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词根re 加强 + friger 冷,寒 + ator  …………
词源记忆来自 refrigerate, 冷却,冷藏。常缩写自 fridge. 该词的英语词源请访问趣词词源英文版:r …………
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refrigerator n 冰箱(re+friger+ator)
frigid a 寒冷的(frig+id)
frigidity n 寒冷,(性)冷淡(frigid+ity=冷的状态=寒冷)
ref …………
freon-free refrigerator 无氟利昂冰箱
The minute Eric came home he beelined for the refrigerator.
Tony's refrigerator frequently looked half empty
I just bought a new refrigerator, and it's so energy efficient.
Could you please pass me the milk from the refrigerator?"
- 你能从冰箱里把牛奶递给我吗?
I need to defrost the refrigerator this weekend.
The refrigerator is running constantly, there might be something wrong with it.
Don't leave the door of the refrigerator open for too long; it wastes electricity.
The leftovers are in the top shelf of the refrigerator.
I put the ice cream in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.
The refrigerator is an essential appliance in every kitchen.
Remember to clean the refrigerator once a month to prevent bad odors.
The warranty on my refrigerator covers repairs for two years.
"Our goal is to become one of the leading brands in the Brazilian refrigerator industry within four years - Midea will provide Brazilians with more choices for intelligent home appliances and improve the quality of life of local consumers," Wang said.
The company has set up an overseas office in Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates, and a refrigerator, washing machine and water heater factory in Egypt that serves the Middle Eastern and African markets.
Zhang started to steer Qingdao Refrigerator General Factory---the predecessor to Haier Group---in 1984, when the company posted 3.48 million yuan ($542,600) of revenue and 1.47 million yuan of deficits.
"The green development model including digital, smart and energy-saving facilities have been promoted to 16 air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator plants," said Li.
"Many people need to go through self-quarantine at home, so they prefer to buy a new refrigerator to store food.
We quickly noticed the trend and stocked enough products to meet demand, which helped our local refrigerator sales surge by 50 percent in a short time," Zhuang said.
Last year, Konka spent 455 million yuan buying three subsidiaries from financially troubled refrigerator maker Henan Xinfei Electric Co Ltd, which is now marketed as Frestec.
"Last year when I went to the market to buy a refrigerator I didn't have any particular brand in my mind.
Then, the marketing executive at the shop introduced the Haier refrigerator to me and I found the price tag to be the lowest when compared to other brands in the same segment.
"The transaction, which will lead to a change in the ownership of the refrigerator and air conditioner maker, will help diversify its business by introducing more strategic investors," Liu was quoted as saying by the China Business News.
Marc Bitzer, Whirlpool's global chief executive officer, said that the 108-year-old brand will launch a new washing machine, a new refrigerator and its Italian-made kitchen appliances collection in the country this year.
Hisense designers added water dispensers in its refrigerator doors to better meet local consumers' demand, improving its refrigerator products' popularity.
Since 2016, Hisense has ranked No 1 in both television and refrigerator sales in South Africa for two consecutive years.
An employee named Lucky even helped us solve a technical problem concerning the refrigerator's rubber door seal.
Under the direct procurement agreement, all Atlantic salmon from Norway are transported by air to China within 72 hours, during which they have adequate protection and refrigerant to maintain a refrigerator environment, or between 0 to 4 degrees, said Huang Ling, global direct procurement director for fresh produce at Hema.
In June, Konka spent 455 million yuan buying three subsidiaries from financially troubled refrigerator maker Henan Xinfei Electric Co Ltd, which is now marketed as Frestec.
According to Sean Ding, chief scientist for the Internet of Things division at Alibaba Cloud, the tie-up aims to bring people one step closer to "easily opening the car's heater on a winter morning as soon as the car owner wakes up, or controlling their refrigerator and washing machine from inside their car".
By leveraging a full industrial chain and local-team operations, Galanz has increased its microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and other home appliance market shares in the Russian market.
Standing behind a refrigerator at the Malaysian pavilion, David Chen, a Malaysian exhibitor, busily wrapped a bagful of durian-flavored mooncakes for Xu Feng, a Chinese customer.
Chinese TV maker Skyworth Group brought 10 categories of more than 200 products, including color TV, photovoltaic, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, dishwasher, display, security, education touch all-in and smart small household appliances, to the fair.
"In addition to international products, the fair has set up a cultural and creative hall to display CIIE souvenirs, including plush toys, refrigerator magnets, badges and postcards, attracting many young people and families to the hall.
The 50-compartment train loaded with more than 240 metric tons of refrigerator freezers, self-adhesive paper and spices accumulating a value of over 7.6 million yuan ($1.12 million) will cross the border via Erenhot Port in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
The company showcased its latest self-developed refrigerator with special doors designed for beverage and alcohol retailers.
Sales of gaming TV and large-capacity double door refrigerator soared by 87 percent and 65 percent, respectively, data from the retailer Suning.
