conj.同“also beautiful”
词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根al(all都)+so(这样)→全都这样→并且、同样 …………
also / too / aswell / either / likewise
also → 比too正式一些,语气较重,只用于肯定句,一般紧靠动词。
not only...but also... 不仅……而且……
not only ... but also ... 不仅……而且
not only ... but also 不仅……而且
but also 而且
components also critical to 对
not only... but also ... 不仅……而且
and also 而且
not only A but also B ... 不仅A而且B...
She can also play the piano.
He is also a teacher.
Not only Tom but also Jack can sing that song.
It’s also very easy for you.

六级It also plans to offer voluntary separation packages to 165 senior executives.


六级Also, Venice, the city eternally threatened by the sea, where every morning wooden pathways have to be set up to allow tourists to reach their hotels.


四级Good teaching and research are not exclusive, but they are also not automatic companions.


六级That approach also offers fiscal benefits.


六级They also, however, use far more natural resources—fuel, water ( ' , all those baths and golf courses) and building materials.


四级Indeed, Google, for which Leslie expresses admiration, is also his frequent whipping boy.


六级If Paris was cast aside, the tradition of beauty was also to some degree slighted.


考研Sellers that use eBay and Etsy, which provide platforms for smaller sellers, also haven't been collecting sales tax nationwide.


考研The parliament also agreed to ban websites that "incite excessive thinness" by promoting extreme dieting.


高考In fact, tradition also refers to the things that have been developing and that are still being created.


高考Of course, I also took some practical steps to lose weight.


考研But in her new book Join the Club, Tina Rosenberg contends that peer pressure can also be a positive force through what she calls the social cure, in which organizations and officials use the power of group dynamics to help individuals improve their lives and possibly the word.

但在她的新书《加入俱乐部》中,蒂娜·罗森伯格(Tina Rosenberg)认为,同龄人的压力也可以是一种积极的力量,她称之为社会疗法,即组织和官员利用群体动力的力量来帮助个人改善生活,甚至改善世界。

高考Readers also tended to share articles that were exciting or funny, or that inspired negative feelings like anger or anxiety, but not articles that left them merely sad.


四级Robots could also learn values from drawing patterns from large sets of data on human behavior.


六级And the World Resources Institute ( ' , WRI) in its World Resources 2005 report, issued at the end of August, produced several such examples from Africa and Asia; it also demonstrated that environmental degradation affects the poor more than the rich, as poorer people derive a much higher proportion of their income directly from the natural resources around them.


四级He also perfected the souffle—a baked egg dish, and introduced the standard chef's uniform—the same double-breasted white coat and tall white hat still worn by many chefs today.


四级These are private bills, but there are also public bills to be paid.


考研I also found that weighing myself daily did not provide an accurate depiction of the hard work and progress I was making in the gym.


考研The system also failed to regularly include women on juries until the mid-20th century.


考研Also unclear is why Microsoft has gone it alone.


六级At the University of California (UC), we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our research, but also on its contribution to improving our world.


六级Beyond revealing population-wide patterns, the right combination of data and analysis can also help individuals identify unique characteristics of their own behavior, including conditions that could indicate the need for some form of intervention-such as


四级A multi-stage life will have profound changes not just in how you manage your career, but also in your approach to life.


高考Matilda's battles with her cruel parents and the bossy headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, are equally fumy and frightening, but they're also aspirational.


高考But he is also working at a far more fundamental level: his staff show people how to make floating gardens and fish ponds prevent starvation during the wet season.


考研But in her new book Join the Club, Tina Rosenberg contends that peer pressure can also be a positive force through what she calls the social cure, in which organizations and officials use the power of group dynamics to help individuals improve their li

但在她的新书《加入俱乐部》中,蒂娜·罗森伯格(Tina Rosenberg)认为,同龄人的压力也可以是一种积极的力量,她称之为“社会疗法”,即组织和官员利用群体动力的力量帮助个人提高自我价值

六级But there are also many examples of growing wealth by trashing the environment, in rich and poor parts of the world alike, whether through unregulated mineral extraction, drastic water use for agriculture, slash-and-burn farming, or fossil-fuel-guzzling ( ' , 大量消耗) transport.

