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safe / sake / save
for the sake of 为了
without sake 无缘无故
for god's sake 看在上帝面上
for sth's sake 为某事本身的缘故
for old times' sake 看在旧日的情分上
for the sake of 为了
for one's sake 为了某人
for its own sake 为了自己
for one's own sake 为了自己
for God's sake 看在上帝的份上
for sb.'s sake 为了某人
for one's sake of 为了
for the sake of sth. 为了
for Pete's sake 看在皮特的份上
for sth.'s sake 为了
for Heaven's sake 看在上帝的份上
for the sake of sb. 为了某人
for the sake of something 为了什么
formalities performed for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance 为了手续、官僚主义、享乐主义和奢侈而进行的手续
for somebody's sake 为了某人
for something's sake 为了某件事
for the sake of somebody 为了某人
for the sake of convenience 为了方便起见
for goodness' sake 看在上帝的份上
for Christ's sake 看在上帝份上
buy for the sake of buying 为买而买
Young people don't get married just for the sake of it .
I believe in art for its own sake.
I'll have a hot sake to warm me up, please.
Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine that's often served during formal dinners.
The chef recommended we pair the sushi with a cold sake for the best flavor experience.
In Japan, sake is sometimes poured into small cups called 'ochoko' and shared among friends.
Sake has a unique brewing process that involves steaming rice and fermenting it with koji.
清酒的独特酿造过程包括蒸米和用 koji 发酵。
Warm sake is known as 'atsukan' and is believed to enhance the drink's aroma and flavors.
There are different grades of sake, such as Junmai and Honjozo, each with its distinct taste profile.
Sake can be enjoyed not only as an accompaniment to food but also as an after-dinner drink.
Some high-quality sakes are aged, similar to how fine wines are matured, resulting in a richer, smoother taste.
If you're new to sake, it's recommended to start with a mild and easy-drinking variety like 'Ginjo'."
- 如果你是清酒新手,建议从口感柔和易饮的“吟醸”开始尝试。
But it is important not to use technology for the sake of it, but use it to make consumers' lives easier.
Neumann wanted high growth for the sake of growth.
"Of course, we'll keep abreast of the changes and trends in the market, but we aren't in the business of innovating for the sake of innovating," he said.
He said that, for the sake of the passengers' safety, DiDi will set up a local emergency hotline which will connect them with the company's team in Chile.
As investors continue to search for the next Alibaba or Google and more unicorns appear, some might just need time to prove themselves, while others will simply be growing for the sake of growth without any prospects for profit.
The company will not cancel social insurance and housing funds for the sake of cost-cutting, Liu said, adding some staff made 80,000 yuan a month in pilot areas for the new salary regime in southern China's second and third-tier cities.
We have been through a period when we sacrificed the environment for the sake of economic development, and now we realize we should seek a sustainable path.
"Other than simply giving money, those projects are offering more jobs and education for the sake of those areas' long-term development," Zhong said.
"For the sake of the company, we have to get big very quickly," Larson said.
"For the sake of the company, we have to get big very quickly to support all the glass.
"We do not do digital for the sake of digital, but rather to stay in line with consumers' demand," he said.
"By the end of the year, you will notice from the outside that all work will be accomplished," said project manager Wang Liangxue, adding that "for the sake of meeting deadlines, the workers have been subjected to an accelerated pace".
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, director-general of the World Trade Organization, said via video that the narrative that "global integration has gone too far, and needs to be rolled back for the sake of economic security, social inclusion and environmental sustainability" is "wrong".
For their sake, the government still needs to keep housing prices stable, Ning added.
"Jin Guang, an official with the Japan External Trade Organization Guangzhou Office, said that after the RCEP agreement took effect, the product tax rate of many Japanese products, including the popular drink sake, will decrease a lot, which will create huge opportunities for Japanese companies.
Miao Wei, former minister of industry and information technology and a member of the CPPCC National Committee, underlined the necessity of launching concrete measures to support the healthy development of the platform economy as soon as possible, for the sake of stabilizing expectations over the sector's development prospects and boosting market confidence.
However, due to inadequate research of factors related to government, enterprises and consumers, the vibrancy of each is sometimes compromised for the sake of maintaining economic momentum.
While recognizing the ample space in macroeconomic policies, experts warned against any careless stimulus that could undermine long-term development, and emphasized accelerating economic upgrading for the sake of sustainable growth.
