malepi said that during her entrepreneurial journey, her knowledge about quality and affordability of Chinese smartphones and other accessories like power banks and chargers, has increased.
"My colleagues have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the coffee services thanks to the coffee's affordability, convenience and quality," Wang said.
"Affordability, convenience and personal freedom have made RV travel increasingly popular among Chinese tourists.
Candra, from Niko Partners, said the growth of mobile gaming in Southeast Asia reflects the trend in China, where the affordability of smartphones has also boosted demand for mobile games compared with those played on PCs and consoles.
The difficulty is that policymakers must achieve both affordability and stability.
Wu Xiaobin, president of BeiGene Ltd, a global biotechnology company focusing on molecularly targeted and immuno-oncology cancer therapeutics, said the guideline reflected the Chinese government's concern over people's health awareness and its determination to increase the affordability and accessibility of medicines for its people.
The accessibility and affordability of innovative drugs in China have largely improved, thanks to efforts by the Chinese government, Wu said, believing Chinese companies will play a more important role in those areas in the future.
Wang said the measures the Chinese government has adopted to increase the affordability and accessibility of medicine, such as the pilot drug group-buying program and the generic drug evaluation method, have intensified competition among pharmaceutical companies, which eventually helps cut prices.
It suggested improving the affordability and accessibility of dialysis services in China, including improving medical insurance coverage as well as strengthening the construction of medical service systems and talent training nationwide, especially in rural and underprivileged areas.
However, the physical examination market in most regions continues to be influenced by factors like market maturity, patient demand and affordability.
Affordability and high-quality English courses.
Companies could witness better prospects in the next quarters though the downstream companies' affordability levels will impact prices.
This has to do with the widely accepted affordability argument that developing countries' lower income levels deserve to be taken into consideration when it comes to sharing the costs of investment returns for developing technologies reflected in SEP filings.
With original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) enhancing the durability, design and affordability of foldables, these devices are set to captivate a broader consumer base, Zhang said, adding that unique software capabilities like advanced multitasking and seamless inner-outer screen integration are expected to further boost the appeal of foldable smartphones.
"The Seagull was the shot heard around the world when it comes to affordability of electric vehicles," The Washington Post quoted Bill Russo, founder and CEO of the Shanghai-based advisory company Automobility, as saying.
Over one third of secondhand vehicle sales were in the sub-compact and compact segments, primarily because of their better value for money as well as affordability, according to the report.
The affordability was the main reason that made Fatima Mohammed, a Bahraini, buy Chery Tiggo as her first and only car in 2019.
"That is about performance, it's about range and it's about affordability," said Hawes.
"Consumers should not expect too much on price cuts of automobiles, but choose vehicles based on demand and affordability," CPCA said.
"There is an affordability crisis" in the US market, said Hale, adding that Zotye will fill a void for good value at prices that Japanese and Korean manufacturers left as they moved upscale.
However, Tesla said it is trying to accelerate its manufacturing timeline in China to significantly increase the affordability of Model 3 for customers in the world's most populous country.

六级The novelist Edward St Aubyn has a narrator remark of the very rich that, "not having to consider affordability, their desires rambled on like unstoppable bores, relentless (持续不断的) and whimsical(反复无常的)at the same time

小说家爱德华·圣奥比恩讲述了一位非常富有的人所说的话:“不必考虑负担能力,他们的欲望像不可阻挡的孔一样漫无边际地流淌,无情地流淌着。持续不断的) 异想天开(反复无常的)同时