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词根pan - 怕 + - ic 表形容词 →  …………
谐音记忆怕你咳 → 疫情期间怕你咳,大家会恐慌 → panic n.恐慌,惊慌 v.(使)恐慌,(使)惊慌失措 …………
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in panic 惊慌失措
panic buying 恐慌性购买
in a panic 惊慌失措
be in a panic 惊慌失措
banking panic 银行业恐慌
added panic 增加的恐慌
be seized with a panic 惊慌失措
cause a panic 引起恐慌
get up a panic 惊慌失措
push the panic button 按下紧急按钮
press the panic button 按下紧急按钮
Mary got into a panic when she couldn't find the tickets.
Lisa is living on the brink of panic.
The people in a panic fled in all directions.
When the plane started shaking violently, everyone panicked.
She panicked when she realized she had lost her passport.
In the fire, people were running in all directions, panicking and screaming.
The stock market crash caused widespread panic among investors.
Hearing a loud noise at midnight, I panicked and called the police.
He panicked when he saw the police car behind him, and sped up.
The bank teller panicked and handed over all the cash when the robber demanded it.
When the power went out, the children panicked because they were afraid of the dark.
The animal panicked and attacked when it felt cornered.
During the earthquake, people rushed out of buildings in a panic.
JD Super, the online supermarket arm of Chinese e-commerce giant JD, said on Friday that the overall supply of edible salt is sufficient and the price is stable, so panic buying is unnecessary.
Earlier this month, rumors that Carrefour would close more stores fueled concerns among suppliers and resulted in panic buying from prepaid card members.
According to the Beijing Times, the Carrefour Shuangjing store in Beijing early this month has shown a supply shortage as a result of the panic buying from consumers who purchased prepaid cards, who are worried about not being able to spend the money saved in their cards once stores are closed.
"There are so many amusing aspects to the utter panic and meltdown of corporate media employees at the prospect of Musk's control of Twitter," tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald to his 1.8 million Twitter followers.
It can effectively prevent delays of medical treatment and reduce public panic.
Zhang Haitao, a production manager, said: "The novel coronavirus epidemic was much more serious than we thought, which led to panic buying of sanitizing and hand-washing products.
Some people tend to panic at the onset of any suspicious symptoms.
So, the platform has been trying its best to help such people ease anxiety and panic, and to stay healthy mentally.
"Li chose not to push the panic button.
Faris Saah, senior lecturer at Harvard University and managing partner of consulting firm Quansoo Partners, told Xinhua that with the regulatory overreach of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted after the 2008 crisis when panic was prevailing, some improvements may be needed to ensure it continues to play its oversight role and unwinds the shackles of rules that are too rigid and stifle growth.
Leading US aerospace manufacturer Boeing Company admitted some of its computers were hit by notorious WannaCry computer virus, which caused a global panic last year, local media reported Wednesday.
The virus affected hospitals, banks and government institutions in several countries in 2017, triggering fears and panic across the world.
When we face a challenge, we should not panic but remain focused on what is important.
Therefore, it may be worthwhile to think about creating a capital market stabilization fund, which can act as a market anchor during periods of extreme panic or irrational market collapses, and would be also helpful in directing the market toward value investments.
"Although export orders are there, the profits are meager, and I feel panic when producing those goods," said Zhong.
According to Zhou, as the pandemic continues to have a severe impact on global production and recovery, high levels of inflation in many developed economies, including the United States and Europe, have led to panic buying and put more strain on already fragile global supply chains and have disrupted the normal operations of China's foreign trade enterprises.
This time, however, growth in emerging economies remains strong, which means there is no reason for EM currencies to depreciate and thus cause a panic among foreign investors.
Joint efforts with relevant departments will be made to stabilize the prices of raw materials and prevent panic purchases or stockpiling.
However, there is no danger of drug shortages nationwide, thanks to the country's pharmaceutical production capability and unlikelihood of panic buying among consumers, they said.
"The production of relevant drugs has increased quickly with supply of raw materials being stable, and people are not likely to hoard drugs out of panic this time," said Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.
China's salt industry authority and producers have urged consumers against panic buying after anxious shoppers emptied supermarket shelves and online retail platforms of the condiment due to worries over Japan's discharging of radioactive wastewater.
China has enough salt, so there is no need to stockpile salt and the panic salt buying behavior, affected by Japan's nuclear pollution, is unnecessary, CCTV reported on Friday, citing China Salt Association.
China National Salt Industry Group has called for rational buying of salt products given that well salt and lake salt are the primary proportion of salt products in China, in response to the panic buying behaviors affected by Japan's nuclear pollution.
Please buy salt products rationally and avoid panic buying," according to the statement.
don't panic, it's not a zombie apocalypse, just a few surfskaters.
If a major real estate company defaults on its debts, the market will panic.
