词根词缀记忆/谐音联想记忆 补充/纠错
词根ab(离开)+road(道路):离开而走另一条路-出 …………
谐音记忆“娥不入的”嫦娥不入的地方在国外和海外。ab+ road路= abroad …………
对比记忆 / 类比记忆 / 形近词记忆
board / aboard / abroad
board n.(黑)板;委员会 v.上(船,飞机等);搭伙
aboard prep.在(船、飞机、车等)上 adv.上(船、飞机、车等)
abroad adv.到国外,在国外;在传播,在流传
at home and abroad 国内外
go abroad 出国
home and abroad 国内外
study abroad 出国留学
go abroad 出国
entrepreneurs at home and abroad 国内外企业家
to study abroad 出国留学
studying abroad 出国留学
at home and abroad 国内外
craze for going abroad 出国热
traveling abroad 出国旅行
travel abroad 出国旅行
from abroad 来自国外
go abroad for further study 出国深造
live abroad 住在国外
work abroad 在国外工作
be all abroad 都在国外
sell abroad 销往国外
journalists from home and abroad 来自国内外的记者
hot money from abroad 国外热钱
The news about the broadened breadth is broadcast abroad.
He was engaged from abroad.
He gives up the idea of going abroad.
With BYD strengthening its presence abroad, the development plays a significant role in the automaker's globalization push as it provides a guarantee for the rapid delivery and expansion of its overseas business, said CIMC Raffles.
"We are now actively seeking to explore further international markets, such as India, Pakistan and Southeast Asian countries, with more Chinese textile manufacturers growing active in seeking to enhance their supply chain abroad," Song said.
With its role as a hub for the intersection of East and West, as well as its geographical advantage of being part of the Southeast Asian market, Singapore provides ideal industrial and international support for Chinese pharmaceutical companies going abroad to Southeast Asia," said Zhang Jue, a pharmaceutical expert at VBData.
So far, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies from home and abroad have flocked to Southeast Asia to establish factories, distribution channels and marketing networks.
Zhengzhou, Henan province-based Mixue, a specialist in ice cream and tea beverages with 36,153 stores at home and abroad, has applied for an IPO in Hong Kong on Tuesday.
Beijing-based pop culture and art toy company Pop Mart is seeking to expand revenue from overseas by opening more stores abroad, especially focusing on Southeast Asia, said its top executive.
总部位于北京的流行文化艺术玩具公司pop Mart的高管表示,该公司正寻求通过在海外开设更多门店来扩大海外收入,尤其是将重点放在东南亚。
"Venturing abroad targets primarily mainstream markets with products suitable for international reach," said Ma Enduo, founder and chairman of Amos, a major candy producer in China that has expanded its footprint to over 50 countries and regions, including key markets such as the United States, Canada and Japan.
The group submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange in September as it aims to further expand its presence abroad.
Pan Helin, co-director of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center at Zhejiang University's International Business School, said as the user data is stored on local servers, the potential risks concerning cross-border data transfer are expected to be significantly reduced, which is vital for improving TikTok's credibility among overseas users and reinforcing its competitiveness abroad.
"SW Germany, Weber said, is setting up a new subsidiary in Hungary and expanding its existing one in Mexico to better serve Chinese auto players venturing abroad.
Celebrities from both China and abroad have sent their wishes to GDToday's inauguration and called for more quality reports, media products and cultural exchange activities.
Most Chinese enterprises going abroad now engage in integrated processes — from initial investment to construction and finally, local operation — that could result in challenges no longer confined to the investment and construction phases.
Currently, BAK Battery's small power batteries, including series 18650 and series 21700, have become widely recognized by renowned customers both at home and abroad, such as ECOVACS, Xiaomi, TTI, Midea, Meituan, Hellobike and so on.
After evaluating various primary and auxiliary materials both at home and abroad, BAK started to build its own resource pool.
SOE plans to step up efforts in renewable sector at home, abroad, vows bigger role in carbon reductionChina Energy Investment Corp vows to further accelerate overseas investments in the renewable energy sector, as it speeds up the green transition at home and abroad.
Founded in 2013, Cainiao, which handles logistics and parcels for merchants both in China and abroad, said in its prospectus that its revenue rose 34 percent year-on-year to 23.2 billion yuan ($3.18 billion) in the second quarter.
It has explored a string of successful models in facilitating local development under different scenarios at home and abroad.
