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词根abol 消除 + ition 表名词 → 废除 → …………
abolition of the examination system 取消考试制度
1. The churches, as everyone knows, opposed the abolition of slavery as long as they dared.
2. Few people would not exult at the abolition of slavery.
3. It became obsolete with the virtual abolition of imprisonment for debt in 1880.
4. Some people seemed to believe that with the abolition of the emperor, China had become a democratic country and that hence forth everything would take its proper course.
China's previous growth model was established after the tax-sharing reform in 1994 and the abolition of the welfare housing system in 1998.
From 2020 to 2022, China dropped laws, regulations and normative documents inconsistent with the Foreign Investment Law, and promoted the establishment, revision and abolition of more than 500 documents, said the National Development and Reform Commission.
Thanks to the abolition of the policy of restricting the relocation of second-hand vehicles, the total number of second-hand vehicles transferred to other places hit 3.07 million, accounting for 29 percent of the total used car sales, and the ratio was 3.6 percentage points higher than the same period last year.
He said the average age of passenger cars in the country was increasing slightly, and the main reason for that was the abolition of restrictions on reregistering used cars bought in other cities.
"This is the market response to abolition of the bans in many cities, especially those around the major sources of the used cars," Luo said.
Yi cited measures such as abolition of the investment quota limits for Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) and Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII), and allowing enterprises like American Express, MasterCard and Fitch Ratings to enter China's market.
The quota abolition policy will come into effect on June 6.
"The SAFE is working on revising the support regulations for the abolition of quota restrictions," Zhang said.
Clearly aware of the systemic risks created by the US abolition of Regulation Q, Yi Gang, governor of the PBOC, told Caixin Media in a recent interview: "Unlike benchmark lending interest rates, benchmark deposit rates will remain in place for a relatively long time, to avoid banks setting high rates in a fierce competition for deposits.
"Improving the review, correction and abolition procedures is to play the supervision role of the NPC Standing Committee, showing our stronger determination to rectify unconstitutional behavior," said Yan Dongfeng, head of the review office of the NPC Standing Committee's Legislative Affairs Commission.

四级A recent report makes several recommendations, including the abolition of most post-conviction penalties, except for those specifically needed to protect public safety.