vt.(为困难或坏事)使作准备,使防备,使(身体或身体部位)顶住,抵住( 以免跌倒等),(做费劲的事之前)绷紧(身体部位)的肌肉,加强
词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
联想bra(胸罩)+CE→C、E号的bra里面更需要有支 …………
联想记忆b 不+ race 比赛 → 不用再思考这比赛race,因为已经做好了准备brace → brace v …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
brace v 支持,使坚固的 n. 支持物
brace=two arms ,表示”两臂”
brace v 支持,使坚固的 n. 支持物
bracelet n 手镯(brace+let小东西=带在手上的小东西=手镯)
embrace v 拥抱,包 …………
brace for 防备;为…做好准备
brace for 支撑
brace oneself 振作起来
brace up 振作起来
brace oneself up 振作起来
take a brace 带上支架
Brace yourself for the new challenge!
I braced my foot against the wall.
A brace of breasts braces a bra.
The roof was braced with four poles.
With technological development and shared economic models being a major highlight this year, flexible workspaces need to brace for an increase in demand," Hu said.
The company also provided an immersive skiing experience for the expo as more Chinese consumers brace for winter sports.
With help from China Railway Construction Corp, Arima General Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago was upgraded in late March to brace for pandemic prevention and control.
"Supported by AI technology, the online audio content market is expected to brace for an expansion in the near future," said Lai, who now holds about 30 percent of Lizhi's shares.
The meeting added efforts should be made to guarantee safety and brace for potential disasters during flood season and holidays, and major accidents must be prevented.
When night falls, three check-in counters at Guangzhou airport brace for the peak check-in of passengers flying to Africa.
The system receives the faster, less-damaging vertical seismic wave, calculates relative parameters and sends an instant alert to users, who may find shelter or brace for tremors before the slower, more-destructive horizontal wave arrives.
But Lu also warned that the change in Lei's role from an investor to a competitor will push Nio and Xpeng Motors to brace for impact of Xiaomi's EV foray on their business.
"The partnership will be helpful for the two companies to brace for transformations in the automotive industry," said SAIC, China's largest carmaker and partner of Germany's Volkswagen and US carmaker GM, in a filing to the Shanghai stock exchange last week.
Executives brace for drawn-out process as new enterprise aims to cut $4.1 billion in operating costsPARIS/MILAN-Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot maker PSA have struck a binding deal to create the world's fourth-largest carmaker.
Chinese carmakers are opening up more widely to each other, which is expected to help them better brace for both challenges and opportunities in the fast-changing industry by slashing costs and pooling resources.
"For established ones, the problem is how to brace themselves for the future, and for startups it is how to realize their blueprints.
"All players in the industry, no matter traditional or new ones, have to brace for the future.
Jacob George, vice-president and general manager at JD Power Asia Pacific, said such enthusiasm among Chinese customers could fall somewhat when the government removes financial incentives, so carmakers should brace themselves and prepare solutions.
An industry insider close to the matter said the move is primarily to brace Ford for the credit system that is designed to stimulate the development of new energy cars.
Earlier this month, Great Wall Motor, China's largest SUV producer by sales, became a stakeholder of a new energy carmaker Yogomo, which analysts believe is a move to brace for the scheme.
As central banks worldwide brace for a blitz of monetary easing measures to calm pandemic fears, China has taken things in strides with eyes on the long-term, renewing commitment to lowering loan interest rates through loan prime rate reform and installing the registration-based IPO system at ChiNext, a board of growth enterprises.
After a flying start in January, the Hang Seng Index will brace for some choppy months in March and claw its way downward to the summer, said the report.