Dongguan Ramaxel Technology Company, a DRAM module manufacturer, temporarily transformed its meeting rooms into staff dormitories during the hardest time of the COVID-19 outbreak last year, for the sake of a due production schedule and epidemic prevention and control needs.
Japanese producers of electrical and electronic products, machinery, automobile components and some agricultural and food products like sake will also enjoy significant tariff concessions when they export their products to China.
And so will Christmas and New Year revelers who might relish the prospect that prices of imported Japanese sake in China could fall quite a bit as tariffs will be cut by as much as 40 percent, thanks to the RCEP.
In this context, he said, China has invested huge funds, technologies and human resources into developing countries for the sake of their development and joint cooperation.
They should not be taken as a wide-ranging crackdown for the sake of cracking down on private companies, but prescriptions for certain persistent ailments.
They do not want to lose the enormous China market for the sake of maintaining the hegemony of the US.
Luo said new rules may come out and require startups to not fully disclose the attributes and key components of the data assets they own to foreign investors and regulators in an overseas IPO for the sake of national data security.
For the sake of boosting consumption and improving people's welfare, more measures are likely in the next few years, especially to bridge the income gap.
"After the world has been through in recent years, it's time for rapprochement between the US and China to ensure global recovery is given the highest priority," the analyst said in the article calling for ending the US-China trade frictions for the sake of the pandemic-stricken world.
The Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and always encourages enterprises to respect IP rights, but also opposes the abuse of IP rights protection for the sake of protectionism, Gao said.
Highlighting the large size of the Chinese chip market, he said that "no business is willing to sacrifice benefits and incur financial losses for the sake of biased political reasons".
But, modern weather forecasting has developed into an exact science, which can empower the sector's attempts at decarbonization for the sake of high-quality economic development, they said.
In other words, there are some regulatory forces restricting the financing of private enterprises for safety's sake, rather than private enterprises taking the initiative to deleverage.
It has created tariff concessions or abolished tariffs altogether on many goods traded between China and Japan, including some water products, processed foods and sake.
Many admit to buying for the sake of supporting their beloved characters.
"Taking digitalization as an example, we see companies digitalize for the sake of digitalization such as introducing systems that are not synchronized, leading to designs that do not fully account for customer pain points," he said.
Hu Jiachun, a nonferrous metals analyst with Tianfeng Future Research Institute, said China is the world's largest aluminum producer, and must strictly rein in new capacity construction for the sake of environment protection.
"They (the brands) don't just do livestreaming for the sake of it, but they are on the hunt for key opinion leaders who have the matching 'tonality' with the brand so that they can properly convey these messages," Yang explained.
I'd certainly visit such restaurants offering new concepts for the sake of fun and to enjoy their sense of novelty.
Peng Caide, chief engineer with CREEI, said China cannot follow in developed countries' footsteps to widely develop oil and natural gas applications for the sake of national energy security.
"South Korea's success is just a start, as businesses from certain countries, including the Netherlands and Japan, are not willing to sacrifice benefits and incur financial losses for the sake of biased political reasons," Xiang said.
He said makers of conventional vehicles should make innovations in this new age but he added that there is no need to ban the use of such vehicles for the sake of NEVs.
In a statement last week, the Shanghai-listed carmaker announced its plan to transfer 67 percent in equity in its wholly owned Borgward "for the sake of its long-term development".
"Businesses across the world will not sacrifice cooperation and winwin results for the sake of biased political reasons," he said.
But still, for the sake of trade stability, healthy economic growth and even security in a broader sense, economies are looking for more alternatives to payments in the US dollar in some areas.
However, the possibility of implementing enormous stimulus for the sake of fulfilling this year's GDP growth target of around 5.5 percent is low, said Hu, who expects China's economy to grow by around 3 percent this year.
The experts said the Fed's tightening could intensify global financial volatility, drive capital further into the US and put pressure on many central banks to raise interest rates themselves for the sake of preventing capital outflows and currency depreciation, they said.
