adv./prep. 在船上,在(船、飞机、公共汽车、火车等)上,上(船、飞机、公共汽车、火车等)
词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根a = to 到 + board 板子 → 到板子 …………
对比记忆abroad :a =at在、到 + broad宽广 →走出国门, 到更宽广的舞台 → 在国外,到国外 …………
词性拓展记忆 / 词形拓展记忆
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
board / aboard / abroad
board n.(黑)板;委员会 v.上(船,飞机等);搭伙
aboard prep.在(船、飞机、车等)上 adv.上(船、飞机、车等)
abroad adv.到国外,在国外;在传播,在流传
keyboard / cupboard / aboard
The roaring oar hit the coarse keyboard on the cupboard aboard the boat.
go aboard 上船
welcome aboard 欢迎登机
student aboard office 留学生办公室
There was a woman aboard.
We must not take combustible goods aboard.
He was already aboard the plane.
Welcome aboard, Malcolm!
欢迎加入, Malcolm
The first of three billionaires planning commercial space voyages took flight on Sunday as Richard Branson rose more than 50 miles above the New Mexico desert aboard his Virgin Galactic rocket plane, safely returning in the vehicle’s first flight to space with a full crew.
On March 10, all 157 people aboard a flight of Ethiopian Airlines perished shortly after takeoff.
The Istanbul Airport performed a watergate ceremony for the flight, the first time for the airport to do so on a foreign flight, after it landed with 279 passengers aboard.
It is able to collect, process, and analyze information aboard, monitor ores in its cargo hold and offer the crew suggestions to avoid collisions when monitoring other ships in the open waters.
The pilot was later able to make an emergency landing at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport about 45 minutes after the incident, saving all 119 passengers and nine crew members aboard.
Elements tailored to the Shanghai park include the creation of Woody's Roundup, where tourists climb aboard pony carts, retail store Al's Toy Barn, and a number of character icons scattered across the area.
Leyard has more than 40 domestic and foreign units with 3,500 employees in all, including 600 from aboard.
Customers could then take a seat inside Slinky Dog's "springy spirals", enjoy a thrilling ride on a U-shaped track in Rex's Racer, and climb aboard pony carts at Woody's Roundup, a segment that is uniquely designed for the Shanghai park.
The CEO also pledged a full investigation into the matter and suggested possible change to the way local law enforcement deals with passengers aboard the airlines.
"China welcomes the people of other countries aboard the express train of the country's development.
As of Monday, the port handled a total of 750 inbound China-Europe freight trains, up approximately 12 percent year-on-year, with 84,660 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of containers aboard.
The exported goods included auto parts and cooking utensils manufactured in Jiangsu worth about $3.73 million, and are expected to arrive in Milan aboard the X8020 train in 25 days.
"We will open our arms to the people of other countries and welcome them aboard the express train of China's development.
In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 via video link, President Xi Jinping said that the BRI is a public road open to all, and all interested countries are welcome aboard to take part in the cooperation and share in its benefits.
One hundred 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of cargo was aboard the new train, with a total value of about $1.66 million, officials said, adding that it is expected the trip will take 15 days to the final destination via the Khorgos land port in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
He and his crew of about 1,300 from 28 countries will welcome passengers aboard trips that offer a unique maritime experience.
"Also, a chemical produced in the process has been put into space aboard Tianzhou-1, China's first cargo spacecraft, for studies on a potential medicine for osteoporosis, according to Chen.
"We are delighted to once again welcome Chinese guests aboard as we set sail after three years.
The route from Shanghai to Japan in April will not pass through the discharge area, and the company will adopt multiple measures to ensure the safety of drinking water as well as water for other use aboard the cruise ship, it said.
The vessel, which can accommodate 5,246 passengers, boasts China's largest duty-free shopping center aboard an oceangoing ship.
It is also to have the country's largest duty-free shopping center aboard an oceangoing vessel.
When aboard, guests will be able to visit a large-scale performance center, specialty restaurants, various bars, cafes and shopping malls.
The UAE-based carrier Emirates is also offering live soccer action on its in-flight entertainment systems aboard more than 200 of its aircraft, thanks to its tie-ups with dedicated sports channels.
A China Southern Airlines plane with 272 passengers aboard took off from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport for New York at 7:08 pm on Thursday, as the airline officially resumed flights to New York.
The commodities, including artificial flowers, Christmas lights, Santa hats and toys, will be aboard a special train for cross-border business and is expected to arrive in Minsk, Belarus, in 17 days.
The Civil Aviation Administration of China confirmed yesterday a Boeing 737 passenger plane with 132 aboard crashed in China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.
