谐音记忆“楷模哦” → 骆驼是吃苦耐劳的楷模 → camel n.骆驼
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the straw that broke the camel's back 折断骆驼背的稻草
A camel is called a ship of the desert.
He dresses camel socks.
The shelter is also home to a camel.
In addition to sheep, Sonid Right Banner has a tradition of raising camels, and Air China has invested 8 million yuan to build a Bactrian camel breeding center.
Last year, it produced 46 metric tons of camel milk.
It's a profitable business, as a can of camel milk powder weighing about 900 gram sells for more than 900 yuan, three times that of regular milk powder.
The income the herders make from breeding one camel is about the same as from breeding seven sheep.
Beneath the warm autumn sun, expansive mountains roll out with camel caravans and tourists extending for miles at the Yueya Spring scenic spot in the city of Dunhuang, Northwest China's Gansu province.
XI'AN - Braving wind and sun, camel caravans trekked along the ancient Silk Road, taking silk and tea from China to Central Asia and Europe more than 1,000 years ago.
'Steel camel caravans' link 108 Chinese cities with 25 countries, enable efficient transport of goodsXI'AN — When Juan Carlos in Malaga, Spain, ordered a China-made ceiling light using the cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress, he never imagined he would receive the product the next day.
Since then, the China-Europe freight train service was launched, becoming modern-day "steel camel caravans "linking 108 Chinese cities with 208 European cities in 25 countries.
In December, we had Li-Ning, 361, Erke, Xtep and Camel for the first time.
Last year also saw an increasing number of freight trains, also known as "steel camel fleets", transporting goods between China and Europe.
Last year also saw an increasing number of freight trains, also known as "steel camel fleets," transporting goods between China and Europe.
At the third CIIE last year, Ausnutria launched its first Australian camel milk powder.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a news conference in May that the services, like the contemporary railway version of camel caravans, have played an important role during the pandemic in keeping logistics unimpeded and ensuring a stable supply of materials to China, Europe and countries along the routes.
The China-Europe freight train service, as a land transportation artery like a contemporary railway version of camel caravans, has played an important role in keeping logistics unimpeded and ensuring a stable supply of materials to China, Europe and countries along the routes, said Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, in August.
"It's like an airborne truck or camel, and so that's how we named the company," said Chen Xiang, a Tsinghua alumnus and vice-president of AirCamel.
To appeal to environmentally conscious younger Chinese consumers, Italian brand Max Mara said it has introduced its coats in a responsible fashion, ensuring their production has less impact on the environment, as they are made from fiber obtained from the natural combing of camel hair and mixed with recycled polyester fiber to form a highly insulating and high-performance padding.
- Thousands of years ago, in ancient China, traders traveled the Silk Road by camel and horse, overcoming hardship to sell Chinese silk, tea and other specialties to the West, meanwhile importing glass products, pearls, fruit and vegetables from abroad.
Fuhai county in Altay prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has been vigorously developing the camel milk industry a pillar of rural vitalization.
Recently an event was held by Xinjiang Wangyuan Biotechnology Group, a company that manufactures dairy products from camel milk, at which farmers and herders reviewed the development of Xinjiang's thriving camel milk industry and were encouraged to help each other benefit.
Musurhan started selling camel milk to Wangyuan in 2015 at 20 yuan per kilogram.
Last year, he sold 50 metric tons of camel milk.
Wangyuan is capable of processing more than 16 tons of camel milk per day.
Before dawn, Sangdeg, 45, carries a flashlight in one hand, a bucket in the other, and walks into a camel pen in the desert of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
"Tujibuly," calls the camel farmer from Alxa Right Banner, a major farming base for Bactrian camels.
He gently calls the name of a 9-year-old female Bactrian camel, a type of double-humped camel.
Tujibuly steps out of the camel crowd.
For camel farmers like Sangdeg in Inner Mongolia, camels are not only used to carry tourists but also to produce milk, one of the region's emerging and booming industries.
He joined many camel farmers and started selling raw camel milk to a local processing plant to earn extra money.
"The milk produced by each camel earns me around 6,000 yuan ($869) a year, while its fur earns only several hundred yuan," Sangdeg said.
Established in 2014, Shamozhishen is the largest camel milk processor in Alxa Right Banner, and the first of its kind in the autonomous region.
Ran Qiwei, manager of the company, said his plant is planning to develop pharmaceutical products by extracting insulin from camel milk.
"Camel milk is nutritious and helps to strengthen people's immune systems," said Zhang Wenbin, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Institute of Camel Research, an institute focusing on camel genomics and pharmaceutics.
"Camel milk also caters to the more adventurous customers who want to try a different kind of milk," Zhang said.
With the rise of the camel milk industry, the number of camels in Alxa League, which administers Alxa Right Banner, surged from around 50,000 in 2003 to about 120,000 last year, accounting for one-third of the country's total, according to local statistics.
"Our plant has a production line that can process 20 metric tons of camel milk every day.
The amount of raw camel milk falls far short of what we need," Ran said.
Besides Porsche, Rimac's other investors include Hyundai and Chinese company Camel Group.
Rimac has a joint venture with Camel in Hubei province, which develops and produces axels and electric powertrains for the Chinese market.
Croatian company Rimac Automobili and China-based Camel Group are building a factory for electric motors and batteries in China, Croatian daily Poslovni Dnevnik reported on Tuesday.
Rimac Automobili participates with 5 million euros ($6.1 million), knowledge and technology, while the rest is covered by Camel Group.
In September 2017, Camel Group invested 30 million euros ($37.2 million) in Rimac Automobili.
[Photo/IC]ZAGREB - Croatian electric vehicle manufacturer Rimac Automobili has closed a 30-million-euro ($35.61 million) deal with China-based Camel Group Ltd, the Croatian company announced on Tuesday evening.
Rimac is a perfect match for us," Liu Changlai, CEO of Camel Group, the largest battery manufacturer in China, said in the statement.
As most of such Chinese companies are real estate firms, this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back and bring further deterioration of overseas financing.

高考In those days, a brush was made from camel's hair.


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