谐音记忆恶狗 → 以前是个恶狗,我被咬的遍体鳞伤
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
ago / ego / dago / Lego / logo / sago
ago ad.(常和一般过去时的动词连用)以前,…前
ego …………
ago / before
ago → 指从现在起往前推算一段时间,始终置于所修饰的词之后,与一般过去时连用。
before → 或指从过去某一时间起向前推算的若干时间的以前,通常与过去完成时连用;或泛指以前,并不具体指若干时间以前,可使用现在完成的或过去时;还可指从将来某一时间起的若干时间以前。
long long ago 很久以前
long ago 很久以前
a long time ago 很久以前
up until a few decades ago 直到几十年前
a few days ago 几天前
a moment ago 刚才
20 years ago 20年前
as long ago as 很久以前
two decades ago 二十年前
disappeared millions of years ago 数百万年前消失了
twenty years ago tonight 二十年前的今晚
not long ago 不久前
That was a year ago.
I went there 3 years ago.

四级Should a woman who possessed a small amount of drugs years ago be permanently unable to be licensed as a nurse?


高考I last saw him a few months ago.


高考Years ago, I was asked to write 102 essays on the great ideas of some famous authors.


考研In the third quarter, CEO turnover was down 23% from a year ago as nervous boards stuck with the leaders they had, according to Liberum Research.

根据Liberum Research的数据,第三季度,CEO的更替率比一年前下降了23%,这是因为紧张的董事会与他们所拥有的领导者纠缠在一起。

高考It was made around 40 years ago.


考研A couple of Christmases ago, my youngest stepdaughter, who was 9 years old at the time, got a Superman T-shirt for Christmas.


高考My goal was to lose 150 pounds in one year and raise $50,000 in support of a movement founded 30 years ago to end hunger.


六级When I re-entered the full-time workforce a few years ago after a decade of solitary self-employment, there was one thing I was looking forward to the most: the opportunity to have work friends once again.


六级Let's face it, it wasn't too long ago that the idea of working from anywhere and at anytime was some form of a distant utopian dream,and yet now we can perform almost any office-based task from any location in the world as long as we have access to the in


四级He lost his mother two weeks ago


高考A year ago, when I was awaiting to hear the results of my college applications, I often went to websites for some type of insider look on what college would be like.


考研Even in traditional offices, "the lingua franca of corporate America has gotten much more emotional and much more right-brained than it was 20 years ago," said Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn.

哈佛商学院教授南希·科恩(Nancy Koehn)说,即使在传统的办公室,“美国企业界的通用语也比20年前更加情绪化、更加右脑。”。

四级Several years ago, she became interested in eggs and learned the traditional Ukrainian technique to draw her very modern characters.


四级Most roads, bridges, transit, water systems, the electric grid, and communications networks were installed 50 to 100 years ago, and they are largely taken for granted until they fail.


考研A century ago, the immigrants from across the Atlantic included settlers and sojourners.


四级While the public sees greater workplace equality between men and women now than it did 20-30 years ago, most believe more change is needed.


四级What Barth wrote decades ago is even truer today.


考研A century ago Octavia Hill launched the National Trust not to rescue stylish houses but to save“the beauty of natural places for everyone forever”.


六级Twenty years ago, the Urban Land Institute defined the two types of cities that dominated the US landscape: smaller cities that operated around standard 9-5 business hours and large metropolitan areas that ran all 24 hours of the day.

20年前,城市土地研究所(Urban Land Institute)定义了主导美国景观的两类城市:大约9-5个工作小时的小城市和全天24小时运行的大城市。

高考Fifteen years ago, I took a summer vacation in lecce in southern italy.


四级About 15 years ago, I was invited to join a knitting group.


高考Three weeks ago, I witnessed a small near-disaster a few miles west of here.


四级But the word "gamification" and the widespread, conscious application of the concept only began in earnest about five years ago, Werbach says.


六级He was kidnapped eight months ago.


四级But in his short lifetime, which ended exactly 184 years ago today, he would forever revolutionize French gourmet food (美食), write best-selling cook books and think up magical dishes for royals and other important people.

但在他184年前结束的短暂一生中,他将永远改变法国美食(美食), 为皇室成员和其他重要人物撰写畅销烹饪书籍,并想出神奇的菜肴。

高考I go back years ago, when we lived in a three-room house, when we got up before daylight and worked till after dark to make ends meet.


六级And if you suspected that the workplace had gotten more stressful than it was just a few decades ago, you're right.