The nation's strict quality standards for the export of agricultural products-such as fast Customs clearance, dynamic cross-border e-commerce channels, growing deployment of cold chain containers and high-end storage compartments that can be used aboard container vessels-are all bringing in more opportunities, said Jiang Wen, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing.
Dicos is among a rising number of Chinese large fast-food chains, larger restaurants, cafes and tea shops jumping aboard the global consumption bandwagon by using imitation meat to advocate sustainability and appeal to healthier food demand.
China's new infrastructure pledge will offer opportunities at home and aboard.
Nearly 90 percent of all goods aboard were produced locally in Wuhan, including 166.4 metric tons of medical supplies such as medical fabrics, as well as auto parts, electronics and telecommunication cables, according to China State Railway Group.
A sightseeing tour aboard a helicopter is quite common in the US.
Seeing the huge growth potential, a growing number of companies both at home and aboard are actively embracing the sharing model, which not only brings convenience but also injects new impetus into the regional economic development.
For instance, he said, by implementing an artificial intelligence model that optimizes gate assignments at the Shenzhen International Airport, an average 4 million passengers each year are spared the hassle of riding a shuttle bus to get aboard.
Just accessing the positions of the towers requires traveling over rugged roads or trails, often aboard all-terrain vehicles.
ai to provide fully driverless rides without a safety supervisor aboard in a 60-square-kilometer area of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area.
In Asia, the BDS is being utilized in projects such as the Usoi Dam in Sarez Lake in Tajikistan, the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan highway, the China-Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline and aboard China-Europe freight trains.
The cooperation between the two also likely signals the end to Didi's ambitions of jumping aboard the smart electric vehicle industry bandwagon.
The electric Neta V models, made by Hozon, left China in late March, destined for Thailand and neighboring countries aboard a ship operated by NYK Line.
And since August, hundreds in San Francisco have trialled cabs with safety drivers aboard.
ai, and Baidu have received permits to test their driverless cars with passengers aboard.
In addition, Xpeng Motors acquired several billion yuan in unsecured credit from China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank HSBC and other banks from home and aboard.
On Thursday, BMW and Daimler said "other technology companies and automotive manufacturers" could be invited aboard their self-driving scheme in future, while existing schemes would not be affected.
"Many of the standard wheelbase model buyers have driven the cars aboard.
Chinese insurers are stepping up efforts to offer quick support following the crash on Monday of a China Eastern Airlines plane with 132 people aboard.
The Associated Press reported that fences were being installed at an 11-acre site at the Port of Oakland, California, as US federal and state authorities prepared flights and buses to take the more than 2,000 passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise liner to military bases or their home countries for a 14-day quarantine.
At least 21 people aboard have tested positive for the coronavirus.
His remains were transferred to Beijing from Shanghai aboard a special flight on Oct 27.
At 12:35 pm, Cai joined Jiang's widow and other family members in scattering Jiang's ashes in the waves, along with flower petals, from aboard the military vessel.
Scientists from Saudi Arabia will soon have the opportunity to carry out an experiment aboard China's Tiangong space station that is expected to help with the design and production of high-efficiency solar cells.
Currently aboard the station are the three crew members of the Shenzhou XV mission, who arrived on Nov 30 to take over from the Shenzhou XIV mission.
Solemn scenes as honor guard carries casket from planeThe remains of Comrade Jiang Zemin, an outstanding leader whose high prestige is acknowledged by all members of the Communist Party of China, the entire military and the Chinese people, were transferred to Beijing from Shanghai aboard a special flight on Thursday afternoon.
The remains of Comrade Jiang Zemin were transferred to Beijing from Shanghai aboard a special flight on Thursday afternoon.

高考After boats began flying special flags noting the inspector was aboard, the keeper's family made it a game to see who could notice the boat first.


2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

四级But not all were eager to jump aboard.



四级The two patients aboard will be transported to a medical facility that can provide a level of care that is not available at Amundsen-Scott.


2019年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A

六级The notion of space tourism took hold in 2001 with a $20 million flight aboard a Russian spacecraft by Dennis Tito, a millionaire engineer with an adventurous streak.

2001年,丹尼斯·蒂托(Dennis Tito)乘坐一艘俄罗斯宇宙飞船,耗资2000万美元,成为一名富有冒险精神的百万富翁工程师,太空旅游的概念开始深入人心。


考研Most leading retailers have already tried e-commerce, with limited success, and expansion aboard.



考研He sometimes played two slot machines at a time, all night, until the boat docked at 5 a. m. , then went back aboard when the casino opened at 9 a. m. Now he is suing the casino, charging that it should have refused his patronage because it knew he was addicted.