词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根carb 碳 + on 物质结构成分 → 碳 → c …………
联想记忆car (车) + bon(born) → 车辆产生二氧化碳;碳 → carbon n.碳 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
carbon dioxide 二氧化碳
low carbon economy 低碳经济
carbon monoxide 一氧化碳
carbon copy 复写本
carbon sink 碳汇
carbon capture and storage 碳捕获和储存
carbon emission reduction 碳减排
carbon emission 碳排放量
carbon footprint 碳足迹
carbon cycle 碳循环
carbon neutrality 碳中和
carbon dioxide observatory satellite 二氧化碳观测卫星
carbon intensity 碳强度
low carbon 低碳
carbon dioxide emission 二氧化碳排放
carbon emission trading 碳排放交易
carbon dioxide concentration 二氧化碳浓度
carbon monoxide and radon gases 一氧化碳和氡气体
radioactive carbon 放射性碳
lowest carbon emission 最低碳排放
carbon dioxide release 二氧化碳释放
carbon fiber 碳纤维
carbon emissions 碳排放量
carbon offset 碳补偿量
carbon dioxide emissions 二氧化碳排放
carbon capture 碳捕获
carbon sequestration 碳封存
carbon target 碳靶
carbon mining 碳开采
sequestration of the carbon 碳的封存
raise carbon concentration 提高碳浓度
EU carbon tax 欧盟碳税
carbon credits 碳信用额
carbon taxes 碳税
carbon inventory system 碳库存系统
1.Earth warming: Yes, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is considered a cause of earth warming
2.Our country adopts a low-carbon policy.

六级Runaway fires pour even more carbon into the air, which increases temperatures, starting the whole vicious cycle all over again


六级For a start, all animals, such as cows, pigs and sheep, always gas limed methane, which is the second most common green house gas after carbon dioxide.


六级We need very broad participation to fully address the global tragedy that results when countries fail to take into account the negative impact of their carbon emissions on the rest of the world.


高考Without gravity to help circulate air, the carbon dioxide you exhale has a tendency to form an invisible cloud around you head.


高考According to the author, polluting industries should fight against carbon pollution.


六级The author argues that the rising carbon levels in rain forests may turn them into a major source of greenhouse gases.


四级carbon emissions come from heating, cooling and powering our homes, offices and other buildings


六级Pricing carbon proves the most economical way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


六级Unless renewables become cheap enough that substantial carbon deposits are left underground for a very long time, if not forever, the planet will likely be exposed to potentially catastrophic climate risks.


高考You can end up with what astronauts call a carbon-dioxide headache.


高考This is how much temperatures would rise by 2100 even if nations live up to the initial Paris promises to reduce carbon emissions; this rise could still put coastal cities under water and drive over half of all species to extinction.


高考But just now how much warmer it will get depends on how deeply countries cut carbon emissions.


高考When the polluting industries argue that we've lost the battle to control carbon pollution and have no choice but to adapt, it's a nonsense designed to make the case for business as usual.


六级Action to restore appropriate price incentives, notably through corrective carbon pricing, is urgently needed to lower the risk of irreversible and potentially devastating effects of climate change.


六级And it would raise the demand for technologies such as carbon capture and storage, spurring their further development.


六级Some scientists believe that the rise in carbon levels means that the Amazon and other rain forests in Asia and Africa may go from being assets in the battle against rising temperatures to liabilities


六级Direct subsidies to research and development have been adopted by some governments but are a poor substitute for a carbon price: they do only part of the job, leaving in place market incentives to over-use fossil fuels and thereby add to the stock of atmo


六级Setting the right carbon price will therefore efficiently align the costs paid by carbon users with the true social opportunity cost of using carbon.


六级Each burning season in the Amazon, fires deliberately set by frontier settlers and developers hurl up almost half a billion metric tons of carbon a year, placing Brazil among the top five contributors to greenhouse gases in the world.


高考When these organisms die, they bury carbon in the deep ocean, an important process that helps to regulate the global climate.


考研The climate change we are hastening could one day leave us with forests that emit more carbon than they absorb.


四级However, David Reay, professor of carbon management, argues that, although microwaves use a great deal of energy, their emissions are minor compared to those from cars.

然而,碳管理教授大卫·雷伊(David Reay)认为,尽管微波使用大量能源,但与汽车相比,其排放量较小。

考研But the remaining trees draw a greater share of the available moisture, so they grow and thrive, restoring the forest's capacity to pull carbon from the air.


六级The carbon that we've put into the atmosphere keeps having a warming effect for 100 years, so we have to cut back rapidly now, because it would take a long time to work its way through into a response by the atmosphere.


考研The strategy also aims to ensure that carbon in woody material removed from the forests is locked away in the form of solid lumber or burned as biofuel in vehicles that would otherwise run on fossil fuels.


考研Even as we humans count on forests to soak up a good share of the carbon dioxide we produce, we are threatening their ability to do so.