It has explored a string of successful models and experiences in facilitating local development under different scenarios at home and abroad.
The expanding fleet helps SF Airlines enhance its air express capacity both at home and abroad.
The Walt Disney Co, the world's largest licensor by retail sales, is rolling out a new cross-border strategy to facilitate brands in China to better land their Disney licensed products abroad, amid its continuous efforts to boost its franchised products to attract more young and family consumers.
全球零售额最大的许可方华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co)正在推出一项新的跨境战略,以促进中国品牌更好地将其迪士尼许可产品带到国外,同时不断努力推广其特许产品,以吸引更多年轻人和家庭消费者。
"Luo added that declining photovoltaic prices, prompted by technological advances, are also delivering opportunities for the expansion of Chinese solar companies, who are seeking opportunities abroad due to fierce competition in the domestic market.
"We will continue to increase investment in digital technology and smart equipment to well serve our customers at home and abroad," said Zhao.
Since it launched a strategy to transform into a super lifestyle brand earlier this year, the company has established several flagship stores at home and abroad.
Amazon Ads continuously offers high-quality content and creative services for Chinese companies going abroad, and helps Chinese brands reach overseas consumers via various video streaming and media platforms, such as Prime Video, Twitch and Freevee, said Yang Tong, director of account management for Amazon Ads Asia-Pacific.
亚马逊广告亚太区客户管理总监杨彤表示,亚马逊广告不断为中国海外公司提供高质量的内容和创意服务,并帮助中国品牌通过Prime video、Twitch和Freevee等各种视频流媒体平台接触海外消费者。
In a recent message to the company, a student said that the service is affordable and suitable for students studying abroad like her.
Scoot, the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines Group, said it is fully confident in the growth potential of China's air travel market, boosted by the country's robust demand for traveling abroad.
新加坡航空集团(Singapore Airlines Group)旗下的低成本子公司Scoot表示,它对中国航空旅行市场的增长潜力充满信心,这得益于中国对海外旅行的强劲需求。
In collaboration with over 40 leading research institutions both at home and abroad, this base is poised to become a cutting-edge industry-university-research platform.
JD Logistics, a unit of Chinese e-commerce platform JD, is also building logistics infrastructure abroad.
"Surveys at home and abroad have shown that taking pills regularly everyday makes it difficult for people living with HIV to hide the infection from others," said Ma Ping, a chief physician of infectious diseases at Tianjin Second People's Hospital.
According to the company, Flywire has extended WeChat Pay as a payment option for Chinese students and families making education payments abroad.
"I believe we are much more global than any other players in the market and we will seize opportunities to go abroad," said Alex Wu, co-founder, president and CFO of NaaS, a subsidiary of NewLink, during an interview with Chinese media.
NewLink子公司NaaS的联合创始人、总裁兼首席财务官Alex Wu在接受中国媒体采访时表示:“我相信,我们比市场上的任何其他参与者都更全球化,我们将抓住机会走出国门。”。
"China's manufacturers should transition from exporting products to exporting industrial capacities, ramping up localized operations abroad and speeding up their layouts in overseas markets, so as to cope with changes in the global economic landscape and rising trade protectionism," Li said.
He studied abroad to get his bachelor's and master's degrees and joined Meijin when he returned home.
Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing, said: "The majority of lithium resources are widely distributed abroad, and many of these economies are willing to invite Chinese companies to make investments to develop local mines to boost the economy.
Through supplying SOEs who have overseas projects and establishing ClearTV's customer base abroad, the company's products are exported to the Middle East, South Asia and Europe, with a successful implementation in more than 20 countries and regions involved in the BRI.
"The purity of our CO2 has reached 99.99 percent, which meets the requirements to be added to beverages like cola," Ji said, "In the future, we look forward to selling CO2 to the nearby regions like Zhejiang and Shanghai, and maybe abroad to South Korea and Japan.
Organizer encouraged by development, favorable conditions to drive salesWith numerous Chinese companies rushing to participate in various trade shows at both home and abroad in recent months, Messe Frankfurt, one of the world's largest trade fair and event organizers by sales revenue, is set to hold more than 40 business exhibitions across China in 2023, said its top executive.
