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the 'Made in China 2025' blueprint “中国制造2025”蓝图
blueprint paper 蓝图纸
reform blueprint 改革蓝图
economic blueprint 经济蓝图
insufficient blueprints 蓝图不足
The blueprint for the development of the city.
reform blueprint
It's a blueprint for success.
It is a blueprint to save the world.
The architect presented a detailed blueprint of the new building to the client.
She carefully followed the blueprint instructions to assemble the furniture.
We need a clear blueprint for our company's growth strategy.
The programmer started coding based on the software development blueprint.
The city council approved the blueprint for the revitalization of the downtown area.
The chef created a culinary blueprint for a five-course gourmet meal.
The educational reform blueprint includes innovative teaching methods and curriculum changes.
The fashion designer sketched out a blueprint for her upcoming haute couture collection.
They mapped out a blueprint for a sustainable urban community in the new city plan.
The detective studied the crime scene blueprint to understand the layout of the room.
Since its establishment in China in 1972, Olympus has considered this market an indispensable component and a catalyst for growth in the company's global strategic blueprint.
At the event, Lilly China announced its intention to reach new strategic cooperation with five local innovative biotechnology companies, which Basil describes as having mutual goals with the company and overlapping between their core competency, therapeutic focus and ability to bear even better fruits to support the blueprint around Healthy China 2030, a national guideline aimed at promoting overall health.
Going forward, the company has a blueprint drawn up well through 2025.
Zhao said the alliance was established to discuss the new blueprint of metaverse industry with industry partners, helping promote the drafting of industry standards, sharing resources to deepen the integration and development with partners, and developing a win-win concept and jointly share the new dividends of the digital economy.
Oppo also announced its goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050, and outlines its future blueprint for low carbon development.
SAF could contribute between 53 percent and 71 percent of required carbon reductions, according to Waypoint 2050, a blueprint for aviation's sustainable future in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
根据Waypoint 2050的数据,SAF可以为所需的碳减排贡献53%至71%。Waypoint 2050是一份符合《巴黎气候变化协定》的航空可持续未来蓝图。
This is only part of the grand global blueprint of Envision, which aims to develop its 100 Net Zero Industrial Parks in the next decade, cooperating with companies and governments around the world to help reduce global carbon emissions by 1 billion metric tons per year.
This is also in accordance with the government's blueprint for the development of the digital economy, which aims to increase the contribution of core digital economy industries to 10 percent of the GDP by 2025.
"We'll continue to identify innovative products and collaboration models in China that are complementary to our pipeline and work with all parties to provide more innovative and effective solutions for Chinese patients, together contributing to achieve the blueprint of Healthy China 2030," she said.
"The US is undoubtedly a key overseas market in the company's global blueprint so far, and we'll expand our sales teams and system there.
The Red Sea New City energy storage project is one of the key highlights of the Vision 2030 blueprint by Saudi Arabia, which aims to reduce the country's dependence on oil, diversify its economy and develop public service sectors such as health, education and infrastructure.
Both the high-end markets, including the US, Europe, and Japan, and the burgeoning ones are critical for domestic biopharmaceutical companies' global development blueprint, said Yang.
The bank fully supported the national and regional strategic blueprint, intensified efforts to support key areas such as manufacturing, new infrastructure and new urbanization initiatives, major projects, rural revitalization, green credit and private enterprises.
Tencent Holdings Ltd, whose business spans gaming, social media and cloud-computing, emphasized in its carbon neutrality blueprint several novel energy-saving technologies, including recycling waste heat at its Tianjin data center and using liquid cooling technology to bring power usage effectiveness down to 1.06 in its data center in Qingyuan, Guangdong province.
Ant Group, which operates e-wallet Alipay, has laid out a blueprint to reach net zero carbon output by 2030.
"A key word highlighted in every construction blueprint is 'quality'.
"Increasing people's incomes, boosting domestic consumption, and seeking to foster a world-class business environment, among others, are high on the agenda in a blueprint for China's development over the next five years and beyond.
On March 1, the Ministry of Commerce said in a notice that it was working on a blueprint to offer guidance on stabilizing foreign investment during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.
"Specifically, the blueprint will lay emphasis on deepening opening-up, improving foreign investment management system, strengthening the construction of open platforms, better protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors and prioritizing the business environment," said Zong Changqing, director of foreign investment department under the ministry.
