串记记忆联想:duty职责——due应得的,应给的 → 这是你的职责,你应该给他;这是你的职责,也是你应得的。 …………
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due / duel / duet
due adj.由于;应得的;预定的;到期的;适当的
duel n.决斗;斗争,抗争 vi.决斗
duet n.二重奏
due / cue / sue
due to 因为
due to sth. 因为某事;由于某事
be due to do sth. 预定做某事
be due to 预计
in due course 在适当的时候
with all due respect 恕我冒昧
due reward 应得的回报
due amerce 应交罚款
due to 由于
in due course 在适当的时候
be due to 应支付给
due date 到期日
give due attention to 给予应有的注意
be due to do 应该做的事
be given due attention 受到应有的注意
due diligence 尽职调查
be due 到期
with due consideration of 适当考虑
give due weight to 给予应有的重视
due attention 应有的注意
postage due 应付邮费
due day 到期日
come due 到期,到期
give due attention 给予应有的注意
in due time 适时
due process 正当程序
pay one's dues 缴纳会费
port dues 港口税
give credit where credit is due 在信用到期时给予信用
give the devil his due 给魔鬼应得的
give the devil her due 给魔鬼应得的
balance due 尚欠余额
be due at 到期时间:
without due reflection 没有适当的反思
in due succession 适时地
undertake the due obligations 承担应有的义务
due responsibilities and obligations 应有的责任和义务
give ... its due 给…应得的
give one one's due 给某人应得的
Is this book due for return?
The accident was due to careless driving.
My paper's due next week.

六级Thus the more imbalanced we become due to overworking, the more value there is in activities that allow us to return to a state of balance.


四级They show due respect for each other's beliefs.


四级Rates of death from illnesses have risen due to global warming.


四级Rather, we would not have been likely to spend enough time getting to know each other due to the lack of immediately visible mutual interests.


四级Houses built before 1939 use about 50% more energy per square foot than those built after 2000, mainly due to the tiny cracks and gaps that expand over time and let in more outside air.


六级The government has moved reluctantly into a sensible public health policy, but with such obvious over-cautiousness that any political credit due belongs to the opposition.


四级That's due in part to the removal of many of the capital's old-fashioned black and white taxis.


六级They may be due to the novel way of advertising.


四级Unfortunately, it's been delayed due to the bad weather


六级Because previous research has shown that people with high intellectual abilities are better at filtering out distractions, researchers believed students with high ACT scores would not show a significant decrease in performance due to their use of digital


考研It said that Internet Explorer 10, the version due to appear with Windows 8, would have DNT as a default.


四级This has been due ,in part ,to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has invested $200.


四级It is true that textbook publishers have recently reported losses, largely due to students renting or buying used print textbooks.


六级Yet due to poor practices in harvesting, storage and transportation, as well as market and consumer wastage, it is estimated that 30-50% of all food produced never reaches a human stomach.


考研Enhanced security measures since then, combined with a rise in airline travel due to the improving economy and low oil prices, have resulted in long waits at major airports such as Chicago's O'Hare International.


高考An express train was due to go past about thirty minutes later.


六级These should discourage retailers from wasteful practices that lead to the rejection of food on the basis of cosmetic characteristics, and losses in the home due to excessive purchasing by consumers


六级due to an unofficial quota system,women hold 45 percent of positions in the Swedish parliament.


四级"Due to this arctic outbreak and concerns for the safety of USPS employees,55 USPS announced Wednesday morning," the Postal Service is suspending delivery Jan.


高考For animals their size, ants have been astonishingly successful, largely due to their wonderful social behavior.


高考He unfortunately passed away last year due to his cancer, but he left a deep impression on me and gave me the inspiration to pick up my pen again.


高考The study showed that people who put in 300 minutes a week of exercise had a 20% lower risk of death due to heart disease.


高考Raynor Winn and her husband Moth became homeless due to their wrong investment.

Raynor Winn和她的丈夫Moth因为错误的投资而无家可归。

考研On May 31st Microsoft Set off the row: It said that Internet Explorer 10,the version due to appear windows 8, would have DNT as a default.


四级She still remembers the sting of her first experience skipping an assignment due to the high prices.


四级That’s due in part to the removal of many of the capital’s old-fashioned black and white taxis.


高考Because of our efforts, our daughter Georgia did decide to donate a large bag of toys to a little girl whose mother was unable to pay for her holiday due to illness.


考研microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's safari both offer DNT; Google's Chrome is due to do so this year.

