词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
谐音离吾(谐音) → 离开我 → 离开 → le …………
串记记忆房东租金太贵,在他面前放一张桌子,租约lease就放在上面,如果出租lease不降到最低价least的话,就 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
slave / leave / sleeve / sneeze
weave /  …………
abandon / desert / forsake / leave / giveup
abandon → 强调永远或完全放弃或抛弃人或事 …………
leave sth. out of account 把某事记在账上
leave sb. in the dust 把某人丢在尘土中
leave out 忽略
leave ... alone 离开…独自一人
leave behind 留下
paid family leave 带薪探亲假
on leave 休假
leave alone 单独离开
leave sb. in the dark 让某人蒙在鼓里
leave for 动身去
leave ... behind 留下
maternity leave 产假
leave sb. alone 让某人独处
leave off 放弃,放弃
leave sb. to their own devices 听任某人摆布
leave sth. in the dust 把某物留在尘土中
sick leave 病假
leave an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象
take one's leave of 离开
leave aside 搁置,搁置
take leave of 向…请假
take one's leave 告辞
leave sth. alone 不要管某事
leave a message 留言
leave to one's own devices 自行其是
leave sb. be 离开某人
leave to one side 离开一边
leave sth. be 离开
leave room for 留出空间
leave no room 不留任何空间
study leave 学习假
paid leave 带薪休假
annual leave 年假
leave ... out of account 把……记在帐上
leave a deep impression upon sb. 给某人留下深刻印象
leave school 离开学校
paternity leave 陪产假
leave the question open 让问题悬而未决
unpaid leave 无薪假期
leave ... out 忽略
parental leave 育儿假
take unpaid leave 休无薪假
leave sth. behind 留下某物
paid annual leave 带薪年假
leave over 留下来的
ask for leave 请假
leave work 离开工作岗位
casual leave 临时休假
leave hospital 出院
leave ... to 离开…到
home leave 回籍假
ask for a leave 请假
annual leave bonus 年假奖金
leave on 离开
leave office 离职
leave ... to ... 离开…到...
leave secondary school 离开中学
leave ... to chance 离开…给机会
leave for ... 动身去
leave something to somebody 把东西留给某人
leave sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事
leave sb. to one's own devices 听任某人摆布
take leave 休假
leave home 离开家
leave message at the blog 在博客上留言
leave deep traces 留下深刻的痕迹
leave somebody alone 让某人独处
leave a trace in life 在生活中留下痕迹
take it or leave it 要么接受,要么离开
leave ... on 离开…在
take leave of one's senses 失去理智
leave sb. in the lurch 使某人陷入困境
leave no stone unturned 千方百计
leave something alone 不要管什么
take leave of sb. 向某人告别
leave word with sb. 给某人留言
leave a message to sb. 给某人留言
take one's leave of sb. 向某人告别
leave a lot to be desired 还有很多需要改进的地方
leave of absence 休假
leave ... on one's hands 离开…在某人的手上
leave ... in one's hands 把…留在某人手中
leave sth. for ... 把某物留给...
leave ... untouched 保持…不动
leave sb. behind 留下某人
leave sb. out in the cold 把某人晾在外面
leave somebody out 把某人排除在外
leave it at that 就这样吧
leave off sth. 放弃某事
leave something out 留下一些东西
leave sb. in peace 让某人平静下来
marital leave 婚假
leave sb. high and dry 把某人弄得干干净净
leave to one's option 让自己选择
leave word 离开单词
ask for a leave of absence 请假
leave something to someone else 把东西留给别人
leave sb. cold 冷落某人
leave to one's fate 听天由命
leave one's options open 留有选择余地
leave off doing sth. 停止做某事
leave sth. on 留下某物
leave the door open 让门开着
leave in lieu of overtime 请假代替加班
leave sb. for a while 离开某人一会儿
apply for leave 请假
leave something behind 留下一些东西
leave one's job 离职
leave ... open 离开…打开
leave behind a trail of widely told stories 留下一系列广为流传的故事
beg leave 乞求许可
leave sth. for a while 暂时离开某事
leave a bad taste in one's mouth 在嘴里留下不好的味道
leave well enough alone 好好地独处
leave ... by the wayside 离开…在路边
leave one to one's fate 听天由命
leave an indelibly fond mark on one's memory 在某人的记忆中留下不可磨灭的印记
leave sb. flat 把某人留在家里
leave sb. holding the bag 让某人拿着包
leave oneself wide open for sth. 为某事敞开心扉
leave ... closed 离开…关闭
leave ... hanging in midair 离开…挂在半空中
leave a nasty taste in one's mouth 在嘴里留下难闻的味道
leave a sinking ship 离开沉船
leave sb. for dead 让某人死去
leave without saying goodbye 不辞而别
leave a bitter taste in one's mouth 嘴里留有苦味
absent without leave 擅离职守
leave oneself wide open to sth. 对某事敞开心扉
Their annual leave is five days.
They will leave you to attend to the matter .
I will leave for American next month.