词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根de 使… + sign 信号 + ate 使… → …………
词根记忆design(指定) + ate(做) → 指定....做 → 指派 → designate v.指定,指 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
appoint / designate / assign / name / nominate
appoint → 通常指不经过选择的官方 …………
词根记忆 / 词缀记忆
designate v 指示,指定(de+sign+ate=着重指定)
signal n 信号
signalize v 通知,发信号(signal信号+ize)
assign v 分配,指定(as+sig …………
designate sb to do sth
designated seats for the elderly
designate sth as
designate ... as ... 指定…为...
designate as 指定为
He was designated to stay.
I designate him as my driver.
The president designated John as the new head of the department.
She was designated to represent our team at the conference.
Each student was designated a specific task for the project.
The building was designated a historical landmark by the city council.
He was designated captain of the soccer team.
The property was designated a nature reserve by the government.
She was designated as the executor of her late husband's estate.
The room was designated as the meeting room for the week.
The old warehouse was designated for storage purposes only.
The committee designated February 28th as the deadline for submissions.
Dada said the vehicles support "scheduled delivery," in which customers can designate times for the vehicle to come to their neighborhoods.
It gave provincial supervisory departments the rights to designate salt manufacturers and wholesalers, and agreed that salt prices should be set by operators themselves.
Dennis Tan, chief executive officer designate of Avatec, said the company's solution is not only useful to financial institutions, but also enable companies in sectors such as e-commerce, telecom, retail and travel to offer financial products such as point-of-sale financing, and personal and business loans quickly and efficiently.
The country's top legislature on June 28 voted to designate Aug 15 as National Ecology Day, aiming to enhance public awareness and encourage actions to protect the ecological environment.
Biden's executive order will designate China as a "country of concern," and it will limit American investments in three categories of national security technologies: semiconductors and microelectronics, quantum information technologies, and certain artificial intelligence systems, according to the US Treasury Department.
The above-mentioned draft US bill has gone so far as to designate a country as developed.
According to our analysis, the share of China's population living in cities with a per capita GDP higher than $12,695 — a level that the World Bank uses to designate a country as a high-income economy — will grow from 27 percent in 2020 to 44 percent in 2030.
"Aside from ramping up capacity building with training and seminars, Chinese enterprises should designate special personnel to take charge of environmental protection work, it added.
The fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) will continue to designate areas for releasing new products from Nov 6 to 8, which will provide participants with a more precise opportunity to set a foothold in the Chinese market, according to the CIIE Bureau on Tuesday.
That, Ding said, made the central government reluctant to designate a new bond quota before the two sessions.
The city has assigned the manufacturing sector as its economic pillar during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), becoming the only area among the country's municipalities and provinces to designate the sector as a chief economic pillar.
While small and private businesses were thriving in Shenzhen, the pioneer spotted the opportunity and decided to designate the retail market as the bank's new emphasis.
After that, we should designate the money to the most fragile nations, our most fragile brothers, to help them improve their capabilities," he said.
The guideline, jointly issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other 13 departments, also underscores the development of profit-oriented campsites, and encourages tourist sites, resorts, rural tourist destinations and other eligible parks to designate camping spots and provide pertinent services.
The rules proposed the personal income of healthcare workers must not be linked to income from drugs and medical examinations, and doctors must not designate locations to purchase drugs and consumables.
A pharmacy will designate an area of 10 to 30 square meters to Baheal for the latter to take care of the interior design and decor to sell functional skincare products, as well as the supply chain management and product promotions.
"Apart from its natural climate and environmental advantages, the central government's decision to designate the entire Hainan Island as a pilot free trade zone has produced a very positive effect, inspiring the enthusiasm of domestic and international convention companies to hold exhibitions and meetings in Hainan," said Cai.
The autonomous driving function mentioned in the guideline refers to level 3 and level 4, which designate conditional autonomous driving and highly autonomous driving, respectively.
The Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council, China's Cabinet, can designate a department to manage the fund and a special account can be set up at the central bank.
The hoped-for framework should address Big Tech's potential to have system-wide impact on the financial services sector during crises, and the authorities should update standards that can designate certain internet-based companies as being "systemically important", said Hu Bin, deputy director general of the Institute of Finance and Banking under the aegis of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Analysts predict that China's e-currency could be in circulation as early as 2022China's monetary authorities will designate more payment service institutions to develop digital RMB electronic wallets with complicated functions, in order to satisfy various types of payment needs, said a senior official from the central bank.
The move will help address the higher capital requirements should regulators designate PSBC as a "systemically important" lender.
Zhang Jinliang, president of China Post Group and chairman designate of PSBC, said at a Friday presentation that the successful flotation in the A-share will, steadily, improve the corporate governance system, break through the capital market between onshore and offshore, and enhance risk management capability.
Some advocates say e-money can support payments without the need to designate a third-party that controls the currency or payment instruments - "decentralization".
China does not manipulate the exchange rate of the yuan and such an accusation is totally unfounded, said an economist and former central bank monetary policy adviser ahead of the US Treasury's decision this week on whether to designate China as a "currency manipulator".
Instead, governments at county or above level are given the right to designate restricted or prohibited times and areas for setting off fireworks.
- China's top legislature on Wednesday voted to designate Aug 15 as National Ecology Day.
ENRICH SPIRIT OF CONSTITUTIONAt an NPC Standing Committee session in 2014, legislators decided to designate Dec 4 as the country's National Constitution Day.

考研They had pushed the agency to designate the bird as "endangered, " a status that gives federal officials greater regulatory power to crack down on threats.


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