六级Its inability to curb the carbon emissions from industries


考研Only recently have they come to see the vital part forests will have to play in storing carbon.


六级Politicians may tackle polluters while scientists do battle with carbon emissions.


六级A tax on upstream carbon sources is one easy way to put a price on carbon emissions, although some countries may wish to use other methods, such as emissions trading schemes.


考研The state's proposed Forest Carbon Plan aims to double efforts to thin out young trees and clear brush in parts of the forest.


六级The country is also planning to reduce its carbon footprint by 80-95% by 2050, sparking a shift to green energy in the country.


六级Co-author Amy Zanne thinks that users probably range from climate-change researchers wanting to estimate how much carbon is stored in biomass, to foresters looking for information on different grades of timber.


高考The astronauts will suffer from a carbon-dioxide headache when they exercise in one place for a long time.


六级The hope is that the success of COP 21 opens the door to future international agreement on carbon prices.

希望是COP 21的成功为未来的碳价格国际协议打开了大门。

六级billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year - making forests the leading source of greenhouse gases.


六级It will motivate all nations to reduce carbon emissions.


六级Heating this chemical compound drives off carbon dioxide gas, leaving calcium oxide.


六级By raising relative demand for clean energy sources, a carbon price would also help align the market return to clean-energy innovation with its social return, spurring the refinement of existing technologies and the development of new ones.


六级Despite mournful polar bears and charts showing carbon emissions soaring, most people find it hard to believe that global warming will affect them personally.


六级carbon emissions are the leading cause of current global warming


高考Phytoplankton live at the ocean surface, where they pull carbon dioxide into the ocean while giving off oxygen.


六级Left alone, it was assumed, the world's rain forests would not only flourish but might even rescue us from disaster by absorbing the excess carbon dioxide and other planet-warming greenhouse gases.


六级Agreement on an international carbon-price floor would be a good starting point in that process.


六级The result would be higher emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


四级And it would take an average of 65 years for the reduced carbon emissions from a new energy-efficient home to make up for the resources lost by destroying an old one.


六级In order to maximize global welfare, every country's carbon pricing should reflect not only the purely domestic damage from emissions, but also the damage to foreign countries.


六级While alternative estimates of the damage from carbon emissions differ, and it's especially hard to reckon the likely costs of possible catastrophic climate events, most estimates suggest substantial negative effects.


六级The reason is that when carbon is priced, those emissions reductions that are least costly to implement will happen first.


四级We must cut carbon emissions by 80% from their 2006 levels by 2020, stabilize the world's population at eight billion by 2040, completely remove poverty, and restore forests and soils.


四级According to the author, Obama's plan to limit carbon dioxide emissions will by no means be inexpensive


六级Grazing herds stimulate microbial activity in the soil, helping to capture water and separate carbon.


六级Economic reasoning shows that the least expensive way for each country is to put a price on carbon emissions.


六级Direct subsidies to research and development have been adopted by some governments but are a poor substitute for a carbon price: they do only part of the job, leaving in place market incentives to over-use fossil fuels and thereby add to the stock of atmospheric greenhouse gases without regard to the collateral ( ' , 附带的) costs.

一些政府已经采取了对研发的直接补贴,但这并不能很好地替代碳价格:它们只做了部分工作,留下了过度使用化石燃料的市场激励,从而在不考虑抵押品的情况下增加了大气温室气体存量(“,附带的) 成本。

四级Popping food into the microwave for a couple of minutes may seem utterly harmless, but Europe's stock of these quick-cooking ovens emit as much carbon as nearly 7 million cars, a new study has found.


六级Many environmental experts now believe that methane is more responsible for global warming than carbon dioxide


六级The International Monetary Fund calculates that countries can generate substantial fiscal revenues by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and levying carbon charges that capture the domestic damage caused by emissions.


六级Politicians may tackle polluters while scientists do battle with carbon emissions .


高考But the most sensible form of adaptation is surely to adapt our energy systems to emit less carbon pollution.


六级If not corrected by the appropriate carbon price, low fossil fuel prices are not accurately signaling to markets the true social profitability of clean energy.


六级But its surface has been cooked and dried by an ocean of carbon dioxide, trapped in the burning death grip of a runaway greenhouse effect.


考研Helping forests flourish as valuable "carbon sinks" long into the future may require reducing their capacity to absorb carbon now.


四级Mr Obama's plan to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (排放), though necessary, will be far from cost-free, whatever his sunny speeches on the subject might suggest.

奥巴马控制二氧化碳(CO2)排放的计划(排放), 尽管这是必要的,但无论他在这一主题上的阳光演讲可能会提出什么建议,它都远不是免费的。

高考Warming changes key characteristics of the ocean and can affect phytoplankton growth, since they need not only sunlight and carbon dioxide to grow, but also nutrients.


高考The idea is to get people fit and reduce their carbon footprint.