词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
联想记忆en(加强语气) +deav(deaf-聋子) +our(我们的) → endeavour-尽力
一个 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
attempt / try / endeavour / strive
attempt → 较正式用词,侧重已经开始,且希望完成,但常隐含着不一定有预期的结果。
try → 普通用词,可与attemp …………
Endeavour to promote openness and inclusiveness, maintain the rules-based multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization as the cornerstone, contribute to strengthening the security of global industrial and supply chains, and jointly foster a fair, open and predictable market environment for global specialization and cooperation.2.
Endeavour to deepen technological innovation and cooperation, focus on the trend of technological development, and encourage businesses in various countries to jointly work on technological cooperation, research and development in every part of innovation and value chains at every level, in a shared effort to promote technological progress and industrial development.3.
Encourage green production and lifestyle, promote green technologies, processes and products to be applied across the board, and endeavour to jointly build green and low-carbon industrial and supply chains, to address a range of challenges confronting humanity, such as climate change, environmental pollution and resource scarcity.4.
Promote better use of the planet's resources by key industries, such as integrated circuits, new energies and biomedicine, and strive to support businesses in coordination and cooperation between the upstream and downstream parts of an industrial chain, in a joint endeavour to ensure sustainable supply in key areas.6.
Promote logistics infrastructure, endeavour to increase energy efficiency of ports around the world, strive to enhance cross-border rail connectivity and to improve international air freight and delivery logistics, promote capacity expansion and upgrading at borders and ports of entry, and make an effort to address choke points in current logistics and transportation, to ensure logistics and transportation throughout supply chains unimpeded.7.
Endeavour to reduce cost and increase quality and efficiency for logistics, encourage international logistics businesses to facilitate coordination, promote the interconnection and sharing of international logistics information, contribute to the development and mutual recognition of international standards and rules for logistics and supply chains, and strive to facilitate customs clearance at ports of entry, to ensure efficient operations of supply chains.8.
Consider the dominant role of businesses in the market, and encourage countries to take into account new challenges confronting businesses and endeavour to provide targeted policy support and skills training in their respective post-pandemic recovery plans, so as to better integrate themselves into global industrial and supply chains.
Establishing a modern central banking system is an important endeavour in the pursuit of the Chinese path to modernization.
In this endeavour, the most important task for the central bank is to maintain the stability of currency value and the financial system, Yi said while addressing the 2023 Annual Conference of China Society for Finance and Banking in Beijing.
The CSRC will also continue its candid dialogues with its US counterparts, and endeavour to resolve the remaining issues in audit oversight cooperation in the near future, the spokesperson added.