Due to the geopolitical woes, steel prices in overseas markets have surged amid the panic of impacted supplies of not only finished steel products but also raw materials and energy, as Russia and Ukraine are among the world's major suppliers of energy and metal commodities, Wang said.
When the US government wielded its semiconductor hegemony to crack down on Chinese tech companies including Huawei Technologies and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp in the past, such moves triggered a wave of panic hoarding of chips which fueled a chip shortage and harmed the interests of dozens of US chip companies such as Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp.
Lin Shen, a researcher with the Institute of World Economics and Politics, which is part of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said:"The situation in Kazakhstan has caused market panic over tightening supplies, but the impact on the deliveries is limited and manageable, because the pipelines are often located in remote areas and are designed with systemic protection mechanisms to fend off destruction during emergencies.
I would advise financial institutions to implement different housing credit policies in accordance with local conditions in different cities, maintain stable operations of real estate development loans and mortgage loans, and avoid blindly recovering loans before maturity or cutting off lending to property developers due to panic behavior.
Xu Zhijun, deputy chairman of Huawei Technologies Co, said the US government restrictions on the company have triggered panic and forced Chinese tech companies to stock up semiconductor products.
The panic is also worsening the global chip shortage and affecting the global automotive sector, smartphone, personal computer and other businesses, Xu said.
"The panic and anxiety that struck the industry in February have been replaced by reasonable optimism.
Importing respirators from other countries is a measure to address social panic.
"There is no shortage of food based on the global supply and the recent price rise is due to the panic buying during the pandemic," Wei said.
"The epic oil price plunge reflects the extreme panic of the market, amid rising threats to the global economy from the outbreak.
Once our customers became aware of this, they resorted to panic buying necessities .
Such staggering indebtedness may ring alarm bells anywhere else in the world, but in China, there's no panic, only cautious optimism, experts said.
Wei said in an exclusive interview with China Daily that the decision to restrict the export of industrial products and materials containing gallium and germanium has been made after thoughtful consideration, which will not only cause panic in certain countries, but also exert heavy pain in them.
The senior executive said the US government restrictions on Huawei are triggering a wave of panic among companies, especially Chinese tech companies, to stock up semiconductor products.
The panic is worsening the global chip shortage and affecting the global automotive sector, smartphones, personal computers and other businesses, Xu said.
Industry executives said the epidemic was likely to wreak havoc on auto sales and production in the first quarter, but that it was too early to push the panic button.
But Xu Haidong, an assistant to secretary-general of the association, said there is no need to panic, as July is usually a month with lackluster sales.
The market panic caused by the turmoil in the West's banking sector has subsided somewhat of late.
That sparked a crisis of confidence, even panic, among depositors who pulled out a staggering $42 billion in a single day.
Once the panic spreads and a bank run occurs, a domino effect might ensue and would be difficult to control," he said.
Excessively high elasticity of the foreign exchange rate may jeopardize the stability of market expectations and lead to unnecessary panic — and further depreciation.
As panic about the escalated Russia-Ukraine crisis is assimilated and the US Fed's interest rate rise has been nailed in March, the A-share market is bottoming out.
Panic could be felt in markets worldwide.
"Thanks to the recent launch of those policies, the panic felt by some investors eased to some extent.
The monthly spot and forward (including options) forex settlements by banks recorded mild deficits in the absence of short-selling driven by panic over the RMB appreciation.
Although the US central bank has not changed the scale and period of purchasing Treasuries, the new statement will extend the market's expectation on the accommodative monetary policy and avoid panic from monetary tightening, Ming said.
To be fair, in such a crisis it made sense for policymakers in a panic situation to prioritize short-term economic survival regardless of the long-term consequences.
The dollar is the most important safe-haven currency in times of market panic.
Global market volatility soared to a nine-year high since the virus outbreak, as sell-offs and panic spread from stock to commodity markets, prompting monetary authorities, such as the central banks in Indonesia and Brazil, to defend their currencies using foreign exchange reserves.
"Along with rapid and aggressive monetary policy responses, fiscal policies and other policies are catching up now, which have helped abate market panic," Zhu said.
"Along with rapid and aggressive monetary policy responses, fiscal policies and other policies are catching up now, which have helped abate market panic", Zhu said.
Panic buying of US dollars as a reserve currency has sharply lifted the dollar index and the cost of borrowing dollars for other currencies in foreign-exchange swap markets has hit levels not seen since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.
"Had the Fed not announced a cut, the decision would have amounted to disappointing news, which would have fueled further panic," analyst George Selgin told The Washington Post.
Chinese stocks were among the bright spots as Asian stocks rebounded from the past week's panic selling due to the sharp rise in confirmed infections outside of China.
Economists had earlier signaled caution on cross-border capital flows, indicating that global panic would prompt investors to withdraw funds from high-risk regions.