Meanwhile, Shanghai Guijiu said that this year, it plans to increase efforts to expand its sales abroad, such as in Europe, after it started to promote its products last year on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Among them, Guangdong Huasheng Nanotechnology Co Ltd exhibited its latest nanometer-level PVD vacuum coating equipment, garnering the attention of attendants from both home and abroad.
While the deal can help reduce Enel's consolidated debt, it will also further export China's power grid technology abroad, Lin said.
Daniel Manwaring, CEO of IMAX China, said the company's China box offices are likely to approach pre-pandemic levels this year supported by recovering demand for moviegoing, a wide cinema network and a strong pipeline packed with films from both home and abroad.
IMAX中国首席执行官Daniel Manwaring表示,今年该公司在中国的票房可能会接近疫情前的水平,这得益于观影需求的复苏、广泛的影院网络和大量国内外电影的强大渠道。
He also said the Chinese government always encourages enterprises to conduct operations abroad in accordance with market principles and international economic and trade rules, and to abide by the laws and regulations of the host countries.
"Orders from home and abroad have risen during the past month," Du said.
With total investment of 140 million yuan ($20 million) last year, the company expanded production lines for high-end analytical instruments to upgrade manufacturing capacity in Shanghai, including liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and atomic spectroscopy to better satisfy the needs of clients at home and abroad.
Norwegian-American cruise line operator Royal Caribbean International, which mainly operates large-tonnage cruise ships, said since China eased COVID-19-related entry restrictions on Jan 8, Chinese tourists have shown a strong interest in going on cruise trips abroad, especially in Southeast Asia, going by the high level of bookings made already.
挪威-美国邮轮运营商皇家加勒比国际邮轮公司(Royal Caribbean International)主要运营大吨位邮轮,该公司表示,自1月8日中国放松与新冠肺炎相关的入境限制以来,中国游客对出国邮轮旅行表现出了浓厚的兴趣,尤其是在东南亚,因为预订量已经很高。
After China optimized its COVID-19 response measures and resumed quarantine-free cross-border travel in January after nearly three years, more domestic enterprises have been going abroad to expand their markets and log more orders.
"I cannot walk so far without extending my business abroad," said Wang, emphasizing the importance for an enterprise to search for global opportunities, or chuhai.
Even though China's export growth rate slowed in November due to a variety of factors such as softening overseas demand and geopolitical tensions, market watchers have expressed optimism over prospects for the country's trade sector in 2023, believing that its industrial upgrading and moves to optimize COVID-19 prevention measures will further facilitate domestic manufacturers to expand their market channels abroad, as well as help boost global economic recovery.
So far, the C919 has netted 1,176 orders for COMAC from 28 clients at home and abroad, CCTV reported.
He added that time-honored Chinese brands have upgraded their strategies, and a number of new-energy vehicle and mobile phone brands have made their names at home and abroad.
So far, the C919 has received 1,115 orders from home and abroad.
Young consumers have access to Western spirits earlier than their previous generations, and some may be influenced by their experiences abroad," she said.
State-owned CRCC said it has organized teams of more than 7,000 workers from China and abroad, and given full play to its resource integration advantages.
It will become another golden name card of Chinese enterprises that have successfully operated abroad, and lay a solid foundation for Chinese enterprises to further develop in overseas markets," Zhuo said.
Charter flight CZ5251, operated by China Southern Airlines, was the second to be scheduled by the Guangdong provincial government to help local companies go abroad and expand foreign trade since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic three years ago.
Supported by its spillover effect and China's dual-circulation development paradigm, which takes the domestic market as a mainstay and lets domestic and foreign markets reinforce each other, the company hopes to form more partnerships by participating in the expo and taking digital trade as a channel to attract businesses' demand both at home and abroad, Feng said.
In the past four years, more and more Chinese consumers began to buy products of overseas brands without having to travel abroad, thanks to the CIIE, experts said.
So far, the community has attracted 53 academicians from home and abroad.
