词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根alb 白色 + um → 空白的东西 → 用来放东 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
album n 相册,集邮册(alb+um表示物=空白的东西=用来放东西的册子)
alb = white,表示”白色”
albsecent a 发白的(alb+escent产生……的=产生白的)
albino n 白化病(alh+ino表示某种病) …………
family album 家庭相册
a photo album 相册
debut album 首张专辑
photo album 相册
photograph album 相册
release an album 发行专辑
best-selling album 畅销专辑
I want to show you the album of my college life.
You can make an album with this book.
Have you listened to my album?
Wu said Meitu will launch more products with social interaction functions, such as the private album where users can store their photos securely on the cloud.
The function enables them to invite friends to manage an album together where they have the ability to upload, comment and interact with each other.
Wu said the company will launch more products with social interaction functions, such as the private album where users can store their photos securely in the cloud.
One example of the way TME is driving growth, Hau said, is through "digital albums", a new form of internet-era album sales that QQ Music created and has dominated since 2014.
Last year, the digital album of Chris Lee, a famous singer from China, was snapped up by 1.14 million people with the sales volume exceeding 23 million yuan ($3.65 million), making it the top-seller on QQ Music since the creation of the platform.
Latest data show that QQ Music now has a more than 90 percent share of the country's digital album market.
"Compared with digital album consumption, users who buy exclusive membership services should be the main force for bolstering the music payment industry," said Chen Xianjiang, founder of ReChord, a music information portal, adding that the proportion of users who are likely to purchase a monthly or yearly membership is rising.
GROOVE Turntables spin as format witnesses revivalSince launching his debut album Jay in 2000, Mandarin pop star Jay Chou has built a massive fan base in Asia.
Featuring 150 songs from his 14 albums during the past 20 years, the set will include a blank vinyl disc to promote Chou's upcoming album.
My first album was released on Nov 6, 2000, and it's meaningful for me to celebrate my career with a set of such discs," Chou said.
"Gong is just one among the growing groups of young consumers with increasing spending power in China, which explains the big success of Taiwan singer-songwriter Jay Chou's newly released digital album.
Infringement: Draft rules to help set boundaries on AI useSingaporean singer Stefanie Sun has become a trending topic on Chinese social media platforms once again — not for a new album or concert, but for an artificial intelligence version of her voice.

六级The equipment in American studios was more advanced than anything in Britain, which had led the Beatles' great rivals, the Rolling Stones, to make their latest album, "Aftermath", in Los Angeles.



六级In 1966, soon after the Beatles had finished work on "Rubber Soul", Paul McCartney looked into the possibility of going to America to record their next album.

1966年,披头士乐队完成了《橡胶之魂》的创作后不久,保罗·麦卡特尼(Paul McCartney)就考虑去美国录制下一张专辑的可能性。