Meanwhile, local embroiders supported by the company stitch to outline a beautiful blueprint of their hometown and promote traditional Chinese culture.
The municipal government of Shanghai and China Baowu initiated a restructuring plan for the former Wusong industrial complex back in 2012, finalized its blueprint in early 2020 and launched construction in June.
As the country designs its development blueprint for the next five years and beyond, and drives its dual-circulation development pattern, Saint-Gobain looks forward to exploiting the new opportunities arising from China's sustainable growth, he said.
Past projects all followed this blueprint.
It is part of Egypt's blueprint for a new administrative capital between Cairo and Suez, with an area of 714 square km, to help ease chronic congestion experienced by more than 20 million residents of Cairo.
It is one of the top reasons why oil and gas majors like Sinopec have been laying out its strategic blueprint in the province for more than 10 years, said Li Li, the research director at energy consultancy ICIS China.
"The Supply Innovation Park will set a blueprint for the future of coffee roasting and supply chain, and propel China's coffee industry to a whole new altitude, while opening Starbucks' next growth chapter in China, with China," said Belinda Wong, chairman and chief executive officer of Starbucks China.
This partnership is attuned to China's ongoing big blueprint of Healthy China 2030 with a purpose of making Chinese people fitter and healthier as a widespread nationwide campaign.
China's healthcare market is expected to reach 8 trillion yuan by 2020 and double that figure by 2030, according to the Healthy China 2030 blueprint.
According to the blueprint of the Healthy China Initiative (2019-2030), there has been a rise in nutrition-related diseases in recent years, and the Health Promotion For the Elderly will be carried out soon.
China's healthcare market is expected to reach 8 trillion yuan ($1.14 trillion) by 2020 and double the figure by 2030, according to the Healthy China 2030 blueprint.
"Pfizer said China with a large population and a large number of middle class is currently the company's second-largest market in the world, and will continue to be a major market in its global blueprint as medical care and treatment is an important factor amid people's pursuit of a better life.
"As for Nike Jordan's business blueprint in China, she said first-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing were merely a beginning.
Japanese biopharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd completed the purchase of Shire Plc in January, making rare diseases another key business area in addition to oncology, gastroenterology, and neuroscience among others in the company's global business blueprint.
How would you describe China's position in Takeda's global blueprint?
In 2016, the State Council launched "Healthy China 2030", a blueprint aiming to improve the health of Chinese people.
As a healthcare company, we are excited to see all these achievements, and look forward to an even brighter future guided by the government's Healthy China 2030 blueprint, as well as its resolve to transition from a treatment-centric into a health-centric nation.
In addition, the Healthy China 2030 blueprint has made the health of each citizen a precondition for future economic and social development.
The Chinese healthcare market is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan by 2030, according to the Healthy China 2030 blueprint released by Chinese authorities in October 2016.
With the launch of the Healthy China 2030 plan - a blueprint for healthier and greener lives - China appears to be on a path toward progress in this area.
In all, the Chinese healthcare market is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan ($2.3 trillion) by 2030, according to the Healthy China 2030 blueprint released by Chinese authorities in October 2016.
Ferns said British Airways is optimistic that the Chinese market will continue to present great opportunities for the company, and represents an integral part of the airline's global business blueprint.
The market is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan ($2.32 trillion) by 2030, according to the Healthy China 2030 blueprint released by authorities in October 2016.
The real impetus for Sany came from the Belt and Road Initiative, as the trade plan was in sync with its growth blueprint.
Ma also laid out Alibaba's blueprint for the next 20 years, Securities Daily reported.
"At the beginning, we only developed a simple blueprint," said Geng, who instructed the team to start from scratch, search for data, and ask for suggestions from others.
It has laid out a blueprint for the region, with South Africa as the company's base, and has been expanding its footprint in other countries on the continent with an average 20 percent to 30 percent market share, said Miao Gen, deputy head of JinkoSolar's global sales department.
I deeply admire the way the five concepts, "innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared," are clear and provide a blueprint for the country for the coming decades.
Gree unveiled its industrial blueprint during its annual shareholders meeting in June, including air conditioners, high-end equipment, home appliances and telecommunication equipment.
The executive, who helmsxa0the Asia-Pacific division of thexa0expressxa0delivery giant, did notxa0have a blueprint for the futurexa0in herxa0early 20s, as she wasn'txa0too interested in a particularxa0subject.