但也有许多例子表明,无论是通过不受管制的矿物开采、农业用水的大量使用、刀耕火种的耕作还是化石燃料的大量消耗,世界上的贫富地区都有通过破坏环境来增加财富的例子,大量消耗) 运输。

考研The parliament also agreed to ban websites that “incite excessive thinness” by promoting extreme dieting.


六级It concerns not only us sociologists, but also economists, politicians and business people.


高考It also needs to be stable.


高考Soon she was at the bridge that crossed the des moines river, a bridge also built of wood, just like the bridge across honey creek.


六级It is also the reason why development agencies are not united in their view of environmental issues; while some, like the WRI, maintain that environmental progress needs to go hand-inhand with economic development, others argue that the priority is to build a thriving economy, and then use the wealth created to tackle environmental degradation.


考研This DNA can reveal genetic information about only one or two ancestors, even though, for example, just three generations back people also have six other great-grandparents or, four generations back, 14 other great-great-grandparents.


考研The fund will also be used to compensate landowners who set aside habitat.


六级But Steinberg suspected this tendency could also have its advantages.


考研But there is also a different way to look at the data.


考研Surveys and test samples have also become important for understanding the larger landscapes that contain archaeological sites.


四级That’s why horses, which also come from Central Asia, like both apples and carrots so much.


考研But Mauna Kea is also home to some of the world’s most powerful telescopes.


四级Also, mothers may call on their children more often than fathers, given traditional gender norms.


考研ministers should also look at creating greater certainty in the rental environment, which would have a significant impact on the ability of registered providers to fund new developments from revenues.


考研I've also experienced greater success in achieving my specific fitness goals, Because I'm training according to those goals, not the numbers on a scale.


四级The World Cup is also chiefly responsible for sleep deprivation ( ' , 剥夺 ).

世界杯也是造成睡眠不足的主要原因,剥夺 ).

考研The same dramatic technological changes that have provided marketers with more communications choices have also increased the risk that passionate consumers will voice their opinions in quicker, more visible, and much more damaging ways.


高考He also won praise from social media users after Mr.Anderson posted about the act of kindness on Facebook.


高考Also explores philosophy and wellbeing to make sure young readers have a balanced take on life.


考研As boards scrutinize succession plans in response to shareholder pressure, executives who don’t get the nod also may wish to move on.


四级Breakfast is also associated with improved brain function, including concentration and language use.


六级In an earlier time, American fashion had also followed the dictates of Paris, or even copied and pirated specific French designs.


高考On a more global level, the destruction of the rainforest for full-sun coffee fields also threatens human life.


考研A turbulent business environment also has senior managers cautious of letting vague pronouncements cloud their reputations.


四级Traditional Ukrainian decorated eggs also spoke to those fears.


考研But in late September 2009, officials reported there was significant flu activity in almost every state and that virtually all the samples tested are the new swine flu, also known as A H1N1, not seasonal flu.


四级Caffeine, a substance found in coffee and some soft drinks, is also a drug.


六级There is also very little detail on who will provide the funds or, importantly, who is responsible for their provision.


高考And she said social media companies must also take more responsibility.


四级Also, I've a good chance of winning a scholarship at Leeds, which will be pretty awesome, the benefits of being a music genius.


高考It was time for her to have a new baby, and it was also time for the young panda to be independent.


四级Leigh Thompson of Kellogg School of Management in Illinois warns that, Teams are not always the answer—teams may provide insight, creativity and knowledge in a way that a person working independently cannot; but teamwork may also lead to confusion, delay and poor decision-making.

伊利诺伊州凯洛格管理学院(Kellogg School of Management)的利·汤普森(Leigh Thompson)警告说,团队并不总是解决问题的答案团队可能以独立工作的人无法提供的方式提供洞察力、创造力和知识;但团队合作也可能导致混乱、延误和糟糕的决策。

四级Cairo is known for its overcrowded roads, irregular driving practices and shaky old vehicles, but also for its air pollution.