Hong Yong, associate research fellow of the e-commerce research department under the Ministry of Commerce, said, "The CIIE effectively promoted the supply and demand docking of goods and services from home and abroad, and offered more cooperation opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises. "
Themed "gathering innovation and breakthroughs, building a healthy future," the event will be attended by representatives from the government, scientific research institutions and leading pharmaceutical companies from home and abroad.
Based in Changsha, Hunan province, the company has 45,000 employees and 26 branches abroad.
Feiyu's products have gone on to win industry praise at home and abroad, including acclaim among photography and broadcast media professionals who use its camera equipment, Wei said.
While the shopping complex strives to attract customers from home and abroad, it is just one zone of the Haikou International Duty Free City project, which comprises about 930,000 sq m. The project has six plots dedicated to duty-free businesses, high-end offices, first-rate hotels and talent communities.
China's rebalancing from an export-oriented economy to an important final demand market has benefited many businesses at home and abroad, and also contributed to global economic stability.
From small private businesses in provinces like Zhejiang and cities like Shenzhen, Guangdong province, to internet enterprises leading global technological advances, China's private companies are pioneers in spurring economic growth and innovative development both at home and abroad.
With its markets covering more than 100 countries and regions, Zoomlion currently runs more than 50 manufacturing bases, research and development facilities, and business branches abroad.
We expect that customer-centric businesses, whether they plan to expand abroad or not, will incorporate cloud-based customer communication solutions into their core business strategy.
The post-pandemic era is a good time for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to cultivate their brands,and a deep understanding of the targeted market and localized business operation is the key for them to go abroad successfully, industry experts said.
According to the company, which has nearly 500 skilled workers at home and abroad, the extruders-which can sell for about 20 million yuan ($2.9 million) each-have become its main export product.
Chinese augmented reality glasses pioneer Nreal will expand its vision in the domestic market after establishing a presence abroad in the past five years by partnering with leading foreign telecom operators to make AR glasses lighter and more popular.
By the end of 2021, the company had supplied the world with 3.5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines through production both at home and abroad.
By the end of 2021, the company had supplied 3.5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines through production at both home and abroad.
Industry experts interpreted the company's enthusiasm as a reflection of the huge potential of China's consumption market, and the major role of consumption in driving further economic recovery both at home and abroad.
Song said the biggest difficulty facing CREC4 builders overseas is that construction materials and daily necessities must be shipped from home, as there are no support industries or materials for them abroad.
Chinese consumers show a rising demand for diversified, personalized and niche products from abroad," said Chen Tao, an analyst with internet consultancy Analysys in Beijing.
Amid uncertainties from abroad and disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic, increased efforts in infrastructure are even more important, considering its role in pulling in investments, expanding domestic demand and facilitating industrial chains, Cai Tongjuan, a researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at the Renmin University of China in Beijing, was quoted by Xinhua as saying.
According to China Railway 24th Bureau Group, the SOE has been making overall efforts in infrastructure projects to improve livelihoods and shore up economic momentum, leveraging its experience in the sector accumulated by carrying out many major projects, both at home and abroad, such as the Hongqiao Railway Hub in Shanghai and the Abuja-Kaduna Rail Line in Nigeria.
"We've invested heavily in product innovation and smart technology for our supply chain in an effort to transform the tea industry and bring a refreshing tea drinking experience to our consumers at home and abroad," said Mei.
She said the company is keen to enrich its existing businesses abroad and will continue to seek new opportunities to enter other emerging markets.
The commission added it supports eligible platform companies going public at home and abroad.
Analysts said China's increase in renewable energy capacity at home has provided domestic energy players with valuable experience in developing projects abroad, while its cost-competitiveness along the renewable energy supply chain further boosts their presence overseas.
The increasingly wider inclusion of AMRs in warehousing solutions, and the eye-catching growth reported by many robot manufacturers in recent years, have spurred increasing participation by smart device makers at home and abroad.
China has urged leading parcel delivery companies to operate abroad to improve international networks and build major hubs.
Outbound travel has been a significant source of travel into other Asia-Pacific regions and the company will focus on providing listings for Chinese mainland travelers going abroad, it said.
Chinese sellers are paying more attention to building brands and expanding their presence in overseas markets fueled by the rapid growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry, according to a report released on Tuesday from Amazon Global Selling, which helps Chinese merchants sell their products abroad.
亚马逊全球销售公司(Amazon Global Selling)周二发布的一份报告显示,在跨境电子商务行业快速增长的推动下,中国卖家越来越关注品牌建设和在海外市场的扩张。亚马逊全球销售帮助中国商家在海外销售产品。
Domestic oil giants have all been ramping up exploration investment during the past few years, at home and abroad, which contributed significantly to the country's decreasing reliance on oil imports, said Fu Xiangsheng, vice-chairman of the CPCIF.
According to Liu, while the COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous challenges to the company's business abroad, it has also brought along many opportunities.
This, however, is not the ultimate goal of its builder and operator, China Three Gorges Corp, which has since then expanded abroad, with the ambition to become one of the world's leading energy groups.
China Three Gorges Corp has been stepping up its clean energy portfolio abroad, engaging in more wind and solar projects, especially those in developed countries.
"A more accessible logistics system will also make up the short stack of Chinese companies in the logistics sector overseas, while Chinese companies can also learn from the advanced logistics management experiences to further enhance operations abroad," Zhou said.
Envision alone commissioned more than 10 GW in 2020, as those facilities abroad reached 0.28 GW with exports to countries such as France, Mexico and Argentina.
Zhai said his work abroad has been challenging.
Faced with a complex market environment both at home and abroad, China Re Group formulated the "One-Four-Five" strategy, which refers to focusing on our reinsurance business ("one core"), technology empowerment, global interconnection,strengthening product innovation and becoming platform-driven ("four pivots"), and achieving improvements in value, data, ecosystem, talent and culture ("five enhancements").
Utilizing the Belt and Road initiative as a bridge and leveraging Chaucer's technological advantages as a leader in the fields of political risk and nuclear risk, China Re strengthened coordinated development at home and abroad.
This led to a better and improved external operating environment for petrochemical companies at home and abroad, Luo said.
The Chinese government continues to encourage Chinese firms to seek overseas listings, and maintains its support for those Chinese enterprises already listed abroad, said the committee.
Gaotu Group also unveiled a new version of its mobile app covering language training, college student examinations, finances, public examinations, teaching, studying abroad, certain types of vocational education services and a family education system class.
Currently, due to the high cost of customized or localized approaches adopted by the company while entering a new market abroad, POP MART has designed and developed products in China and has sold them overseas, with localized adaptations for each market.
目前,由于公司在进入国外新市场时采用的定制或本地化方法成本高昂,POP MART在中国设计和开发了产品,并将其销售到海外,并针对每个市场进行了本地化调整。
Wan said they are looking forward to more cooperation with Chinese industrial companies to uncover opportunities at home and abroad, especially in the new energy sector.
According to him, over half of AppsFlyer's customers in China are gaming companies eager to grow globally, and they are devoting heavy resources to marketing their games abroad.

高考Although he is known to only a few people here, his reputation abroad is very great.


2015年高考英语湖北卷 句子填空 原文

高考Her family had just returned from abroad, and got a message from the vet.


2015年高考英语重庆卷 完形填空 A 原文

高考I hear that Bob is planning to study abroad.


2015年高考英语上海卷 听力 原文

高考She hasn't talked to Bob since he went abroad.


2015年高考英语上海卷 听力 选项

四级Since 1977, I have spent much more time abroad than in the United States.



四级They value the environmental quality they preserve over their oil imports from abroad.



四级I haven't been abroad for a long while.


2017年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section B

四级This makes commercial space travel a complex legal issue not just domestically, but abroad.


2018年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

六级By 1973, domestic US sources of oil were peaking, and the nation was importing more of its oil, depending on a constant flow from abroad to keep cars on the road and machines running.



六级Compressing everything into three years also leaves less time for growing up, engaging in extracurricular activities, and studying abroad.



六级and some parents say they can manage the cost of a school trip abroad more easily than a family holiday.


2019年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

六级And welcome to the third in our series of business seminars in the program Doing Business Abroad.


2018年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C

六级Most of them had never been abroad before.


2016年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A

考研The report also advocates greater study of foreign languages, international affairs and the expansion of study abroad programs.



考研Most leading retailers have already tried e-commerce, with limited success, and expansion abroad.


2010年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

考研The Parkrun phenomenon began with a dozen friends and has inspired 400 events in the UK and more abroad.


2017年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

六级Through April, the total number of visitors from abroad was up 6.8 percent from last year.



六级And when the United States places obstacles in the way of foreign investors and foreign goods, it’s likely to encourage reciprocal action abroad.



六级The most obvious way universities can help develop a global workforce is by encouraging students to study abroad as part of their course.



六级Global workforce development doesn’t always have to involve travel abroad, however.



四级The project provided opportunities for researchers from India and abroad to study tigers in the reserves and gather previously unavailable information about their habits.



四级This special liking for mathematics and science is partly explained by the fact that Asian-American students who began their educations abroad arrived in the U. S. with a solid grounding in mathematics but little or no knowledge of English.



四级Finally, people involved in PR abroad tend to keep a closer eye on international affairs.



四级Deeply involved with this new technology is a breed of modern businesspeople who have a growing respect for the economic value of doing business abroad.



四级” He or she can be sure that the overseas effort is central to the company’s plan for success, and that promotions often follow or accompany an assignment abroad.



四级A second language isn’t generally required to get a job in business, but having language skills gives a candidate the edge when other qualifications appear to be equal The employee posted abroad who speaks the country’s principal language has an opportunity to fast-forward certain negotiations, and cam have the cultural insight to know when it is better to move more slowly.



四级Foreign travel is a national passion; this summer alone, one in 10 citizens will go abroad.



四级In response to the same forces that have driven the world economy, universities have become More self-consciousy global: seeking students from around the world who represent the entire range of cultures and values, sending their own students abroad to prepare them for global careers, offering courses of study that address the challenges of an interconnected world and collaborative (合作的)research programs to advance science for the benefit of all humanity.



四级Over the past three decades the number of students leaving home each year to study abroad has grown at an annual rate of 3.0 percent, from 8000,000 in 1975 to 2.5 million in 2994.



四级And the number crossing borders for undergraduate study is growing as well, to 8 percent of the undergraduates at America’s best institutions and 10 percent of all undergraduates in the U. K. In the United States, 20 percent of the newly hired professors in science and engineering are foreign-born, and in China many newly hired faculty hired faculty members at the top research universities received their graduate education abroad.



四级It protects you from minor and major medical expenses that can wipe out not only your savings but your dreams of an education abroad.



四级An international travel insurance policy is usually purchased in your home country before you go abroad.



四级I had been abroad a couple of times, but I could hardly -47- to know my way around the continent.



四级Schools in France, Egypt, Singapore, etc, have also recently made top-level hires from abroad.



四级The chief reason is that American schools don’t tend to seriously consider looking abroad.



四级Owing to China’s reform and opening-up, an increasing number of parents can study abroad or participate in international exchange programs to broaden their horizons.



四级Drinking in moderation can help to relieve fatigue and has a calming effect, so it is widely loved by consumers at home and abroad.



考研Each great wave of immigration from abroad and from the rural areas made the problem worse.



考研They give their owners automatic credit in stores, restaurants, and hotels, at home, across the country, and even abroad, and they make many banking services available as well.



考研This approach, originated abroad, offered inventors medals, cash prizes and other incentives.



考研One Italian example would be the Berlusconi group, while abroad Maxwell and Murdoch come to mind.