考研Now the nation's top patent court appears completely ready to scale back on business-method patents, which have been controversial ever since they were first authorized I0 years ago.


高考Up to two children under ago five may travel free with a paying customer.


四级In fact, there is almost no hard evidence for midlife crisis other than a few small pilot studies conducted decades ago, Barbara Hagerty writes in her new book, Life Reimagined.


六级What we see today is the product of evolutionary events resulting from the dispersal of a few human populations out of Africa around 60, 000 to 70, 000 years ago.


四级The federal Head Start program, launched 50 years ago, has served more than 30 million children.


四级More than 1,000 years ago, they made three important geographical discoveries.


考研Ellen Marram quit as chief of Tropicana a decade ago, saying she wanted to be a CEO.


四级When Ted Komada started teaching 14 years ago at killip elementary, he didn't know how to manage a classroom and was struggling to connect with students.

14年前,当Ted Komada开始在killip小学教书时,他不知道如何管理教室,并努力与学生沟通。

高考The last time we met them was at our wedding three years ago.


六级There was a time not long ago when new science Ph.


六级Gregg Rosen lost his job as a sales nearly three years ago and is still unemployed.

格雷格·罗森(Gregg Rosen)在近三年前失去了销售部的工作,现在仍然失业。

高考Twenty-five years ago, there were hardly any education programs for environment.


六级More than a decade ago, cognitive scientists John Bransford and Daniel Schwartz, both then at Vanderbilt University, found that what distinguished young adults from children was not the ability to retain facts or apply prior knowledge to a new situation but a quality they called preparation for future learning.

十多年前,当时就读于范德比尔特大学的认知科学家约翰·布兰斯福德(John Bransford)和丹尼尔·施瓦茨(Daniel Schwartz)发现,年轻人区别于儿童的不是保留事实或将先前知识应用于新环境的能力,而是他们称之为未来学习准备的素质。

六级This is more than twice the level of two decades ago.


高考I learned this lesson from an experience many years ago.


高考Charles darwin, over 150 years ago, imagined a world far busier, noisier and more intimate (亲密的) than the world we can see and hear.

150多年前,查尔斯·达尔文(Charles darwin)设想了一个更加繁忙、喧闹和亲密的世界(亲密的) 比我们能看到和听到的世界还要多。

六级The graduation rate among 25- to 34-year-olds is no better than the rate for the 55- to 64-year-olds who were going to college more than 30 years ago.


四级The amount of nicotine that's delivered in every cigarette is 10 percent higher than it was six years ago, which means that it's easier to get hooked and harder to quit.


高考Almost a month ago, he bought popular word game that used little pieces of wood with different letters on them.


四级Supermarkets offer more variety than ever, and there are over four times as many farmers' markets in the U.S. as there were 20 years ago.


考研There has been a kind of inflationary process at work: nowadays anyone applying for a research post has to have published twice the number of papers that would have been required for the same post only 10 years ago.


六级nine decades ago, leading economists predicted that technological advances and rising productivity would mean that would be working a 15-hour week.


六级I've been looking for a suitable place since I got here six months ago.


四级The Maker Movement is rediscovering learning by doing, which is Dewey's phrase from 100 years ago.


四级Should a woman who possessed a small amount of drugs years ago be permanently unable to be licensed as a nurse?These laws are also counterproductive, since they make it harder for people with criminal records to find housing or land a job, two key factors that reduce backsliding.


考研Not long ago, with the country entering a recession and Japan at its pre-bubble peak.


考研After bills, Tony has £60 a week to spend, £40 of which goes on food, but 10 years ago he was earning £130,000 a year working in corporate communications and eating at London's best restaurants at least twice a week.


四级We went there about ten years ago for our honeymoon.


四级But the word gamification and the widespread, conscious application of the concept only began in earnest about five years ago, Werbach says.


高考A son of immigrants, Chris stared learning English a little over three years ago.


考研Now the nation's top patent court appears completely ready to scale back on business-method patents, which have been controversial ever since they were first authorized 10 years ago.


四级A message in a bottle sent out to sea by a New Hampshire man more than five decades ago was found 1500 miles away and has been returned to his daughter.


高考Boy, news travels fast around here! I only got the orders a couple of hours ago.


四级Peering into the future G) The sharing economy is a little like online shopping, which started in America 15 years ago


六级I became aware of the trials of career-focused European woman a few years ago when I met a post-doctoral student from Germany who was then a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins.