考研They also focused on important rituals that appeared to preserve a people’s social structure, such as initiation ceremonies that formally signify children’s entrance into adulthood.


高考Farmers in many countries are also adapting like this—either by growing new produce, or by growing the same things differently.


考研Failure can also teach us things about ourselves that we would never have learned otherwise.


考研The researchers mapped not only the city's vast and ornate ceremonial areas, but also hundreds of simpler apartment complexes where common people lived.


考研Critics also argue that commercial genetic testing is only as good as the reference collections to which a sample is compared.


考研For the time, attention, and money of the art-loving public, classical instrumentalists must compete not only with opera houses, dance troupes, theater companies, and museums, but also with the recorded performances of the great classical musicians of the 20th century.


考研DNA testing is also the latest rage among passionate genealogists—and supports businesses that offer to search for a family's geographic roots.


六级However, they also deserve a home of their own, a secure retirement and freedom from worrying about unpaid bills.


考研But that very anonymity is also behind the explosion of cyber-crime that has swept across the Web.


六级The leading causes of death in this age group are also changing.


高考Soon you will also question whether the voice you're hearing is actually real.


考研During his lifetime, though, he was also one of England's foremost classical-music critics, and a stylist so widely admired that his Autobiography became a best-seller.


四级It caught us in the act, sent an alert to my smartphone, and also listed our RF interference on the system's event log.


高考Gossip also can have a third effect: It strengthens unwritten, unspoken rules about how people should act.


四级Decentralisation of authority was also found to be more effective in military operations.


考研Healthy trees are also better able to fend off insects.


六级Indeed many organizations also useinstitutional or prestige advertising which is designed to build uptheir reputation rather than to sell particular products.


考研They can also learn geometry by assembling a bicycle.


六级An open-science stance can also add complexity to a collaboration.


高考But it's also that he rewrote the culture of literature and put himself at the center.


高考Some buildings also have heat detectors on the ceilings.


考研It may involve not only his parents and his friends, as well as those of the young woman, but also a matchmaker.


考研It also pledged not to deploy AI whose use would violate international laws or human rights.


六级Michael Yudell, a professor of public health at Drexel University in Philadelphia, said that modern genetics research is operating in a paradox: on the one hand, race is understood to be a useful tool to illuminate human genetic diversity, but on the other hand, race is also understood to be a poorly defined marker of that diversity.

费城德雷塞尔大学公共卫生教授迈克尔·尤德尔(Michael Yudell)说,现代遗传学研究正处于一个悖论中:一方面,种族被认为是阐明人类遗传多样性的有用工具,但另一方面,种族也被认为是多样性的一个定义不明确的标志。

考研It's also a good idea to shop daily instead of weekly, because, being-human, you'll sometimes change your mind about what you fancy.


四级I realized these different types of students not only explain their failures differently, but they also hold different theories of intelligence.


高考She was highly self-critical and also found fault with her friends.


四级This was accomplished through the dark green packaging that not only differed from the competitors, but also suggested freshness and richness in vitamins.


四级Also, a large amount of public funds is spent on roads.


四级Also, if we both sign up before Friday, we can get a discount on a six-month membership.


四级And he's also the author of three books.


高考Skilled workers also combine various hardwoods and metal to create special designs.


四级As if you needed another reason to hate the gym, it now turns out that exercise can exhaust not only your muscles, but also your eyes.


考研But a number of anthropologists in the early 1900s also rejected the particularist theory of culture in favor of diffusionism.


高考As their world expanded, she said, children compared themselves to others online in a way that was "hugely damaging in terms of their self-identity, in terms of their confidence, but also in terms of their ability to develop themselves".


六级It's also hurting our relationships.


考研It also sent a clear message to the outside world about his aspirations.


考研The same dramatic technological changes that have provided marketers with more ( ' , and more diverse) communications choices have also increased the risk that passionate consumers will voice their opinions in quicker, more visible, and much more damaging ways.


六级The wireless age is expanding to include not just our phones, tablets, and laptops, but also our cars, homes, and even whole communities.


考研The potential of this work applied to healthcare is very great, but it could also lead to further concentration of power in the tech giants.