Zhang Na, a Beijing resident, said she plans to buy a new energy-efficient refrigerator and she will search for coupon-friendly products when shopping.
Her secret to enduring the sweltering summer is a "large refrigerator" in the form of an indoor ski resort.
In her house, there is a small refrigerator where she stores a collection of perfumes — around 20 bottles.
It said small-packaged ready-to-eat meal products are more popular among consumers due to factors such as refrigerator capacity and portability.
It has also built a refrigerator, washing machine and water heater factory in Egypt that serves Middle Eastern and African markets.
The third expo will include the release of peripheral products based on the mascot, such as a refrigerator magnet and eight metal badges.
The company has set up an overseas office in Dubai and a refrigerator, washing machine and water heater factory in Egypt that serves the Middle Eastern and African markets.
The report said each transaction of an unwanted mobile phone can reduce at least 25 kilograms of carbon emissions, while trading a discarded refrigerator can realize 130 kg of such emission reductions.
China's cryogenic industry stepped onto a new stage early this year, when a crane slowly loaded a specialized helium refrigerator onto a container headed for Canada during a launching ceremony in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.
The high-powered, 10-kilowatt refrigerator, which can reach -253.15 C, made its developer, Beijing Sinoscience Fullcryo Technology Co Ltd, the nation's first company to export fully self-developed, large cryogenic equipment able to reach such low temperatures, and more importantly, capable of being used for hydrogen liquefaction.
Fullcryo had already developed helium refrigerator models that could reach the low temperatures required to produce liquefied oxygen and liquefied nitrogen, neither of which is as low as those needed to liquefy hydrogen.
Each unit of Fullcryo's largest helium refrigerator produces up to 5 metric tons of liquefied hydrogen a day.
Noting that consumers are keen on buying freezers with larger storage space, Wang Xiaocheng, general manager of the refrigerator and washing machine sales unit at Chinese home appliances manufacturer Meiling, said enterprises should grasp this new wave of consumer demands and roll out more innovative freezer products.
"The surge in sales of refrigerators in some regions amid the pandemic will not last long, but people are pursuing healthier lifestyles and attaching huge importance to food safety, which will bring about new opportunities for bolstering the development of the refrigerator and freezer industry," said Han Dong, who is in charge of the sales of refrigerators and freezers in the domestic market at Ronshen, another home appliances maker.
Going against the trend, China's refrigerator makers saw their output fall 0.2 percent year on year to 82.53 million sets during the period, the ministry said.
Zhejiang XINGX Refrigeration Co Ltd has seen over 270 percent year-on-year growth in refrigerator exports over cost advantage and R&D capability.
It contains almost everything required for daily life: bed, bathroom, kitchen, TV and refrigerator.
"To put it simply, we are a big refrigerator.
Refrigerator and washing machine sales surpassed 500 million yuan in just three minutes.
XESS also deploys 5G technology modules, a pop-up AI camera, 4-core smart chip and independent professional Hi-Fi audio equipment to ensure efficient processing capacity and sensitive connectivity between various smart home devices like a refrigerator, an air conditioner, a laundry machine and smart door locks.
The host-served two-bed house, she said, is complete with smart devices and intelligent systems-laser projector, air purifier, water purifier, high-end stove, tableware, refrigerator, steam oven, what have you.
The SUV also features a 5.7-liter refrigerator.
Most RVs feature beds, a kitchen with a table, a refrigerator, a sink and a cooking stove along with a toilet, and they become more affordable options compared with staying at hotels.
The model is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, water dispenser and other household appliances.
"Founded by Li more than three decades ago in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group had started off as a refrigerator parts supplier.
At the exhibition booth of Hisense, a Chinese home appliances brand, visitors waited in line to take a closer look at an intelligent refrigerator.
For instance, there is a smart refrigerator with an intelligent camera.
With a bed, table, refrigerator and other furniture, the home already seems full.
Duan Mengran, vice-president of the AI and smart scenarios of consumer business department of Huawei, said the future cooperation between the HarmonyOS system and e-CNY ecosystem may together explore more application scenarios like smart devices, including refrigerator, treadmill, charging pile, POS (point of sale) machine and ATMs (automated teller machines).
""We now have refrigerator and TV, and I can watch TV after I finish homework," she added.

六级All of those specialized bulbs led to the building of specialized light fixtures, from the desk lamp you study by, to the ugly but beloved hand-painted Chinese lamp you inherited from your grandmother, to the ceiling fixture in your closet, to the light in your oven or refrigerator, and to the light that the dentist points at you.



高考When you have bought a fish and arrive home, you'd better store the fish in the refrigerator if you don't cook it immediately, but fresh fish should be stored in your fridge for only a day or two.


2016年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 七选五 原文

四级It has been so since the 1960s when packaged food first appeared with the label: “store in the refrigerator.