考研A century ago, few people regularly brushed their teeth multiple times a day.


六级Even five years ago most people faced a choice.


高考I was able to buy it a little over a year ago because I had my relatives give me money for my birthday instead of clothes that wouldn't fit.


高考If the copyright date of your current dictionary shows that it was published five or more years ago, consider investing in a more recent edition.


高考I got here a few days ago, on Saturday...oh, no, wait a minute...sorry, Friday, not Saturday.


考研When our ancestors were hunters and gatherers 10,000 years ago, they didn’t have time to wonder much about anything besides finding food.


高考He bought a smartphone a couple of months ago and he took it on our recent ski vacation to Colorado.


考研When this practice first started decades ago, it was usually limited to freshmen, to give them a second chance to take a class in their first year if they struggled in their transition to college-level courses.


考研Thirty years ago, it would have been inconceivable to have imagined a ban on smoking in the workplace or in pubs, and yet that is what we have now.


高考Several years ago I received a letter from seventeen-year-old kerry, who described herself as a world-class fault-finder, almost always bothered by things.


高考Thus humans who lived a million years ago, despite their big brains and sharp stone tools, lived in constant fear of meat-eating animals.


六级Writing was only invented 5,500 years ago


考研Two years ago, Rupert Murdoch's daughter, Elisabeth, spoke of the "unsettling dearth of integrity across so many of our institutions".

两年前,鲁珀特·默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的女儿伊丽莎白(Elisabeth)谈到“我们这么多机构中诚信缺失令人不安”。

高考Some language experts believe that 10000 years ago, when the world had just five to ten million people, they spoke perhaps 1200 languages between them.


高考Measles, which once killed 450 children each year and disabled even more, was nearly wiped out in the united states 14 years ago by the universal use of the MMR vaccine.


六级Our species originated around 200,000 years ago and underwent tremendous diversification culturally, technologically, linguistically, artistically for 130,000 years.


四级She was injured in a car accident two weeks ago and still in critical condition.


高考Not so long ago, most people didn't know who Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce was going to become.


六级Nearly a decade ago it was predicted that viewers of Friends, a popular situation comedy, would soon be able to purchase a sweater like Jennifer Aniston's with a few taps on their remote control.


四级He owned a small retail business in Michigan years ago.


高考If anyone had told me three years ago that I would be spending most of my weekends camping.


四级Barley was an unexpected find: the crop was domesticated in Western Eurasia and didn't become a staple food in central China until about 2,000 years ago, according to the researchers.


四级Barley was an unexpected find: the crop was domesticated in Western Eurasia and didn't become a staple food in central China until about 2,000 years ago, according to the researchers.Based on that timing, they indicate barley may have 34 arrived in the re


高考The same surveys also indicate that the rate of parental involvement is greater today than it was a generation ago.


四级The idea of gamification was practiced by some businesses more than a century ago.


四级"In fact, there is almost no hard evidence for midlife crisis other than a few small pilot studies conducted decades ago," Barbara Hagerty writes in her new book, life Reimagined.


六级Another influential feeder for advanced-math students is an online school called Art of Problem Solving, which began about 13 years ago and now has 15,000 users.


考研This figure is now 830, 000 above its year ago level.


考研In 2015, the US Forest Service for the first time spent more than half of its $5.5 billion annual budget fighting fires——nearly double the percentage it spent on such efforts 20 years ago.


六级Nearly a decade ago it was predicted that viewers of "Friends", a popular situation comedy, would soon be able to purchase a sweater like Jennifer Aniston's with a few taps on their remote control.


高考A tool developed just a couple of years ago by a young farmer, Jonathan Dysinger, in Tennessee, with a small loan from a local slow money group.

几年前,田纳西州的一位年轻农民乔纳森·迪辛格(Jonathan Dysinger)利用当地一家慢钱组织的小额贷款开发了一种工具。

高考The model T Ford was built at the piquette plant in Michigan a century ago, with the first rolling off the assembly line on september 27, 1908.


考研Ten years ago on Monday, it was announced that the Games of the 30th Olympiad would be in London.


四级A new study finds that McDonald's posted its slowest drive-through times since this survey was first conducted 15 years ago.


六级More than 100 years ago, American sociologist W.


六级A decade ago, this island's ecosystem was in chaos.


高考It is a truly delightful place, which looks the same as it must have done 100 years ago with its winding streets and pretty cottages.


考研Chances are, your headshots are seen much more often now than a decade or two ago.