Prior to the symposium, Beijing-based Zhongguancun Bank and NewUp Bank of Liaoning based in Shenyang, Liaoning province, announced they would stop providing cash services for the sake of digital transformation.
Spending on government buildings and projects solely for the sake of appearances is prohibited.
China has decided to stop financing coal energy projects, primarily for the benefit of humanity, and "I think it is a constructive contribution for the sake of all of humanity," said Kissinger.
They discussed reserving some space for the sake of "cross-cyclical matters" and preparations for downward economic pressure that may emerge around the end of this year, the policy advisers said.
They rely on the capital market as their main financing channel where failures can be tolerated in the short term for the sake of major long-term returns.
Li Daokui said financing measures for the property sector should be changed from the current situation of relying too much on short-term financing and bank lending, but he expected that the policy stance may not be tightened, for the sake of avoiding risks.
On the one hand, the new system would be a significant reform to redress the long-standing lack of financial support for innovation-and it is not advisable to change schedules already announced for the sake of maintaining a stable expectation of policy.
The authorities also highlighted the need to tighten financial regulation and prevent funds from "simply circulating in the financial sector for the sake of arbitrage", according to the report.
"The policy interest rate will guide the overall market interest rate to decline, for the sake of reducing enterprises’ financing costs," Chen said.
Domestically, the de facto lending rate of China's interbank market has also been liberalized and decreasing at a steady and comfortable pace for the sake of the real economy and corporate financing.
"We will not go against the nature of the community just for the sake of overly rapid development.
It needs to change for the sake of the future of the world and, frankly, for the health of investment portfolios.
In the short term, there is still room for further measures to provide liquidity, for the sake of economic growth and due to concerns over financial stability, according to Liu.
Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party authorities have deliberately hyped up the so-called mainland military threat and played up tensions for the sake of seeking electoral benefits, Wu said, noting that "the PLA is in control of all dynamics of the Taiwan military".
Efforts must be made to improve Party conduct and enforce Party discipline with a strict tone, and consistently tackle the problems of formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, the meeting said.
As the practice of formality for formality's sake and bureaucratism are recognized as enemies to the cause of the Party and the country, localities across China are bucking these traditions to increase efficiency.
"But now, officials at all levels are keeping in mind the importance of eradicating bureaucratism and the practice of formality for formality's sake, and both conduct and work performances have been greatly improved," Guo added.
"We need to build up a complete cultural service system for the sake of people's overall mental cultivation," he explained.

考研It is only in recent years that we hear It is only in recent years that we hear the more honest argument that predators are members of the community, and that no special interest has the right to exterminate them for the sake of a benefit ,real or fancied ,to itself.



六级So, instead of innovation for innovation's sake and new products being created simply because the technology is there, the company culture must switch from these point-in-time innovations to a continuous pipeline of innovations from everywhere and everyon


2016年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级We need to make it clear that it's not just change for change's sake.


2019年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section A

六级President Obama will no doubt make the point publicly when he gets to Beijing: the Chinese need to consume more; they need-believe it or not-to become more like Americans, for the sake of the global economy.



六级For the sake of increasing their odds of landing a better job, the students are compelled to run from one exam to another.



六级President Obama will no doubt make the point publicly when he gets to Beijing: the Chinese need to consume more; they need—believe it or not—to become more like Americans, for the sake of the global economy.



四级We should be delighted to pursue knowledge for its own sake--even when what we find out is something we didn’t particularly want to know.



四级Student teachers score higher on tests than pupils who're learning only for their own sake.



考研Even our schools are where we send our children to get a practical education—not to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge.