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accumulate a system of expertise 积累专业知识体系
accumulate knowledge 积累知识
accumulated earnings 累计收益
accumulate wealth 积聚财富
He accumulated a good library.
The more knowledge you will accumulate more wealth.
I just want to accumulate some useful experience there.
Public evils accumulate.
ai and its joint venture companies have accumulated nearly 4 million km of autonomous truck testing distance, with a total freight weight of almost 20 million ton-kilometers.
As of now, the field has accumulated over 500 million tons of oil and gas equivalent production, with a daily output exceeding 100,000 tons, making it the country's highest-producing and largest-scale offshore oilfield.
Driven by Squirrel Ai's 10 billion learning behavior data accumulated from 24 million students, the company's large model has made breakthroughs in AI technologies including recommendation algorithms and deep knowledge tracking, he said.
In the report, the new-style tea beverage giant said that during the past year, it had entered more than 210 new cities, and accumulated over 100 million members, becoming the first tea beverage brand in the sector whose private domain users have exceeded the 100-million level.
Launched in 2014, Xianyu has become one of the largest online trading platforms for used goods in China, with accumulated users reaching over 500 million.
The Fuling gas field, which began commercial development in 2014, has accumulated proven reserves of nearly 900 billion cubic meters.
Chen said PDD hopes to leverage the supply chain capacities it has accumulated over the past years to create a new channel that enables consumers from different countries and regions to directly purchase products from factories, providing more flexible and personalized supply chains and more cost-effective shopping experiences.
The move came after Oppo has accumulated over 320,000 third-party app developers to serve more than 600 million users across the world.
The company’s accumulated procurement during the past six years reached more than $110 billion since it participated in the first CIIE in 2018.
However, the accumulated estimated HPV vaccination rate of women aged between 9 and 45 from 2018 to 2020 was only about 2 percent.
China National Offshore Oil Corp made a record in the amount of purchases during the ongoing 6th China International Import Expo held in Shanghai on Monday, with accumulated contract value over the past six years surpassing $60 billion, as it expands international cooperation and deepens global partnerships during the past few years.
Since participating in the first CIIE in 2018, the company saw its accumulated procurement amount reaching more than $5.57 billion with 61 partners during the past six years, said Du Wenmin, vice general manager of SDIC.
As the Chinese government continues widening market access and the business environment ever improves, the company sees its accumulated procurement amount reaching $9.8 billion during the past six years, said Xu Xinfu, vice general manager of the company.
Relying on the accumulated R&D of high-nickel cathodes, high-silicon anodes and electrolyte additives, BAK has established a material matching system with an energy density ranging from 290-360Wh/kg, said Liu Zhibo, vice-president of BAK Battery.
"The reason to start this project at a reasonable scale is because we realize it is crucial to accumulate experience from operations," said Wang.
Over the past 10 years, its accumulated R&D expenditure has reached 977.3 billion yuan (about $136 billion), said Wang Jianfeng, head of the company's Public and Government Affairs Department, at the ongoing 12th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference in Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province.
The project will accumulate more experience for future large-scale development, he said.
Pan Helin, co-director of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center at Zhejiang University's International Business School, said the process of training large AI models necessitates higher requirements for computing capacity and algorithms, while Baidu has accumulated some advantages in comprehensive AI technological capabilities, such as algorithm models, innovation capability and industrial coverage.
For instance, 51World said it has accumulated nearly a hundred cooperative customers in the intelligent driving industry, providing them with simulation services with higher safety, lower costs and faster efficiency.
The cost of green hydrogen in China will go down further thanks to technological advances and it is necessary to accumulate more experience for future large-scale development, he added.
The cumulative contracted foreign investment of these companies has reached nearly $5.7 billion, and the accumulated actual utilized foreign investment has exceeded $4 billion.
Dai Houliang, chairman of CNPC, said the company will actively explore comprehensive cooperation with QatarEnergy related to the full industry chain of oil and gas, and green and low-carbon energy, fully leveraging the technologies and experience advantages accumulated in oil and gas field development over the long term.
"The company, invested with its accumulated advantages in education and products, will continue to empower the progress of individuals and enterprises and support the globalization of Chinese companies, said Giovannelli.
"By the end of May, Beijing Daxing transported an accumulated 300,000 passengers for international flights.
Data from China Business Journal showed a batch of battery makers — CATL, Sunwoda Electronic Co Ltd and EVE Energy — have reportedly established overseas factories with accumulated finished investment of $2.3 billion in the first 11 months of last year.
"For example, we plan to use the technological capabilities accumulated in China to develop our operations in Southeast Asia," said Walsh, adding that the RCEP pact is well aligned with their overall development plan for the Asia-Pacific region in terms of market and business management.
Relying on its global R&D system, Oppo said it has accumulated rich high-value patents in fields such as 5G, video, imaging, and artificial intelligence.
com, the e-commerce platform for the industrial products of China Petrochemical Corp, also known as Sinopec and the world's largest refiner by volume, has reached an accumulated transaction amount of 3 trillion yuan since its launch in 2016.
Pan Helin, co-director of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center at Zhejiang University's International Business School, said the process of training large AI models necessitates higher requirements for computing capacity, and Alibaba has accumulated some advantages in AI infrastructure, with cloud computing business being a key segment driving its revenue growth.
Baidu has been engaged in the artificial intelligence sector for more than ten years, and accumulated strengths in technology covering deep learning algorithms and framework, AI-powered chips, and language training model.
ZTE has accumulated notable R&D and technological innovations over the past 17 years, with a key focus on providing 5G intelligent solutions so that global users can benefit from high-speed, high-reliability and low-latency intelligent connectivity.
Since the 1970s, its accumulated proven oil and gas reserves account for one-third of the country's total.
The large amount of data accumulated during the test flights would be provided to related divisions to assist the constant optimization and upgrade of the aircraft model, said China Eastern.
The company will leverage its knowledge, expertise and experience accumulated in the areas of testing facility and conditions, as well as R&D capabilities and practices to support CDIA in its efforts to contributing to the high-quality development of China dairy industry, said the president.
Zhu described the China International Import Expo, which has been held for five years and has reported an accumulated $345 billion in intended transactions, as one of the most important platforms for foreign-funded enterprises entering the China market.
Accumulated loans issued via the app amounted to nearly 5 trillion yuan ($709.84 billion), and the current balance of loans is 1.19 trillion yuan, said Guo Chaojing, leader of the app update project.
China National Offshore Oil Corp said its purchase agreements signed at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) during the past five years have accumulated to $50 billion, which illustrates the company's determination in stepping up international cooperation, the company said on Sunday.
CNOOC has accumulated rich experiences in expanding global cooperation during the past forty years of development and the company is willing to further expand cooperation with global peers in the years to come, said Wang Dongjin, chairman of CNOOC.
This is the fifth year the group has participated in the CIIE, with an accumulated purchase amount reaching nearly $17 billion in 61 big-ticket deals over the past four CIIEs, the company said.
This is the fifth year the company participated in the CIIE, with an accumulated purchase amount reaching up to $92.79 billion with 142 suppliers, it said.
This is the fifth year that the company has participated in the CIIE, with an accumulated purchase amount reaching up to $7.2 billion, it said.
MACHADO: China is clearly transitioning from high-speed growth to high-quality growth, which is made possible by its rich expertise in R&D and innovation accumulated over the past decades.
Its revenue in China rose to 1.61 billion yuan ($222.8 million) in 2021 from 837 million yuan in 2019 despite the accumulated net loss of 600 million yuan in three and a half years, according to the DPC Dash Ltd's prospectus filed to the Hong Kong bourse.
根据DPC Dash Ltd向香港交易所提交的招股说明书,尽管三年半内累计净亏损6亿元,但其在中国的收入从2019年的8.37亿元增至2021年的16.1亿元(2.228亿美元)。
"China has developed fast over the past few decades and has accumulated a wealth of technological and management experience," he said.
When the market has shrunk too much, it will accumulate the momentum for spontaneous recovery, Yu added.
To better promote the use of its digital human technologies in a wide range of sectors, Tencent has accumulated deep knowledge about the needs of each industry and it also adopts an open approach to team up with partners to better serve customers from different sectors.
Chen Qiulin, vice-director of the Research Center for Health Industry Development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, also said exporting COVID-19 vaccines has helped Chinese companies accumulate experience in understanding international best practices more deeply, and increase their presence in global markets.
The incident draw widespread concern and queries online, with many netizens wondering whether Zhou's family accumulated wealth from corruption and whether his father was promoted through the abuse of power.
Based on China's complete and highly efficient supply chains, Segway-Ninebot said it has accumulated enough manufacturing experience, as well as good quality control capabilities and price bargaining power in key components, such as chips and electrical machinery.
Segway Ninebot表示,基于中国完整高效的供应链,它已经积累了足够的制造经验,以及在芯片和电机等关键零部件方面良好的质量控制能力和议价能力。
"After running through simulations with data accumulated through on-site research, we started the tunneling work inch-by-inch, steadily, with safety check equipment along the whole tunneling process, until we dug out the very first part of the tunnel entrance," Li added.
""The R&D experience and implementation achievements accumulated throughout our partnership provides us confidence in this cooperation.
According to China Railway 24th Bureau Group, the SOE has been making overall efforts in infrastructure projects to improve livelihoods and shore up economic momentum, leveraging its experience in the sector accumulated by carrying out many major projects, both at home and abroad, such as the Hongqiao Railway Hub in Shanghai and the Abuja-Kaduna Rail Line in Nigeria.
So far, XGIMI has accumulated 872 intellectual property rights, such as patents and software copyrights.
Due to the huge amount of construction and operational experience accumulated over the past few years, China's energy producers can grab a larger share of the global clean energy market, said Joseph Jacobelli, an energy analyst and managing partner of Asia Clean Tech Energy Investments.
亚洲清洁技术能源投资公司的能源分析师兼管理合伙人Joseph Jacobelli表示,由于过去几年积累了大量的建设和运营经验,中国的能源生产商可以在全球清洁能源市场上占据更大的份额。
Its accumulated downloads have so far surpassed 50 million.
com, the e-commerce platform for industrial products of China Petroleum and Chemical Corp (Sinopec), the world's largest refiner by volume, has reached an accumulated transaction value of 2.1 trillion yuan ($329.5 billion) over the past six years, serving as an industrial product bridge that connects trade across the globe.
com, the international online marketplace for industrial and energy products launched by Sinopec, currently has accumulated transactions of $72.6 billion during the past few years with a business that covers 104 countries and regions across the globe.
Joseph Jacobelli, an energy analyst and managing partner of Asia Clean Tech Energy Investments, said China's energy producers can grab a larger share of the global clean energy market, mainly thanks to the huge amount of construction and operational experience accumulated in the past few years.
亚洲清洁技术能源投资公司的能源分析师兼管理合伙人Joseph Jacobelli表示,中国的能源生产商能够在全球清洁能源市场上占据更大的份额,这主要归功于过去几年积累的大量建设和运营经验。
The venture, called China Telecom Quantum Technology Co Ltd, has tested quantum encryption calls in 15 provinces since June and has accumulated some 10,000 users in three months, said Wang Jian, manager of the research and development department of the company.
Since the beginning of grid interconnection and international power trade in 2004, the accumulated electricity consumption with Lancang-Mekong countries has exceeded 64 terawatts.
Lenovo said it has already accumulated green data center resources in cooperation with domestic partners, and it will continue leveraging the opportunities to seek faster growth.
Even though the industry still faces many challenges such as changes of a vehicle's power source and fierce competition, Li said hydrogen is the ultimate energy for the future, so his group must accumulate technological advantages in hydrogen engines.
"With rich experience in retail and cutting-edge logistics technologies that the company has accumulated over the years, we aspire to create an unprecedented shopping format for customers in Europe with better price and service," said Pass Lei, general manager of ochama at JD Worldwide, the company's cross-border commerce unit.
“凭借公司多年来积累的丰富零售经验和尖端物流技术,我们渴望以更好的价格和服务为欧洲客户创造一种前所未有的购物模式,”该公司跨境商务部门京东全球的ochama总经理Pass Lei说。
It's necessary to focus more on it and accumulate more experience for future large-scale development, Luo said.
Chinese e-commerce giant JD reported its accumulated sales rose 28.58 percent year-on-year to 349.1 billion yuan ($54.6 billion) during the Singles Day shopping carnival, which kicked off at 8 pm on Oct 31.
E-commerce giant JD said its accumulated transaction volume for the Singles Day shopping spree topped 311.4 billion yuan ($48.6 billion) as of 2:08 pm Thursday, surpassing total sales of 271.5 billion yuan last year.
They have helped achieve accumulated energy savings of more than 475 billion kWh, equivalent to all the electricity consumed by Beijing over a four-year period.
Migu Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Mobile that provides digital content and services, has accumulated 870 million users for its services that include video streaming, reading and music streaming.
"In this strategic cooperation, Haichang will take advantage of the whole industry chain operation capability and talent resources accumulated over the years to provide tourists with better cultural and leisure experience and high-quality services," Zhang said.
Chinese companies, like their global peers, have been scrambling to accumulate bigger reserves of core raw minerals in recent years in order to lower the high cost of NEVs.
Chinese technology companies could play a bigger role in helping popularize unmanned mowers by leveraging domestic supply chain advantages and accumulated experience in applying AI technologies, they added.
Segway-Ninebot said it has already accumulated more than 1,774 patents in areas ranging from self-balancing control technologies to computer-vision-based multi-sensor indoor positioning techniques.
An analyst said the operation of CNPC's first hydrogen refueling station in the capital will not only guarantee hydrogen supply for the Beijing Games but alsoprovide an opportunity for CNPC to step into the hydrogen industry and accumulate experience in hydrogen refueling technology, management, operation modes and market development.
The accumulated crude production in the Shunbei oil and gas field has exceeded 3 million tons by June and the natural gas production exceeded 1 billion cubic meters, making the oil and gas field a key driver of growth of the company's domestic oil and gas production.
It now has accumulated more than 200 million users on its platform, and 85 percent of them are young people under 25 years of age.
Li Chao, chief analyst at Zheshang Securities, said that a group of global, cross-regional and multidimensional internet and technology companies have used their exclusive advantages to accumulate a large amount of capital to form a monopoly, which has suppressed upstream and downstream companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.
The company has so far developed more than 20 large and middle-sized oil and gas fields in the Sichuan basin, with accumulated natural gas production exceeding 80 billion cu m. Annual natural gas production has exceeded 8 billion cu m so far, benefiting more than 200 million residents in eight provinces, it said.
The plan came after the company accumulated more than 200 million users on its platform, and 85 percent of them are young people below 25 years old.
The China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, or Sinosure, said in its half-year report that the accumulated amount it had insured in those countries had topped $1 trillion.
The medical institution said the previous site had operated for nine years and had served an accumulated 90,000 client visits.
Accumulated sales have exceeded 500 million yuan ($77.2 million) so far, making the company among the fastest growing and one of the biggest in the industry.
From 2010 to 2020, ABB has delivered over 10 million drives and high efficiency vehicles to Chinese customers, helping achieve accumulated energy savings of more than 475 billion kWh.
The company hopes to unite the academic forces of various parties to share the experiences it has accumulated in establishing online patient management systems, standardizing patient service procedures outside hospitals, and discipline construction, to promote the standardized development of the online healthcare industry to better serve doctors and patients.
With more than 500 experts in research and development, the Austria-based company has accumulated strong technological expertise in welding technology over the past decades and owns over 900 valid invention patents.
Between 2020 and 2025, the accumulated investment in the industrial internet sector is expected to be about 650 billion yuan.
Whirlpool has accumulated profound technical experience in white goods, while Galanz owns world-leading industrial chain and supply chain in ovens, domestic appliances and kitchen appliances, it said.
Chevot added that in the coming five years, the company will build on its rich resources and vast experience accumulated in the nutrition and health industry over the years, as well as its health and consumer insights into the Chinese market, to fully tap the potential of its open science research center and Qingdao plant.
In the dairy sector, DCP has successfully led investments in industry leaders like Mengniu Dairy, Modern Dairy and Asia Dairy, and has accumulated deep industry insights.
The guideline said that accumulated containment of solid waste in China reached about 60 billion tons, and nearly 3 billion tons of newly added bulk solid waste is produced each year.
It has accumulated a large number of long-term customers with high stickiness.
Since its establishment in 2017, the company has accumulated 3.2 million paid users as of March this year.
China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec) Northwest Oilfield Co, a subsidy, has discovered accumulated proven oil reserves of up to 1.5 billion tons and natural gas of 74 billion cubic meters.
Accumulated oil and gas equivalent production has exceeded 140 million tons.
As of January, the Beijing-based company has accumulated 48 million users, including 7.03 million paid users.
"The collaboration marks a significant expansion into auto making for Baidu, which is in need of a new platform to showcase its accumulated cutting-edge technologies, such as autonomous driving, intelligent connected vehicles and artificial intelligence, as well as to promote its technology upgrades," said Jiang Zheng, an expert at the research and development center affiliated to Guangzhou Automobile Group.
Meanwhile, we will focus on what customers need and accumulate industry experience, so that we have broader and in-depth insights.
As of now, the accumulated registered users of Zuoyebang exceeds 800 million, with monthly-active users surpassing 170 million.
As a developer with expertise in urban operations, China Jinmao has accumulated a wealth of experience during the construction of Shanghai's Jinmao Tower, Jinmao North Bund, and Changsha Meixi Lake, and formed a unique operation pattern which can be applied to the construction of Yazhou Bay.
Xiu Jiaming, head of teaching and research at Zebra AI, said its users are in over 400 cities nationwide and the company has accumulated 75 exclusive patents, which are applied into steps, including oral evaluation, AI interactive class and adaptive question generation.
Analysts said Manbang has already accumulated sizable users for long-distance on-demand freight services and its entry into same-city truck hailing presents new opportunities but challenges from rivals such as Didi.

四级On the other hand, indicators of a person's accumulated knowledge—like performance on tests of vocabulary and general knowledge—kept improving with age, according to findings published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.



四级The Big Three American carmakers need restructuring to survive because they cannot cope with the ruinous costs accumulated over the post-war years.



四级they have borrowed too heavily and accumulated too large amounts of debt



四级they cannot cope with the ruinous costs accumulated over the post-war years.



六级They practically beg a user to ignore the long-suffering professor struggling to pass on accumulated wisdom from the front of the room - a prospect that teachers find most irritating and students view as, well, inevitable.



四级they cannot cope with the ruinous costs accumulated over the post-war years



高考As we accumulated more devices, however, we didn't throw out our old ones.


2018年高考英语全国卷I 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

四级As soon as it's safe enough to be outside, couriers (邮递员) start distributing accumulated mail on the still-accessible routes.

只要外面足够安全,信使们(邮递员) 开始在仍可访问的路由上分发累积邮件。

2019年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B

四级Missions of the Apollo flights have had to cross belts of high radiation and, during the outward and return journeys, the Apollo crew accumulated a large amount of rems.



四级While it’s true that we all need a career, it is equally true that our civilization has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge in fields far removed from our own and that we are better for our understanding of these other contributions—be they scientific or artistic.



四级But the most important argument for a broad education is that in studying the accumulated wisdom of the ages, we improve our moral sense.



四级Lead deposits, which accumulated in soil and snow during the 1960’s and 70’s, were primarily the result of leaded gasoline emissions originating in the United States.



四级On the other hand, indicators of a person’s accumulated knowledge—like performance on tests of vocabulary and general knowledge—kept improving with age, according to findings published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.



四级As soon as it’s safe enough to be outside, couriers (邮递员) start distributing accumulated mail on the still-accessible routes.

只要安全到可以出门,快递员(邮递员) 开始在仍然可以访问的路线上分发累积的邮件。