Now, that dream has become an even bigger blueprint as his son and successor Lu Weiding has drawn up plans to invest more than 200 billion yuan ($29 billion) on a 10 square-kilometer innovative energy fusion hub.
"Migu's Vice General Manager Yan Zhongwei agreed, adding that the partnership will picture a new sports blueprint for both sides.
The blueprint showed that spending on sports and fitness in China is expected to expand to 1.5 trillion yuan ($225 billion) in 2020.
With the introduction of the Healthy China 2030 Blueprint, an action program announced in 2016 and the country's first national-level medium-to long-term strategic plan for national health and well-being, China has been endeavoring to improve its healthcare services.
For the travel segment, we are optimistic about the Chinese market continuing to present great opportunities for British Airways, and China, the world's largest outbound tourism market with 130.5 million overseas trips made in 2017, surely is an integral part of our global business blueprint.
As outlined in the Healthy China 2030 Blueprint, an action program announced in 2016, the Chinese government has been improving healthcare services in terms of drug affordability and healthcare access, as well as encouraging homegrown innovation to upgrade the country's healthcare sector.
That history is part of what makes the Belt and Road Initiative under such an impactful global infrastructure program-not only a way for China's companies to leverage their vast experience in large infrastructure projects gained in the country's urbanization process, but also a blueprint, as it were, for a new world trade order.
"The change of China's development blueprint of focusing on economic quality and sustainability, from economic speed, has had an effect on the sector in the past year," Balhuizen said.
The company describes the B&R Initiative as "the most important and impactful global infrastructure program with the potential to become the blueprint for a new world trade order".
It is part of the Airbus' blueprint for the future, with electrification, urban air mobility, autonomous design and digital manufacture, connectivity and data analytics, as well as new business models.
It will decide the direction of future development in China and produce a blueprint for the country.
The company said it will increase the number of its bikes to 750 from an initial 200 over the coming month in Hackney, hoping to provide a blueprint for ofo in the rest of the capital as it looks to address transport options for the "last mile" of travel.
Breakthroughs in precision medicine are among the goals in the Health China 2030 blueprint issued by the State Council last year.
Part of that blueprint included the decision announced earlier this month by Ofo to use the NarrowBand internet of things, or NB-IoT, for its smart bicycle locks.
Lin said that the project is in line with Saudi Vision 2030, a blueprint announced by the government of Saudi Arabia last May, which aims to reduce the Saudi economy's dependence on oil and turn the kingdom into a global investment powerhouse.
[Photo/Xinhua]Naturally, this is all part of the company's Belt and Road Initiative blueprint, with Noatum Port, which operates container terminals in Port of Valencia and Port of Bilbao in Spain, a key link in the chain.
Unfortunately, Wanda's blueprint was never turned into reality.
They have their own plans and strategies for the Belt and Road drive, in addition to the country's overall blueprint for the initiative," Xiao Yaqing, chairman of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, told reporters on Monday.
With an investment of $230 million, the plant's blueprint envisages production of 10,000 vehicles in five years and the creation of 1,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect ones.
Drawing a blueprint for the next decade in a recently released document, China has committed to encouraging all parties to strive toward equal cooperation and mutual benefit, propelling Belt and Road cooperation into a new phase characterized by high-quality development.
"China's blueprint for future industries is becoming clearer this year.
This is particularly true in our field of marketing measurement, where China remains the blueprint of economic success and ecosystem collaboration.
Launched by the Saudi government in 2016, Saudi Vision 2030 is an economic and social reform blueprint designed to open the kingdom up to the world, and boost communication and coordination on regional and international affairs.
Spanning the Lanjiang River in Jinhua's Lanxi, Zhejiang, the 1.27-kilometer-long project is a key bridge construction mission on the building blueprint of the railway, of which over 91 percent of the construction work is related to bridge and tunnel projects.
Shanghai's Chongming district unveiled a blueprint for high-quality development during a news conference on July 28.
According to the blueprint, local authorities will build a carbon neutrality demonstration zone which features a comprehensive management of ecological product total value (GEP) and refined carbon emissions, officials announced.
On the Jinhua-Jiande High-speed Railway in Zhejiang province, workers with China Railway 24th Bureau Group Corp Ltd (CR24), a unit of China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC), successfully bored a tunnel earlier this month — a major construction target in the HSR blueprint.