Investors maintained a clear mind without any panic, as the number 7.0 is no longer magic: the People's Bank of China, the central bank, had successfully made the market to go through this level last year.
Yet, there is no need to panic as the impact is widely expected to be short-lived.
Even if investors fail to arrive at the right valuation in their first attempt, they need not panic because the market's ability to allocate resources wisely has been strengthened by the new reform.
In the future, the market panic may lead to a financial market stampede and liquidity risk, which can be transmitted to the real economy and hold up credit, investment and production.
Li Feng, a professor at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said investors should not panic over the epidemic.
Analysts said the market rebounded as investor panic faded on the nation's swift actions to tackle the disease, and as many investors had awaited a market fall to up holdings and prepare for a potential bullish trend.
"In early August, the RMB depreciated to beyond 7 per dollar, but that was because of the escalation of Sino-US trade frictions, which triggered market panic, and it was not the result of any manipulation, he told China Daily.
"There is no need to panic over the RMB breaching the 7-yuan-per-dollar threshold," I said at the event.
Regulators also appear to be in a difficult position as they are still working on the detailed regulations, trying to catch up with the sector's rapid growth and hoping to weed out illegal practices and rein in financial risks without causing panic among investors.
A large devaluation probably leads to panic capital outflows and competitive currency devaluation of China's trading partners, which will undermine the country's financial stability and hurt imports, Song added.
Michelle Qi, chief investment officer for equities at Eastspring Investments in China, said that the recent surge of A shares is helping recover losses seen last year that resulted from the "unnecessary panic" of the market.
Given the government has signaled that more preferential policies are on the way, such as tax cuts, there is no need for panic selling, according to analysts with Haitong Securities.
For the Chinese currency, investors always anchor an important "psychological" exchange rate at 7 against the US dollar, and they worry that market panic may emerge if the renminbi weakens past that rate.
Overall, the RRR cut will effectively offset investors' anxiety during the holiday, such as slumps in Hong Kong shares and reduced market panic, said Huang Hanbin, a popular commentator on economics.
This is an indication that top-level financial regulators are strengthening guidance on market expectations, to avoid irrational panic among investors, especially when uncertainties are rising amid trade tensions, said experts.
The currency jumped from the year's lowest value of 6.9568 per dollar, recorded just a week ago on the offshore market, a level influenced by the global market panic after the Turkish lira sharply depreciated.
"So far, the market panic after June's renminbi depreciation has almost abated, and the Chinese currency is able to remain stable.
After the Financial Stability and Development Committee met on Monday, analysts expected its key tasks in the near future to be controlling financial deleveraging, ensuring "reasonably adequate" liquidity and fending off any market panic.
In addition, the sharp drop in the market last week appears to reflect emotional panic.
"The central bank governor's comment and listed companies' efforts may play a role in calming the market panic, but I believe today's recovery is a technical adjustment," said Dong Dengxin, a finance professor at Wuhan University of Science and Technology.
Analysts said after Tuesday's panic selling, investors still believe the US and China will work out their differences.
Liang Hong, chief economist of the China International Capital Corp Ltd, said that investors were panic selling on Tuesday because of the trade war initiated by the US and also due to China's deleveraging moves.
Hong Kong stocks plunged 1,649.80 points, or 5.12 percent, to close at 30,595.42 points amid panic selling on Tuesday, as mounting fears swept across the local market in the wake of a US market meltdown overnight.
"Like Costa, Wall Street traders said they generally are not seeing any panic.
He said cross-border capital flows are expected to sustain the good trend this year, supported by strong economic fundamentals, more rational outbound investment and fewer expected panic sell-offs of the currency.
And that overview seems to suggest there is no dire need for anyone to press the panic button.
The company's decision follows the series of sudden collapses of bicycle sharing companies recently due to the panic withdrawal of deposits.
Beijing-based Coolqi saw a flurry of panic deposit withdrawals in September and was subsequently brought over by Chengdu-based Baike Technology.
The period from Friday to the end of June 2019 will be a cushion to prevent market panic, said the statement.
The crackdown, as Deng said, will not spark market panic as the investors have accepted these facts since the information has been released gradually by media and the exchanges since earlier this month.
To prevent market panic, several listed Sichuan companies have been proactively issuing statements confirming minimal or negligible impact of the quake on their assets, operations and future prospects.
It said financial institutions and market players should remain rational towards mid-year liquidity conditions by staying vigilant while avoiding panic and chaos.
China does not want nor need to depreciate its currency to gain export competitiveness, and the PBOC's moves to inject liquidity into the forex market aim to avoid irrational depreciation and market panic, Pan Gongsheng, head of SAFE, wrote in the latest edition of China Finance, a leading industry magazine managed by the central bank.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the timely and accurate release and explanation of epidemic control policies, and disease prevention expertise, among others, have helped strengthen people's confidence and assuage panic, Sun told the forum held by the administration alongside Tsinghua University.

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