微软的Internet Explorer和苹果的safari都提供DNT;谷歌的Chrome浏览器将于今年推出。

四级However, the plan was dropped due to lack of funds.


高考Now that the chances of dying young are much lower, the chances of living long are much higher due to better diets and health care.


四级This is after the country's main manufacturer stopped sales due to a potato shortage.


考研Enhanced security measures since then, combined with a rise in airline travel due to the improving Chicago’s O’Hare International.

此后加强了安全措施,再加上芝加哥奥黑尔国际机场(O'Hare International)的改善,航空旅行量增加。

六级Was the revival in their fortunes entirely due to strategic innovation?


四级In fact, I was still rewriting my midterm the morning it was due.


四级As she neared the end of her prison sentence, a well-known columnist wrote that she was paying her dues, and that there is simply no reason for anyone to attempt to deny her right to start anew.


高考The loss of glaciers there due to global warming represents an enormous threat to agriculture.


四级Many more people with HSAM started to contact researchers due to the mass media.


六级In fact, almost every interview I've ever had was due to a connection—one that I've gained through pure determination, not a school brand.


六级However, it is farmers that are pushing for the advancements due to ever-increasing labor vacancies, making it difficult to maintain large-scale operations.


四级After all, existing jobs open up every day due to promotions, resignations, terminations(解雇), and retirements.

毕竟,由于升职、辞职、解雇,现有的工作每天都在开放(解雇), 和退休。

四级That was partly due to his talents: showmanship, strategic vision, an astonishing attention to detail and a dictatorial management style which many bosses must have envied


高考Isn't the chemistry homework due next Wednesday?


高考The reason why someone is triggered by something and others are not is often due to one's personal history and psychological traits.


四级James Bentham, a co-author of the research from Imperial College, London, says the global trend is likely to be due primarily to improvements in nutrition and healthcare.

伦敦帝国理工学院(Imperial College,London)这项研究的合著者詹姆斯·本瑟姆(James Bentham)表示,全球趋势可能主要归因于营养和医疗保健的改善。

六级Experts who monitor unemployment statistics here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, say about 28, 000 people are unemployed, and many of them are jobless due to no fault of their own.


考研Srini pillay, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, believes this counter-intuitive link between downtime and productivity may be due to the way our brains operate.

哈佛医学院精神病学助理教授斯里尼·皮莱(Srini pillay)认为,停机时间和生产力之间的这种反直觉联系可能是由于我们大脑的运作方式。

六级After all, existing jobs open up every day due to promotions, resignations, terminations, and retirements.


高考In the north of india, the population is booming due to high birth rates, but in the south, where most economic development is taking place, birth rate is falling rapidly.


六级Farmers are reporting steep losses and a new $20 million tomato-paste factory has halted production due to the shortages.


六级Perfectly eatable fruit and vegetable crops often fail to reach supermarkets due to their size or physical appearance.


高考It does point out that many parents still limit electronic reading, mainly due to concerns about increased screen time.


六级For this scheme to work, the government must provide wage subsidies to compensate for lost pay due to the shorter hours.


六级The government has moved reluctantly into a sensible public health policy, but with such obvious over- cautiousness that any political credit due belongs to the opposition.


六级While the team can't be sure their results are due solely to Obama, they also showed that those with the lowest bias were likely to subconsciously associate black skin colour with political words such as "government" or "president".


考研For example, even in dense forest, you should be able to spot gaps in the tree line due to roads, train tracks, and other paths people carve through the woods.


六级He predicts high failure rates for smaller, regional banks in 2010 as commercial real estate loans come due.


六级Its flagship stores in major U.S. cities depend heavily on international tourist spending, which shrank at many retailers due to a strong dollar.


四级These days, children are robbed of these ancient freedoms, due to problems like crime, traffic, the loss of the open spaces and odd new perceptions about what is best for children, that is to say, things that can be bought, rather than things that can be found.


六级The researchers concluded that this is probably due to a better work-life balance.


四级After mail service stops due to weather, the agency’s top priority is ensuring that employees are safe.


四级You've known from month the report is due today.


四级"Being taller is associated with longer life expectancy," he said, "This is largely due to a lower risk of dying of cardiovascular (心血管的) disease among taller people."

“个子越高,预期寿命越长,”他说,“这主要是因为死于心血管疾病的风险越低。”(心血管的) 高个子人群中的疾病。”

高考The town was cut off from the rest of the world due to heavy snow.


高考But I have a report due tomorrow.


六级And, apparently, that day has come because seemingly routine operations such as knee replacements are now much more hazardous due to the looming threat of these infections.