To inject strong positive energy into regional peace and stability, leaders of China and the Central Asian countries signed the Xi'an Declaration at the China-Central Asia Summit on May 19, adopted a list of summit outcomes, and charted a blueprint for the future development of China-Central Asia relations.
As the city's recent advances in its grand blueprint, the seventh World Intelligence Congress (WIC), a major AI event in China, will be held in Tianjin from May 18 to 21, building the port city into a global platform for exchange, cooperation, win-win outcomes, and sharing in the field of intelligent technology.
As a key strategic plan in China's blueprint, the development of the Greater Bay Area naturally came under the spotlight during the four-day economic event.
"More than 200 teams and over 3,500 experts from China and abroad participated in drafting the blueprint for the new area.
Now, that blueprint is gradually turning into reality.
New blueprint charts clearer path for more competitive industries, clustersAccelerated efforts will be made to improve the overall quality of Chinese products and services, as well as the influence of Chinese brands, by 2025, so as to boost the country's industrial competitiveness for more economic growth, government officials said on Thursday.
Common purpose seen as underlying reason for infrastructure achievementsA virtuous cycle has been formed in China's infrastructure development, and China is rewriting the development blueprint on infrastructure, a US economic and trade expert said.
The document lays out the blueprint for improving the quality of products, projects and services.
Authorities map blueprint to improve products, projects, services for decadeChina has mapped out an outline for boosting its strength in product quality, with a view to fostering high-quality development and promoting the country's transformation from a major economy to a stronger one.
The document, which was jointly released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council — the nation's Cabinet — and was made public on Monday, maps out a blueprint for improving the quality of products, projects and services, and specified both short- and long-term strategy implementations over the next decade.
The document, which was jointly released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council and was made public on Monday, maps out the blueprint for improving the quality of products, projects and services.
The master plan also lays out a blueprint for the island province to build itself into an international tourism and consumption center.
China will actively seek to join high-standard economic and trade agreements such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, the economic work conference, which sets the economic blueprint for next year, announced.
It has become even more attractive to Africans, given that China has aligned the initiative with Agenda 2063, an economic blueprint proposed by the African Union.
China's Development Blueprint and Global Development Opportunities18.
"China has huge potential, and its development model is inspiring the world," Antonio Artur Sanha, former prime minister of Guinea-Bissau, told Xinhua, adding the blueprint outlined at the 20th CPC National Congress will make new contributions to promoting world economic recovery and building an open economy.
- At the week-long 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a blueprint for the country's future development has been mapped out.
The blueprint stands as a reassurance that China, a major driving force of the global economy over the past decade, will continue to benefit the world with its own growth.
Such robust momentum of the Chinese economy will be maintained, foretold global observers after studying China's future blueprint.
On top of an already robust Chinese economy, China's far-reaching blueprint introduced at the 20th CPC National Congress has turned observers worldwide more bullish on the future of the world's second-largest economy.
The blueprint vows to fully and faithfully apply the new development philosophy on all fronts, continue reforms to develop the socialist market economy, promote high-standard opening-up, and accelerate efforts to foster a new pattern of development that is focused on the domestic economy and features positive interplay between domestic and international economic flows.
The report delivered by Xi on Oct 16 is seen as China's blueprint for building a modern socialist country in all respects for the next five years and beyond.
The upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is expected to map out a blueprint for China's economic development for the next five years and beyond and shed light on the country's strategic solutions to improve growth quality with a focus on addressing unbalanced and inadequate development, experts said.
In the future, we envision three critical roles for the Shanghai municipal government: as a "blueprint planner", bolstering standards enforcement and regulation to support sustainable consumption and sci-tech innovation; as an "industrial enabler", providing targeted support for critical elements that underpin sci-tech innovation in sustainable consumption; and as a "best practice advocate", setting a benchmark for others to follow with flagship initiatives.

考研Whether the separation distances involved would satisfy air-traffic-control regulations is another matter although a working group at the International civil Aviation Organisation has included the possibility of formation flying in a blueprint for new ope


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六级The blueprint for the development of the city.



考研You can make a mental blueprint of a desire as you would make a blueprint of a house, and each of us is continually making these blueprints in the general routine of everyday living.



考研In making a blueprint for a job, begin with yourself, for when you know exactly what you have to offer, you can intelligently plan where to sell your services.



考研When you have carefully prepared a blueprint of your abilities and desires, you have something tangible to sell.